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Me my wife and a friend

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My wife and I were out with one of her girlfriends from work the other night for a few drinks. Eventually friend I worked with came in and he and I decided to play pool while my wife was sitting at the bar with her friend drinking and talking. My friend had met my wife many years ago but he didn?t remember her. When we talked to her and her friend he assumed that they were just two women I knew. He and I continued to play pool and after a few hours he was feeling pretty good. By this time my wife had also had enough to fell good herself.

Now throughout the night the four of us had talked off and on and my wife had commented Tim being cute and funny especially when he was drinking. Earlier my wife had taken her cell phone out to the car to charge because her battery had died. It was about 9 when Tim went to the bar to get a beer and the bartender shut him off. He hung out for a little while longer then decided he was going home. Tim went out to his truck and was getting ready to leave at the same time my wife was retrieving her cell phone. Because Tim was parked by the entrance door Tami could see him sitting in his truck. She went over to say goodbye to him. When she got there she could see that he was in no condition to drive. She told him he should call someone to pick him up which he didn?t want to do so she said at least park in the back of the parking lot and sleep for a while until he sobers up a little. He agreed but couldn?t find the keys he had dropped on the floor of the truck. When he got out to look for the keys Tami found the keys and told him to get into the passenger side and she would drive him to the back of the lot.

When they got to the back of the lot it was dark and there were no other vehicles around. Tim thanked her and said she was beautiful. Tami said thanks she was flattered and they continued to talk a little more. Tim still had no idea who she was; he just figured that she was a nice woman that was helping him. Tim told her about his marriage and that he was only still with his wife for the kids etc. Then out of the blue Tim reached over and touched Tami?s right breast. Tami was a little caught off guard by this but Tim again said ?you really are beautiful, and apologized for doing it. Tami said it was ok and Tim apparently took this as approval because he then leaned over and kissed her. Tami said maybe it was because I had been talking to her about sex all day that day and that Tim was a really nice guy but she kissed him back. This lead to him reaching over and massaging her breasts again. Well he was obviously getting turned on and so was Tami. She figured she would toy with Tim a little and be really ready to play when she and I got home. Well they kissed a little more and Tami found him to be a good kisser. Tim reached up under Tami?s shirt and rubbed her through her bra. Again Tami figured what?s the harm in letting Tim fondle her breasts a little; she would only let him do it for a few minutes then put him to bed in the backseat of the truck to sleep it off. Tim continued to tell her how hot she was and that he bets she has great breasts. Tim asked Tami if he could see them and she said, I don?t think so I should be getting back inside. Tim was obviously disappointed and asked again even nicer. Tami said ok I will show you but then I have to get back inside. But she was getting pretty hot and could feel the dampness between her legs. She unclasped her front clasp bra and pulled her shirt up exposing her breasts. When Tim saw Tami?s breast he said they were amazing and asked her if he could touch them now that they were bare. Tami said she was turned on by the fact that she knew he wanted her but he was being so polite and asking her before he did anything. Tami leaned over the console of the truck and stuck her breasts out and this time Tim took them in both hands and massaged them. She said it felt nice and that he had a very soft touch.

Tim leaned up and began kissing her and started to rub her inner thigh. Tim then asked her if he could suck her breasts and she said yes please do. By this time she was hot and wanted to be touched. As Tim sucked her nipple he managed to get his fingers inside the leg of her shorts and was rubbing her pussy. Now Tami was enjoying what was happening and Tim was sobering up pretty fast. Tami reached over and touched Tim?s cock through his pants and found he was as hard as a diamond. Tami was hampered from touching much due to the console of the truck. She was concerned a little about him being a co worker of mine but she figured that he didn?t realize that she was my wife and as buzzed as he was when they went out and as dark as it was in the truck he would not remember her anyway. At this point I wondered where she was and went out looking for her. I didn?t see her by her car or my truck so I texted her and asked her where she was. I got a text back saying that she had moved Tim?s truck to the back of the parking lot for him so he could sleep until he sobered up and that she would be back in a few minutes and added one of the little smiley faces : ). I had an idea what that meant so I walked back to the back of the building and looked for Tim?s truck.

