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Masters Suprise

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She sat on the edge of the bed. Dressed in something sweet but sexy. Her head was bowed as she stared at the floor. This was the position she was to take when she awaited her Master. She'd been instructed to wear a pretty little nightie and thigh high stockings. Freshly bathed, of course and then assume the position.

She was to be getting a reward this night. What the reward was, she did not know. But she knew it would be good coming from Sir.

She heard the door open. Heard, the footsteps come across the room. Saw the dress shoes on the floor at her feet and she could smell his cologne. Woodsy yet seductive. He stopped in front of her. Fingered the straps on her gown and let it fall down to her generous cleavage.

Then he quickly let his finger go. She'd been holding her breath the entire time waiting and craving his touch. Her nipples were protruding from the sheer material that covered her. She was not sure if Sir would approve of such, but she could not stop it.

She heard him walk around the room. Disrobing and heard him as he turned on the shower.

She heard him call her "little one, come wash me". She entered the bathroom and dropped to her knees. She took the bar of soap and unwrapped it and wet the wash cloth and wet it as well. She worked up a good lather and began at his feet. Carefully and thoroughly washing Sir's toes, and feet. Slowly working her way up his masculine legs. Loving the feel of his calf muscles as her hands glided up and down them.

Working her way up to his thighs.... her hands brushing SO close to his manhood. She held her breath so that she wouldnt gasp at the sight of his beautiful cock. She had to concentrate VERY hard not to slide it into her mouth while she was so close to him. She could feel his muscles tense as well as she worked her way up... knowing that she was to save that part for last. She came to her feet and scrubbed Sir's belly, chest and arms... looking at his eyes. Watching him watching her with this sly little smirk on his face. She loved that look . IT always made her wonder what he was thinking.. and typically it meant that he was feeling rather randy and she was in for the time of her life.

She then waited for Sir to turn around and she scrubbed his back.. every inch... then working her way to his buttocks... she lingered there a tad too long as he barked, "hurry up slut! The soap is going to dry!". She hurridly scrubbed the back of his thighs and legs and then stood up and got a towel and had it ready for him once he emerged from the tub.

She patted him dry from top to bottom and then laid the towel on the floor so that he could get out without slipping on the wet tile. When she was about to stand and turn to return to her position on the bed, Sir placed his finger under her chin and tilted her face up to him. He pulled her up with that one finger and planted a soft sensual kiss on her lips and her stomach did flip flops and her lip quivered as their lips parted. She SO wanted more of his kisses.

As quick as the kiss began it ended and he directed her to take the "position". She sat and stared at the floor and waited. She felt him as he came closer and kneeled on the bed behind her.. she felt his hot breath on her neck and his strong hands on her shoulders and he took her hair and gathered it together. Then he pulled her hair HARD and yanked her head back as he ravished her mouth with his.. his tongue diving in and tasting her mouth... licking her lips... planting soft kisses on her eyelids. She felt so complete in that one moment.

He let go of her hair and she felt a silken scarf floating around her breasts as he took it and secured it around her head covering her eyes. Her pulse quickened and her breathing was shallow and echoing in her ears. She had waited a LONG time for this night. This was the night that he was going to test her faith and trust. The night that she would be made to endure ANYTHING Sir wanted. But.. she always had her safe word if she chose to use them. However, it was a true test to see just how much she trusted him.

He instructed her to lay back on the bed. She did so and then she felt something bristly and stiff encompass her wrists. She knew that feeling.. it was the coarse rope that she so adored. He tied her left wrist, then her right and then he secured them together and over her head. She felt a HARD tug as he ensured that the knots were tight and she could not escape. He then used the same kind of rope and tied her ankles one at a time and then spread her legs WIDE open and then secured the ropes to the legs of the bed. TIGHT

She was completely vunerable and at his disposal. Just the way she enjoyed being in his presence. She trusted this man completely. She couldnt think of one thing that she'd not be willing to do for him. All he had to do is ask.

She listened intently to the sounds in the room. She heard the clanking of something metal? Her pulse quickened. She felt him get off the bed and then heard water running for a LONG time. She wondered what he was doing. She could hear him then strike a lighter and then smelled the fragrance of Vanilla filling the room. She so loved that smell. She felt him returning to the bed and waited intently.

She felt something touch her right nipple, but she couldnt determine if it was hot or cold.. it was an intense feeling. Then as quickly as it was there, it was gone. Then she felt the same sensation again on her left nipple.. but this time. She knew what it was... it was a knife.. a cold steel blade and then she felt the edge of it grazing her skin. She held her breath.. She KNEW he would not hurt her intentionally.. but the mere thought of something so edgy on her delicate skin still made her nervous...

Then she felt something warm dripping down her side about where he'd been holding the knife. Did he cut her??? Her mind raced but she trusted this man.... didn't she? Just a single trickle fell. Then he removed the blade from her breast.

He asked in his ever gentle voice.. "little one, how are you feeling right now?" She'd respond, "I am feeling wonderful Sir". He'd respond back, "good".

The next thing she felt was something warm dribbling on her thigh... it made her squirm.

He barked, "Don't move!" She did her best to keep as still as possible, as she did not want to displease Sir. Then she felt the same sensation on the other thigh... it felt very very warm... and then... she felt it again.. but this time... much hotter. Then something followed that felt almost searing.. no wait... cold? Hot? She could not determine it was sooo intense. IT then followed to the other leg. She was quivering at this point... anticipation, nervousness, she was incredibly excited now.

