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Meeting with Kim

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Meeting with Kim

My plane landed late and I endured a two-hour drive with a taxi driver that wouldn?t shut the hell up. To say I can be jerk is an understatement as I offered the chatty fellow an extra twenty bucks if he let me ride in silence. Let?s just say it was a pleasant rest of the trip.

I checked into the hotel and went to my room. In the elevator a couple was talking softly and I happened to notice the lady had a fine rack. The husband happened to notice I noticed his wife?s ample assets and cleared his throat loudly and shot me a dirty look. I shrugged my shoulders and smiled at her. I didn?t give a shit what he thought, not like he was going to take a swing at me. I would have knocked him out and then screwed the hell out of his woman right beside him. I straightened my tie and admired how I looked in my Armani in the mirror as it stopped on the top floor. I ran my hand over my smooth head and smiled as I walked into my suite.

I checked my watch (a Rolex of course) and stripped out of my clothes as I walked toward the shower. My guest would be here soon and I had to be ready for my meeting. My guest was named Kim and she was the account executive assigned to me and I had been threatening to pull my business if she couldn?t impress me. This was the first time I would actually meet her but my partner had come back with stories of how sexy she was and how she used that appeal to manipulate him when he visited. I wanted to see her for myself and there was no way I would be manipulated. I had every intention of showing her who the boss was.

I was relaxing in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt when there was a light knocking at the door. I answered it and saw my guest for the first time and my partner didn?t exaggerate. I invited her in and checked her out as she walked by me. Very nice blonde hair with some curls that came down just past her shoulders and a great smile. What made my pride and joy come to life in my shorts was her body. I would say she was 5?5? and about 130lbs. I openly looked her up and down and I think it took her by surprise that I would be so bold and not try to steal a look. I was impressed with her appearance and liked the expensive looking dark blue blouse that was strategically left unbuttoned and slightly opened that covered her obvious nice breasts. I was guessing 36B and no bra by the way she jiggled so gently. She introduced herself and I had to admit she seemed sweet and then I noticed a wedding ring. Immediately I wanted to fuck her.

I shook her hand and smiled giving her the usual line of how nice it was to meet her. We exchanged pleasantries and I mentioned something about the flight. My mind and eyes were busy roaming over her body. Her skirt was black and tight which showed her sexy curves. The girl had some amazing legs, which led to a nice ass. I assumed she must have been a dancer or even cheerleader in school. I felt a twitch in my shorts as Kim sat on the couch and crossed those legs. I joined her after pouring us a couple of drinks. She thanked me and sipped her wine slowly. The conversation was innocent and I learned more about her husband than I cared to know. I didn?t care if he had a job or a third eye, I just cared about his sexy ass wife and how I was going to get between her legs. Turns out I was right about Kim being a dancer and even more exciting being a cheerleader. We talked some more and I had to admit she was a genuinely nice person and I could see why my partner was so taken with her. She was using her looks to get me to pay attention but in no way was she being suggestive or anything but professional. That of course didn?t change the fact I wanted to fuck her in every position imaginable and would use my business as the leverage needed to get what I wanted. Like I said I am a jerk.

We moved to the dining area and started to work out some details to my contract. I moved around the room as I talked and Kim took down notes and read from her papers. I moved behind her and read what she had put down but also took the opportunity to look down her blouse. Kim really did have some lovely breasts. My appreciation grew and grew if you know what I mean. I sensed she felt uncomfortable with me standing behind her like I was, if only she knew my hard on was pushing out my shorts only inches from the back of her head. Kim tried to make some small talk and suggested I sit down and read the contract too but I declined. I liked the power position I held and decided to push the envelope by informing her I was looking at moving my business to another company. Kim seemed shocked and hurt by my news and immediately started asking what she could do to change my mind. I had her and I knew it. At that moment I felt so good I placed my hands on her slender shoulders and slowly massaged her neck. Kim looked back at me with a concerned look and suggested we needed to talk more and come to the best agreement possible for both parties. Little did she know I didn?t give a crap about her concerns but only the bulge that had grown large and now controlled my mind?

