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Marina Fun

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After a long day on the lake and then a litle partying at the dock afterwards I decided to wander over to the bath/shower building a get a nice hot shower before bedding down on the boat. There were still a few partiers on the dock as I strolled over to the building. There are two coed bathrooms, each with a toilet, urinal and shower stall. I went in latched the door (or so I thought) turned on the water and let it get hot. I stripped down and got into the shower and was lathering up when I heard the door open. I was mortified and stuck my head out of the curtain to see Gayle walking in. She was as surprised to se me as I was her. She stopped dead in her tracks and looked at me. I said "uh I thought I locked that". Gayle said sorry she really had to go and the other bathroom was occupied. Gayle locked the door and I thought she would go and then be on her way. Gayle and her husband have a boat down from mine on the same dock. I have never had much to do with them because her husband is an obnoxious rude drunk. Gayle is very nice looking with long blond hair and nice tits and ass. I have admired her when I see her in a bathing suit on the dock. I always thought she could do a lot better than the jerk she was with. I figured she stayed with him because he had money. Gayle asked me how the shower felt and I said it was nice. I heard the toilet flush and thought I would hear the door open and close but instead the curtain was pulled aside and Gayle sticks her head in and gives me a long look up and down.Gayle said you're right it is nice. With that Gayle opens the curtain and is totally nude and walks into the shower with me. Gayle said I should learn to conserve water and shower with a friend. Gayle looked so hot with the water running down her tits. Gayle reached over and got some soap from the dispenser and started lathering up my cock. I began to immediately get hard in her hand. Gayle told me she would clean this up for me as she stroked my cock and played with my balls. I reached over and kissed Gayle and began playing with her beautiful tits. After getting me nice and hard Gayle turned me to the shower head, washed me off then spun me around and got down on her knees and she inhaled my cock to the balls. I couldnt beleive what was happening. I havent talked to Gayle more than a few times and out of the blue here she is in the shower with me sucking my cock. Sucking my cock quite well I must say. Gayle was alternating on my head and then running her head down the shaft to my balls and then tonguing each one. Gayle was moaning as she sucked my cock. I felt myself getting close and did not want this to end so soon. I threw open the shower curtain and led Gayle over to the counter. I picked her up and placed her on the counter and spead her legs. She had a beautiful shaved pussy with nice lips that were just right. I got down and immediately buried my tongue in her warm sweet pussy. Gayle was very wet as I lavished her pussy with my. I ran my tongue down her lips, inside and then back to her engorged clit. Gayle was moaning and began telling me she about to cum. I buried my tongue in her further as Gayle had a very tense orgasm. I could feel a rush of her wetness as she came with my mouth on her pussy. Gayle's legs were quivering and she told me to fuck her. As I stood up I asked her where her husband was and she said he was passed out on the boat. I stood up and planted the head of my cock against her pussy and in one thrust I buried it until my balls were up against her firm little ass. I began fucking that tight little hole hard and fast. I could hear my balls slapping Gayle's ass. Gayle had her legs wrapped around me and was moaning to the point where I was afraid she was going to get us busted. Gayle told me she was going cum again and I told her I was too and let go with a huge flood of cum into her pussy. I could feel Gayle cumming as she growled with her head buried into my chest. I squeezed every drop of my cum into her tight little pussy. I began to soften as I pulled out and stood back as I marveled about how hot her pussy looked with my cum dripping from her pussy. It just looked so hot I thought what the hell and got back down on my knees and began licking her sweet little pussy clean. I licked every drop from her until she she came again. Gayle hopped down from the counter and began getting dressed. She told me her legs were quivering and she could hardly stnd up. Gayle told me she had never had a man eat her pussy after fucking her. She said she wanted me to do that again. I told her anytime. We have since followed up with our shower scene of me fucking her hot little ass. As Gayle walked out the door I locked it and got dressed. After getting my things together I opened the door to leave. When I did so I walked out and noticed the owner of the restuarant sitting at a table nearby. I stopped dead in my tracks as she smiled at me. It then dawned on me that the wall to the bathroom backs up to the kitchen. I smiled back and walked back to my boat. That in itself started another escapade that I will follow up with. Gayle and I continue our litle fun and games if I dont have someone on the boat with me when her her wortless husband passes out drunk. Every time he walks by I laugh to myself and think while he is passed out drunk I am enjoying his hot little wife.

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