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My first time

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Everyone has been asking the past days on what happened, how was it, what did he do, what did I do, how did it feel will I do it again and so many other things that I figure I would write my story.

First of all I am 19 and up to a few days ago I was a virgin. I had not been with any guys or for that fact any girls. I had thought it many times and had had the opportunity to do so but it never felt right and I always got too nervous to do anything about it. I graduated high school this past June and unlike many of my friends I remained a virgin though high school. Hell some of my friends were sexually active even before high school. At times I was envious of them and at times I was glad I hadn't done it since I wanted it to be special with someone who respected me and not just wanted to fuck me. I had been spending a lot of time lately with my cousin Kristen since we had grown up together I always felt her more my sister and a friend. I missed her went she left for college two years ago and when she came back home this summer I promised myself I would spend more time together. About a week ago she had shared a secret with me about something that shocked and took me by surprise. I was always allowed to drink as long as I stayed home. This was mostly due to my step father treating me more as a young about then like a kid. One night Kristen came over while my mom was away on a business trip and we started out drinking my favorite drink, Canadian Club and Ginger Ale, also hers too. She told me about her sexual experiences and told me when she first had sex. She told me she only 14 at the time and briefly described the experience. She actually seduced this guy at his house. She told me she had enjoyed it so much that she still sees him to this day and has a fond place in her heart for him. After a few more drinks and me being a pain in the ass that I can be she told me who it was. My step dad. I thought she was kidding me and started to laugh but the look in her face told me something different. I still didn't believe her and told her to proof it to me. She stood up handed me my drink and proceeded to unzip her jeans. She pulled them down as she wiggled a bit since they were so tight on her. Next she pulled her tee shirt up over her head and tossed them on the floor next to her jeans. She was wearing a pair of black lace thongs and a black lace bra. In front of me she reached behind her back and unsnapped the bra allowing it to fall to the floor. While staring at me she slip her panties off and kick them to me. There she stood bare naked and then reached over grabbed her drink and chugged it down in a single gulp. Without aa word she walked out of my bedroom and down the hall. I followed her out not knowing what to expect or what was happening. It was around ten that night and like usual Dave was in his and moms room watching the evening news before going to sleep. She walked right up to the close door, opened it and walked in. I about peed my pants. I saw that she left the door open so I creep down the hall as quiet as I could be until I could see in his room. She was leaning over and kissing Dave. She next pulled the sheet down and to my surprise he was naked and I could see his cock growing. Kristen climb up and straddling him lower herself down on top of his cock. I was not believing what just happened and what I was watching. Anyway I watch for a minute or two and walked back to my room and crawled into bed. I layer there for a while expecting her to come back in but after an hour or so I got up and went down the hall to the bathroom. I noticed that the bedroom door was now closed so I got ready for bed. I normally wear a tee shirt and bottoms to be but for some unknown reason I took everything off. Maybe I was hoping she would come back and find me naked and tell me about her adventures. I fell asleep and woke the next morning to find everyone gone.

I really have a close relationship with my step dad and honestly love him very much. He has always treated me with respect and never like a kid. He will take me shopping and has bought me fine jewelry, not the cheap cosmetic type but the diamonds, sapphires, emeralds. He always told me buy the best never the cheap crap. He also likes Victoria Secrets and will take me and mom shopping for lingerie. I had quite a large variety and collection, almost as good as my moms. That day I laid around the pool thinking and wondering if what happened last night was a dream or what. I knew it was real. I could not stop thinking about what it had been like for Kristen and how much she must have liked it if she had being doing for all these years and was able to keep it a secret.

