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Memorable Outing

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Susanne gets up earlier than Hurly but that day he happened to get up early and before she finished bushing her teath he made coffee and greeted her.

'good morning sweetie' and handed over a cup. He sat on the edge of their king size bed. She sat on his lap and said ' i had a dream last night in which you wer eatinng valentine's sweet pussy'.

'How do you know it is sweet?, Did you taste it earlier?, he asked naughtily.

She had no answer but she managed saying' i saw it during her two delveries and since the deliveries were mormal without much pain and she delivered the two boys in a gap of one year hers is really strong and cute'.

'you also delivered two girl babies in a gap of 13 months and with ease' and put his finger in her pussy lifting her negligee.

'when i ate hers in the dream did she enjoy it?

very much was your brother around no if he were around he would have thrashed me.

Valentine is 'Susanne's brother Felton's wife. She is 26 years old. Felton and Valentine have two sons aged 6 and years old. Valentine is the most attractive lady in the family with enigmatic smile. She looks like Elizabeth Taylor but taller than Taylor by 7 to 8 inches. With a height of 5' 9" she is 150 pounds in weight and a figure of 38-29-40 fleshy and juicy. Felton is 10years older than Valentine. Valentine is 14 years younger than Hurly. Hurly is very handsome and masculine like Richard Burton. he is 5' 11" tall with a weight of 180 pounds and has a Ph. And MBA from Harvard. He works as a CEO in a multi national Company. That is the reason why Valentine adores him a lot. All others are ordinary graduates working in small firms. Susanne is 6 years younger to Hurly and is the most beautiful lady in the family with a figure of height 5' 8" and a weight of 120 pounds and a structure of 35-26-35. Though she is 34 years old and resembles 'Barbara o'Neil, no one would believe she is mother of two pretty daughters aged 11 and 10. The way she maintains her figure is envy for many.

'Why waste time discussing about dreams and et us be practical',said Hurly and put the cups on the adjacent table and pushed Susanne on the bed. Even before she could respond he lifted her negligee and pulled her legs on to his shoulders and put his tongue into her wet puusy which was sescreting juices. With his hands he squeezed her tits and fondled her erect nipples wih his thumb and index finger. She was having her orgasm. He removed his tongue and bit the desired flesh. She could not resist.

She got up and threw her negligee. She dropped his pajama and kicked it aside. She took his hard cock in her mouth and kept on sucking. He lifted her and inserted his shaft inside her juicy pussy standing and took her to the wall and pressed her to the wall. She put her legs around his waist and he pumped deeper and deeper. She kissed him on his shoulders, neck and took his mouth into her mouth. They had best orgasm in last one month. She licked his cock with love juices of both.

He took her to bath tub and placed her in warm water. Both enjoyed the warmth, love and caresses.

They sat at the dining table for breakfast.

'My boss wanted you to plan a week long vacation trip to Jamaica Montego Bay beach for about 6-7 days this monthend or next month beginning. She has lot of regard for your planning and organizing capabilities', said Susanne.

'Can we start on a saturday morning and come back next sunday evening'.

'that should be fine and we will leave our children at my parents place because Felton and valentine, my boss Greta and her husband Narewski would come. Narewski and Greta have a villa near the beach in Jamatca. The villa has three bedrooms with attached Jacuzzis, kitchen, dining hall and private swimming pool. She asked to book the to and fro plane tickets and she would bear all the expenses in Montego bay'.

'That should be fine.'

Hurly had only seen photos of Greta and Narwski and he never had a chance to meet thm. He heard about them only through Susanne that they are decent couple. Narewski is 42 years old and is 6' 1"" tall weighing massive 200 pounds full of musclesand no fat. With a broad chest of 44" he resembles 'Clarke gable' of 'Gone with the wind' movie. greta is 32 years old and is 5' 7" tall weighing 170 pounds. They have a daughter and son with a gap 3 years. Both are born wit scizarian operation. Due to some gynic problem Greta had put on lot of flab and has a blown up figure of 41-32-43. In private conversation Greta confided to Susanne that her pussy isalmost dry and urinary infected. She and Narewski had not enjoyed sexual bliss for quit sometime. They watch xx-rated films and jacks him and blows him. Her ass hole is small to take his thick big cock.

