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Moving Day

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"How come," he began, dropping the floppy top mattress on the living room floor, "I get to do all the heavy lifting while you clean cupboards?"

She slid off the counter she'd been sitting on while washing the shelves and doors. "If you want to clean, I'm all for it. I'll move the furniture."

"I was just kidding." He dropped onto the mattress with a sigh, closing eyes. "How come you have to move in July? Why not May?

May was a nice month. Not too hot, not too cold. Or October.

October would be good." He opened his eyes when he heard her approach. "Careful, Sweetie. Those rubber gloves you're wearing are a real turn on!" He waggled his eyebrows.

"You're crazy." She poked him in the side, something she knew he hated. The rubber gloves came off with a snap, and she sat on the corner of the mattress, enjoying the cool air from the fan. "If I'd had my way, I wouldn't have moved in the middle of summer. It's too hot to do anything. I want to go soak in the tub until all my skin looks like a raison. Then I want to go to sleep and sleep through tomorrow."

"You complain too much." He quipped, earning him a murderous glare. "Besides, wouldn't you rather take your bath and then get all hot and sweaty the fun way?" He winked. "Then we'd have to shower together to get clean before bed."

"No way. It's too hot to be touching that close!" She squirmed away from his reaching hand, sliding off the mattress. "I already brought over the twin mattress from storage, so one of us will sleep on that tonight and the other will sleep here. You generate too much heat to share a bed with you."

He affected a pouty face, knowing she thought it cute. "But it's going to storm soon, and that will cool things off. And, of course, I know how you love storms." He grinned.

"It's going to storm?" She turned toward the window, searching the clouds. "If we head to storage for one more load, we should beat the storm back." She moved to stand up.

"Not so fast." He grabbed her wrist, pulling her back onto the bed. "We've been working hard all day, and deserve a little rest.

Now, when the storm hits, it will cool things down enough to be bearable. Let's make something to eat, clean up, and relax together.


She frowned, avoiding his eyes. "All the dishes and cooking stuff are still in storage. So if we make one more trip...." she tried to pull her wrist from his grasp. "Come on, Sweetie. One more trip, and then we'll relax, okay?"

"Slave Driver!" He rolled towards her, his free hand cupping her breast through her tee shirt.. To his surprise, the nipple was already hard, straining toward his touch. "Well, this is a nice." He laughed, rolling the hard nub between his thumb and finger. She sucked in a deep breath, feeling the nipple harden further under his touch. "I have this wonderful mental image. You laying on this bed, my cock sliding between your lips, and I fall forward, burying my face in your sweet pussy. How does that sound?"

She sighed, eyes closed. Then, in one quick movement, she pushed his hand away from her and leaned across the bed, kissing his chin, his nose, his forehead, then rolled away from him. She was on her feet, heading for the front door. "I'm going to storage." She shouted over her shoulder, bending down to grab her purse before wrestling open the front door.

"Hey!" He jumped up. chasing after her. "That's all I get? Not even a kiss on the lips?" He stood in the doorway, watching her walk to her truck. "Come back here and give me a proper kiss."

"No!" She searched in her purse for her keys, but came up empty.

"Oh, Shoot!" She cried, stomping back towards the door. "I forgot my keys."

He grinned, stepping inside and closing the door. "Don't you dare!"

She cried, rushing forward before he could close it all the way. "Brat."

She snipped, stepping past him.

"Why did you rush out of here like that?" He asked, once she had passed. Leaning against the door, he blocked her exit as she returned with the keys. "You were tempted, right? So why leave?"

"Come on, honey. We've got to get this done!" She groaned. "Okay, yes, I was very tempted. But I thought we could get another load from storage first...." She fell silent.

"We'll, you aren't going anywhere without a proper kiss." He pulled her close, his mouth covering her protests. After a few heartbeats, she ceased struggling against him, pressing her body into the embrace.

"Now isn't that better?" He asked when they parted.

She nodded, her eyes glowing with lust for him. Her hand slid down his body, inside his running shorts to stroke his semi-hard cock. "It is going to be hard to cook dinner without anything to cook with, though."

She whispered.