That night Dave had fixed us dinner and of course drinks were always available. Kristen was over and they spent some time together but not as long as the night before. When she left she gave me a kiss and smiled at me whispering to me if I wanted him just go for it and then left for the evening. He walked out of the room wearing his shorts and one of his favorite tee shirt. He never spoke of anything that happened just then or the night before and I was too afraid to ask. Like usual he said goodnight gave me a soft kiss and headed to his room. I had another drink, which I shouldn't have had but I did and crawl onto my bed. I was lying there thinking and decide to get up and get undressed. I looked at myself in the mirror and remembered how Kristen looked the night before. What I was thinking was if Dave would find me as attractive as he did Kristen. I went to my dresser and opened my panty drawer. Yes I have a separate drawer for my panties, one for my bras and other separate drawers for other lady things. I saw a new pair on panties there that still had the tag on them. They were a deep green color with lace trim around the top, legs and around the back. I took the tag off and slip them on. They hugged my ass checks riding up high. They felt good. I turned around and admired them in the mirror. I pulled the covers back and laid down in my bed and turned out the lights. My mind was racing and I was restless with all the thoughts going through my head. After a bit I got up and put my bath robe on. Not knowing what I was doing or even why I walked down the hall and opened the bedroom door. Dave was watching TV and looked over. He asked me what was wrong and I said I couldn't sleep. He patted the bed and told me to climb in and try to go to sleep. This was not the first time that I couldn't sleep and I crawl into bed with him or mom. Usually I will toss and turn for a bit and then start to doze off. I laid there with my back to him and tried to sleep. I tossed and eventually rolled over facing him. He was lying on the bed with no covers on and wearing a pair of shorts. I cuddled up to him and he reached out and put his arm around my back. He didn't pay any attention to me but held me there making me feel warm, safe and comfortable. I was getting warm and I pulled the sheets back off me especially since I was wearing the Terri cloth robe. I am still not sure why I did but I moved my leg and laid it over his. Wasn't sure what I expected but he said nothing and continued to hold me in his arms. I moved my leg a little up and down to see if something would change but he said nothing. I did notice the more I moved my leg the warmer I was feeling in my panties. I extended my leg out further and had my upper thigh bare against his leg. I notice his hand on my back slowly start to massage my back and draw me closer. I tugged at the cloth belt holding my robe in place and undid the loop that held it. I pulled the side of the robe over and was exposed to him. I could feel my nipples touching his skin and the sensation was like jumping into a cold shower, almost taking my breath away. I scooted closer and now I could feel my panties pressing against his shorts. The warmth there was getting stronger and I also thought that my panties were a little wet. I pulled myself closer and opened my robe up even more. The harder I pressed my nipples and breasts into him the more excited and nervous I felt. I looked over to him and reached up and offer a kiss to not only reassure him but myself as well that this was ok. My hand moved to his inner thigh and slowly moved up to where I touch his shorts. I waited half expecting him to tell me to stop or grab my hand and push it away but nothing. I slowly slide my fingers under his shorts and again waited. I was hoping he would tell me something or do something as I wasn't sure of what I was doing. He held me as the front of my robe was completely opened and my breasts pressed firmly against his sides. I pulled my legs closer to his and that's when I felt the wetness touch his skin through my panties. I was starting to shake as if I had just stepped outside into the cold night, maybe nerves or maybe the excitement. My hands slowly inched their way upwards until I felt something that I had only dreamed of, the base of his cock. I finally heard something which put my nerves at ease and that was him gasp for air. My finger tips started to explore this forbidden area and I slowly closed my eyes. I felt his arm that had been holding me close move and lift away from my back. My first thought was he was going to push me away and that I would die from the embarrassment. He leaned over and grasped the top of my robe pulling it down and I knew he wanted it off. I moved and sat up and slipped my robe off without looking at him. My eyes moved down to his pants and I saw the large bulge in his pants. His hands moved to my now exposed skin and gently touched my shoulder and neck. My hand tilted to his hands and I then realized all my nervousness and anxiety were gone. I opened my eyes and looked at his face for the first time since rolling over and he looked at me with a deep passion and gently smiled. I reached over and pulled on his shorts tugging them downward. He raised himself and with both my hands I pulled them down and slipped them off. He was well groomed and had very little hair and was almost short like his whiskers are a day without him shaving. I reached up and touched his ball and them smooth and completely without any hair. My fingers slowly traced a line from the base of his cock to the top where I felt a warm slippery wetness. I sat there and with my hands I explored for the first time what a hard cock felt like. I never really imagined what it would actually feel like but it was smooth, soft, warm and the more I touched it the more I felt myself getting wet. Dave's hands were caressing my back and I could feel his fingers playing with the backside of my panties. At times I want to slip them off and feel his cock touching my softness and imagine what and how I would feel. Every time my hand would reach the head of his cock I felt more wetness I leaned over and kissed the top of his cock. I sat back up and felt the wetness of his cock on my lips and