Hurly took his laptop and looked at all available options and found the best option and did the resevations using his credit card and mileage points balancing both. When he confirmed the reservation and informed Susanne she kissed passionately and he squeezed her ass checks. She informed Greta and Valentine.

On a Saturday morning Susanne, Hurly, Valentine and Felton arrived in one Car and Greta and Narewski in another car at the Fort Lauderdale airport. Hurley wore White tennis Short and black t-Shirt with collar. Felton and Narewski wore casuals.Both Susanne and Valentine were looking Gorgeous and sexy. While Susanne wore 'white strappy eyelet butice top' exposing her lovely navel and breasts and a black skirt, valentine wore 'blak ribbed bra tank top' and 'aphrodite denim short exposing her thunder thighs and teasing tits'. Greta wore maroon colour rhinestone trim polo top and american rag denim bkue jean skirt.

The moment Susanne saw Greta and Narewski there wasa sparkle in Susanne's eyes. Her legs inadvertantly moved towards Narewski. Greta greeted her with a kiss on her cheeks. Susanne greeted Narewski with a passionate kiss in his mouth. Narewski grabbed her and pressed her ass cheeks wildly. Hurly wassurprised but there was no jealousy. Susanne moved with them for the security check. Valentine asked Hurly to come with her for the security check. She kept rubbing her ass cheeks to Hurly's shaft to which he responded by kissing her bare shoulders now and then. Felton was busy with his cell phone talking to his customers and suppliers.

The security check was over and they sat in the seating area awaiting departure. There was an announcement of delay of 30 minutes due to late arrival of in coming aircraft. Greta went to buy some periodicals. Felton went to buy some drinks. Narewski saw Susanne going to rest room. He saw no one was around and tipped the the man who was cleaning the restroom. Narewski grabbed susanne and she responded. The cleaning man put 'not for use' board and left the place for their private use. Narewski bolted the restroom. Susanne was surprized and likes such adventure sex. He kissed her passionately and kept fondling her tits. He lifted her and placed her on the wash basin platform. He pulled down her blak skirt and black lacy thong. He sucked her pussy for couple of minutes which was moist. He dropped his short and his jockey breif and pulled out his thick and hard cock. Susanne couldnt believe the size and thickness. He slowly and steadly inserted and she was pleased to take the one insde. He lifted one leg on to his shoulder and she put the other around his waist. She enjoyed it thoroughly as it was a rare place and huge cock. She took his mouth and kissed him deep inside with her tongue touchig his throat. He exploded into her. She would have loved to lick the juices but since time was short both wore their dresses. Their inners weresoaked but the pleasure they derived outweighed the inconvenience. he cameout first and thanked the cleaning man with another round of tip. When no one was ther Susanne also came out.

All the six boarded the executive class cabin independently so as to avoid look in the eyes. Though Hurly made seating arrangements by couples Greta sat next to Felton and they were interested in discussing Video- recording which is their past time and hobby. Narewski sat next to Susanne and Valentine sat next to Hurly. Hurly observed Narewski's right hand draping over Susanne's bosom and they were chatting away to glory with susanne doing most of the chat about thier firm.

It was soon Susanne, Narewski, Greta and Felton fell asleep. Valentine kept on looking into Hurly's eyes with lot of admiration. She thanked him for the trip. He hesitantly told her about Susanne's dream of eating her 'sweet pussy'.

'Susanne told me too', she said very slowly.

'you want me eat it', he candidly asked.

"infact I agreed for this trip with that hope only.'

"How about Felton knowing it and your marriage'

"With the accident he became non performer and virtually there is no erection of his and to forget he drinks. because we love and for children i promised i will not break. Susanne said she will help me by sharing with you. I understand greta is having a problem with her pussy. susanne would help greta and Narewski you would help me and Felton. I must really thank both of you' she said.

She put a news paper and whispered to Hurly to rub her pussy. She rubbed his bulge. befre long both of them also slept.

It was 12.45 PM when they reached the villa. Greta made the arrangements for lunch. They had wine, chicken Pizzas and plenty of fruits for lunch.

They assmbled in the master bedroom which had four beds joined together.

