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My First Time With Another Man

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It all started several years ago when my husband had to go out of town for about 3 months. I am a 40 year old hispanic woman married to an anglo man. I only have had sex with one other man before I was married. My husband and I do enjoy a good sex life with each other. It was about 45 days since my husband left. I read paperback romance novels and some are quite "juicy"! Sometimes they really make me "wet"! One day I had gone to a local store to do some shopping when I ran into a high school guy I knew named Ramon. He didn't recognize me at first then I called his name then he said "Donna", is that you"? I smiled and replied, "It sure is!" Ramon told me I looked great and I told him I had lost alot of weight after high school. I noticed he kept looking at my breasts. I was wearing a short top that revealed my navel a little bit and a short denim skirt. I told him I had been married for about 15 years. He couldn't believe it. I told him he still looked good also. He asked me if he could buy me lunch. I thought for a minute then said, "why not"! I was really reluctant at first but after we were seated at a restaurant I became more compfortable. He told me he was recently divorced. Before I could object he ordered us two Magaritas. It really doesn't take much alcohol to get me drunk. After we finished our Margaritas and meal he ordered two more drinks. After I finished the second drink I was pretty giggly and did not feel compfortable about driving. Ramon suggested we go to his apartment for some coffee then I could go home. I really did not want to but after he insisted I gave in. After we got to his apartment I sat down on his couch and he brought out our old high school year book and two glasses of red wine. I told him I had enough and he said just one more. He went to give me the wine and spilled it on my blouse and skirt. He apologized and told me to go to the bedroom and take off my clothes and put his bathrobe on and I could wash then dry my clothes at his apartment. Being almost drunk I agreed and returned "naked" under his white bathrobe. I put my top, skirt, bra and panties in his washing machine and started it. I sat back down on the couch and started looking at the year book pictures. He moved next to me and put his arm around me then kissed me. I was surprised. I didn't know what to do next! He started kissing me again on the lips then the neck. I stopped him and said, "I really don't think this is a good idea". He replied, "we are friends and you have really turned into an attractive woman". He kissed me again and I could feel my pussy really getting wet and could feel my large brown nipples getting hard! I had never had sex with a hispanic man in my life let alone with anyone except my husband but wondered what it would be like so I let him continue. He worked his way down my chest then opened the bathrob I was wearing, all the way and started kissing my breasts and sucking my nipples! I felt a hot rush over me and wanted to stop him but could not. It was really a turn on letting another man touch me like that! He worked his way down to my already wet pussy. He spread my legs and started sucking my clit then put two of his fingers in my wet pussy, fucking me with them. I was really moaning now and enjoying every bit of it but still with regret. He took off his shirt, pants and shorts until he was naked. I looked down and saw his erect cock! It was a little longer but not as thick as my husband's cock. But it had a very large "mushroom" head twice the size of my husband's cock. I reached down and started stroking his cock and could feel it become really hard when I grabbed it. He completely removed my bathrobe then I went down on my knees and started licking then sucking his cock. I could see a little pre-cum on it so I sucked it clean. He took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom and had me lay down on his bed. He parted my legs revealing my black, bushy, swollen, wet, pink pussy! He mounted me and gently pushed his large cock into my eager pussy! I felt the large head of his cock really spread my pussy lips. It really felt good! He started thrusting deeper and deeper. I spread my legs as far as I could allowing him to enter me as far as he could. After a few minutes he was really banging me with his balls slapping against my pussy. I could feel the huge head of his cock inside me as it grew even larger. I was moaning and screaming to him to fuck me harder! I could not believe that was coming out of my mouth!! Here I am being fucked by a strange cock and enjoying every minute of it! I came several times and he was still pounding away inside of me! Finally I could feel his cock and it's large head growing much larger and I could not feel his balls slapping against me whick meant they were really tight! I knew he was getting ready to cum now. All of a sudden his body stiffened and he groaned! I could feel his hot semen empty inside of me. It seemed like it would never stop!! I immediately came again. He did three more short thrusts inside of me to empty everything he had inside of me. He was still hard and inside of me so I hooked my ankles together around his waist to keep him inside, feeling every inch of his beautiful brown cock!! I could feel some of his semen leak out around his cock and down the crack of my ass. We stayed like that for maybe 10 minutes smiling at each other and I told him "That was great". His cock started becoming limp so he pulled out and a large amount of his semen gushed out onto the bed after running down my ass! We kissed again and I told him he was the first hispanic man I have ever had. He replied, "Your husband is a lucky man and if you are not geeting enough at home just let me know!" I smiled and then we went to his shower and took a shower together. I sucked his cock again in the shower and let him cum in my mouth which I have never done with a man before. My clothes were done washing so I put them in the dryer for awhile, dressed and gave Ramon a long kiss before I left for home!

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