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My Birthday Present

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by Stevesaint © 2006

This beautiful young hunk rings my chimes and the thing I remember the most about that day is the card! Can you believe it? That wonderful card from my husband ? handed to me by my ?present? ? was the most remarkable thing he could have done.

When the doorbell rang, I was a bit puzzled. Who would be at my door this early in the morning? I?ve been a stay-at-home wife for a number of years now, and though the kids are now grown and gone I have no desire to go back to the workaday world, instead tending my garden and keeping a nice house for my husband.

Steven, my spouse of 28 years, makes more than enough for us to live comfortably and to retire sooner than later. The days are usually serene and uneventful, just as I like them...until today.

When I open it, the smiling young man at the door offers me an envelope, saying ?Happy Birthday, Mrs. Jones.? I didn?t move at first, so he adds ?It?s okay Mrs. Jones... it?s from your husband, Steve.?

Keeping this stranger at the door, I take the proffered envelope and open it slowly, still uncertain ? and a little fearful ? of what?s going on here. Inside is a folded, ornately embossed card, similar to those used in wedding invitations. The face of the card reads in a fancy script:

A Birthday Present for the Love of My Life Opening the card, I read the message inside, written in my husband?s recognizable handwriting style:

'I love you honey. You?ve always been the most beautiful woman in the world to me, yet in the last few years it seems to me YOU haven?t believed that. We used to make love often, and it was always fantastic, but you?ve lost the desire.'

'Maybe it?s me; let?s face it, I?m not a young stud anymore and so maybe you?re just not turned on like in the past. Maybe you don?t think of yourself as desirable anymore (even though I want you more than ever). Maybe I don?t tell you enough how desirable you still are.'

'So, I?ve arranged for this birthday present to rekindle your fire, to remind you how sexy you are and to let you know my love for you has no boundaries.'

Rick, the young man standing before you now, is your present. He will spend the day with you and fulfill your every wish. Don?t hesitate ? it?s okay to do anything you want with him ? he?ll treat you right. Enjoy your present!'

'With all the love in the world on your birthday, Steven'

Even after reading the note a second time, it just wouldn?t sink in. ?This has got to be a joke, right??

?No, Mrs. Jones, it?s no joke.? He gives me a big, beautiful smile. ?Look, your husband paid me good money to be with you today.?


?Yes, I?m an escort. I?ve been hired to take care of you...anything you want.? He pauses, and the full meaning finally sinks in. ?I?ll provide any pleasure you want...I?m yours...?

? isn?t right,? I mutter, still confused about what my husband could possibly have been thinking when he hired him. Does he want me to really have sex with this guy? Some part of me is still waiting for the Candid Camera crew to jump out from behind the shrubs.

?I know this is a big surprise, but Steve hired me to be with you today...we can play cards...or Scrabble...or TV if that?s what you want to do...or we can do other things.? He smiles again. ?But please, can I come in, Mrs. Jones??

Damned if he isn?t sexy, I think to myself. ? Alice.?

I invite him in. He?s about 6 foot tall, cute, with dark hair and what looks like a lean muscular build. Maybe middle 20?s in age; seems friendly enough, and...

The possibilities begin to dance around in my mind. For the first few minutes we were very awkward toward each other. I guess he didn?t want to be too forward, which was sweet of him. He broke the ice by finally placing a hand on my cheek and suggesting that I slip into something more comfortable.

?Put something sexy on,? he says. ?Something that makes you feel good when you wear it, okay?? He trails his hand gently down from my face to my side until it rests tantalizingly at my hip. ?While you?re getting comfortable, is it alright if I take a quick shower??

His touch momentarily takes my breath away. I still can?t believe this is for real. While he?s in the shower, I went into the bedroom and stood before the dresser mirror. I can?t imagine the woman in the reflection inspiring much lust, wearing my usual uniform of baggy grey sweatpants and one of my husband?s old t-shirts. It finally hit me?I?m going to have sex with another man!

I strip off all my clothes and pull my best black lace nightie from the back of a dresser drawer. When I slip it on, I take another look in the mirror. When was the last time I?d worn this? The baby-doll cut doesn?t hide much and I must admit that I?ve sagged in a few places I?d rather not display, but overall I don?t look too bad for an old lady. On second thought, the matching panties stay in the drawer.