Susanne said that the next item for the afternooon is adult fun game of cards. She explained the ground rules. Whoever wins can remove one garment of any of the other five and instruct any one of the five or do one foreplay act for 30seconds or less. There should not be any protest or jealousy. one cannot remove the inner garment without removing the outer garment.

Greta won the first game and she promptly removed the short of Narewski. The wet brief of his was exposed. Susanne and Narewski smiled. Greta asked Susanne to kiss Narewski and she did kiss him for full 30 seconds. Susanne won the second game and removed his brief and sucked his erect cock for full 30 seconds.Everyone saw his oozing. Greta won the third game. She removed Susanne's skirt and asked Narewski to lick her wet thong.He licked it with immense pleasure. Narewski won the fourth game and he removed her thong and licked and ated susanne's pussy. All these acts were video recorded by Greta and Felton.

Felton won the fifth game and he removed Valentine's short and he asked Hurly to lick her inner thighs. valentine experienced orgasm after a long time. valentine won the next game and she removed Hurley's short and licked his brief which was wet after his licking her inner thighs. Susanne became naked first in the process and Narewski's body and cock were aching to fuck her. He became the next loser and he became naked. In the process Susanne has to satisfy him in whatever way he demanded. Both were wild and they kissed, licked and fucked as if there was no beginnig or an end and every one else cheered and Greta and Felton video recorded all those wild acts from subtle angles.

In the second round Hurly became target followed by valentine to become fully naked and hurly was asked to satisfy her and she was the dominant partner. She asked him to lick and eat her pussy. Then she sucked his. She mounted on him and rubbed her pussy to his chest. She asked him to bite her nipples and squeeze her tits. He put his index finger in her pussy and grasped the g-spot and pressed it hard. She experienced her best orgasm of her life. She sucked him like wild and he ejaculated in her and later she took the entire juices into her mouth and gulped it. It was also recorded. Felton was happy that his wife was fucked by her dream man. Greta felt happy that her husband could relieve his pressure.

in the evening the games were held on the beach. Susanne wore' hot coral dot victoria reto bandeau top and side tie scoop bottom' swim wear and valentine wore 'fuchsia color 'macreame fringe halter charladies' bikini. Susanne and valentine were at a distance of 500 meters in the opposite direction to the villa in deep water. Narewski and Hurly were 1000 meters away from shore. Narewski should catch Susanne from behind and remove her bottom and bring her to the shore on his shoulder. Similarly Hurly should bring Valentine after removing her bottom. If men succed the women have to satisfy them and if women win the men have to satisfy them sexuallly whole night.

susanne wanted Narewski to win and she swam slowly and enabled him to remove the bottom sideways. She took his fingers and inserted them in her moist pussy and rubbed them in and out. She sat on his shoulders in the opposite direction enabling him to lick and bite her pussy. She turned and both came laughing to the shore. Hurly wanted Valentine to win so he swam slowly but enjoying the ass cheeks of Valentine. Narewski took Susanne to his bedroom and she became his slave in obeying and enjoying lustily kis wild acts of sex unseen and unheard before.

Valentine and Hurly went for scuba diving. In the deep water they hugged and fondled and enjoyed tender romantic moments. when they came out they lay on the beach and as sun set as there was nobody they lay in 'classic 69 postion and sucked one another to bliss. She wanted him in her ass hole. She knelt on her knees and he pumped her ejaculating deep in her ass. never she felt so good and so happy fucking.

For the next seven days Susanne and Narewski did not leave one another and they had not seen others. Valentine and Hurly also did not leave one another and did not see others. They enjoyed all the sex positions and techniques without any inhibition that took them to untenented regions of eternal ecstasy. Since Narewski and Hurly wee healthy and undergone vasectomy there was no tension of prgnancy.

When they returned Susanne told Hurly that she is being promoted to supervisory cadre with fifty percecent hike and half day work. To continue the relation she should join Narewski for lunch and sexually satisfy him. Since Hurly's office is near Valentine's apartment valentine would serve lunch and give sweet pussy for dessert and both can have nice time during lunch break. Hurly was never keen on Susannes money but was happy of being near to valentine in the afternoon.

In the nightHurly and susanne fucked one another repeatedly and wildly recollecting their wild acts with Narewski and valentine.

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