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Sitting here at the table here in the break room I take one last drink of my bottled water before my next appointment. A few more hours till time to go home, I wait patiently for my next client. Washing my hands I start to read her chart. Noticing she is here for a full body massage I read her stats. The information she provided was pretty average for a woman in her 30s. In my mind I?m figuring she would be an easy one to work on. Drying my hands off I head down the hallway to room three to get this next appointment over with.

Opening the door I was a bit nervous as to what to expect. All of my girlfriends have said that a massage would do me so good. They all get them done and so I felt I should give it a try. Even my best friend tells me that this is the only place to come to get worked on; she even smiled when she said that there is more I need worked on than just my back. Walking over to the receptionist I tell her my name and she hands me a form since this is my first time. Filling it out there is a lot of information needed for just a simple massage. After turning it in I set back down picking up a magazine waiting on my name to be called. The room is semi filled with women of all ages and types, I set there wandering what all brings them here, is it their first time here as it is mine. The receptionist calls my name and takes me down the hall to the room three. Opening the door she hands me a towel and tells me to get undressed and lay on the table till the massage therapist is ready for me.

Entering the room I see the silhouette of a lady lying on the table. Doing this many times I lay her chart down and pick up the lotion. Walking over to her I introduce myself and begin to ask her the regular questions. Asking her if this is her first time she cleared her throat and said "no, I do this all the time" responding nervously. I noticed here stammer in her voice but paid no attention. Starting from the neck I begin to massage. Rubbing in circles I feel how tense she is. Thinking she is nervous I try to sooth her by making conversation. Asking personal questions as in where she is from, married and kids. Starting to relax a little bit I cross over to her shoulders feeling how firm she is I am starting to notice her.

Looking up at the light im am not sure what I am suppose to do or even what im suppose to leave on or take off. Wandering if it?s a man or a woman therapist has a bit got my nerves flared up. Unbuttoning my blouse I feel my hands tremble, the thought of some one else touching me other than my husband has me a bit nervous. Although I have to say, im a bit excited about this new endeavor. Hanging my silk blouse on the hook I unbutton my short black cotton skirt and drop it to the floor. Pulling my long legs out of the skirt I reach down and unfasten my high heels and put then over next to the wall. Now comes the question to I take my bra and matching panties off or not. What might they think seeing all the lace and sleekness of my undergarments might give them the wrong impression? Reaching around I unsnap my bra letting my 38D size breast relax from being caged up. I think im going to leave my panties, if nothing more than just for security. Taking the over sized towel and crawling up on the table I lie face down in wait of my new adventure.

Noticing her black laced bra dr*ped over the chair im lost in my thoughts, I continually rub her shoulders with my firm hands till they begin to loosen up. Im staring down at the back of this lady wandering what kind of lady supports such a sexy bra. I feel the heat rise out of her body as I search the room to see where her panties may be. The intensity in my hands grows stronger and stronger as my desire grows to see more of her. I feel my self getting sexually turned on by my thoughts running away with me. Taking a deep breath I gently slide her towel down to see more of her. The towel now rest on the arch of her back im starting to rub the main section of her back. Seeing more of her tan skinned tone I hear her start to make sounds. Not sure if she is trying to talk or its sounds of relaxation. Never really hearing a woman make those sounds I start to think they are a sound of pleasure. Thinking that may be the case I start targeting the areas that make her moan the loudest. They may just be little sounds but I feel those sounds through my hands. Listening to her body through my hands I squeeze harder.

The door opening slowly I hear some one come in. gentle footsteps walking over to the counter they lay something down. Walking over closer to me I begin to breath faster. Slowly peaking out to the corner of my eye I see a shoe, it?s a mans shoe. Intensifies the situation much more. Thinking to myself I have only ever let one man touch me and that is my husband. As he starts to tell me his name I nervously start to regret this whole thing. Wanting to evaporate and disappear I speak back so I don?t embarrass myself. He has a kind gentle voice and a little Romeo in his tone. I feel his touch as he starts on my back. Round and round his hands move in motion im so tense im scared. Should I love the feeling or scared to love it. The tone in his voice is so relaxing I begin to ease up. As I feel my breathing start to slow down, oh no I thought to myself, my bra is laying out. What do I do what might he think? Im back to being nervous again, but his hands feel so good on my back, ashamed to think it but I can think of other places I would like to feel them, blushing im sure I am. Good thing he can?t see my face. I gasp a little but not wanting him to notice as he pulls my towel down to the arch of my back. I started to think he was taking it completely off. Im not sure I could have handled that. My voice uncontrollably starts to moan. But I would love to see his face, and his hands talk to me.