Standing at the bedroom door, I gaze toward the master bath as the door opens. Oh God! He?s drying himself as I stare at him. He has the most amazing muscled body I?ve ever seen...and he?s hung! His cock is thick and beautiful...maybe 8 or 9 inches hanging magnificently under a trimmed pubic thatch. He meets my stare and I?m suddenly wet.

?You look good, Mrs. Jones, I mean, Alice? he says while looking me up and down. Can he possibly be sincere? More than likely it?s a performance ? one for which my husband paid him ? but I?ll pretend nonetheless that the admiration is genuine.

? look good too, Rick,? I say, unable to turn my eyes away from his marvelously muscled ass and cock.

He walks toward me as he drops the towel to the floor, and effortlessly lifts me into his arms. His arms are strong and his body is warm.

Even after his shower, I can smell his musk as I look into his eyes, while running my hand over his chiseled chest. Trembling, I raise my lips to meet his. The heat at the center of me is exploding; I can?t remember the last time I was this aroused.

As he carries me toward the bedroom he says, ?See, I knew you could get up for this.?

I wasn?t the only one ?getting up? for this adventure ? feeling his stiffening member rub against my backside as he carries me to the bedroom. God, I can feel my juices dribble down the crack of my ass! By the time he lays me down on the bed, I can barely breathe.

?I think I?m going to like this myself,? he says with a small chuckle. ?You?re hotter than I thought you?d be...or your husband let on.?

Whether I believe him or not doesn?t matter any more. His erection is huge, standing up before me in all its glory, and I?m more than ready to be fucked by this hunk of a man.

Almost involuntarily my legs spread for him as he first strokes the inside of one thigh then lowers his head and swipes the tip of his tongue across the same area, traveling slowly to my labia.

As he starts to suck gently on my clitoris, my vision fogs, a wave of pure pleasure washing over me. ?Ohhhhhhh, Godddddddddd? I hear myself croon; I?m having an orgasm unlike anything I?ve experienced in a long, long time?and we haven?t even coupled yet!

He must have felt my vulva shudder from the climax, for he lifts his head up slightly and murmurs ?My, my...cumming already?? When he positions himself between my splayed thighs, I grab for his long, thick love-muscle and pull him ever so easily into me.

?Time for another...? He says, as he begins to fuck me. Holding himself up by his strong arms he maintains eye contact throughout; slowly increasing his rhythm until he is sliding his full length into me at a rapid pace.

I can?t believe how loud I?m moaning! My climax hits me like a freight train and I scream ?Goddddddddd? again at the top of my lungs. This was the most amazing cum I?ve had in years. My stomach and groin would not stop convulsing.

A small detached corner of my brain registers how wet I am from sweat and sex. He makes a couple more thrusts, grunts, and then with an almost unintelligible ?I?m pulling out,? he does ? spraying a wondrous amount of semen, as rope after rope hit my abdomen and chest.

?You...didn? I wheeze, trying to catch my breath while absently rubbing his ejaculate into my now super-sensitive breasts. I pull him down atop me. I hear the squishing noise his semen makes pressed between our bodies. That had to be the most cum I?ve ever seen from any man.

He slides off to the side of me and while propped up on one elbow he languorously runs the other hand over my cum-covered lower abdomen and mons. ?I guess your husband was right,? he says with a smile.

?Right about what?? I murmur, still riding my climactic high.

"Well, he was right on a few things. You can be a wild, sexy lady when you let yourself go. He said I?d be surprised by you, and I am.? He actually blushed!

?I may give some of your husband?s money back to him... your very hot...? He places a finger at my lips to hush me before I can respond, then continues, ?I hope we can do this more today,? then after a slight hesitation, he smiles and says, ?And I?m pretty good at being ready when duty calls.?

I move my hand down toward his member, and sure enough, he?s semi-erect again, so soon after cumming. I?m impressed. I taste his cum on the finger at my lips before he slowly pulls it away. God, can I be THIS horny; I want him again.

