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Mother in law visits

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I had always gotten along well with my mother in law, even after her daughter and I divorced. My mother in law stayed in touch, calling regularly and sending an occasional card to boost my spirits. I had taken the divorce hard and my mother in law surprisingly took my side during and after the split.

One summer evening, my mother in law called. She and her two younger children were taking vacation and she wanted to stop by and say hi. I readily agreed and viewed the visit with much anticipation.

Age had been very good to her. She was in her early 50s, flowing blonde hair and a very girlish figure with extremely nice legs and rather firm 36D breasts. A few wrinkles at the eyes seemed to highligt her beauty.

When the gang arrived, we laughed, hugged and sat around talking for and hour or so before I announced a surprise for the kids -- age 6 and 8. I loaded everyone up and took them to the city zoo. The kids loved it and it gave me time to catch up on things with Elaine, my mother in law. After the kids wore themselves out running around the zoo, we headed for dinner -- a nice quiet local Italian restaurant noted for its food and family atmosphere.

After dinner, we went back to my apartment. In short order, the kids piled into bed and were fast asleep. I told Elaine to sleep in my room and I would sleep on the couch in the living room. That was fine with her but she wanted to talk and have some wine.

After several glasses of wine and plenty of conversation, she said it was time to retire after a long day of driving. I watched intently as she walked down the hall toward my bedroom. She closed the door behind her, I turned off the living room light, shed my clothes and climbed on the couch.

In 30 minutes or so, I was awakened by someone lightly brushing my hair. I opened my eyes to see Elaine kneeling on the floor in front me. She whispered that she was worried about me and leaned forward and kissed my forehead. I reached out and hugged her. He hand trailed from my head to my chest and as we released our embrace, she looked deeply into my eyes. Before I knew what was happening, her lips found mine.

Her lips parted slightly and I felt her tongue lightly brush across mine. I opened my mouth and allowed my tongue to explore hers. Her hand slipped to my underwear where she gently massaged my cock and balls. "I've wanted to do this for a long time," she said. I was shocked, dizzy and confused. Her hand slipped iside my underwear and she slowly stroked my cock while kissing me deeply again.

I reached out, part her robe and felt her breasts. She moaned lightly while telling me how good it felt. Pre-cum profusely leaked from my cock while she slowwly stroked it. "You're almost as wet as I am," she giggled. My hand slipped from her breast down her stomach and as I neared her pussy she said, "we need to stop here." I was now confused and frustrated.

"I don't want you to stop," she smiled, "we just need to find somewhere else but here." "Meet me in the bedroom but give me a minute," she said in almost girl-like fashion. I followed orders, watching her again walked down the hall and admiring her rather firm ass.

After she closed the door, I sat there for a minute wondering what I had done. I was stunned but horny as hell. I got up and walked toward my bedroom.

I opened the door to find Elaine sitting on the edge of the bed. She extended her hand, took mine and pulled me toward her. One hand reached behind my ass and caressed it slowly while the other guided my cock to her mouth. I stared down at her nude form, admiring her figure while my cock grew in her mouth.

She swirled her tongue around the head, licked the shaft from the head to my balls then took me deep into her mouth until her lips brushed against my pubic hair. "Cum for me," she whispered and it wasn't long before I shot loads of cum into her throat. After she sucked the last bit of cum from my cock and licked the head clean, she laid back on the bed, relaxing with her hands behind her head. "That was very nice," she said.

I couldn't agree more. "My turn now,"I said as I crawled into bed bext to her, sucking on her very sensitive nipples and running my fingers through her wetness and finding a very prominent clit. She moaned rather loudly as I slowly rubbed her clit. I kised my way dow her stomach, licked the length of her pussy tasting her from her ass to her clit where I settled and rubbed it gently with my tongue.

Elaine grasped the back of my head and pulled me closer to her pussy. I buried my head into her and suck her clit until she gasped several times, bucked her hips and let out a loud moan. "My god that was good," she said between deep breaths. "I need to be quiet so I don't wake the kids." We both laughed, then embraced and started kissing again.

I settled between her legs and she guided my cock into her pussy. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me toward her. "Give me that cock," she panted as I tried to keep up with her thrusts. I buried my cock deep inside her, leaned forward and sucked her nipples which brought about another orgasm for her. "God, give me that cum," she moaned. With minutes, I fulfilled her wish. Sweaty and spent, I laid next to her while caressing her breasts and exchanging light, loving kisses.

After relaxing for a minute she reached for my cock, slowly stroked it and whispered, "I hope we're not finished." I laughed and admitted that her appetite far exceeded that of her daughter. She smiled, kissed me and probed her tongue deep into my mouth. She then sucked me back to another raging erection. Before the night was through, we experimented with several positions and she introduced me to anal sex. Finally, we slipped off to sleep. I woke up early, kissed her goodbye and sneaked back to the couch before the kids woke up.

The planned one day visit turned into four days and nights. Every night was a new adventure and I was amazed at her stamina, creativity and open nature. "At my age, you simply ask for what you want directly," I remember her saying. And ask she did with requests like "I need you to fuck my ass," "jack off and cum on my tits," "please cum in my mouth" and "I want you to watch me masturbate." I obeyed. After all, she was my mother in law. I visited her occasionally and we always ended up in bed. Then a series of medical problems and a move several states away ended our love making.

Now some 15 years later, she still has the spark. "We can still have phone sex" she laughingly announced on one recent call.

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