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Midnight Romp

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After a stressful week at work Saharra talked her girlfriends in to a night out. As she began to wind down she began to realize how much sexual tension was running through her golden bronze body. Her objective for the night had completely changed as she rummaged through her lingerie drawer for her sexiest duo. She slowly caressed her long defined legs as she put on her black lacey boy shorts that showed just enough asses that would tantalize any man. She then slid on her lacey black push-up bra that enhanced her already youthful and perky 34D's. She loved the way men would drop their jaws as their eyes would run from her breast down her flat tummy with an hourglass waist to her full round ass that you could bounce a quarter off of. She pulled her slim black dress with a plunge neck that was short enough that you could see a small portion of her ass and leave men wanting more. The dress hugged her hourglass figure like saran wrap. She then let down her thick black wavy hair so that it dr*ped her body and just below her breast. She put on a little black eyeliner to intensify her already exotic turquoise eyes and a little lip gloss to make any man want her lips wrapped around their cock while her sultry eyes glared up at them with a look of seduction and passion. She grabbed her purse as she slipped on a pair of her sexiest black stilettos and walked out the door primped and ready to bounce.

She was a gorgeous Brazilian woman who was confident and knew she was exotic. Her and her three friends arrived at The Dirty Twine about 10pm that evening and all eyes were on her as soon as she walked through the door. The men were drooling and the women were scowling. She only had a slight sense of accomplishment as she still needed to find a man that would fill her and release her sexual tension. Her and her friends teased all the men as they rubbed each others sweaty body?s as they danced hoping some brave man would attempt to join in. She had given up as she bought her self another cosmopolitan when she felt a gentle yet masculine hand ran down her side sending chills through her body with excitement.

She then heard a deep rugged voice say ?I?m Mike and your absolutely gorgeous.?

She slowly turned around so that he could feel every curve of her body. Suddenly she was staring at what she had been looking for all night. A tall blonde with muscles defined on every inch of his body.

?Saharra? she seductively replied starring into his big green eyes.

?Just as exotic as you are? he said as he slipped the bartender a 20 paying for her drink.

?You weren?t leaving were you? I was hoping to get to know you some before we go.? He said hinting at what she already knew he wanted.

?Not since you showed up.? She remarked slyly as she ran her long slender fingers down his bicep to his big hands to guide him to the dance floor.

He pulled her hips just close enough so that she could feel his cock slowly begging to throb as she swiftly and sexually moved her hips across his. He could feel her breathing get heavy as she felt his bulge become more and more enlarged. He knew that she wanted him and she knew the same. He brushed her thick black hair off her shoulder so that her neck was exposed and he could truly see how large her breast were, he then pressed his lips against her neck and slowly kissed up her neck to her ear, he lightly nibbled her ear then whispered, ?Do you want to get out of here??

?Why do we need to leave?? she said turning around running her hands up his ripped abs to his rugged jaw line.

She noticed his confused look and slid her hands back down his chiseled body to the waist line of his pants. She slowly unzipped his pants and glided her hand into them and felt his fully erect penis bulging inside yearning for her sweet dripping wet pussy. As she turned around she gently glided his cock out with her placing it diligently between her legs. She knew that he could feel how wet she was through her panties by the way his breathing got heavier and a bit quicker. She grinded her way to the floor taking her panties with her and mysteriously stepping out of them with out anyone noticing but him. She turned around and grabbed him by the neck as she stuffed her panties in his right pocket as she whispered ?A little reminder of the wildest night that you will ever have.?

The only thing he could come up with in response was a grunt telling him that he was ready to fuck her. She felt his hand grab her ass firmly as she wrapped her leg around her waist, she was glad that she had chosen the stilettos because they made her just the right height for his cock to flow right into her dripping wet pussy. She sensed that he wanted to fuck her but was reluctant to, so she took the initiative by pulling him in closer so that his thick cock tore just a little bit of skin as it thrust into her tight wet pussy. She quivered with the excitement as did he. Feeling a lot more relaxed he began to thrust with the beat of the music and going quicker and quicker as the songs changed bringing her closer and closer to the hardest orgasm she has had yet. She was grateful that the music was loud enough to drown out her moans from everyone hearing her but him. He pulled her in tight and whispered in her ear ?I want to hear you scream,? as he pulled himself out of her soaking wet tucking into his pants while he guided her to the back alley next to the club. He quickly grasped the back of her thick luscious black hair back to where his mouth was next to her ear so that she could hear him breathing as he slowly kissed down to her luscious breast and began to suck on her nipples. He felt her hips begin to thrust against his as she urged for his fat cock to fuck her once again. He threw her around and put her hands against the wall running his hands down her curvaceous body to pull up her dress and clinch her ass. Testing her limits he slowly played with her asshole seeing her reaction. She shook with excitement letting him know that he could fuck her in the ass. Taking this as a hint he licked his finger and began to slowly insert his finger into an even tighter hole than before. He eagerly pulled out his peaked cock with swollen balls ready to cum. He began slowly rubbing her clit with the head of his dick to just tease her and make her anxious. She began to rock her hips back and forth wanting him to pound the shit out of her. He grabbed the back of her head as he began to fuck her harder than he had on the dance floor. She then started to scream with ecstasy as she orgasmed harder than ever. He continued to fuck her making her orgasm more and more until he was ready to cum. Pulling her up to his lips he ask ? Where do you want me to blow my load??

?In my ass? she said surprisingly.

Filled with excitement and already lubed with her juices he slowly began to tease her with his head making her moan with urgency. Then with no other hesitation he slammed his dick in her making her scream with pleasure. He then released a load only Peter North could create. With grunts of satisfaction they parted their own ways hoping to meet up another day.

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