with the tip of my tongue tasted what was on my lips. There seemed to be a sweetness to it and yet hard to describe the distinctive taste. I do know one thing I liked it. Dave's hands had slip inside my panties and were gently touching my ass check stroking softly. Although I wanted him to keep touching me I pulled myself away and slide down the bed and with my hand guiding opened my mouth and put the head of his cock inside. My tongue rolled around the tip of his cock and I was delighted to taste the same sweetness that I had licked off my own lips. I was eager for more and I thought that if I sucked harder it might make more come out. So tried to put all his hard cock inside my mouth but I could feel the head too deep and was afraid I might gag and ruin an otherwise perfect night. But never doing this before I soon learned my limits and I could tell when I was doing it right as I felt him raise off the bed. My hands played with his balls as my tongue flirted with his hard cock that was in my mouth. I slowly moved up on my knees without taking his clock from my mouths and raised my ass up into the air. When I did I felt my wetness seeping from my panties and almost thought I felt it running down my pussy towards my stomach. I spread my legs apart and the coolness excited me further. My mouth and head slide up and down his cock as he offered more his wetness to my delight. I knew he was enjoying this as much as I was by the moaning I could hear. As I stroked his cock with my mouth I felt him moving with each stroke. As I pulled him in he would raise himself, as I moved to the head to savor his wetness he pulled down and almost pulling himself out. I wasn't sure what was happening and why his moaning became more muffled. Then I found out. I felt the head of his cock swell larger and the vein on the backside of his cock swelled when I felt the warm thick cum fill my mouth. I was surprised and happy that it happened but I was completely unaware until afterwards. I was niece and nervous about what to do so I opened my mouth with his cock still inside and let most of his cum run out of my mouth. Curious enough I let his cock fall from my mouth and I tasted what was inside my mouth. I can't describe the unique taste or even the aroma but I sucked my tongue and licked my lips as I found myself enjoying it very much.

I looked up to see his face as he sat up and pulled my head towards his face and gave me one of most passionate kisses that I ever had by any guy. He pulled me up and held me close with my body pressed against his. After a little bit I rolled over and scooted my ass against his legs as his arms reached around me and drew me closer. I felt his hands touching and caressing my breasts and realize that was the first time he touch me in the special places with t he exception of when he touch my bare ass. We fell asleep with him holding me close. I awoke the next morning wrapped up in the blanket alone in his bed.

Most of the day all I could think about was the night before. I was worried that he did not enjoy it or worse I did not satisfied him. I also worried I did not do things the right way. But then I realize how good I had felt about it and then that's all the matter. I had had sex, well to a point with my step dad and all I could think about if I was grave enough to go to the next level. I asked Kristen to come over because I knew I could tell her anything at this point after all we had share the same man. She had come over later that day with a bag and what was a present for me. We hug and kissed as we had done many times before but something was different and neither one of us spoke of it. I was curious what was in the bag and when I opened it my eyes lite up. She had bought me a pair of panties and a bra. I knew where they had come from and pulled them out of the distinctive pink bag. The bar was a floral print with a white lace boarder on the top and had no underwire. I imagine by looking at it most of my boobs would be hanging out but then I guess that was the point after all. The panties had the same matching floral design with a white thin lace border around the top and around where my legs would be. They were the boy short style so half my checks would be exposed which I guess is not for comfort but more for sex appeal. I loved them. We sat and talked about nothing important until something bopped into my head. I had notice the other night when she had stripped for me that she was completely shaven. It is hard to talk to someone about such private matters but it seem to just blurt out and I asked Kristen if guys preferred that area shaved. She laughed and said that area in a mocking voice. She looked me straight in the eyes and said you must mean your cunt. Kristen told me most guys prefer that their cunts be cleaned shaven so when they go down on them it is better. I assume going down meant eating my vagina or I should say my cunt. Being new to all this I had to ask the best way to do that, razor or what. She looked at me and not making me feel stupid simple said take of your clothes and let me see. I took off my clothes completely and stood in front of her. Kristen told me there was two ways to do it, razor and shave yourself everyday or wax. She told me to sit back and relax and then left the house. Awhile later she came back in and I still sitting nude on my bed. I got a bit excited as she proceeded to wax my area. OMG that was uncomfortable but she told me it lasts a lot longer than a razor and with a razor you had to shave it every day to prevent the itching. I hate to shave so I grinned and bearded the discomfort. I also enjoyed her touching me but didn't make it known, although I think she knew. When she had finished she stepped back and smiled and said it was very sexy. Without any notice she stripped down completely in front of me. She extended her hand and pulled from the bed and we walked out to the pool where we sat back and took up the rays. Around dinner time she left the house and I went back inside and slip on a pair of stretch pants and a shirt. Dave got home a bit later than normal and we will usually hug each other me more than him. This time when we embraced he pulled me close and I felt a difference between us, maybe closer than before.

