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My Asian hairdresser

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I have been going to Sung Jie for about 3 years now. She has always been delightful to be around and has always done a great job on my hair. We always talk and chat while she is cutting my hair, but my Korean is about as good as her English...BUT we both try..

We usually chat while she is cutting my hair...and there has always been some flirting going on too. Its hard not to flirt with her...she is a curvy Korean lady with curves in all the right places..and a great smile that could melt an iceberg.

Well this month's hair was no different for me than usual...OR at least that is what I thought. When I got their for my typical Thursday evening appointment, Sung Jie was dressed a little sexier than she normally did. It showed off her awesome curves that much more. She was wearing a tight black pencil skirt, a sheer blouse that showed her lacy bra and black stiletto's that screamed FUCK ME...

Normally when Sung Jie cuts my hair, her touch alone arouses me, but it is hidden under the smock she puts on me. Today, when she washed my hair prior to cutting it, she was a bit more animated and touchy feely than normal. When she put my head back to wash my hair she made sure I got a good look and feel at her lovely breasts. For being a small asian woman she had HUGE breasts. I would venture to say she had 34D's at least...So after she was done with her preshow, she led me to her cutting chair...she sat me down and instead of putting the smock on me at first like she always does...she mentioned that she was going to start to offer massages now and would I like a shoulder massage first.. I said SURE..So while clothes she started to rub my shoulders and neck. It felt great, but it also aroused me. And I had no smock to cover it up. I was hoping she would not notice, BUT she did.

When she saw the growing bulge in my pants she just grinned and asked if she did that...I told her YES...I then mentioned every time she has cut my hair she has done that to me. To which she smiled....After a 15 minute massage she then put on the smock to start the hair cut. After working on my hair for a little bit, she smiled at me and lifted up the smock to see if I was aroused...AND I WAS...she then reached out and grabbed my crotch...and squeezed a little. I told her don't stop there...You already know I am ready. She laughed and blushed a little, but I could tell she wanted more..

She finished cutting my hair and told me she needed to wash it again...I thought NO PROBLEM. She led me back to the chair and guided my head back. She then started the water and leaned forward. Those beautiful breasts were right in my face...I could not hold back anymore. I leaned forward and started to suck on one of them thru her blouse and bra..She pulled back but only to grin at me. She then started massaging my scalp. THEN instead of moving to the other side of me, she climb on top of me and straddled me. I could feel the warmth of her wet pussy.

She was basically giving me a clothed lap dance. But I think we both wanted more. After she was done with washing my hair, she led me back to the chair to blow dry it. After she was done, I told her I wanted to give her a massage like the one she gave me. She laughed but agreed. BUT she said, "let me show you the new massage room". It was a small but quite room right next to the shampooing area. It was dimly lit, but had a very seductive vibe. The massage bed looked very comfortable. I told her to disrobe and get on the table so the massage could begin..Again she giggled, but started to unrobe right in front of me. Her body was even better than I had fantasized about. Full Hips, a little belly and those HUGE tits...OMG..I told her to lay face down and I would begin the massage.I started by standing at the head of the massage table and rubbing her shoulders and down her back to her waste line. I could tell she was enjoying it..and getting VERY aroused.

I then asked her to turn over and I would continue. She did and as she laid on her back those beautiful titties were just calling my name. I started rubbing from her shoulder down over her breast, over her tummy and down to her perfectly trimmed landing strip. As soon as I touched her landing strip she started to shake a little. Like being tickled. I asked her if I hit a ticklish spot, and she said no, just an area that was very sensative. I then went back up and focused on her breasts. With each touch she was getting more and more aroused. I thought I would continue the teasing by working on her legs...I started at the feet and worked my way up and as I massaged the inside of her thighs I could feel the heat and moisture from her pussy...I SOOOO wanted it, and she wanted me in it. As I was focusing on the massage, she motioned that I give her pussy more attention. SO I figured what the hell...I started to seperate her legs. I then started to lower myself to her wet pussy. I started to seperate her pussy lips with my tongue. Almost immediately she shuttered and had an orgasm....I stayed and continued to eat her wonderful pussy. She orgasmed several more times before asking me to fuck her. Being one that LOVES pleasing women I lowered my pants and released my throbbing hard cock. I pulled her to the end of the massage table and slid my cock in her wet pussy....after what seemed like hours of me pumping her, I released my load deep inside her.

After I came, she wanted to clean me up. She asked me to lay on the table...She started to give me an incredible blow job...but before I could cum, I asked her to climb on top, so we could 69....I was rimming her when I shot my load down her throat....After that, we collapsed on top of each other. We laid there for an hour or so....We then both got dressed. She told me that she had fantasized about me doing that to her. I told her it was a mutual fantasy then. Well now every month we get to repeat that evening.

It is good to be the last appointment of the day. Even if it has been a long day.

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