Wordlessly I push him onto his back and straddle him. After I guide his beautiful cock into me, I fuck him in earnest. I never dreamed I?d have so much, I don?t know ? energy, maybe ? as I impaled myself on him at an ever increasing pace, my hips frenetically pounding up-down, up-down.

I felt his cock, not fully erect when we started, swell and stiffen measurably within me, filling me completely almost to the point of hindering my frantic thrusts. This was my show; I did all the work while he laid back and enjoyed the ride.

Enjoy he did. Just as I was scaling the plateau to orgasm, he groaned and I felt the pulsations of his thick cock spraying his seed deep into me. I came with a guttural scream.

After some post-coital nibbling and small talk, we proceeded to the shower. After two fucks, I still can?t get over his physique, his looks, and his endowment. Under the hot shower stream, he plays with me and I with him. While we?re toweling off, I palm his cock again and feel the first stirrings of a new erection.

Damn, his cock is a marvelous creature!

Somehow no longer embarrassed by my nakedness, I lead him to the kitchen. Good thing the neighbors can?t see in through the high windows!

?Coffee, tea...or me?? I ask with a girlish titter that surprises me.

He answers with his own smile. ?I?ll take a coffee, and then I?ll have you.?

?Actually, I think it?ll be the other way around...and I see you have the perfect stirrer for your coffee already.? His cock is at half-mast and rising. I scoot up onto the kitchen counter and spread my legs for him.

He tongues my clit to an inch of climax, then pulls me from the countertop and positions my upper body chest down onto the adjacent kitchen table. He enters me from behind.

?I it...hard...this...time,? he mutters between breaths as his rhythm is immediately fast and furious. He?s pounding into me, to the hilt on every thrust.

?Aaaaaahhhh, I?mmmmmmm, gonnnnnnna, cummmmmmm,? I moan as an intense convulsion grips my groin. This orgasm is much different from the last; somehow deeper, more riveting, more...more...visceral.

I ride this big O like a surfer rides his board in high swells. The wave goes on and on just as he does. No way am I even considering his climax, so I?m surprised when he pulls out and leans down to whisper in my ear.

?Are you a virgin, Alice??

Huh, a virgin? What does he mean by that? Is this a little bit of make-believe, a little fantasy? ?What??

He slides a finger into my anus and asks again. ?Are you...?? His meaning is now clear.

?Yesssssss,? I whimper, as he keeps thrusting and twisting his finger in my ass.

?Then I?ll get to take your other cherry.?

He places the head of his cock where his finger just was and without hesitation pops it through my anal ring. My sphincter is aflame as he inches into me.

Though his cock is well lubricated from all my pussy juices, its progress into my virgin rectum is anything but easy. He begins a slow rhythm, going a little deeper with each push. I feel like I?m going to explode.

I whimper ?No? but just about then a different fire is igniting in my loins, not one of pain but of pleasure. He?s going faster and deeper, vibrating my ass cheeks with each thrust. This orgasm doesn?t build ? I don?t feel it coming ? it simply arrives. A squeal escapes my lips as my lower half convulses in ecstasy.

My orgasmic contractions must have clamped down on him somehow and he stops his rhythm, groaning, ?Damn, I can?t hold...?

I feel the warmth of his semen spread within my bowels; his ejaculatory spasms melding with the waves of my orgasm. I scream once again in heavenly bliss.

Later, after another shower, we did have those coffees. We talked about his life ? about how he made money in pleasuring women. I gave him some good performance feedback.

We talked of how he met my husband and how this day was first proposed. We talked of rekindled sexuality and the bonds between a man and a woman who love each other.

?Well, Alice, did your husband get his money?s worth? Or should I ask did YOU get your husband?s money?s worth??

His smile is as infectious as his cock is filling.

I moved closer to him and kissed him. ?Before you go can we do it one more time??

His big buddy seems to have as many lives as a cat. A very fat and erect cat, I might add. I crawl on hands and knees over the edge of my bed, offering my ass to him. Instead of fucking me like that, he spins me over and positions himself between my thighs.

Effortlessly he lifts me up and cradles me within his strong arms as he slides all the way to my womb in one thrust.

?Oh God, Rick,? I moan as he fucks me hard. I absentmindedly glance over and see his ass reflected in the dresser mirror. As he drives into me I see his wondrously muscled ass cheeks clench and ripple with each glorious thrust. The trigger this time was as much my eyes and mind as my pussy.