After a quiet dinner Dave got up and walked out into the garage without saying a word. I wasn't sure if something was wrong or he was having second thoughts about the night before. Then I heard the Harley start up and knew he was taking the bike out. I felt sad since I always love to ride and he was just going to leave me by myself with all the feelings and sensations myself. Moments had past she the door opens and he asked if I was going to ride with him. I smiled and ran into my room. My cunt was freshly shaven and I had some new sexy lingerie so I stripped down. I put on the gift from Kristen, a very tight pair of jeans, a tee shirt and then grabbed my leather jacket. He was waiting for me with a smile and held the bike steady as I climbed on. I heard the engine Reeves's up and he grabbed my knee and asked if I was ready. A Harley has a lot of vibration but what most people don't know is how good that feels on a cunt, especially one that is wet as mine was. We rode for a few hours and I didn't want it to end but also I wanted it to in anticipation of what may or may not happen in the hours to come. I wanted to shower after we got off the bike and told Dave I was going to shower. I went in and turned the hot water on so the steam would fill the room and make it more a sauna than a shower. I undressed and stepped into the shower and just let the water run down me exciting not only my breasts but every where it touched. I felt my legs and thought I would shave them just to be safe. That's when I heard the door opening and was both shocked and happy since he had never come into the bathroom before when I was taking a shower. He asked if I needed a back wash but declined as I did not want to have him see me shaving my legs plus how romantic would that have been. My mind was now racing since I knew he was comfortable with us sexually. When I got out I towel dried quickly expecting him to be standing at the door waiting to embrace me and take me to his bed. I opened the door and the hallway and house was dark and his room door closed. I walked down to my room and combed out my long hair. I wasn't sure what to do so I thought I would put on the lingerie and see what I could make happen. I walked out of the room and down to his room where I nervously opened the door. I saw a candle softly lighting the room and Dave laying on the bed with nothing on. He smile and reached out his hand. He pulled me to the bed while wrapping his arms around me. I was pulled so I was nearly laying on top of him and I could feel his hard cock pressing against me. I pulled myself up closer as our first kiss began what was to be the best night on my life. As I moved up I could feel his cock touching my panties and start to press against my cunt. I started to shake from not only the nerves but also the excitement that will sometimes take over. I want to how what is was like to have a cock touching me in the area that I have had hidden and guarded. I scooted up and spread my legs so his cock was now up erect in between my legs. I moved slightly down and now felt his shaft pressing against my opening through my panties and then a squeezed my legs together. My body almost as instinct started to grind against the base of where his shaft and balls came together. We continued to passionately kissed with each one becoming deeper and stronger, my body pressing hard into his. I felt the warm rush of wetness as I continued to grind my hips on top of his body pushing harder with each movement. His arms now embraced me holding me as if he meant to never let me go and with an ease that amazed me rolled us over as my back was on the bed and he was on top. He lifted himself off me and I felt his cock pull from in between my legs. Using his legs he pushed them in between mine and spread my legs apart wide. His used his cock now to slowly stroke me through my panties as we kissed, the sensation was so indescribable but I felt myself getting wetter with each stroke. I knew my cunt was ready for his cock. Our lips parted and I gasped for air as if I had been holding my breathe. His lips moved away and started to nipple my ear and I felt the tingly run down my neck through my stomach and right to where my clit was. Dave proceeded to nipple my ears and neck as I lay there with my eyes closed and my hands on his sides. I didn't want him to stop but I was anxious what where he would soon go. His hands on my hips now moved to my stomach and upwards to my bra as his head moved down and meet his hands. I felt his wet tongue sucking my breasts through my bra and the feelings only intensified throughout my body, my chest arched upward as he continued to suck them into his mouth. I laid there