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Mikes fuckfilled visit to Aunt Gina

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As I entered the house after being with some friends, my Mom says Mike how would you like to spend a week with your aunt Gina in the wilderness in Poconos lots of trails, water, and woods? Gina is my mother?s sister 40 yrs old 5? 5? 135# very beautiful 36D very firm (Very little that I know from occasional looking and thinking). I am 22 now and last year when aunt Gina visited us, we got along very well in fact I think that we both enjoyed each others company and I loved doing errands for her etc. So I answered my Mom in affirmative.

As my bus was rolling in the hilly roads of Pocono mountains, my mind wandered and went in memory lane?I was in bathroom when she was in our house visiting and forgot to lock the door taking a leak as she barged in and I guess we both were shocked and stunned and froze for few minutes and she said sorry and started to go out, stood at the door turned and looked at me and said Mike you are very handsome and blessed, since by that time I had a hard on. For few days we would look at each other smile and she would wink some times and whisper some time to me, blessed man. Few days later she was going to the bathroom and I just happened to be in her way she looked at me devilishly winked and left the door a little open?.I went to the door and peeked through the opening and saw her unzipping her pants and let them fall on floor?I saw her beautiful ass and she turned and spread her legs where I could see her inner thighs and pubic hair and pussy as she rubbed with her hands and sat on the pot started peeing?.She looked at me and winked as I heard and enjoyed her whistling sound of pee coming out of her pussy. I closed the door and ran away embarrassed. Later that afternoon she asked if I could walk with her for a while outside. As we were walking. I said I am sorry I peeked?she looked at me put her arms around me hugged me where I could feel her erect nipples and warm breasts since she didn?t wear a bra under a thin shirt and said don?t worry Mike we are even?.I saw your beautiful young cock thick and erect and you saw me. It will stay our secret. Ok now what did you see of me, Mike? I blushed and she tickled me and said it?s only fair since I told you what I saw. I told her; butt, thighs, pubic hair, and more and the sound of pee. Did you like all that you saw? I nodded yes. My thoughts were interrupted as driver announced some things.

Around 4 PM the bus arrived Straughtsburgh. I saw aunt Gina waiting in her car. She got out and was looking smashing in soft red shirt and white shorts. We hugged as I got out. And started to go home. We had small talk and she casually put her hand on my thigh and said so are you excited that you are here. I am going to show around the beauties of nature and let you breath fresh mountain air while you are here. Sounds great to me Aunt Gina and I am so happy to see you, you smell so good and are a stunning woman. Hey thanks Mike, you are a grown gentleman and know how to make a woman feel good. Flatery will always get you what you want. As she said that her hand barely brushed my hard cock, looked at me winked and said mmmm a man you are Mikie. We reached home and put the stuff inside. She had prepared the hot tub for me and asked for me to go take a nice bath relax that I will feel better while she prepares the meal for us.

