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Me and the Bosss son

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Randy had graduated from college and was ready to work in his dad's business. With his background, experience and education, he was to become a divisional manager...equal to my positon. Randy was a great kid growing up. Since I have been with the company for 15 years, I had always known him as a really fine boy. He is now a man...and what a gorgeous speciman. I had been talking with him for the last couple of weeks helping him get settled in the new job. Since I had once worked at his division a couple hours away, I new all of the ins and outs of the place. I got an e-mail from my boss Brad (Randy's father) that he thought it would be a great idea if Randy visited our location and we worked together for a couple of hours. Certainly more efficient than over the phone. It was scheduled for Randy to visit the following Saturday so we could get right to work.

Saturday came quickly and it was a beautiful summer day. We decided to kick it at the office until early afternoon. I certainly hoped we could get everything we needed to cover done by then. Randy showed up at the office with breakfast. How sweet....we grabbed a bite to eat and got right to work. The time flew by and I couldn't believe we got everything done so quickly. Randy is brilliant and a quick study. Being 15 years older than he, I had forgotten a few things about how good the younger people can be. I did have one issue though...for some reason, I found my mine drifting as there were a couple of double entendres passed that were pretty clever. I felt a wetness and tried to dismiss it...he is the boss's son you know!!

Shortly after 1:00 I delclared our work a wrap. "Great said Randy...let's head to the lake and tool around in the boat for awhile". Randy's dad owned a really beautiful lake house about a half hour away. I said "yes...that sounds like fun..not even giving anything a thought. "Nice" said Randy, "I'm sure the refrigerator is well-stocked with everything we could need". We agreed to swing by my place to pick up a swim suit and a couple of other things, and off we went.

We grabbed some beer out of the refrigerator and headed for the boat. They have a really nice, fast boat with sleeping quarters, stocked wine case and all. It was going to be a fun afternoon. I just didn't have anything in mind or even considered anything. Besides, Randy is 23 and I am 38. How could I think of anything else? Upon untying from the dock, Randy yelled "hold on" and slammed the throttle down and we were racing down the lake. The sun was bright, the water calm and everything just about perfect. We got to what he called his favorite cove and he dropped the anchor. We popped a couple of beers and to my surprise, he pulled out the cheese, crackers, shrimp, and strawberries (?)..hmmm.. pretty smoothe I might add. We just floated out in that big cove with no one around and soaked up the sun. The conversation was all over the place but settled on what you might call flirtatious and erotic. I know I was enjoying it and from the twitch in his suit, he was too. Somewhere during my 3rd beer, I was feeling very relaxed, a little silly and playful. We were joking and making contact with each other and I could tell we were both warming up. Until I realized I had to pee. Randy said, "you could either use the on-board potty...or go native". I said "go native"? "yes...drop your swim suit and jump in the lake". I couldn't believe it and was somewhat shocked. I said "I think I'll try the potty" and opened the door to find a very, small, cramped space. Being somewhat clausterphobic, I said "well....tell me about the native?" "Just drop your bathing suit and jump in..the fish won't mind". "well, turn around can't look". Being a gentleman, Randy turned around as I dropped my swim suit and stood on the edge of the boat. I KNOW he looked though and saw my very shapely ass before I jumped in..I could feel his stare. So, I jumped in, swam around a little and did what I had to and climbed the ladder into the boat. Upon gettin over the side, I saw that my suit was gone and Randy was in the front of the boat holding it. What the hell was I going to do now? I yelled "Randy..that's not nice". "Well, I'm being a gentleman and will help you put it back on.", What the hell..I figured he'd seen enough bare skin in college..but I do know, that mine is better than most. I walked to him totally nude and reached for my suit. "well, pretty lady..just have a seat here and I'll help you out. I sat on the front seat of the boat and he very slowly, slid my suit over my ankles ..and stopped. My heart was racing and from the look in his eyes, I knew. He looked up my legs, at my nicely shaved p[ussy, to my tits and then into my eyes and back down. Without stopping, his face went right to my pussy and I didn't have the willpower to stop him. His tongue was expert and I lost control in about 30 seconds. I knew what I was in for from this stud and I knew he would get all of me..probably a few times. In no time I was writhing all over the boat cushion as I had my first screaming orgasm and covered his face wih my pussy juice. I can't remember when I have been eaten that well. Randy came up for air and kissed me passionately as I reached for his cock. It was throbbing and I was suprised he hadn't cum in his trunks. I pulled his cock into my mouth and was treated with several spurts down my throat. I didn't think he would last very long, but I knew that there was much more to cum. Even after cumming, his cock was still hard and ready for more. He spread my legs and buried that beautiful cock in my soacking pussy. I was starting on fire again and needed more. Finally, I rolled over and straddled him. I knew my next orgasm was coming quickly. Just as I was riding his cock with abandon and starting to cum again, I saw the kayaker right near the boat watching all the action. This threw me into overdrive and I was screaming with another powerful orgasm. Randy couldn't hold back either has he filled my pussy. What an erotic, sensual time..and a great show for the kayaker as he slowly paddled away. I'm sure he had a raging hard on too. Randy wasn't done..after resting for a little while, he pulled me up onto my hands and knees and fucked me from hehind. I 'm sure he was getting quite a view of my soaking pussy...with the load he had filled me with earlier. What an afternon. We stayed out a couple more hours and Randy fucked me again. I couldn't believe how insatiable he was, and I loved it. This has got to happen again..soon.

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