?Aaaaaaahhhhhh!? I cum with more intensity than I ever thought I could before today.

When he left, I thanked Rick profusely for the amazing day. He said something to me about showing my gratitude to my husband, but he needn?t worry. Steven will be taken care of, I assured him. I spy the card sitting on an end table ? the one from Steven that Rick handed to me earlier today.

?Don?t worry, Rick, I?ll show him.? I say to an empty house.

I brought the embossed card back to the bedroom with me as I cleaned up a bit and put the lace negligee back on. I reclined on the bed and read the note over and over and thought of my love for a man who took the chance to offer his wife sex with another man to help reawaken her desire.

I realize I could never have done the reverse; that is, I could never have arranged for my husband to be with another woman ? my jealous insecurities would have prevented it.

His unselfish act, his birthday present to me, tells me how much he loves me in more ways than mere words.

I don?t know how long I lay there daydreaming, but it must have been over an hour for suddenly I hear the back door open and keys dropped on the kitchen counter.

?Alice, honey...I?m home,? he tentatively calls out. I laugh to myself, remembering Desi Arnaz in the old I Love Lucy shows (?Looocy, I?m ho-ome?).

I could only imagine what he?s thinking right now as he gingerly walks around the house looking for me: How did it go? Did she like it, or not? Did she run away with the young stud?

When he enters the doorway to our bedroom and sees me sprawled out on the bed and smiling, he returns the smile and says, ?Happy Birthday, sweetheart. How was your day??

I grinned and spread my legs for him. He probably can see the wetness of my pussy so he knows the answer.

I pat the bed next to me and croon, ?Why don?t you take your clothes off...and maybe I can show you how grateful I am for my present.?

He did ? and I showed him.

For more than 28 years I?ve been with Steven, I?ve never been fond of giving head though I always knew he enjoyed it tremendously, as most men do. I intended to make it different today. After we both got naked, I took his cock into my mouth and began to fellate him.

His moans told me I was doing okay, but I knew I had to do better so I forced his cock deeper into my mouth, fighting not to gag.

After a few tries, I managed to get him into my throat without choking. I soon had a nice rhythm going, which made me feel sort of proud. His increasingly intense groans and throaty yeses told me I was successful and soon would get a mouthful.

I?ve never been a swallower ? could I take it? The least I could do for this generous man of mine was to try.

He warned me with an ?Oh...honey...I?m gonna cum...oooooh.?

I felt his cock swell up in my mouth and throat at the second he ejaculated. Hot semen shot down my throat as I fought not to choke on it. I swallowed most of it, and I was pretty proud of that too.

Afterwards, we lay in each other?s arms and talked of today. I told him in loose detail about Rick and I and our lovemaking. I was open in my admiration for Rick, his body, and his equipment ? and Steven?s good taste in choosing him.

?You aren?t gonna be spoiled after fucking with Rick and decide I?m no match, are you?? He asks with a smile.

I don?t need to answer, for I can see by the look on his face that he is secure in the knowledge of how I feel. I tell him that I love him and only him.

Later, in bed for the night, we kiss and once again he wishes me a Happy Birthday and I again thank him for his present of Rick. Our foreplay in full swing, he whispers in my ear asking me teasingly if I learned anything else new today. I said that yes, I did, and would he like me to show him.

You see, I didn?t lie to Rick when I said I was an anal virgin. Until today I simply thought it was rather disgusting and something I would never enjoy. The massive orgasm I had today with Rick?s cock buried in my asshole taught me otherwise.

I rolled over and pulled out an old, forgotten tube of K-Y from the nightstand, and with my husband staring at me agog, I worked a good dollop into my anus and then presented my ass to him.

He eagerly took me. With his cock thrusting into my rectum and a finger at my clit, we rode the escalator to seventh heaven. We came together in a frenzied tangle of wet flesh and loud cries. Not bad for a couple of over-the-hillers, right?

As I fell asleep, I thought idly of what I might do for my loving husband on his birthday. Hmmmmm. Off to dreamland ? Happy Birthday, Alice Jones!

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