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Miami Story

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You finally convinced your husband that you needed to take a vacation on your own, to get away and think about things. You and I arrange to meet in Miami but somehow you arrive there a day before I did so you decide to spend the day at the hotel pool to relax and work on the tan that you already started on before leaving home. You select a very tiny black bikini for poolside and you spend a couple of hours laying alternatively on your back and tummy to even the tan. Sometimes you lie in the shade because it is quite hot, but you are careful to moisten your skin with a fragrant lotion. Many times you feel the eyes of other men drink you in as they walk by you, but you smile to yourself knowing that you are going to give yourself to me when I arrive.

As I travel I imagine I can see you as you lay on a towel by the pool; sometimes on your tummy with the bra strap undone and your legs spread slightly in a perfect ?vee.? A tumbler of ice water sits next to you with a lemon in it and your body glistens from the lotion. You occasionally jump in the pool to cool off, but finally decide to go to the room to take a shower and wait for my arrival.

In the shower you lather up and shave yourself smooth below your pussy hair that stops perfectly just above your clit. You are velvety smooth front and back and get dressed in a short skirt that sits low on your hips and a white tank with no bra. You debate whether to wear a thong or not and decide not to wear any underwear, and the warm tropical air feels good as it gently blows up your skirt, and you tingle thinking about my fingers touching you between your legs.

At the pool bar you take a seat on a chair at a table that is up a few steps so you can look around. The sun is going down and there is a slight breeze and the palm fronds rustle and many guests are wandering around, drinks in hand. You sip your drink and look around, relaxed and feel the stress of the weeks leading up to this trip melt away.

Finally I arrive and you see me walking around the pool and between the other guests as I approach your table and since your table is about eye-level, I am in a perfect position to catch a peek up your skirt as you knowingly, carelessly cross your legs. I catch a glimpse of your smooth pussy and go hard instantly when I see you have no underwear. You stand up and we embrace and kiss and you smell fantastic and feel so soft from a day in the humid air and we sit down to have a couple of drinks.

The sun is down now and we have been chatting about our respective journeys and we turn our chairs away from the pool and face the ocean to the east. Our table is somewhat private and we are oblivious to the other people who are having dinners and drinks and conversations. Your head is on my shoulder and I smell your hair and your knees are bent since your bare feet are resting on the short sea-wall. We both have that smooth relaxed buzz from our drinks and we are kissing and you are biting my lower lip and licking my tongue and I am loving tasting you. I am sitting to your right and our backs are to the pool and I play with your nipples through the material of your top and they become firm and happy and I cup your breast and kiss you hungrily.

Next I run my right hand up your skirt and you open your legs just a little and feel my fingers work up your leg that are so warm from the lying out in the sun. I feel your pussy lips and they are softer and smoother than I have ever felt and I finger your pussy which is dripping wet, and I play with your clit. I work my fingers in you and you are squirming as you start to come and you feel the rush as you reach orgasm and you make little sounds and push my fingers in and out of you and you lose yourself for what seems like minutes as I am finger fucking you, and by now you have scrunched down in your seat and your skirt has worked its way up to just below your ass. An elderly couple sits not too far away, and the woman?s back is to us but the old man catches my eyes and I shrug as he smiles to me as if he recognizes what we have been doing.

You compose yourself, pull your skirt down to its proper position, sit up straight and take a long pull on your drink and then kiss me passionately. You are still sitting in the chair, but bend over to get something and I see that gorgeous small of your back that I love to touch and kiss and hold, and I can?t help myself so I lean over and kiss you right above your skirt.

We leave the table and walk down the beach and there are stars and a full moon and bright puffy clouds that almost glow in the moonlight and the small Atlantic waves gently lap at the shore. We are barefoot and walk for a few minutes away from the hotel. We stop at a palm tree that gives us a little privacy, and start to kiss. The tree leans back at a slight angle and you lean back against it and pull me forward and you can feel my hard cock through my shorts and your skirt. I kiss your neck and impetuously slide your tank top down to expose your breasts which I hold and fondle and kiss. I tongue each nipple and you moan softly. You unbutton my shirt and we grapple chest to chest as our desire builds.

I lower myself in front of you and slide my hands up your tan legs and under your skirt, lifting it as I go. Your skirt is now around your waist, bunched up next to your top. I grab your right foot, careful not to tickle it and put it on my shoulder and then caress your legs and play with your pussy lips which are so smooth and ready for me. I tongue your clit and slide my tongue in and out of your pussy until you come again, and your legs go weak, but I stand up and hold you up as I turn you around and lift your arms, guiding them above your head to support your body as you lean against the trunk of the palm tree. I stand behind you and I impatiently unzip my shorts and kick them aside. I hold your waist and thumb-massage the small of your back, and admire the view of your ass in the moonlight. You spread your legs slightly and with your right hand you reach between your legs for my cock which is hard and ready for you. You tease the head of my cock by stroking it back and forth across your smoothness and then on a forward stroke you push the head into your dripping pussy and I start to fuck you slowly. On my thrusts you lower yourself against me so I sense you want me to start fucking you harder and harder. I am taking long strokes in and out of you now, faster then slower then faster, and our bodies almost clap together.

Somehow you turn your head around to kiss me, and I am running my hands up and down your breasts, and kissing you greedily. I have my right hand on your right breast and my left hand on your ass cheek and then I lick my fingers to wet them and turn my hand so as to stick my ring finger in your ass---just the first knuckle. This excites me and I am fucking you hard as you come and scream?then catch yourself---since we are outside on the beach! No one hears us over the sound of the waves, so I tell you to ?go baby, let go---scream as loud as you want.? You push yourself down on me and I take short fast strokes as I near my orgasm, and I grit my teeth and hold it off as long as I can, but then explode deep inside of you and fuck you as deeply as I can until it is over and I pull out of you and turn you around and hold you and kiss you, and we crumple against the tree. We lay out a blanket (that we had the presence of mind to bring) and collapse onto the beach and I lay on my back and you lay next to me with your head on my shoulder, and the air is soft and moist and feels exactly like our skin, and the light, warm breeze feels good and cools us as we fall asleep holding each other.

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