Her muscles were tight as I rubbed her and slowly opened her blouse so I could see those perky breasts. Kim was breathing heavier which made it all the more pleasurable for me. She tried one last time to steer my attention back to work but it was falling on deaf ears. I slipped my hand into her blouse and cupped one of her breasts. Her skin was so soft and her nipples hardened immediately. I smiled knowing how much she probably hated that her body reacted so positively to my touch. I unbuttoned her blouse and opened it up. There was no turning back for us now. Kim?s breasts, legs, ass, pussy and mouth were mine.

I stepped back and looked at myself in the mirror on the wall. Kim looked at me and for a moment thought I might be changing my mind, I could see the hope in her eyes. I was checking myself out. I am a good looking guy I thought as I lifted my shirt over my head. Kim is lucky to have me fuck her. My body is solid and I am shaved smooth all over. I turned around and dropped my shorts to the floor letting free my hard cock for Kim to see. Her eyes were wide and I knew at that moment she had never had a cock as big as mine before. I told Kim to stand up and take off her clothes. I wanted to see that body naked. She slowly removed her clothes as I stood stroking my hard on enjoying as more skin became visible. She had a nice all over tan and I looked down into her bright eyes as I stepped close. She went to take off her heels but I stopped her. Seeing her naked and in heels made this sweet and innocent lady look a little trampy and I liked that.

I reached around and slid my hand up the back of Kim?s leg and rested it on her nice tight ass. I looked into her eyes as I squeezed it hard lifting her up on her toes. I took her other hand and put it around my penis and slowly made her stroke it. I smiled and groaned as her fingers wrapped tightly around the shaft and moved up and down. Leaning down I pressed my mouth to hers and kissed her hard. I pushed my tongue into her mouth as I continued my groping and squeezing of her legs and ass. Kim had such a hot body; her husband was a very lucky man. I stood back and motioned for her to get down on her knees for me. She reluctantly did as I wanted and in my mind I thought she was one step closer to securing my business. I slipped my fingers into her nice blonde hair and clinched them tightly as I pulled her face to my cock. She looked up at me with those big bright eyes and I smiled at her. I rubbed the tip of my cock across her lips and gently pushed forcing it between her lips. I moaned as the head disappeared into her warm mouth and she began sucking as if her job depended on it. I watched as more of my cock disappeared into her mouth and her bobbing got faster. Kim wrapped her fingers around my shaft again and stroked in rhythm to her sucking. It was an amazing feeling to have this woman giving me such great head. She slurped on it and I was surprised she was so into it. I held her head with both hands as I thrust my hips back and forth fucking Kim?s beautiful mouth. I was going to cum very soon as I felt my balls tightening. My eyes closed and my body jerked as I filled Kim?s mouth with a heavy load of warm cum. Her eyes opened wide and she looked up at me almost panicked as I continued shooting more down her throat. She swallowed all of it to my delight. Kim was definitely keeping my business.

Kim slowly wiped her mouth and stood up. I saw her reaching for her clothes and stopped her. She went to say something but before she could I pushed her against the table and bent her over. I stood behind her with one hand on her shoulder holding her bent over that dining table staring at her fantastic naked ass. I knelt down behind Kim and looked at her pussy closely. It was perfect in my opinion and quite frankly that?s what matters. I ran my hands up the backs of her legs slowly until I reached her butt. I squeezed her cheeks gently and spread them apart. It was a truly magnificent site. I leaned in and kissed her cheeks before pressing my lips to her pussy and kissing lightly. Her body jumped as I ran my tongue along her opening tasting her juices for the first time and she was as sweet as I imagined. Some soft moans escaped Kim as I flicked my tongue at her lips. I wanted to eat this fine pussy for a long time. I licked harder at her opening until I pushed inside her pussy. She pushed back against me instinctively. I spread her lips with my fingers and kissed and sucked at her pussy getting her juices all over my lips. Kim was moaning loudly as I ate her out, lapping at her and tonguing her pussy wildly. Her body shook and she groaned as I buried my face in her pussy licking it as hard as I could. Kim came intensely as I held onto her tightly. Slowly I pulled away from Kim?s pussy and stood up behind her. I licked my lips enjoying the taste of her pussy as she again tried to reach for her clothes. She looked at me and stopped when I just shook my head no. I wasn?t done with her yet.

