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My Ex Daughter Inlaw

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I was in the shower washing my hair when I feel a womens body rub up against my back. I knew it was not my wife because she was out of town. I spun around and found my ex daughter inlaw Becky naked. I said what the fuck are you doing in here. She said that she had made a key to our house when she was still married to our son. Because she had always wanted to surprise me boy did she ever. She said that she had heard that my wife was gone for the weekend and had been watching to she what I was doing. I had always wanted to see her naked. She was always showing alot of tits and ass all the time.I had seen her in a tiny thong bikini once when we were all on vacation one time. My dick was hard the whole time. My wife was pissed that I could not take my eyes off her any way back to the story. Becky said well do you want to screw or what. I looked at her and could see that she had nicer tits than I thought she also had a cute little landing strip just above her cute little love button. She grabbed my dick and dropped her knees and sucked just the head then worked her way up until she had the whole thing balls deep in her mouth. I thought that I was going to blow right then. I put my hands on her shoulders and started to face fuck her. As I did she reached up and started to play with my asshole. I was now ready to cum so I push her head as far as I could and as I did she slipped her finger into my ass. I let go with all I had and she swallowed it all. I told her to sit on the set in the shower because I was finally going to get to eat her sweet pussy. She sat down and I turned off the water and got between her legs. I first slide a finger in she was really tight. I bent down and started to lick the inside of her legs working my up then across to the other side just teasing her. Then I put my Thumb in her and was pumping her hard she said lets dry off and go someplace more comfortable. So we go into the other bedroom and I throw her on the bed. We start French kissing and I can fell my rising hard cock against her I reach for her tits and start to pinch her nipples they are now hard as stones. She starts to moan I know she can for sure feel how hard I am. I reached down and started to rub her pussy she climbs on top of me and squats down and starts to feed my cock in her pussy. She then starts to bounce up and down so I take one of nipples into my mouth and start to bite down softly and she starts to moan so I switch nipples. She starts to rotate and shove back and forth on my cock which is about to explode which I am sure she can feel and says fuck me harder fill me with cum. Just as I think I might cum she lets loose with a massive orgasm and soaks my cock there is so much cum it is running down onto the bed. I keep getting harder until I cum the hardest I ever think I have. She climbs above me with her sweet pussy right over my face. My cum is dripping on to my face I had never really tasted my own cum before. She starts to lower her pussy into my face and starts rubbing it all over. She bends forward and takes my cock into her mouth starts to suck so I reach up and slowly start to work a finger into her ass she starts wiggling her pussy tighter on my face so I keep pushing in until I have my whole finger in. She now has most of my cock into her mouth so I start to move my finger in and out fucking her ass with it. She starts to bite softly on my cock I feel like I am ready to cum again. She starts to squirt her cum all over my face. I can hardly breathe so I push her up off my face. She lies down face first with her legs spread her sweet brown eye looking right at me WOW so I get down behind her and start to lick all around her tight little rear door. As I lick around her lovely pooper I start to jab my tongue deeper and deeper now the hole is getting a pool of moisture so I stick my tongue in as far as possible she starts to moan and squirm around so I grab her hips and tell her are you sure you want this she pushes back so I take that as a yes. I start out with my thumb she is really tight but I keep working it in she says just go slow I pull out my thumb and insert a second and start to work them in and out. So I walk around in front of her without removing my fingers she takes my dick into her mouth and sucks until I am hard I go back reach down and lube up my fingers from her hot twat and stick two back in rub them around and pull them out then I squat down behind her and start to feed my cock in. I work the head in but she is so tight it will not go. I go into our room and get some anal lube. She lubes up my cock nice and slippery. As I push in she works her ass around in circles and pushes at the same time all of a sudden the head of my cock pops thru her tight little ring then she pushes all the way in at once screaming OMG. This is such a different feeling than with my wife she was so warm and tight she is really squeezing my cock with her muscles. I start slowly at first then harder and harder I think to myself I can not hold out very long it just feels too good. I can feel my cum starting to rise so I tell her it comes and pump her full with 5 or 6 hard strokes. When I pull out she says that she was never filled like that she said that she needed to us the bathroom. I when and got the camera and took a picture of her naked as she walked back down the hall. She could not see me so I Snapped a couple of more to have so I could jack off to them later thinking about this. She said that she had always checked me out when ever we where together and thought that I must have had a big package from the look of the bulge in my shorts. She said her is my new cell number call me if you want to do this again. She kissed me got dressed and left. I was so blown away by all this I forgot to get the key from her. Oh well maybe she will need it anyway.

I let you know if she does.

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