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Missing You

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I miss you and wish you were still here. I can smell your perfume on your pillow where you laid and it reminds me of the torid night of sex we had last night. I have never been with someone so uninhibited before.

I found your panties laying on the floor. I picked them up and smelled your sweet pussy still lingering in the scent. How wonderful you tasted. I love to eat your pussy.

Last night was so special. You wanted a surprise. So, I decided to tie you up and eat your pussy.

We stood in front of a full length mirror. With me standing behind you, I slowly removed your clothes. In the mirror, we both watched as your beautiful body was revealed piece by piece. When you were finally completely naked, I lifted you in my arms and placed you gently on the bed.

I got five of my old silk neckties from the closet. I tied each of your hands to the opposite bedpost. Then, I slipped a pillow under your hips. I pulled one leg over to the bedpost on the right and tied it firmly with the necktie. Then, I pulled your other leg to the other bedpost and secured it tightly. You looked so beautiful spread-eagled on the bed with you hips thrust upward by the pillow. Your pussy looked so inviting -- but it would have to wait. I used the last necktie to blindfold you -- I did not want you to see what I was going to do to you next.

I went to the fridge and got some ice in a small bucket. When I returned, I put a piece of ice in my mouth and then kissed you deeply, shoving the ice from my mouth into yours. We pushed the ice cube back and forth from your mouth to mine several times before our heat melted the cube.

I retrieved another cube from the bucket and grasping the cube between my figers, I applied it to your nipple, and then quickly removed it. The shock of the cold surprised you and you jumped. Then, I rubbed the cube around and over your nipple -- first on your left breast and then on the right. You must have enjoyed it, because your nipples got hard really quickly. I leaned over and sucked your nipple into my mouth. I could feel the cold with my tongue. Quickly the warmth of my mouth warmed your nipple back up. So, I repeated applying the ice to you nipple. "Mmmmm," you said, "all this cold is making me hot!"

I retrieved another cube and popped it into my mouth. I knelt between your legs and gently kissed your pussy lips. I ran my tongue up and down your pussy lips. I guess the cold of my tongue from the ice cube excited you -- because you let out a big moan of pleasure. Then, I pushed the ice cube into your pussy with my tongue as you arched your back in ecstacy. As the heat of your vagina melted the cube, water started to run out of your pussy. As each drop of water appeared at your pussy lips, I would quickly lick it away.

Then, before putting another cube in your vagina, I applied the ice cube to your clit. Your hips began to buck trying to get away from the intense sensation -- but I held you tightly. This teasing went on for half-an hour with you begging me to fuck you. But, it was not going to happen -- not yet.

I thrust my hand into the bucket of ice until my fingers could stand the cold no longer. Withdrawing my hand from the bucket, I quickly thrusted my middle finder into your vagina while my thumb rubbed you clit and I applied another cube to your nipple. This really drove you crazy, as your body thrashed back and forth pulling at the restraints on your hands and feet. But, there was no escape.

Finally, feeling pitty for you, I decided to give you what you had been begging for. I positioned my self between you legs and let the tip of my dick touch you pussy lips -- but I would not slide it in. "Is this what you want?" I asked. "Yes, yes, fuck me now! I can't take any more of this teasing" you replied. But, I still would not thrust my erect penis into you. Instead, I just rubbed my dickhead up and down your pussy lips. Using my free hand, I spread your pussy lips apart so that I could see your clit sticking out. Then, I ran my dickhead back and forth over your clit. This got you really excited. I kept massaging your clit with my dickhead until I could feel your orgasm building. I rubbed faster and faster. And, as I felt you muscles getting tighter. I stopped.

"What are you doing?" you said, I was almost ready to cum. "I know" I said, "I am controlling you." -- "I am not ready for you to cum, yet." You begged me to continue, but I refused. Then, when you had calmed down enough, I began to lick your clit with my tongue. "That's more like it -- make me cum with your mouth," you said. So, I licked and sucked furiously at your pussy and clit until I again felt you about to cum. "Yes, yes!" you shouted. But, again I stopped. You began to curse me like a sailor. "Please don't stop" you begged -- "I want to cum! Make me cum, now!"

Again, I waited until your excitement had subsided just enough. Then, without warning, I grabbed you by the hips and thrust my erect dick deeply into your vagina. I pumped my dick in and out of you at a furious pace. You had been so close to orgasm twice that it didn't take you long. "I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum," you shouted. "Don't stop this time, please!" you begged. This time, I did not stop. Your pleas only made me thrust harder and faster. I could feel your body tensing in anticipation of the onrushing orgasm, so I then concentrated on my own satisfaction. I could feel my own orgasm building in my testicles; and, then, washing over me as your body shuddered under me. I could feel jet after jet of hot cum pumping into your now warm vagina as your body finally tensed and shook in your own orgasm.

I collapsed on top of you -- both of our bodies bathed in sweat. I could feel your legs still shaking from your orgasm. Finally, you recovered enough to speak. "You son of a bitch", you yelled. "That was the best orgasm I have ever had!"

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