She stood up straight and waited for my instruction. I took her by the hand and led her to the king sized bed. Once again Kim found herself being bent over with that ass up in the air for me to admire. I stood behind her with my hard cock in hand and rubbed it against her wet pussy teasing it. I saw her fingers clenching at the blanket as I pushed myself into her for the first time. Kim felt nice and tight around my cock. Slowly I inched my way inside, pulling back a little and then pushing in a little deeper. She groaned as I worked slowly inside her. I looked down at her ass and my cock disappearing in her pussy. My hands gripped her waist tightly as I pulled out and thrust all the way inside her burying my cock. Kim?s body lunged forward and she cried out as I began fucking her pussy harder and faster. I slammed my body against her tight body. She was the tightest woman I ever fucked before. Kim squealed loudly as I brought my hand down across her ass slapping it hard as I pumped away at her. My muscles flexed as I nailed Kim with long hard strokes. Her body was hammered forward with each thrust.

I pulled out of her pussy and pushed Kim forward onto the bed. She rolled over and looked at me as I crawled up between her legs. I took her breasts in my hands and squeezed them, pushing them together roughly making Kim moan. She reached for my cock and slowly stroked it as I sucked on her tits. I took each of her hard nipples in my mouth and sucked, tugging on them with my lips. Kim looked up into my eyes as I leaned back on my knees and pushed my cock inside her wet pussy again. I watched her breasts heave as I started pumping into her harder and harder. Kim closed her eyes and moaned loudly as I took her by her ankles and held her legs wide apart. I wanted to spread them as soon as I saw her sit down on the couch. I fucked her very hard in this position. I bet her husband liked holding her legs apart too. If only he could see his sweet wife now in my bed getting screwed by me. I rested her well toned gams on my shoulders and drove my cock into her sweet pussy. I folded Kim over on the bed. Her legs pinned above her head. With each hard thrust into her pussy her knees banged against her shoulders. I drove my cock as hard and deep into her as possible over and over. She groaned and cried out until she was so spent her body was almost limp under me. I fucked her more, sweat poured off my body as the slapping of my body against hers carried throughout the room.

I grinned at Kim as I looked down at her body. She was exhausted and used. I held her with her knees pinned by her head and my cock buried inside her. I let one leg down at a time before turning her over onto her stomach. I whispered into her ear that I was going to tap her fine ass. She looked defeated and gripped at the bed, lifting her ass for me. I rubbed it and spanked it hard causing her to yelp. I took my cock in hand and rubbed the head against her very tight opening. Kim?s pretty face scrunched up as I pushed the head of my cock into her ass. I knew this was not something she let her husband do too often if at all. I was careful to take my time and slowly work my way deeper into her ass. Kim buried her face into the bed as I began grinding against her ass. It was the best feeling I have ever felt. In and out I started to pump. Kim?s ass was now mine for the taking and I was going to enjoy it. Kim let out some very deep groans as I started pounding her ass good and hard. Her body lifted up as I withdrew and then I slammed her down into the mattress. I reached up and pulled her hair causing her head to pull back. With two handfuls of hair I fucked Kim?s ass relentlessly, harder and deeper than she had ever had let her husband I?m sure. She was cumming underneath me and I couldn?t hold on much longer. My breathing was heavy and my muscles were twitching.

I let my cock slip from Kim?s ass and I flipped her over onto her back. I crawled up her body and held my cock inches from her face. She looked up at me with those eyes and she knew what I was going to do. I held her by the back of her head with one hand as I stroked my cock furiously in front of her face. Kim looked right at my cock as the first string of cum shot from me and landed across her cheek and nose. More cum splattered over her lips and chin as I jerked myself off giving her an enormous facial. This was my favorite moment so far as I covered her sweet face with my cum. I rubbed it all over her with my cock. I came so much it was even in her hair. Kim took my cock between her lips for the last time as I slowly fucked her face until I was totally spent. I rolled off this love- ly woman and thought about how I fucked her. The smile was large across my face. Kim lay there beside me too tired to get up which was fine with me. I planned on fucking her a little more anyway. For those who care she kept my business and now I have more frequent meetings with her and even have brought my partner so he can experience Kim?s sexy body too.

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