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Match. Made.

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With every ounce of self control...I beat at the pleasure taking me over. The mightiest betrayal to date was having it's way with me......and so was she.

.....Face against the filthy stall wall .....Hands behind me wrapped in my nice, soft, black leather, J-crew belt (which matched my boots exactly in color & material). I was fuzzy all over with confusion and to be quite honest, submission.

Now, truth be told I am nearly germaphobic all public things considered. So, to be so intimately veiled in a public restroom with my clean, exfoliated face against grimy, stained tile was as good as demeaning.

She gripped a handful of my hair in her hand and pulled my head back so that our cheeks met.

"It wont do you any good to fight it. But you can try if you like"

I could hear her smile. I could hear her step back and watch me in silence until I began to turn to see her face, her eyes. At this point she planted her foot between mine and used her body to force me back against the wall. Her veined hands found the button of my jeans and I squirmed, to no avail, under her weight. I heard the zipper before I noticed briefly the breeze and the immediate, stiff demand of my clit.

She had my full attention.

"You're so cute when you fight back. It definitely instigates a giggle. But I want to watch you cum."

Ok firstly, I've known this woman all of two days and she's taking me in a rest stop shit hole in the middle of Wyoming? What the hell is my life coming to? Eh, who knows.

My pants are open. I can't help my drenched pussy and I'm rather sure I can't save it from my 'assailant's' intentions. I can't say I truly want to but I would never openly admit such.

I'm lightheaded and her hot breath is on my neck taking unyielding bites, hacking her way through my flesh setting my cunt on fire for her cock.

I knew she was readily prepared because we already had the "ex" discussion amongst other heated conversations along the drive.

"You want my cock in your cunt, don't you slave?"

Again, somehow she knew what words made me melt. I didn't have time to think of how she knew or if she was going to hurt me. I just knew I needed this, and have for a while but who knew she would be the one.

I stood in silence slowly starting to fall down the wall to my knees.

"Stand up."

I stood.

"Look at me, silver."

I looked up but couldn't secure the confidence to find her eyes, Damnit!!, I am submissive.

"In the eyes."

She murdered all will I was saving for such an occasion.

"On your knees, love."

All I could think about was how grody the floor was and how gross my jeans were going to be after they touched it. Again, this didn't affect my action. I was on my knees faced with the bulge behind the zipper of her dark jeans. She smelled of Issey Miyake.


What the fuck with the one word demands lady? And I know you don't think I'm going to put my pearly whites on your zipper tab for minor scratches and who knows what kind of germs in my mouth.

I guess I took too long with that thought. She twisted my nipple between her fingers through my fitted T. I obliged. Fucking strangers!!

Her name is Tawny and we have a mutual friend. She's hot, I have to confess. But we didn't really know each other until I was making a trip across the US and she, evidently, needed a ride to California. Saves me money in gas and her the stress of finding a way out west. Match, made.

Great fucking match!

The least she could do is wait until we are in a clean environment to invade my submissiveness with our common kink.

Her cock bulged at the height of it's arch from her open zipper, threatening to slap me in the face. Which is precisely what I didn't need at the moment. I was still recovering from nearly unsheathing that beast with my sparkly jewels.

Deep in my stomach I felt a twist, a burn but not painful. Just enough for it to sink into my groin and begin to make my cunt warm with need. There was definitely a desperation added to the equation now.


She spoke my name with an odd, playfulness I'm certain was staged intentionally to confuse.

"Where do you want my cock first?" She gripped my hair in hand by the fistful and forced my eyes to meet hers.

You see, in my head she sounded all mumbled. She sounded like she was trying to speak clearly to me and I was underwater. Somehow, I understood. I opened my mouth and nothing came out....not a sound.

In this moment I regretted my uncontrolled silence. Tawny reached down with her other hand and pulled out her cock. There we were face to face and within seconds, her dick was firmly rested in my throat. That's what I get for leaving my mouth open. Again, I guess I took too long to answer.

I could hear the smile crease her face. She even giggled. Like it was fucking funny. Bitch!

She held her cock in my throat preventing me from breathing. After a while it really got to me and my body started to buck a little and my eyes closed. She pulled back a little and again pulled my face toward her crotch. My eyes still closed, my jeans dirty from the floor...I felt filthy, but it didn't matter. It didn't matter at all. Tawny changed her motion a bit. Her deep, punishing, forced placement switched to a comfortable stroking. In and out. She thrust her hips toward my face and slowly, intimately began to fuck my mouth. My eyes shot open and the short-lived protest was afoot.

I pulled my head back, to no avail, she still had my hair hostage. I felt her grip all the way down my spine. She pressed her cock as deep as the first burial. I couldn't breath and she laughed. She laughed! I was sure in that moment that I hated this woman. Fuck her and her ride across the country. After this she was going to have to call someone who cared. Not me.

I'm sure as a lesson, she held her dick in place blocking my air flow rendering me sort of light headed. Shortly afterwards she resumed her firm, thorough fucking of my mouth.

It was in this very, moment. I realized I was enjoying this torture. I liked that she had complete control over me whether I wanted her to or not. I was relieved and also very confused. Whatever the case, her pumping did not cease it only became more rapid and her thrusts harder, deeper.

I could hardly hear her over the pulsing of my own heart in my ears. She took in a sharp breath and was completely silent. Her body stiffened and her cock, again, blocked my airway. The fist in my hair grew stronger and her body seized toward my, before, very clean face. I'm rather sure she came, still I couldn't breathe. I began to panic and get terribly dizzy. I opened my eyes wide and looked up. All I saw was her conquering smile before I drifted away.


In my unconsciousness, I was moved. I'm not sure how or if she did it alone but now all I heard was the sound of tires on asphalt. My jaw ached. My eyes I couldn't open. My limbs bound.

Match made.

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