helpless and under his spell and his control. He slipped down and with the very tip of his tongue circled my stomach and belly button. His hands now on my hips and panties. I was not thinking about anything or what to do and only focused on each new sensation that my body was experiencing. He moved down slightly as I could fell the touch of his hand the first time on my crotch. It was more as if his hand was pressing against and not exploring or fingering me. I felt the wetness of my panties as the palm of his hand moved up and down. My hips followed his motion. My hand was tilted back my mouth open gasping for air and my eyes closed as I felt his breath on my wet panties. He gently blew on them as if trying to dry them out and it sent shivers up and down my back. He started to lick my pussy but my panties were still on and the only thing I felt was the wetness of his tongue and that of my own juices. After a few minutes his hands slide up underneath my ass and lifted me up slightly. He was somewhat lying in between my legs and also kneeling at the same time. As his hands clasped my checks I felt his body move to my right side as I felt my panties slowly being pulled off. I don't know if the feeling of him pulling them off for the first time, the fact that my bare cunt was being seen for the first time by him or the thought of what was to come but I knew the flow of juices that followed was my body saying yes give me more. He slipped the panties down my legs and then with his hands spread my legs apart. His hands moved under my shoulders and found the clasp that held my bra together and with almost a snap of his fingers he unclasped it. As he raised my shoulders up I could feel my bra falling down my arms and my breasts feeling the coolness of the air that they were now exposed to. I shook off the straps of my bra no now sat there staring at him for the first time completely nude. I wasn't nervous, scared or even uncomfortable I felt aural and knew this was a good thing. There were no inhibitions, I had no second thoughts, I was not thinking of what anyone would say all I felt was a calming peace that I had never experienced before. We sat there for a moment and kisses his hands on my legs with my arms bracing me from behind. He rolled over and laid flat on his back and pulled me towards him. My legs straddling his, my cunt wet and touching his thigh, my breasts against his side. He spoke to me for the first time and as I can remember one of the very few times that entire night. He asked me if I trusted him and not speaking words I uttered yes. He pulled me on top of him and I knew what I wanted and I knew what he was trying to do. I threw my one leg over his and brought myself to my knees. His hands on my hips and my arms bracing myself against his chest. He positioned me where I knew I wanted to be and with my one hand I reached down in between my legs and grabbed his hard cock. I took it and with the head of his cock found my opening and offered it to his cock. I felt what I can only describe as a large soft head just at my opening. He held my hips as if bracing them and firmly enough that I couldn't move them. I could feel the large head I his cock right at my opening but not inside and with a gentle lifting of his ass I felt the pressure of his cock entering my cunt. He didn't thrust it into me as I had expected but gently and very slowly allowed the weight of my own body to ease it inside. It felt too large and unfortunately it also felt uncomfortable as it continued to moved deeper in. I later learned the discomfort was from my lost of virginity. I was now sitting fully down on top of him with his large cock deep inside my cult. It almost felt like it was so deep it was hitting my stomach. He held me there with his hands on my ass and waited. I felt my muscles inside my pussy tighten as if they were drawing it in even deeper. His hands slowly lifted me and I felt his cock move. Then he pulled me back down and held me there when he lifted himself and I felt his cock penetrate me deeper. I could feel my muscles tighten and relax as the started to spasm with his cock inside. I wasn't sure but I sensed he could feel the spastic muscles because when they would relax he pull me down onto his cock, when they relaxed he pull me up each time bringing his cock further out but never totally. I started to relax and I knew most of what I was feeling was the nerves and being scared I might not like this after all. My vaginal muscles continued to contract and relax and he continued the slow motion of each contraction pushing inside, with each relax wave he pulled his cock further out to my opening. The more this happens the less he guided my ass