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Making Love in all night stages………

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Making Love in all night stages???

So there we were asleep after making love for most of the evening. It must?ve been about 3:00 in the morning when you were awakened by light of moon shining through our partially closed curtains. You turned your head in my direction my back facing you. Slowly began moving closer to my bare skin which by now was glistening in the light. Once you were next to me, you took your fingers and began gently brushing my back in circular movements in such a loving way. Without a thought and while still partially asleep, my body turned towards yours and the passionate kisses began to flow like drops of water during a cool summer rain. As our kisses were free flowing so effortlessly and becoming more intense, you moved the hair from around my neck and started nuzzling with your nose and sweetly touching me with the tips of your fingers. As I began to respond more, I wet my fingers and slowly moved them down to your nipple and began rolling it between two my fingers. Tracing the outside and working my way inward. While you were still lavishing me with kisses, touches and oh so many tingling sensations, I slide myself down a bit to that wet very erect nipple put into my mouth and begin licking and flicking it with my tongue. As you?re moaning and beginning to writhe in pure pleasure, I inhale your entire nipple into my mouth and start to French kiss it with soft very moist lips and tongue. Because of the pleasure being given and so enjoyed, I begin to make little hmm and mmm sounds mixed with a bit of a sinister slightly deeper laughter. At some point you take control and push your firm body on top of me, take my arms place them up over my head and whisper for me to close my eyes. Then you start to slowly move down my body kissing, licking and tasting all the way down until you reach my sweet spot. As you spread my legs apart, I feel the your very wet tongue on the top of my clit. As I am so totally enjoying it, I feel you spread me fully open with your wet fingers and take the two of them and put them inside of me as to check to see how wet I am. You ask me to open my eyes just long enough for me to see you rise up put two fingers in your mouth to taste my sweetness, mmmmmm, looking into my eyes and smiling from ear to ear, you tell me to relax and not open my eyes. In and out several times with your two fingers and all the while, me getting wetter and wetter thinking of all you?re doing to me and what?s to come I almost go into sensory overload trying to take in all the pleasures and unexpected sensations. And just when I think there?s no way it could possibly get even better, you put your lips over mine and start to dart your tongue from side to side and I feel a slight sucking motion. Before long it?s all too much for me and I start to cum until there is so much cum that you could almost swim in it. Then it was your turn and so I had you lay on your back and proceeded to put oil on your very erect cock. I started sucking & kissing your nipples while sculpting ur cock with my fingers massaging, touching different spots at with varied amounts of pressure as I moved up and down, side to side touching many different points of pleasure. Your eyes closed, awash full of all the pleasures and sensations that were taking place simultaneously. MMM?OMG???More, please don?t stop.? Wash all you could manage as you just had to cum but wanted it to be inside of me. So I lay on my stomach allow you to climb atop my back, firmly wrap yourself around me and insert your almost bursting cock I side of me. I move my hair to one side and with just a few thrusts you explode inside of me. As you continue to release every last drop of your cum into me, your hold loosens and your breathing slowly recovers, you whisper very sweet things into my ear. You then sweetly put your head on me and just lay there for a few sweet moments before you dismount me and roll onto your back next to me. As your skin begins to dry I snuggle up very close & place my head on your shoulder like two puzzle pieces perfectly fitted together. Your passionate kisses & gazes into my eyes let me know that this was so meant to be and I breathlessly await our next time to share so many more things as lovers often do.

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