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Morning Wood

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She rolled over in the nice warm bed and snuggled next to him. She smiled as something poked her as she snuggled. He was not awake yet, still snoring lightly. ?Morning wood? he called it. She slid down and very softly stroked the tip of his cock. It was like stroking silk. The dream he was having must have been really good! The tip was leaking a bit of pre-cum.

Under the blankets, Serena stretched like a cat. It was so cozy and warm. She caressed him lightly again, stroking the underside and feeling the lip of his mushroom shaped penis head. The shaft grew thicker still and more pre-cum leaked out of the little slit. She hoped he didn?t wake up yet. It was nice just touching and admiring his cock. She liked the tip like a lollipop. It jumped in her hand. She glanced up. He was still asleep.

Serena licked his whole cock this time. She licked slowly, enjoying the particular sleepy sex smell he exuded. With no directions to follow, she was enjoying the lazy feeling of going at her own pace as she licked and stroked. She caressed his balls, squeezing them lightly.

Contemplating the head for a moment, she leaned in for a nice long suck. He squirmed under her and murmured sleepily. Serena paused a moment and when he sighed and snored again, she sucked him deeper. She held the base of his cock firmly and slowly went down on him with her mouth. How much could she take?

She went a little deeper. Serena flicking him with her tongue and rubbing the head on the ridges on the roof of her mouth. Slowly she sank her mouth down, she went as far down as she usually did and tried to go a little further. Since she didn?t gag, she went a little further. Without the fear of someone grabbing her head, she went a little further down his cock. She could feel him in the back of her throat and she swallowed him slightly.

Proud that she could take that much she rose up then down to swallow him further. She sucked him steadily and didn?t even wonder that he could sleep though all this. She increased her speed a little, fucking him with her mouth. His pubic hair tickles her nose and she begins to suck him faster and harder.

She knows he is awake now but her makes no move to stop her or make her go faster.

He lets her play with his cock. Serena squeezes his balls, going down to suck them in her mouth. He grunts as she begins to suck this cock again. Her hands close around his cock and pull hard as she sucks. He likes this, she can tell and he gets a little bigger yet.

Serena sucks her finger, getting it nice and wet. She works it gently around his nice tight little butt hole and his breath hisses out. He had never let her do this. She stops for a moment and waits for him to stop her but he makes no protest as she works a finger between his ass cheeks and rubs on the pulsing ass hole. Her fingers encounter some resistance as his little butt hole fought to keep her out. Past the little protesting ring of muscle and into his ass.

His hips are tense as he keeps himself from fucking her mouth. His hands grip the sheets on either side of them and his knuckles are white with the effort to keep from reaching for her.

She sucks and sucks as she begins to rub his prostate from the inside.

He emit?s a sharp bitten off cry and his hips rise up sharply from the shock and pleasure.

He tries to keep still but he is so fucking close. Hips jump a little and she is tasting him.

?Fuck,? he cries as he shoots straight down her throat. She keeps rubbing inside his ass as he continues to cum. He is helpless and she drains him.

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