and I found myself controlling the rhythm of lifting and pushing down with my muscles contractions. The spasm continued and became more intense and shorter. I found myself easily humping his cock on my own. I felt an incredible wave come over me and slowly build with each thrust. I could feel it through my whole body and also felt every muscle tightening even to where my toes started to curl uncontrollably. I moved faster and the wave grew in intensity. I felt Dave's hands grab my my ass and I felt the climax take complete control of my body causing me to sit up straight just as he grappled my ass hard and lifted his cock deep into me. I couldn't breathe and then the warmth and euphoric sensation of cum rushing out of me over sweep my entire body. I felt it flowing uncontrollably and just oozing everywhere. I felt the wetness on my vaginal lips and on his skin. The wave continued as he kept pressure of his cock deep inside me. The more I squirmed on him the more I came and the wave rippled through my body. OMG why did I wait so long to experience this, fucking incredible. It seem to last a long time or maybe I just didn't want it to end. I leaned down as he reached out and pulled me near. My breasts firmly against his chest. His cock I could feel every twitch and he was slowly moving it inside me as I laid on his chest breathing heavily and sweating hard. The more he moved inside me the more the sensation of cumming started to come again. I sat up and with my hands on his chest fucked his cock as fast and as hard as I could. My muscles were going spastic sucking his cock harder and pulling it in deeper into me. And then it came only this time it was a powerful surge of the spasms and I felt the orgasm satisfy my craving as my body shuddered and tingled all over. My breasts were so sensitive as I was cumming and Dave' hand caressing them and letting his fingers tease my nipples. We stopped with his hard cock still inside me so I could catch my breath. He pulled me back down and kissed me this time letting his tongue sexually play with mine. I had French kissed before but nothing felt like this before. Was it because it was Dave kissing me, was it because his cock was deep inside my swollen cunt or was it the orgasms that I could still feel even as they slowly subsided. I finally realize that I didn't want more orgasms but that I needed more. Without any indications or warnings Dave rolled us over onto my back and now was one top. He pulled his cock out and I heard the trapped air in my cunt escape and then suddenly a sweet aroma filled the air. With the shaft of his cock he began to massage my clit, slow long strokes. I watched him as he did and love seeing him take me sexually. Why did I wait so long, would have been the same or was tonight the perfect night for it. All I knew it wasn't going to be the last time. He reached down and grabbed his cock and guided the head to my very sensitive and swollen clit massaging it very methodically. God it felt so good. He stopped and bent over and started suckling my breasts with his mouth, tongue and even teeth. He aroused me in ways I never thought of or even dreamed about. He took his time with each breasts and nipple playfully between each one. I could feel the orgasm starting to build again and wondered if I could cum without his cock in me. He leaned up and our lips met in a passionate intense embrace. I was so focused on kissing him I almost didn't feel his head of his cock right at the entrance of my cunt almost begging to be let back in. My legs spread further apart and his cock thrusted deep into my wet cunt finding the deepest part. I opened my mouth as if I couldn't breath that had felt good and then he slowly slide inside and out each time letting the head of his clock to exit me and then slipped it right back in effortlessly. He held me and our mouths joined each other as this in and out continued for some time. I loved the feeling of his hard cock inside my cunt. I felt several orgasms come and go none as intense as the first two but just as wonderful and pleasurable. I notice the rhythm quickening and the thrusts harder and deeper. My vaginal muscles tightening more and more with each thrust and the warm wave overwhelming me again. I felt Dave' body becoming tense as he pushed harder, deeper and faster into me. I was ready to explode as he continued to pump harder and deeper with each stroke. I reached and grabbed the sheets clinching them with my fist as he gave me one last hard thrust and I erupted in orgasm. I felt a strong squirt and soon felt the hot cum of his cock filling my cunt. The timing had been perfect as we both collapse together savoring the orgasm we both just had.

