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Meeting MJ (Mary Jo)

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Well, there was a lot of spare time after Alice left and I did manage to date a couple of very nice conservative ladies. It is not that there are not a lot of them around it is just that you have to look in the right places and I thought that I could do that kind of looking somewhere else and maybe find a little calm and peaceful lovin for a while. MJ was, I thought, just that kind of lady. I first met her at a convience store while buying some wine. I saw her and thought, man, that girl has got to be 16 or maybe younger. She had a beautiful face, lovley as any I had seen but her body was that of a very young girl, so I thought. I mean, she had no tits at all, maybe a 32a if that but her hips seemed mature, nice slender figure and beautiful legs. She was slender but not skinny the way so many are no days, like they are starving to death to look like the ones on TV. She had gone to the wine cooler and gotten a nice pack of coolers and I thought, NO way will they sell it to her. She got to the counter and pulled out her ID, no problem, gave the guy the cash and went to her car. I hurried after her and said, I would have never thought you were old enough for the wine. She said, Would you like to see my ID too smiling and then her face betrayed a little age but not much. Yeh, matter of fact I would. She pulled out her Lisense and she was actually 34 years old. My mouth was hanging open I know. Well she said? Yep, you are of age, hope you keep that youthful look I told her, you really are beautiful. Thanks she said and still stood there waiting for me to say something else I thought. Well, take care I said really at a loss for words. Damn she said, what is it I asked, Well, I thought maybe you were going to ask for my number or something. If I thought I had a chance of getting it I would I told her. She took out her planner and wrote on it and gave it to me. Call me tomorrow she said. Again I manageed to close my mouth and said Sure. Really maintaining my cool I almost fell over as I got on my bike. She pulled up next to me, I love bikes by the way, bring a helmet for me when you come over. Then she was gone. Well, I called the next day, her roommate answered, JIll, Oh yes, she said to tell you to call back at 3 unless you just want to come on over. And bring a helmet for her too. Okay I told her and hung up. The address was familiar and I drove there and got there about 2:45. It was an upstairs apartment and I parked the bike and walked up and found the room. Before I could knock the door opened and she stood there, lovely as the day before. Tight t shirt, no bra, (She didn't need one and her little nipples were erect)jeans and boots for riding. Good you brought a helmet, lets go and she took my hand. I was in a daze. She huged me tight as I drove no where in particular and went to the lake, paid the fee at the gate and we went in. She pointed to a place and we pulled over and parked. MJ got off, took off the helmet and shook her brownish red hair and smiled. That was great she said and took my hand again. We walked down a path and sat on the edge of the water for a while. I laid back on the grass and she leaned against me. I like you she told me, and I guess my heart was going crazy, I like you too I told her and she sat up. She pulled off her shirt, what do you think, should I get implants? She said looking at her almost totally flat chest. Her nipples were hard from the breeze and they were nice and unusually large for the size of her titties. They were dark and stuck out about the size of the end on my pinkie finger. Well do you she repeated? Let me see I told her and reached up to massage them. She closed her eyes as I did, then I brought her down to my face and took one in my mouth, sucking in gentley, she moaned. I continued to suck it and nibble it gentley and she began moaning more then the other one and she laid back on the grass. They are so sensative but I think I need more don't you. I looked at her, NO, they seem to do what they are supposed to do and that is to give you pleasure and me too for that matter. She leaned to my face again, suck them again for me. I did and she was beginning to really get hot. Then she stood and her jeans dropped to the ground and revealed a totally trimmed pussy that had swollen lips and I had not even touched them. I get excited easy she said. My cock was swollen as well and she reached down and liberated it from my jeans. We were in a deserted area I noticed and she seemed to have been here before. No one will see she said as she pulled at my jeans and t shirt. I am only about 7 inches and a nice thickness but she looked at it and hesitated. Well, it is bigger than the last one but I will make it fit she said and then her head went to my lap. She at the same time swung her hips over my face and her swollen pussy came down to my mouth, I began eating her as she took my cock in a little at a time. This is kinky but it was the most beautiful pussy I have he seen. Had I not seen her ID I would have not believed she was in her 30s. After eating her thru 3 or 4 orgasms she was ready and tunred around to place herself above my throbbing cock. Now let me put it in okay she said. Okay Hun I told her. No really, last time it hurt really bad so I will do it as I can take it okay? Okay I told her and she began rubbing the head between her swollen red pussy lips that were soaked from her orgasms. She began working it in a little at a time and I was going crazy from all the friction, finally it was about 4 inches in and she was beginning to get really hot. She was trying to take it all and each time she lowered herself she went a little further. Look MJ I told her, I am going to cum with all this friction soon. Oh no, not yet she begged...she went up and down and couple more times then suddenly with her eyes closed she plunged down on it all the way crying out. She was crying and moaning and hugged me tight, Oh that was good, it is feeling better now she said. Do you want to be on top now she asked and in answer I stayed in her and we rolled over her legs in the air. Now finish streaching me out she said and closed her eyes. I went slow and each time it seemed that she took me easier than the time before. Finally I could hold back no more and began cumming, my cock swelling making her cry out. Oh my god, that is great she moaned. It got huge she was saying humping upward into me. She locked her legs around me, don't let it fall out she said, I want more. We laid there and she was massaging me with her tight pussy until the half hard cock came back to life. Let me back on top she smiled. We rolled back over and she mounted me again. This time making sure to ride it the full length up and down and each down stroke was a plunge, ramming it all the way into her. She rode again thru several orgasms and made me cum again filling her pussy. The sun was going down and we laid next to each other for a long time, finally getting up dressing and riding back to her place. We came in the door and sat on the couch wine coolers in hand and sipped and watched a movie I don't know what it was but was totally enchanted with this beautiful woman that had taken me captive. We slept on the couch naked after making love again and were wakened the next moring to her roommate saying, Okay, nudists, time to get up. We got up and went to the shower. I moved in the next week. she was wonderful.


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