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My First Online Hook up

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Checked my email this morning and the guy I found online emailed me back. 27 years old?mmmmm. He left his number so I text him. He text me back around 10ish. We talked dirty for a bit and then I asked if he wanted to see my tits. He said sure and then asked if I wanted to see his cock. ?Of course!? I typed back. So we exchanged pictures. Damn that was a nice cock. His break was over and I didn?t hear back until noon. He asked me out for a drink. Sure. So we set it up.

I pulled in and parked. Text him and told him I was there and what my car looked like. I then text my boyfriend to let him know I was still waiting on the guy. He told me to let him know when he showed up and then to let him know if I was bringing him back to my place. Sure thing. Before long the pick up truck I was waiting on pulled up next to my car. He got out and came around. Carhart jacket, ball cap and work pants. He had dark hair and a goatee. He was very tall and very handsome and yummy. I already wanted him.

So I got out and we introduced ourselves formally. We walked in and got a booth. We talked over drinks and some appetizers. Both of us revealed our stories and it was nice conversation. He smelled of fresh cut wood. He apologized and I told him not to as I love that smell. The bill came and we paid. Walked out together and had a butt by the cars. I asked him what he wanted to do. He said he didn?t know. So ok, we talked a bit more about his work. He liked it except the cold. So I said, ?well I have a warm place would you like to go there?? ?Sure,? he replied. So I suggested he follow me.

We got to my place and he followed me in. Off came the coats and I stood in front of him. Damn he was tall. 6 foot 1 and I am only 5 feet 1, but that was fine with me. I suggested we sit on the couch. He was very shy. Continued to talk and such. Hmmmm I thought this is not moving along as fast as I would like it to. So I excused myself to the bathroom and gave it a thought. When I returned I sat down. I had on a blouse that snapped up the entire front. I took each side in my hand and unsnapped it in one pull. With my bra exposed I said, ?Would you like to see my tits?? ?Sure,? he replied. So off came the blouse and bra. He told me they looked nice and kept talking. Ugh! I thought. So I snuggled in and went for his crotch. He smiled, ?do you want to see my cock?? ?Of course!? I replied.

He pulled it out and even soft it was large. I took it into my hand and said, ?you know what this means don?t you?? He said, ?yep.? I had told him earlier that I had a thing for cock. Once I see one I must put it into my mouth. So I stroked him a bit and then went down on it. I licked my lips and took his uncut head into my mouth gently at first. I let my lips slide down and take all of him. He instantly started to grow in my mouth. It was thicker at the base than at the tip. I stroked the base as I continued to suck and bob my head up and down. He grew harder and harder. It had a divine curve in it. I knew it was going to feel good in my cunt. The thought was making me so wet.

I stopped momentarily and he slipped out of his pants. He stood in front of me and encouraged me to suck him off some more. So of course I did. I lapped the length of his cock and then popped the whole thing in my mouth. All 9 inches of him was sliding in and out of my lips. He put his hands in my hair and asked me where I wanted it next. I said in the bedroom. He chuckled.

I led him to my bedroom and we both stripped down. I sat on the bed and he let me suck him off some more. He was quiet, but I could hear the soft moans. He was enjoying it very much. He asked if I wanted it in my pussy now and I lay back onto the bed. He was so tall and his dark hair covered his handsome chest. He lay over me and positioned himself between my thighs. He was smiling and looking into my eyes. I felt the tip of his cock hit my clit and he slid it up and down a few times. My eyes were glazing over I could tell by the smile on his face.

He slid it into my wet pussy. Just the tip and then slipped it out again. Then he slid it in a bit further and then backs out again. Then he plunged it in. I moaned involuntarily. It felt so good. ?mmmmm,? I said, ?you are so hard.? ?I know,? he said still smiling. He fucked me slowly watching my face. He was so big and built just right. I reached up and cupped his breasts as he continued to fuck me a bit faster now. My mouth opened. I couldn?t help it. ?Oh fuck, I am going to cum.? I said. And then he started to fuck me hard and fast. He kept watching me. I tried to keep eye contact. But I threw my head back and moaned loudly, ?oooooh, fuck, fuck, I am cumming so hard.? He groaned, ?me too,? and plunged into me deep and hard. I watched his face now as he came inside me. He was so deep and his cum was so hot.

He continued to slowly move his hips and then began to twitch his cock. He stayed inside me for quite some time. I rubbed his chest and just let myself feel him inside me. He twitched and then I squeezed my pussy. We played this game back and forth until I came again. He smiled down at me and said, ?So can I come back again?? I chuckled this time. ?Yes, yes you definitely can come back again.?

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