I saw it in the very back corner of the parking lot and all the windows were steamed up. I texted back OK and was about to go back inside when the doors opened and they both got out. They both went to the back doors of the truck and got back in. Tami told me later that at this point she was hot and wanted to see what Tim had and the console was stopping her from really getting to touch him. And since I texted OK she decided it was ok. She told Tim?this console is pissing me off, if we are going to do anything we need to get into the back. She said that when they got in the back she was sitting by the door and Tim came over and attempted to pull her shirt up again. She pushed him back on the seat and laid on him kissing him as he squeezed her ass. She then pushed his shirt up and kissed his stomach and started to suck his nipples. As she did this she was surprised by his reaction. She said later it was as if he was a teenager having sex for the first time. This turned her on even more that he was enjoying it so much. She reached down and undid his pants and he was breathing hard before she even got his cock out. Once it was out she stroked it and asked if he would like her to suck it. He almost choked on the words as he said please. Tami didn?t know that Tim?s wife was not into sex and they seldom had sex and she never sucked his dick so this would be his first blowjob. As she lowered her mouth onto his cock he moaned. Tami sucked Tim?s dick and squeezed his ball for only about 2 minutes and Tim said her was going to cum much to her disappointment because she was enjoying sucking him and his reaction but Tami isn?t fond of cum in her mouth and doesn?t swallow so she stopped. After all this she was hot and needed some attention so she pulled his pants off and took her shorts and panties (which were soaked) off. Tammy asked Tim if he had a condom and he said no something like this has never happened to him so he didn?t have any. Tami told me later that she thought about it and decided that it would be ok because Tim worked with me and we get tested every 6 month and plus he was married. So she had him sit in the center of the seat and straddled his lap leaning over and kissing him while slowly rubbing his dick on her very wet pussy. Again she said he started to moan as if it was his first time.

She slowly let him enter her and when he was completely inside her she started moving her hips back and forth. Tim pushed her shirt up over her breasts and pulled her to him hugging her and said ?oh my god up feel amazing?! As Tami moved a few more times Tim arched and came what seemed like a gallon of cum inside her. When he was done Tim was embarrassed and apologized; saying that he was sorry it was a very long time since he has had sex and she felt so good he couldn?t help it. Tami was a little disappointed but Tim never got soft. Tami said in fact it seemed that he got even harder as he was inside her. So she just started to move again. She pushed him down on his back so she could control the movements. As she was fucking Tim he pulled her down and was sucking her nipples. As she continued to grind on him Tim was pushing up fucking her back. Tami was on the verge of coming and she was moaning telling Tim ?god yes that feels good, fuck me? as Tami came so did Tim. After they finished coming Tami asked Tim if he had anything she could wipe off with.

Tim said there were some t-shirts on the floor and she could use one of them. So Tami wiped herself off and then wiped the cum off of Tim?s dick. After she got dressed she kissed him and asked him if he was ok. Tim said that he was great now!! Tami told Tim goodbye and went to our truck and got herself together. When she came back into the bar her friend asked her where she was because she was gone for about 45 minutes. She said she went to get her phone and there was a message from our son so she ran out to the house to make sure everything was ok. She said this as she smiled at me. We stayed at the bar for one more drink then went home. Tami never said anything at the bar but she had that just fucked glow to her. When we got home she filled me in on what happened, she asked me if I was upset to which I said absolutely not! I then took her to our bedroom and stripped her and kissed her and sucked her nipples, the same nipples that Tim had been sucking just an hour earlier. What she didn?t tell me was that Tim had cum in her twice. I found this out as I slide inside her.

We made love and I told her how hot I think she is and how much I love her and how grateful I am to have such a hot wife.

To this day Tim has no idea that my wife was the one that fucked him in his truck that night. A few days later at work he told me the story of what happened starting with? you will never believe what happened?! I also found out that the t-shirt that Tami used to clean up was Tim?s work t-shirt. To this day I get a little twinge in my pants every time we work together and I see him wearing that t-shirt.

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