My heart is pounding and my hands are feeling a little weak as I rub her back continously. I have never been this way with a client. This is all wrong, im not allowed feeling or even being this way. Trying to get a handle on myself I notice the towel as moved down just enough to see the top section of her thong. It?s black and is matches the infamous bra that is dr*ped on the chair. My hands deep in to her arch I brush against the top of her lace on her panties. Biting my bottom lip I notice my hands starting to sweat, I need more lotion. Reaching for the half empty bottle of lotion I notice my self as I grasp the bottle how I would love to be pulling out my hard cock and start to massage it. Lost for words I ask her how she is feeling. She is laying on the table lifeless and only thing she replies is what sounded to me like a sexual groan. Hard as a rock in the depths of my pants I grind it against the side of the table. Helping some of the intensity I take my right hand and begin to rub her lower left calf. Grinding my hard cock against the table I notice I was brushing up against her hand. Now im nervous, what might she be thinking?

Starting to feel turned on and wet in my sleek black thong I squirm a little and feel the towel start to slide down a little, oh know what have I done? Has he notice I lay there thinking as his hands move south down my back. Taking a deep breath as his hands brush the top of my thong, Im starting to want him to touch me more. I want to feel his hands ravage my body. Hearing the bottle of lotion squirt out I wander where his hands will land on my body? Thinking all bad thoughts I would love to feel his soft hands between my thighs spreading them apart as I would roll over and let him slid off the barrier that is between his hands and my wet pussy. Knowing that I should not be thinking that way I hear him ask me how it feels, not sure how to answer my voice blurts out a groan. Embarrassed by my response I clench my hands noticing the sweat in my palms. Oh my, what was that, what just brushed my hands, I can?t look. I feel him brushing himself against the table. It?s not in the motion he is rubbing my body, but more of a grind out of tune with the motion of his hands. I keep feeling it with my hands, I can tell by the throbbing against my hands it his cock. He too must be aroused, but what am I thinking? Im married, but my husband has never touched me before like this. I would love to reach out and grasp his manhood, but im more of a shy lady. MMM he has now moved one of his hands to my leg that feels so good. I wander how far he might massage up my thigh?

Trying to cool off I try to take deep breaths and stare at the ceiling. My mind keeps drifting back to the top of her lacy panties. How can I see more with out giving my intentions away?

Rubbing her calves with both hands I move to the end of the table. Using both hands I massage the one leg then the other. Each time I go further up the towel. The inside of her thighs are so hot. I notice as I run my hands further up her thigh she opens them a little each time. Does she want me to bury my hands deep inside of her or is it just a muscle reaction? Trying to notice more I run my hands north on her legs scooting up the towel each time. At last I see the center of my attention before my eyes. She is so beautiful, Im over taken by lust and a desire to relieve myself with in her walls of pleasure. Squeezing her thigh?s I start to rub my fingers in a circular motion. I can tell he is pleased by the sounds coming form her lips, she to be squirming. I didn?t realize the affect this close massage would have on her. Watching her as she grinds her pelvic against the table, I just want to taste her sweet lips of passion, but that is crossing the line. Over come by lust I reach for the inside of her thigh.

Rubbing one leg then the other I feel both of his hands on my calves. Noticing his grinding against my hands had stop and he has moved. I can tell by the way he massages my legs he is at my feet. Why did I leave on my panties, I ask myself, I know he can see me now and I would have love to enticed him with my freshly shavened garden. His hands feel so good running up my leg, will he touch me or will he pull back in fear, Oh I want to feel his touch so bad. Opening my legs each time he come up, trying to make it not noticeable. I want him to touch me there. I am so wet; I wander if he can tell with his eyes. I didn?t realize it at first but im grinding as well against this table of relaxation. I am out of control and his hands control me, I am now his for the taking, I want to feel him as I open my legs.

I approach her sanctuary of pleasure I feel my heart pounding. Swallowing out of nervousness I am about to cross the line of professionalism into the desires of my passion. "Buzz" as the timer went off, startled by the sound I with drew my hands and walked slowly toward the sink. Washing my hands I thanked her fore coming. She looked up at me with her beautiful face and thanked me as well. I wandered what was going through her mind, but more so I wandered what her body might have felt like. As I exited the room I respectfully asked her to come again.

No what is that sound, where did that buzz come from? Has an hour passed by, is it over? Wanting to climax she felt his hands leave her body. As he was walking away she had thought about what all her friends has said, do they get the same feelings and excitement that I did? Hearing the water running as he was washing his hands I looked up to see this mystery face and felt an over whelming of disappointment that I had not grasped his cock when I had the chance. Wandering what it might have felt like pulsing in my hands I thanked him for the intense massage he had delivered to me. Was his mind to, thinking of the thoughts of our lustful passion? I was soaked with pleasure as he exited the room, if only I had time to finish what he started.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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