"I thought I'd kissed that out of you." He said, pressing his lips over hers once again. This time she broke away, stepping back. "It's too hot to be this close!" She complained.

"I can fix that!" He answered, taking her by the hand and dragging her through the house to the little bathroom. He pushed her into the shower stall, turning the water on so it drenched them both. She was laughing, trapped in the shower fully clothed. "You're crazy!"

"Yes Ma'am." He replied, dragging his wet tee shirt over his head, throwing it out of the shower with a wet splosh. His shorts followed, then his shoes and socks. "Did you know you're wearing too many clothes to be in the shower?" He asked innocently.

"Oh really!" She grinned as he pulled her shirt off, then her bra, his mouth moving across her stiff nipples slowly. Between his hot tongue and the cold water, her nipples ached, they were so hard.

While his mouth was busy, his hands struggled to work the wet zipper on her denim shorts, sliding them down her hips. Her panties fell next, and he flipped them both out of the shower with his foot.

She kicked her sandals off, her hands wrapping around his hard manhood, gently rolling it between her palms.

He lifted the bar of soap and worked it into a lather, then passed it to her to do the same. They began washing the other, rinsing away all the sweat form their hard work. He soaped up her stomach, then dragged his hands up to caress her breasts. His hands slid all over her, squeezing her sensitive flesh, working across her shoulders, her arms, down her back. Stopping for more soap, he lathered her hips, her thighs, down the hard muscles in her calves to her feet, then worked his hands up the insides of her legs, smelling her sex before her even touched her.

She moaned as he nuzzled his way between her legs, his tongue splitting her lips, stroking her already swollen clit. Her hot juices spilled down his chin as he moved to suck her sensitive button, her fingers twisting into his hair as he sucked and nibbled and licked her pussy.

Cold water pouring across her body, she shook and shuddered through an orgasm. He sat patiently, his tongue lapping up her cum, even licking the insides of her thighs clean before standing up. "Are you cool enough now?" He asked, grinning.

She kissed him, tasting herself on his tongue, on his lips. He led her from the shower to the mattress in the living room, the air from the fan making them shiver. "I want to ride you." she whispered, one hand squeezing his ass. "I want to fuck myself on your hard cock."

"Oh, yes!" He lay back on the bed and watched her lower herself down on him, letting her guide his hardness into her pussy. "You feel so good inside me." She moaned, rocking forward to work every centimeter she could inside. Lowering her breasts to his mouth, she teased his lips with her nipples, laughing as he tried to catch one with his teeth.

Straightening back up, she began her ride, moving slowly at first, cupping her breasts and playing with her nipples while he watched.

His hands roamed across her hips and her ass, down her thighs, feeling the muscles work as she lifted herself up and down on him.

He worked his thumb between her pussy lips, rubbing against her clit, then down to where their bodies were joined, dipping into the pool of liquid between them.

Catching his hand, she brought the thumb to her mouth, sucking on his thumb like it were a small cock. He groaned, watching her clean their love off his thumb, and he began working her clit with his free hand, feeling her body begin to convulse.

Her pussy clamped his cock like a vise, milking him, trying to hold him inside of her. Then he was shooting inside her, their cum mixing deep in her womb. "That was great!" She said, collapsing on top of him.

He laughed, running his hands over her back, enjoying the feel of her hard nipples as they poked into his chest. "And you wanted to make another run to storage." He said scornfully.

"Well, you tell me what we're going to eat for dinner. I'm hungry."

As if to answer her, his stomach rumbled. "So we'll go out to dinner."

He answered.

"Great." They lay still a few more minutes, neither one ready to give up that close contact. "Uhm, I have a question for you." she said.


"Did you bring in the suitcase from your car?" He shook his head.

She sighed, rolling away from him and sitting up. "Well, then, we have a problem. All our clothes are in the suitcase, and the suitcase is in the car. Even if we go hang up the other clothes right now, it will take a couple of hours for them to dry!"

He nodded, then pulled her back down beside him. "So we have to be naked together for the next couple of hours." he pinched her nipple, rolling it around a bit. "What a shame. Whatever shall we do?"

Her hand snaked around his cock, and she was delighted to feel it twitch in her grip. "Knowing you, my dear, I'm sure we can think of something....."

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