She then felt something, she couldnt tell what it was either.. bu something quite light and possibly feathery? Flittering all over her naked body. When it would pass over her nipples her back would arch against it.. wanting to feel more.. When it flitted across her thighs, she wanted to spread her legs further. Her body was alive with sensations. She knew at this point it would not take much at all for her to lose control.

He knew this as he knew her body like an instrument and he played it with the grace and skill of a passionate artist. He ADORED his toy... this was HIS canvas.... his symphony. And soon he'd have his cressendo.

He knew when he introduced the sensations to her, the she had an irrational fear of sharp objects. Needles, knives, etc. She's done very good at passing the test today and he was quite proud of her. So, for such a good little slut, he decided it was now time to throw her over the edge.

She was still laying there bound, blindfolded and looking so beautiful with her sheer white nightie on... her breasts pulled out over the top, the skirt hiked up around her hips. Such a vision to him. He could devour her whole if he could. He then walked to the table and picked his choice of toys that he'd use to drive her completely out of her mind with pleasure. First, he took a "lady finger" dildo/vibrator, and her favorite toy, the eager beaver. It was a vib/dildo with an extention for clitoral stimulation. The head would also rotate around and around.

He walked back to the bed and took the hard plastic dildo and pressed it to her lips. HEr mouth parted easily and hungrily as she took what he had to offer. He watched as her tongue licked the head of the toy like she did his cock. THIS made his already erect cock jump. He then slipped the toy out of her mouth and grazed it across her nipple as he turned on the vibrating part and watched as her nipples literally reached out toward the toy, begging to be massaged.

He then took the other toy he had brought and then pressed it to her lips. She seemed to enjoy this toy as he could tell this just by the way she took it into her mouth.. Greedy little slut she was.. so he shoved it deeper into her mouth until she gagged and then he pulled it out some so that he could watch as her lips encircled it as he started to run it in and out of her mouth. Watching her mouth work was making his cock HURT he was so turned on.

Now that he had both toys wet with her mouth... he took the lady finger and started to massage her clit. He played with the vibration turning it up.. then down.. and watcher her squirm each time he'd open it up all the way. She was such a good little toy. He was going to REALLY enjoy her service tonight.

He then took the other toy and started massaging her clit as well with it. The two vibrators clammering against each other made for some really intense vibrating at times and he could tell as when he did so. She'd about jump off the bed. However her restraints kept her right where he wanted her.

He then took the lady finger vibrator and slowly probed her ass as he began to slip it in to her ass. She squealed and squirmed at first then as she got past that first hard spot.. she started to moan and grind against his hand as he held the toy and let her fuck her ass with it while it was in his hand. His cock was throbbing SO hard watching her, he didnt dare do what he wanted to right now and that was to fuck his sweet submissives face.

He then decided to take the other toy and placed it on her clit... turned the vibrator on high and let it sit there a moment as her as was filled with the other toy... He knew that it wouldn't take but a few seconds before she was begging him to remove the toy. She did not let him down.. she jerked and then began to beg him to please remove the toy from her clit. She pleaded and cried and when the first tear slid down her cheek, he removed it and leaned over and softly licked her sweet smooth pussy. HE asked her if she wanted to cum.. She almost screamed it as she was sooo turned on. HE licked her sweet HARD clit and sucked it into his mouth and then felt her every muscle tense and then the sweet release as she came.

He was soooo turned on at this point and all he wanted to do was to possess what was his. He untied her leg restraints, which gave him a minute or two to cool his heels and then he bent her legs and kneeled between her sweet thighs. He planted soft gentle tongued kisses on her thighs where he'd used first warmed oil and a dull butter knife and then warm candle wax. After licking both legs, he mounted her... the head of his cock.. right at the entrance... he reached up, removed her blindfold and he looked her in the eye as he thrust DEEP inside her.

She could see such passion burning there. And this made her even more hot. She thrust against his thrusts. Met him in the middle.. making entry hard and intense. He then reached up and grabbed a hand full of hair and yanked her head to the side and hissed in her face... "WHO do you belong to!" She whimpered, "you Sir". "Good girl!" He'd growl between clenched teeth and then he would thrust harder and deeper. So hard that he knew she'd be tasting his cock in the back of her throat.

He pulled out of her sweet pussy and moved up her body and took his cum soaked cock and rubbed it against her lips... she greedily licked every drop from his cock and smiled at him as she did so. He thrust his cock DEEP in her mouth and pulled her hair and his balls slapped her chin as he fucked his slut's face.. feeling soooo incredibly good. He wanted to cum but did not want to just yet.

She took EVERYTHING he gave her and not once did she complain. He was happy.. VERY happy. He then slid back down and off of her and reached under the pillow to retrieve something. He then flipped her on to her belly.. hands still secure. HE pulled her hips up in the air and kneeled behind her and slid his cock deep inside her again. He did not move but let her thrust back against him and set the pace... He then pulled her shoulder and pulled her back to him and then slid something around her neck while his cock was still buried deep inside her. She knew what it was and she began to cry. Tears of joy and adoration slid down her cheeks as her Master thrust his throbbing hard cock deep into her one last time before they both climaxed in a river of cum and sweat.

Both lost in their "space"... but both so together with one another.

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