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Motorcycle Ride

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She took a soothing breath of warm, early-June air and leaned back in the wooden chair on the balcony above her family's store. She thought, another long, boring day spent waiting behind the cash register for the rare customer to wander in. With a weary sigh, she slipped off her worn Keds and propped her bare feet on the peeling white railing. She settled the cold beer bottle on the front of her frayed jeans shorts. She was just thirty-three, but she felt as old as dirt.

The deep growl of a motorcycle shifting down interrupted her thoughts, and the sound of gravel crunching under wheels brought her eyes open. One look at the man leaning low over the blue black racing motorcycle as he pulled up to the store's rusting gas pump and she was a goner. He looked like some mysterious warrior to her starved imagination--his black leather tribal jacket and faded blue Levi's. She couldn't tell if he was looking up at her or not, so she kept staring when she would have normally looked away. She watched him settle both feet flat on the ground, turn the engine off, then reach up and flip his tinted visor up. She nearly jumped out of her skin. He was looking straight at her with beautiful, soulful eyes.

His gaze was as powerful as one of Shakespeare's love sonnets to her lonely heart.

He pulled the helmet from his head.

His gaze still on her, he hung his helmet on one of the handlebars. "Does this pump work?" he called up in a deep voice that hit her like gravel wrapped in velvet and turned her bones to liquid.

With a weak shake of her head, she croaked, "No." Clearing her throat, she needlessly added, "Though there's probably enough gas still down there to one day blow us all to kingdom come."

His smile was lopsided and unmercifully sexy. "Then you better hop on and let me take you far away from here," he offered, patting the back of his bike. He grinned up at her, and she actually felt the earth moving. It made her feel wild and totally out of control.....

Leaning over the pealing white railing she smiled with a bit of nervousness. Wanting to ride she replied ? Can you and a bike like that handle a girl like me?? He grins and with a deep chuckle replies ? lets first try the bike out, then you can worry about me?. She slips on her worn shoes and starts down the stairs. Setting there on the bike feeling the heat off of the motor I wait patiently for her to come out the door. As she appears I feel on the heat from the look I get wanting to be next to her, the heat from the bike is unmatched. She approaches me as I get a closer look I see her beautiful eyes and painted smile. Seeing a bead of sweat as it glides down from her neck to the V of her low cut tank. Lost in the moment she climbs on the back of the racing beast. Feeling her soft gentle hands she graps me tightly as she leans forward. Kicking up the kick stand I fire the motor up. It screams as a raging beast. Tossing the helmet the aside I slip on my dark sun glasses. Slowly moving forward she grasps my sides. Leaving the gravel lot I pull out onto the hard asphalt. Racing up to 70 in 1st gear I feel her pull me close to her. Not knowing if its fear or if it?s the thought of leaving the place she just came from, I can tell she wants to be with me. Feeling the wind blowing through her hair she smiles as if she is free. Shifting to 2nd we race into 110mph. Not a care in the world she holds me tightly. The adrenaline rushing through my veins I feel her hand as it slides to the inside of my thigh. Taking a deep breath I slip into 3rd. With our minds racing our bodies bond as one. Taking in the first turn lean as one. How could this beautiful woman have captured my attention. Seeing the costline in the distance. We race toward it??.

...our hearts were pounding faster as I took her to higher limits. She could feel the excitment running through us both as she felt the wind whipping around our bodies holding them closer together. Looking ahead all we could see was the endless road turning into sky. And what we felt was a connection of each other. We were in our own world going above and beyond anywhere we've been before. It was hard to believe that we had not known of each other before this, but when we saw each other at the station only less than an hour before, it had been instant attraction for both. We saw it in each others eyes, and felt the easy way we connected. The sun was hot and she could feel it beating on her back, but even more so was the heat she felt between her thighs, wondering if it was the bike itself or this ride of a lifetime. She was definitely flying. Flying to a new sensual peak, a place so hot defying every expectation, and escaping from the ordinary. She felt a passion like no other on that steel horse. She was on the highway of life and I was the guy was taking control of her destiny at full throttle.

She grasped my arms under the sleeves of my shirt. The touch of her soft fingers against my rough skin sent a shiver right up her spine. She leaned against my back and I could feel was her breath on my neck. I felt a small moan in her throat, though I didn't hear it over the roar of the machine.

Her hands softly caressed my sides and I felt myself leaning back against her. my new position left my neck open to her and she wasted not a minute before she was sucking at the skin above my collarbone. She let out another moan, this one she was certain I could hear for as close as I was. She continued to kiss and lick at my neck until finally I had to pull over for fear losing control of the bike.

"So what do you think of the b-IKE?" my voice cracking as she nibbled at my earlobe.

"I like it. But I can think of something else I'd like to feel between my legs," I growled in a low voice as I got off the bike, sat behind her and pulled her hips back to mine and she could feel me pressing against her. One of my hands slipped from her waist and I ran a finger over the crotch of her jeans.

She thought herself crazy for what she was about to do, but she also knew that if she didn't have the man seated behind her that she would go crazy with wanting and need.

She revved the bike. Now it was my mouth that attacked her neck, licking and sucking until she was arched against me.

"You feel so good," I whispered in her ear and she whimpered. My teeth tugged at her earlobe as I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled the zipper down. My hand slipped under her panties and My finger parted her wetness. She gasped as I thrust my fingers into her, but her body responded to my touch, her walls contracting around me as her hips moved towards my hand to take them in further.

"More..." she said, her voice barely audible as she squirmed against me. I rubbed my thumb over her clit as I stroked her until she was moaning as she came.

I remained still for a few moments as she came down from her orgasm and then shut off the bike and climbed off the bike. She looked from my eyes, filled with lust, to the bulge in my jeans pressing forcefully against my fly. She smiled and then leaned towards me, catching my lower lip between her teeth and tugging gently on it. "Swing your leg over the bike towards me," she instructed as she began pulling at the fly of my jeans. When I did so, I stood on both feet, but leaned back against the bike.

She kneeled before me as she grabbed the waist of my jeans and pulled the fly open. She pulled them down my hips until my hard-on stood proudly before her. I gasped when she ran a finger over me. Her fingers wrapped around me and she stroked me until I begged to have her.

She released her grasp on me and stood before me. I bowed my head to take a breast in my mouth. I slipped my hand between her thighs and teased her until she was begging me to take her. I bent her over the bike, placing her hands on the seat, and then guided myself into her. She groaned in delight as I slid into her until I was flush against her ass. I filled her so fully she thought she might nearly break in two as I began thrusting myself into her, the pain deliciously pleasurable.

She pressed back against me, the friction of our bodies pistoning against each other with a frenzy until she screamed out as she came, her body unraveling against me. She slumped against me, but I held her tightly, thrusting a few more times until reached my own and I came inside her.

THE END!!!!!!!!!

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