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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Mike Fucks His Mom".


Mike fucks his Mom

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Mike leaning back in his seat in the bus started thinking of the last two weeks he spent with his Mom?s sister fucking her, her friends (the young dude and her girl friend). What a great way to have a nice visit with loving affectionate and exploring aunt. He smiled and remembered her parting words, ?Mike don?t forget to fuck your Mom, she is one hot bitch in heat.? Now day dreaming about fucking his Mom he started having a hard on. Well he was always attracted to her all the time just didn?t know how to approach. She is in good shape with sexy legs and tits 36C and nipples mostly erect. The driver announced that the destination has arrived. He woke up and looked out saw his Mom?s car and she standing outside looking so sexy and erotic. Had light green mini skirt with light purple blouse. Her hair nicely done and light pink lipstick. He got out of the bus and she greeted him with a hug and kiss, Mike loved the fragrance she had on sort of intoxicating. They walked to the car he put his bag in trunk and opened the door for her as she was about to enter the car he took her in his arms and hugged real tight where he could feel the warmth of her tits against his chest and kissed her passionately on her lips lowered his hands around her to her hips and pulled her real close where she could feel his hard cock. I missed you Mom, you are so beautiful and warm smelling heavenly. Then held her face in his hands and kissed her again this time parted her lips and kissed for long feeling her warm wet mouth. Ok sweetie lets get into the car, she said and rubbed his back a little. As she sat in the driver seat and started to put the key in ignition car key fell on the floor. Mike said don?t bend I will pick up the key for you and opened the door and sat on ground and looked for the key on the car floor between her legs which she spread to make room for his head to enable looking for the key. Mike felt her bare thighs on his face and looked up ?oh my God she has no panties on ?He kissed her inner thighs and ran his lips up and down and his tongue licked her clit and he kissed her pussy that was moist and tasting good. She moaned a little closed her eyes and stayed calm as if nothing happened. Mike picked the key and handed to her and sat in the passenger seat. She started the car, he kept looking at her. She said, did you have a nice time with your aunt? Yes it was great visiting her in fact it was very exciting all the time. That is good; I can see you must have had very exciting time with her. Are you still thinking of her and the time you had with her? Mike put his hand on her thighs and said yes it was great but ever since I left I have been thinking of you and the exciting sensual times you and I can have and can?t wait, you are so sexy and beautiful smell so good and taste great feel great. I can tell how you feel, seems like you have grown to be a handsome sexy man yourself. You certainly can please a woman even excite her. I am glad you feel that way and rubbed her inner thigh. As they pulled in driveway she looked at Mike and told him that his Dad and sister have gone out of town for two days. Both looked at each other smiled and got out of the car to unload. Mike got the bag from the car and followed his mother inside the house. He kept the bag on the floor inside and walked to the kitchen where his mother was rinsing a glass in the sink, he walked to her back put his arms around her and kissed her neck. Feels good to be home with you Mom, mmmm you smell so good and moved his hands up and down on her stomach and then squeezed her breasts. Mike this is not right may be we should stop, while saying this moved her ass back and felt his hard on, God you are so hard. You don?t really want me to stop, you come to get me with no panties with mini skirt and dripping with precum and now rubbing yr ass on my hard on? Yes I do want you and I am so excited and feel erotic feeling your hard on even from yr shorts and loved the feel of yr lips and tongue while you got the keys in car, but you are my son and I am yr mother. True, Mike said, but you do want to fuck me and I want to fuck you, you breasts are so firm and nipples so hard and erect and you know my cock is hard and throbbing to be inside you. Promise, I will make you happy Mom. He dropped his shorts and put her hands on his hard warm cock. Nibbling on her ears asked her what do you think isn?t it bigger and thinker and harder than Dad. Yes it is and you are so young firm no fat on yr body, I would love to have you inside me fucking me hard. Mike unbuttoned her skirt and dropped on the floor lifter her blouse and took off over her head then unhooked her bra and throws it on the floor. She turned around and took his shirt off. They both stood in front of each other naked and beautiful, dazzled and amazed to find the other so beautiful and sensual. Mike took her face in his hands and kissed passionately his tongue exploring her sweet warm wet mouth all over inside sucking her tongue. She held his hand and led him to her bedroom. Mike would you like to toast with champagne the coming home of my fucking handsome erotic son that I want to fuck so much. They both sat in the bed naked with glasses in their hands sipping from each others mouth. Mike dipped her nipples in his glass and then liked off of her breasts she put his hard cock in the glass and sucked his cock licking and sucking. Her made her lay down on her back and poured champagne on her pubic hair and pussy and started licking. This drove her crazy and she moaned and arched her hips up to take most of his tongue inside her pussy that was dripping wet. They got into 69 position and she started sucking his cock as he tongue fucked her wet hot pussy, he took her clit in hi mouth and licked and sucked while she sucked his hard cock. Then he got up as she lay on her back sat in-between her legs and put the head of hi cock on her wet pussy and thrust it inside so the head went in, then pushed more and more inch by inch all of his 8 inch thick cock went deep in her hot pulsating pussy. Mmmmm you are so big long thick fills me up I love it my son fuck me baby fuck me hard. Kike pulled his cock out put his cock head on her pussy and pushed it in with one big stroke all of it, she cried loud with pain and ecstasy and immense pleasure and shouted fuck me my son fuck me hard you are so much more pleasure than your dad. Mike started pumping in out in out harder and faster and felt her pussy walls squeezing and secreting juices on his cock?he pulls his cock out of her pussy and made her get on fours and got behind her ass and put his cock head on her pussy and pushed with one big stroke deep inside her and started pumping harder faster in his mother and she would move back and forth with his strokes to get all of his cock deep inside her. He put his hands around her back and started pinching her nipples and kissing her neck while fucking her harder and faster till they both came to gather moaning screaming with pleasure?..lay there in each others arms kissing?.Mike you are so good baby I have not enjoyed fucking so much in years?love your cock deep inside me pounding in out in my pussy as well as in my mouth. Mike I have to go pee Baby. Ok I will go with you, Mom. Mmmmm you would. Yes, love to. She sat on the seat and Mike sat in her lap facing her kissing her as they both peed together. Then Mike sat on floor in front of her and licked her pussy dry and got up stood in front of her and she licked his cock dry. They both walked back to the bed slept in each others arms?.. I love fucking you Mom, me too Mike?.

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