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My Fantasy (there is a sequel to follow)

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It starts out....I am like out by maybe at a mall. I come outside to walk to my is dark...and it is getting late and there are no other cars in the parking lot that I can see. I have my keys in my hand but I also have some packages so my arms are kind of full. I am just strolling out to the car, I have on a pair of jeans, thong panties of course, a pull over shirt and a bra. My panties this time are red....they are lower cut in the front than some of my other ones and my bra is a plunge type bra red in color also it has a bow at the plunge with a white pearl in the center of the pearl.

Anyway I get to my car and just as I start to put the key in to unlock the door this man walks up behind me. I have no idea anyone is around but me. This man puts his arms around me and for some reason I just do not feel afraid.

After this man grabs me he whispers in my ear...he says Tonya, calls me by name, but I do not recognize his voice. He says to me, "Tonya you do not have to be afraid baby. I am not here to hurt you I am just here to give you pleasure." He then tells me to go ahead and open the door, push the door unlock button, to put my purse and the packages in the front seat of the car. I do as he says and then he opens the back door. He is no longer really holding on to me but just takes my hand leads me to the back seat. My back is still facing him so I have still not seen his face and I still do not know who he is but for some unknown reason I can feel myself getting extremely aroused and excited and I can feel myself getting wet between my legs.

He says to me, "Baby, I am going to lay you down in the seat. Just lay back and enjoy I am just here to bring you much pleasure." He slowly unbuckles my belt, unbuttons my pants and unzips them and pulls them off of me. Then he comes up to me and puts his face between my legs and I still have my panties on but I can feel his hot warm breath against me. He puts his mouth on top of my panties and blows his breath against me, he starts to rub on me outside my panties with his hand. I start to raise up my hips to meet his hand wanting more and more. He slides his finger under the leg hole of my panties and slowly slides his finger between my pussy lips feeling the wetness and warmth that is there. He says to me "Baby you are so hot and wet." You want me don't you baby?

I tell him yes I want you so badly but who are you. He says to me, "Baby who I am is not important, I know you and I am not going to hurt you, relax, be comfortable and just enjoy baby this is your night." For some unknown reason I believe him and trust him. So I do just as he says. He continues to finger my pussy and my pussy lips he rubs against my clit and finds just the right spot and rubs it oh so good until I am moaning with pleasure begging for more. He says baby....does this feel good and I tell him it feels wonderful. I beg him to let me taste his finger and he does...but not only does he let me taste it he raises up toward my face as I taste it and he tastes it with me as he kisses me deeply and passionately me feeling his hot warm tongue in my mouth. Then he slowly removes my panties and starts to lick and taste my pussy like I have never had anyone do. He licks, and sucks on my clit while I lay there on my back in the back seat of the car. He is kind of a straddle my leg and I can feel his hardness even though he still has on his pants. I can full the bulge in the middle of his pants and I know I have to have him inside me. I reach down with my hand and start rubbing his hard cock on the outside of his pants and I can feel just how hard it really is now.

I begin to beg him please, whoever you are let me have you please fuck me and fuck me deep and hard. He tells me baby...I am going to....I am going to give you all the pleasure that I can.

Then he just raises up, I take my hands, unbuckle his belt, unbutton his pants and unzip his pants, and amazingly enough he has on no underwear so his hard cock just seems to explode out of his pants. His Hard cock feels so good in my hand. His cock is hot, it is hard and I can even feel a little bit of pre cum on the tip of his cock.

I take my finger, and get that drop of pre cum on my finger and taste it. I say mmmm you taste so good baby. Please baby enter me, fuck me ..... he says to me...are you ready for me baby. He takes his hands and pushes his pants down to his knees but does not take them completely off.

I spread my legs as much as I can hunch myself up and say Oh baby yes I am ready I want you please I want you so bad.

He raises up to meet me and I feel the head of his cock against the outside of my pussy. With my hand I hold onto his cock. I want to feel him on my clit, on my pussy lips so before he enters me I rub the head of his cock all over me.....I beg him to please let me suck his cock....and he says to me next time baby...because I will be back.

Then I slowly guide his cock to the opening of my pussy. He slowly slides the head of his cock in my pussy as I hunch up to take more and more and he says baby take your are going to get it all .... just let it go in at first slowly. So I back off and let him enter me at his pace even though I so want him to ram his cock in me hard and fast. He slowly enters and it does feel good. I feel his big hard cock as it inches it's way inside me. I am in heaven....I think never had I had anything that has felt this good and I have not even cum yet. He gets inside me deep as deep as his cock will go and holds it there for a moment. He asks me if it feels good and I tell him it is the best I have ever had. He begins to slide in and out of my pussy and i am soaking wet so he slides so easily. He almost completely slides out but leaves the head of his cock just barely in my pussy and then slides back in as deeply as his cock will go inside my pussy. He begins to speed up the pace now fucking me harder and faster. I am raising up to meet him. As he rams his cock in my pussy I raise my hips up so that I can take every bit of him. I can feel his balls as they slap against my ass and when he pulls out i back off as well. We are in perfect rhythm together sliding in and out of each other and by this time he is really ramming his cock inside me and fucking me hard and fast. He hears me moan and I can feel his cock throb in my pussy....I know he is close because I can feel his breathing and it is getting faster and he is almost panting and he is moaning as well. He says Oh baby you are so tight and so wet and so hot......squeeze my cock baby with your pussy muscles and let me know how much you love this. I work my pussy muscles and when I begin to work them I can feel him throb even more. I know he is near cumming as am I. He continues to pump my pussy and without saying a word to each other we are in perfect time, perfect rhythm and he rams my pussy hard and holds it there and shoots a load of cum like I have never had inside me all over the inside of my pussy and covers the walls of my pussy as well and there is so much it squirts on the sides and i can feel the cum on the outside as it drips down my ass. At the same time he is exploding inside me I am having the most explosive best cum I have ever had in my life. I squeeze his cock, my pussy tightens against his cock and he can feel the contractions of my pussy as I am cumming. He says to me "Baby your pussy feels so good I can feel you cumming don't stop baby just keep cumming and cumming this is for you baby." I have never in my life felt this wonderful feeling for so long. After we have both cum....he just kind of collapses on top of me. I feel the weight of his body. I put my arms underneath his shirt and feel his chest, feel his back, feel his nipples tease them with my finger tips and squeeze them between my thumb and index finger. He moans in pleasure...but he says wait time is my can do whatever you want to me next time. He kisses me passionately, nuzzles my neck, raises up....pulls his pants up and gets out of the car leaving me laying there in the back seat with my pants and panties in the floorboard. As he leaves he says "Baby this was the best ever." I will be will not know when it will be....but I promise I will be back and it will be better next time than it was this time and I can have your way with whatever you want to do with me. I blink my eyes....he is gone.....I look all over the parking lot but I cannot see him. I raise up, just leave my panties in the floorboard, my pussy has cum dripping out of it but I love the way it feels, the way it smells, I even put my finger in my pussy and getting it soaking wet and taste my finger before I pull my jeans on. I pull my jeans on and get in the front seat and drive myself home and think about the experience all the way home and almost cum again just thinking about what has just happened to me.

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