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Me and bro went to graduation

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Hi I'm Judy a 34 wf with what I think a nice body. I've got 38c to go with it. I've been divorce for over a year, When my son graduated from the army. So I made plans to fly down for his graduation. My ex was going down and I heard his wife wasn't going to go. So I figure I would give him a hard time while there. He all was like my boobs. So I bought a few outfit what would show them off. My 1/2 brother wanted to come along too because he was close to my son. So we had a hard time finding a room there but ended up find one that had double beds in it. So we took that and head down. Plus it was winter up here and really nice down there. So when we got down there we check out the hotel and what it all had. Then went up to dress for the gradation. Being out side so I put on my tight jeans and my low cut blouse. When I came out of bathroom my brother eye's pop out. He ask me what with the top. So I told him I wanted to pick on my ex because he love my boobs. He laugh and said I see no bra lol. So I laught and told him with this top you can't wear one. Plus when I see my ex I'm going to give him a good look. That when I step forward, (bro was sitting in a chair) and shove my boobs into his face. Pressing his face into me. Laughing I let him go and step back, and ask do you think he will like them. He look a bit shock but laugh and said he did. So off we went. When we got there was a huge crowd but I did locate my ex and made sure he could see me. Once he see us he came right over to say hi to my brother. But all the time he stared at my chest. I love it! So we watch the graduation and then went and found our son. All went well there and we all decide to get together and eat celebrate. We decided on a fancy place down from our hotel. So we went back to change. Now I'm feeling great about picking on ex. So I slip on my mess stocking and thongs panties and pull out me killer outfit. This was a mini black dress with a plunging neck line. Was a couple of strap the control how plunge it went. So I set it for about 2/3 the way down. When I came out my brother smile and said this is getting even better. I just laugh as I shook in front of the mirror. He ask me what the hell was that. lol just wanted to see if they would fall out, because a lot of them was showing. We lol and he ask if I was going to really bury his face in them. I LOL and said you mean this, and bury his face into my chest again. With a smile he said yes. LOL I told him no because he would like it to much. Bro said he was liking it. So off we went and when my ex seen me, he really like what he saw. When we went to sit down, not to my surprise my ex sat beside me. He keep checking out my chest all night and my legs. I love it! After a few drinks he ask me why I didn't dress like that for him, lol you never ask me too. By now im getting really excited about this and I could see my ex was too. Well my son had to get back so my ex had drove down and had a car so he took him back. So me and my brother walk back to our room. When we got back we joke about hubby drooling. My brother joke and said he didn't know they made dress that go so low cut. lol I told him it go's lower. So I unhook the strap and my dress slide more wide open show lots of boobs. He smile and said I should've down that for ex. lol I told him my son would have killed me. He ask me why, so I shook a bit and sure enough one of my nipple peek out. lol he decide I was right. but it would make a great titty face smash. lol I said you mean this and did it to him again. But this time he got ah old of me and held me rubbing his face into my chest. Lol I pulled back and said your getting to like that to much. He lol and said look like you like them played with. I look down and see one of my nipple all the way out and standing out rock hard. lol I said I guess I really got turn on tease the ex. He lol and said he didn't blame my ex because they are one hellva set. I turn and was looking into the mirror at my nipple poking out. My brother step up behind me and said that not the way to look at them. He reach up and pull on the side of the dress and both of my boobs pop out and both nipple where rock hard. As I look at them I smile and I guess they still look pretty good for a old lady.That when he reach around and cup both of them in his hands and gentle tossing them some and said they are really firm and don't even really sag any. As he played with them I notice how horny I really was. That when he was telling me how he all was wanted to see them and there better then he thought. I was getting to turn on so I turn to walk away but he finish spinning me and pulling me to him and up burying his face into my chest suck in one of my nipple. slowly sucking and nibble on it. Dam that felt good, lol I told him, he was getting into that to much and he was my halve bro. He stop and said this titty is the halve that wasn't family. It was feeling so good , I just let him keep playing with it. After a bit of time he reach up and unbutton the button behind my neck and the top of my dress feel down to my waist leaving my top have naked and him still sucking and play with my boobs. That when he push down on my dress and it went down over my hip and feel to the floor. So now I'm standing there in my thongs and stocking, with him still sucking on my boobs. That's when I gather myself together and push him off and told him he had to stop because I have rules and standards to follow. LoL and ask me what they where. So lol I told him that I made a rule if I let a guy play and he good enough to get me turn on, that I would let him fuck me and if he was good enough to make me cum, I would let him spend the night and do what ever he wanted for his reward. Smile my brother said he thought those where good rule's to follow. Then with a smile he ask me if my word was still golden? I had this saying, My word was golden and you can take that to the bank. I said yes why. With a smile and said your nipple are rock hard and looking at your thongs, I would say they are pretty wet, which means your turn on. I knew he was right. Looking at him and his big smile. I said my word is still golden. I reach down and slide my thongs down and walk over to the bed and laid down. He walk over and sit on the bed and slowly slide his hand up and down my thigh. He slowly pulled my legs apart as he did this. Then he slide his hand up to my pussy and started to rub it. Working it as he rub. He did know what he was doing. Then slowly slide a finger into my pussy slowly working it in and out. With a smile he said dam you are one hot lady tonight. Dam he was right too. Then he pull his finger out and took it to his mouth and suck on it. Then smile and said a tasty one too. Then he went back to work on my pussy