We rested a bit and I could feel the hardness slipping at although his cock still felt to large for. It seems that as he about ready to cum his click got harder and thicker which felt so nice. He pulled himself out and off me. I laid there as if was paralyzed all my muscles exhausted from what happened. I felt so fulfilled and satisfied as if I had been starving all my life. I closed my eyes trying to relive each orgasm and how many did I have. At times they seemed to blend together but the were at least three very distinct and powerful ones. I guess at least five maybe six, all I knew was I wanted more. Dave got up and went out of the room for a bit. I couldn't move even had I wanted to. When I managed to lift my head I saw the clock. I was stunned at how long we had been in bed, almost three hours, I had lost track of time. He returned with a bottle of cold water and handed it to me. The water quenched my deep thirst an tasted so good. He sat on the bed next to me and with a loving touch caressed my face pulling me closer and kissed me. My arms reached out and drew him closer. I could feel his cock touching my side and felt that the hardness had gone. I must have sighed as he took my hand and guided it to his cock. I expected it to be wet and sticky but it was very soft as i had first discovered him other the night before. As I touched him to my delight his cock moved in my hands and became erected again. I was not ready to stop and want it back inside. He pulled away from me and sat in between my legs. His hands slide under my ass and lifted my cunt up to his face. His tongue lick all around the area between my lips and legs. He then licked with the tip of his tongue my clit. As he licked he sucked it into his mouth and massage it with his tongue sending goose bumps up and down my body. What he did next gave my next orgasm. His tongue found the opening to my cunt and with a hard thrust he pushed his tongue deep inside and buried his face deep in my pussy. I could feel every wiggle of his tongue and each time he push it in and pull it out. I also felt the air from his nostrils on my clit as he continued to eat me and savor all the juices that were inside me. He was persistent and his tongue was driving me nuts and felt so much different then his cock inside me. There were areas just inside of my cunt that I noticed were very sensitive when his cock pushed by them but it seems his tongue was the right length and he knew it. Every time his tongue touched those I would shudder and arch my back. I guess he knew how to read my body and played it this area until that wave came over me. This orgasm was much more mellow and when it took control of my body it rushed from my body and almost felt as if I have peed the bed. I learned I had just had my first orgasm where I squirted. I become flush all over and the thought of what happen started to make me embarrassed until I felt Dave even buried himself deeper into my cunt and didn't stop until it was over. He lowered me back down onto the bed and moved toward my face. I leaned up quickly and grabbed his head and kissed. I tasted myself. When I was younger I had masturbated before with my fingers and then licked them with my tongue but the taste of my cum all over his face almost put me into a frenzy and I aggressively kissed and exchanged tongues until I could taste myself no more. Dave had me on my lay on my left side and cuddled me from behind. I felt his very hard cock pressed into my butt crack and was wondering if this was next. At that point I would and still do anything for him. I could feel him reach down and grabbed his cock and pulled it away while letting it push in between my legs right along my cunt. I raised my leg slightly and the head just slipped right back where I had wanted it to be, in my cunt. Both hands now embraced me cupping my breasts as he thrusted his hips and his cock deeper into me. He pushed my legs together and continued to thrust himself in me. It didn't take long as i felt another wave of orgasms back to back over power me and I just closed my eyes and enjoyed. I lifted my leg and I could feel my juices flowing feeely from within me. After the couple of orgasms I had here he rolled me over onto my stomach while his cock was still inside my cunt. His hand reached underneath my stomach and lifted. I wasn't sure what he was trying to do but soon I knew and nether one of us spoke a word. I wasn't sure I could even talk as I was getting so exhausted. I was kneeling on the bed and my arms were barking me. Dave pulled his cock out and like before I could hear that pop and the sweet aroma of my juices. I pulled myself up while still kneeling and turned slight to look at him. He leaned forward and we kissed again with that same deep passion as we had before and those feelings I had before were still there, complete calm, total immersed in him and satisfaction like I never felt before. I reach around myself as my back was towards him and reached for his cock. I felt the slimy goo that was the combination of our orgasms and wondered what that might taste like. I turned to face him and answered my curiosity. I leaned down and with my tongue I licked the head of his cock. The taste was completely different than I had expected and was thicker. I opened my mouth and took his cock in sucking and licking it clean. He turned me around after I had satisfied my taste buds and with me kneeling pushed my head down slightly so I was above the bed on all fours. He came from behind me and spread my legs wide apart and entered me again. The hard thrusts and deep, deep penetration was so intense and was enough to push me over the edge and I again came. I noticed the longer the night proceeded the more easily and frequently my orgasms were coming. During this I could not tell when one started and ended or if it was the longest orgasm I had ever experienced. As I came more and more it seemed as if my cunt was opening up more for his cock to go deeper inside and between his thrusts and my pushing hard back against him I could feel the head of cock deeper than before. That brought on new sensations and we continued until I lost my breath and collapsed on the bed. I wasn't sure and have tried to remember if I fell asleep or simply passed out from exhaustion but I woke up sometime later with myself wrapped around Dave still totally nude. As I stirred I felt Dave waking and leaned my head up to him. Not sure if I was looking for reassurance that everything that had happened that night was still all good and was right. He looked at me and there was something different in the way his look went deep into my soul and I knew things were right and that I had the most incredible night of my life. He took the child that was still inside of me and turned into a woman. We laid there for what seemed a long time just holding each other and the small gentle touches of my hand on his cock, his hands on my breasts and his fingers gently playing with my clit. I felt good.

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