I came out of the bath fully relaxed and wearing a t-shirt and shorts smelling good with Polo. She had two glasses of white wine chilled and handed me one and toasted ?to us and good times? I hugged her and she kissed me softly on the cheek almost brushing the corner of my lips. When she hugged I could feel her erect nipples and warm breasts and tried to arch back a little to keep my hard away from touching her?I think she felt just the tip of it and smiled. We had wine few more glasses and talked and had some things to nibble. Had our meal and sat for a while watched TV then she said you seem comfortable let me put on some thing comfortable and casual so we can relax and socialize. She comes back with a very thin light green silk shirt with buttons in front and top three buttons open showing more than her cleavage and about barely covering her upper thighs. Wow, I said the beautiful princess is here, my very dear aunt Gina. She sat next to me and I put my head in her lap and lay on sofa as we watched TV. She started running her fingers in my hair and It felt good, I started rubbing her thighs and mmmm didn?t find any panties. That gave me an instant hard on. Mike you are so beautiful and I love yr smell yr touch your breath, and all the other. After a while we got up to go to bed?she showed me my room that was next to hers with common bathroom in between. Let me walk you to yr bed and tuck you for a good night sleep, aunt Gina. She smiled and held my hand as we walked to her bed. We hugged and kissed softly, then more full lips kiss and parted. As I lay in my bed my thoughts were with her. I was so aroused and wanted so much to fuck her and play with her naked body but didn?t know if she wanted to fuck or just play. With these thoughts I had full erection and took off my shorts just had a cotton loose shirt and was playing with my 7 in very thick cock thinking of aunt Gina. Right then I heard her enter in the bathroom I looked at the bathroom door it stayed open she did not shut it?.I walked up to it and saw her lift her shirt and sit on the pot?I walked up to her where I was standing in front of her my hard cock at same level as her mouth?.she smiled kissed my cock head and said what I remember Mikie is that you like the sound of my pee shooting out of my pussy? Yes my dearest Gina I do and I sat on her thighs facing her kissing her and said cant hold it need to pee?she smiled go right ahead I love the warm feel of yr pee my darling. I peed all over her pussy and thighs and lowered my hand to feel her pee as she peed?we rubbed our peefilled hands on each others back and ass and stayed for a while?..Then I got up and licked her pussy and dried her with my tongue and she did to my cock and we kissed with our tongues in each others mouth exploring and exploring? We both took a nice warm shower to gather and she dried me with towel and I did to her. She took my hand and took me to her bed. We lay there for a while caressing and licking each other all over kissing all over all peaks and vallies (Mine and hers both). I kissed her with my tongue deep inside her mouth and she reciprocated. Then my tongue moved to her ear lobs nibbling then kissing her neck down to her cleavage and sucked her beautiful firm breasts and sucked her pink erect nipples till she moaned and screamed with pleasure. Moved down to her stomach licked her belly button moved down to her pubic hair sucked then licked them and spread her legs and licked her clit..then spread her pussy lips and licked the inside of her pussy lips and moving on to clit and suck and suck till she exploded with her juices and I licked every drop of them?we kissed and she tasted her cum from my mouth. We lay there in each others arms for a while then she started licking my neck and down to my nipples and stomach my belly button and to my pubic hair while she played with my cock that was hard and thick now. She stroked my long very thick cock and licked with from origin to head all around and and up and down and took the head in her mouth rolled the tongue all over started sucking and taking more and more inch by inch in her mouth till all of it was inside her wet warm sweet mouth touching her throat..she started taking it in and out slowly then faster and harder the feel of wet sweet warm mouth was so good she moved her lips up so only the head of the erect thick cock remain in mouth and then she sucked it squeezing on it. I moved to spread her legs and put my mouth on her sweet wet pussy spread her pussy lips and saw the beautiful little pee slit and licked it then took her clit in my mouth and sucked it licked with my tongue and boy she got wet loved the taste of her pre cum juices as she kept squeezing with her warm mouth and lips and sucking my cock head. We both were in heaven in 69 position sucking licking each other. Both moaning with pleasure and the intensity got more and more and finally I exploded in her mouth and she moaned and screamed as she came in my mouth. We licked every drop of our cums and then took each other in arms and kissed passionately sharing our cums from each others mouth. We stay like that relaxed and satisfied also tired a little and dozed off.

In the morning when I woke up she was in kitchen making coffee. I walked up to her took her naked body in my naked self arms around her and we kissed and kissed out tongues exploring. My hands lowered down on her hips and hers on mine and we both pulled the other closer and closer where my hard cock was rubbing on her now moist warm pussy. I started sucking her breasts and nipples as she started moaning. I made her bend over with her elbows on dining table as she stood on floor. I got behind her and spread her legs wide so her pussy was very reachable and started licking her pussy made it well lubricated with my tongue and rubbed some of my saliva on my cock which was hard like rock and very thick throbbing. Put my cock?s head on her pussy and pushed a little so the whole head was inside her, pushed a little more and another inch went inside, another push and all of it was deep inside her pussy touching her bottom, pulled all the way out with only head inside her and with one push went all the way in her , pulled again and pushed hard and one big stroke was all inside her sweet warm pussy, she screamed with pleasure and little pain. Started pumping harder and faster in out in out in out and on and on while my hands around her cupping her breasts and stroking her erect nipples. Rubbed her back sensually and her asshole and pumping harder faster till she screamed with big cry and I screamed we both came together. I stayed on her back for a while she stayed still as her pussy filled with our cums. I took my cock out of her pussy held her hand we laid on the floor as I licked her pussy and she licked my cock and then we kisses deep throat sharing and tasting our cums?Well rest of the stay followed with sensuality, pleasure, erotic games, and purely heavenly. The best time we both ever had and the best fuck we ever enjoyed.

Will share with you guys more in another write-up (in near future).

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