with one hand and working on his clothes with the other. Then he stood up and quickly got out of his clothes . That when I seen his cock. It was bigger then I though, and he was rock hard. Sliding down on the bed he was pulling my legs apart. I thought he was going to jump on and fuck me, but he slide down and started to lick my inner thigh pushing me wider as he did. Just the way he did it got to me, because he was teasing my pussy. That when he move up and started to lick my pussy and pushing his tongue into me. He work his tongue into my my pussy and up to my clit. Slowly licking and sucking on my clit Dam he knew how to make a person hot. Then he work my legs over his shoulder as he buried his face into my pussy. As he did this he reach up and started to play with my boobs and nipple. With small pull on my nipple as he roll them between his fingers. He started to pull harder and hurt a bit, but sure felt good. He keep one hand play with one boob but slip the other hand down and play with my clit as he was suck on my pussy too. This got me really going and found me grinding my pussy into his face, He just held on tighter and really went to work on me. I could feel myself ready to cum and was twitching and moaning as he work on me. Then he started and I was cumming harder then I ever have. He just keep working on me as I flop around screaming yes. After I common down some he stop and look up at me and said, I do believe you are turn on. I just smile as I was catching my breath. That's when he started to slide up on top of me, reaching down and guide his cock to my pussy. As he press his cock against my pussy he smile and said I guess I get to fuck this hot pussy of yours and slowly press deeper. After he got it in halve way he started to slowly pull back and push back deeper, Each time a bit harder and deeper. then he slam it home and just started to slam fuck me harder as he went. Now he got me hotter then ever so I wrap my legs around him and fucking and grinding into him as he fuck me. I could feel me getting ready to cum again, but then he stop. Then smile at me and ask me if I like the way he fucks. Still try to fuck him I said yes. Then he ask me if I wanted him to fuck me some more. I told him don't me a ass. So he ask me again, and I said yes. then smile and told me to ask him to fuck me. So I ask him to fuck me. but he said he couldn't hear me . so I ask louder. So he slowly started to fuck me and said the louder you ask bitch the harder I fuck you. so louder I ask him to fuck me and he started to fuck harder. so know im getting louder and he fucking me harder. Now im going over the edge and scream fuck me and he slamming into harder each time. Then I started to cum and I mean cum. that when I felt him tighten up and slam deep into me as he started to cum too. He fell down on top of me as my pussy was still cumming. After he caught his breath he rolled off me and we both laid there with out a word, catching our breath. After a bit of time he ask me if I did cum. lol i said i do think i did, maybe once or twice. Then with a smile he said I guess that means I can spend the night and your going to do what I want. I turn and look at him and he smile, your golden word? Yes its golden I told him. Then he reach out and took my hand and put it on his cock.Then smiled and said you can start there. So I slowly started to stroke him and didn't take long for it to start to come alive. Then he push on my head and told me to suck it. So I slide down and started to lick it. I could taste myself all over his cock. Then he pus my head hard and told me to suck. So I suck it in and started to slide up and down as I suck , and tongue him as I did . Then he told me to stop and to get up on top and ride his cock. Buy now my pussy is getting wet again so I had no problem with it. So up I go guide his cock into my pussy. Slide down harder each time. he reach up and started to play and pull on my nipple again. Just enough pain to turn me on. He was getting my turn on as I rode his cock. That when he pulled me down on top of him and rolled me over so he was on top. Then he started to fuck me as hard as before and I could hear myself scream fuck me, and that what he did. Wasn't long and we both where cum again. We feel back to catch our breath, he laugh and said we sure made a mess out to this bed. It was soak wet all over it. He lean over and rubbing my pussy and said I guess we have to get clean up some. So laughing I said so you had enough for tonight? He laugh and said hell no! As many time he thought about fucking this pussy and now he got the chance, he taking all he can get. But we did need to take a shower and clean up some. So he was still rubbing my pussy, but I went to get up to take shower. He pulled me back and said wait a minute and he got up and went into the bathroom. He came back with something in his hand. As I look I notice he had his shaver in his hand. I ask him what the hell is he doing?. He smile and said that he was trimming up my pussy because I had to do what he wanted to and he wanted to trim it. So down he went to trimming it up. He seem to try to be a artist about it. When he was done he let me up and I went and look. He shave it to look like a arrow pointing to my pussy. I look at him and he smile, and said he just wanted to be able to follow the arrow to find things! So we jump in the shower and wash each other. Got a bit play full but we made it threw it. We dry off and headed back to the bedroom. He smile and ask me to put my dress back on, that he love seeing me in it. So I figure we are role playing now. So I slip the dress back on and pick up my thongs to put them on and he said no, that he wanted to be able to see my new pussy. But to put my stocking back on. so I did. he had me stroll around a bit. But then he put his clothes on too. Okay so what role we going to play here? He took my hand and leading me to the door. So I ask him what we doing? He said going to go get a drink for a nite cap. I told him I don't have on any panties and this dress is short. He smiles and said he knew it but I had to do what he wanted me too. He then pull me out the door. We got on the elevator to main floor where the bar is. When we hit the ground floor he reach over and hit the stop button. He then reach over and reach into my dress and played with my nipple. Smile and said he wanted to feel them again.But as he pulled his hand out he caught the button that hold the bottom of my neckline close. With a smile he pop it off and my dress neckline became way deeper then should be. At the same time he hit the stop button and the door open. When the door open , there stood two guy's, stare at my chest and with my boobs all most falling out. That's when my brother pulled my hand and said lets go get our drink. Dam this is getting to be one wild night

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