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My First Affair

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I had been married to my husband, will call him Mark, for about two years. Mark was older then me by about 7 years and had been in the military by the time I met him. I was 18 when I fell in love with him, and gave him my virginity. About a year later we had our first baby, a boy. We had a house, car, almost everything we needed for being middle class. Mark had told me stories about his time in the military and how he had been with other women. Told me this before we got married incase I wanted to change my mind about marrying him. He had been around the block a few times. I did not change my mind; he was well build, good looking and well mannered. Sex was great and plenty of it. Mark did not have a large penis, but had a good thickness to it and not small. I was happy.

I started working to help out with the bills and started to work at a restaurant, waiting tables. This is where I met, let?s call him Ruben. He was nice, also well mannered and about the same height as Mark. He started to flirt with me and I had no desire for him or anyone else. Not that the thought hadn?t crossed my mind. But, after a few weeks went by and he still flirting with me I started to think about it more and more. After a lot of thought I decided to have an affair with him. I didn?t want to cheat on Mark; I just want to know what it was like to have another man inside me. All the other women I knew had been at least with two men. That was one of my reasons behind my affair and what I know call my mistake.

So next time he asked to meet I agreed. We decided to meet at one of the malls across town, so not to be noticed or recognized by familiar people. There we had a good time; he was funny and made me laugh. So we talked and walked for a while until he decided to kiss me and I let him. The kiss was short but passionate. I tingled when he kissed me and I felt my breast rise. The feeling was a good, I must admit. Then he asked me if I would follow him to a friend?s house. I didn?t want to go I knew what was going to happen, but I quickly said yes. I couldn?t get that tingled feeling out of me, so ?yes? was my quick response. He was exciting and fun, we raced down the High way for a while, and then he took the lead to his friend?s house. As we got out of our cars my heart was pounding so hard I was trembling all over. Still the feeling of the tingle felt good, I wanted to do it. He opened the door for me as we walked inside, when he grab my hand ever so gently. He closed the door behind him and turned me around at the same to kiss me. This time the kiss was long and very passionate, I know he could feel me trembling, but I didn?t care. Than he asked me if I wanted a drink and I said yes. He got me a Sprite and walked me to the bedroom. Then he kissed me and I got more relaxed with him. He started moving his hands around my back and then my lower backside. Slow he began to undo the buttons of my blouse and he let it fall to the floor. I knew he had done this before plenty of times, he was well practiced. He removed my bra and began to feel my breast; I just stood there waiting for more to happen. I was breathing harder now as he removed by skirt and panties and let them fall to the floor. He stood there touching me, and enjoying the view in front of him. Still standing there I did nothing as he began to take of his shirt. He had a nice upper body, not as build as Mark but still well put together. I just stood there watching. He removed his shoes with his feet so he wouldn?t have to bend down. Undoing his belt, I couldn?t wait to see it. I was about to see my second erected penis in my life. As he let his pants and briefs fall to the floor I saw it, it was so big I couldn?t believe it. It scared me for a moment. I had seen them in the porn movies but never in real life. I think about it now and it must have been about twelve inches in length. It might not have been the thickest but it sure was long. My heart started pounding so hard I thought he would certainly hear it. He walked me to the bed where I laid down scared to a point where I almost said no. Not because I didn?t want to have sex with him but because of the size of his penis. It was beautiful! I was half lying on the bed as he began to spread and lift my legs around his back. Standing on the edge of the bed with my legs around his back I couldn?t believe what I was doing as he penetrated me deep inside. As he began to put it in deep inside me I had to ask him to do it slow because he was hurting me with his huge size. So he did, he was ever so gentle and was not there to simply have sex with me but to enjoy our time of pleasure together. As he penetrated me he began to rub my clitoris with his finger. When his finger would get wet enough he would put it in my mouth so I would lick my own pussy juice clean, I loved it. He was on me for quite a while, but still I didn?t climax, I still felt the pain of his huge penis, it still hurt with his slow and gentle penetrations. I was having a hard time getting it to fit comfortable. By the time I got comfortable he climaxed and I was surprised with myself. I had taken all of it deep inside me. It was still good even though I didn?t finish. We laid there for a while and rested. I looked at down at his penis and enjoyed the view of its length, but still couldn?t bring myself to touch it, I was actually afraid to touch it. I am so mad at myself for never touching it. After we rested he asked if I wanted to take a shower, he was a clean man much like Mark, who also liked to keep clean. We got into the shower and bathed each other for a while. Then he began to get another erection and I was ready this time. I climbed on him easily and put my arms around his neck. I straddled him as he lifted me putting his arms under my ass. He penetrated his entire penis deep inside me once again. This time I let him just bang away, I was used to it by now. Even though we were showering I gave his balls another shower with my juices. This time I did enjoy it and climaxed for my first time with another man.

I have had two lovers in my life, my husband and my lover. I have been lucky that both have been great lovers and gentlemen. I don?t plan to have another affair but if I do I hope he is just as nice.

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