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Make Love To Me Vicariously

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Make Love To Me Vicariously

I will take you up to my room. It is just a plain room. There you will find sights, scents and sounds to enhance your visit. First you will notice the aroma reminiscent of fresh laundry. This will help you feel at home and relaxed. There will be a small fan making a nice breeze to keep the air "so fresh, so clean". The candles will be flickering, because you will want to see what I do to your body. I will be in enough for you to ultimately have easy access to explore, yet concealed enough to let your imagination soar. You will hear the sounds of Ken Ford in his bands Five Men on a Stool and Phillippia over my CD speakers. Even if you have never heard of them, you will never forget them. Their sounds keep me relaxed and erotically charged - and this "Ride" is one you will never forget. In the future, every time you hear their special sounds, you will relive this experience again in your mind.

You will undress completely and recline on my bed. You are free to express your pleasures and displeasure?s even you most secret desires. I begin my pleasure touch assault on your body. I take some Shea butter, heating it between my hands. I start by taking your hand. I will begin to manipulate your hand, soothing away the stress and tension throughout your body with just this touch. You realize that even though you did not know you needed all this attention, you do. The various parts of you body that you did not know were somehow connected to making passionate love to a woman, you will discover. I will continue to perform my pleasure touch massage on your entire body. Remember, I am not clairvoyant. You must articulate your emotions and guide me for ultimate pleasures. To me this is a mind fuck as well as a fuck. I will awaken nerves in your arms, shoulders, face, head, chest, stomach, thighs, calves... even your feet.

As I conclude at your feet, I will take your toes into my mouth and suck remind you as you near the end of this pleasure touch assault, that all body parts are connected to this session of love making, now don't you feel that in your groin?

I will come to your stiff and swollen member. I change to Astroglide, a lubricant I call artificial pussy juice. This I will massage into your dick with both hands, forming a suction over the head and sensitive glands with one hand, while stroking the shaft with the other. I will stroke and twist and squeeze until you are almost to the point of no return, which you WILL warn me of...either verbally or with some significant sign - so that I can control it and abate briefly. You must ALWAYS warn me when you approach this high, so that I can continue to control and extend your pleasure. I will bring you to the edge several times. Then when I finally allow you to erupt, you will feel as if you came for a full five minutes. And I will not stop then, but continue so that you will understand the pleasures of multiple orgasms. If you have not experienced this before, you will want to again in the future, I assure you.

After washing you with warm water, I will permit you a minute to rest. Continuing my pleasure touch assault on your body, your senses will reawaken. Returning, with the same stimulation on your masculinity, I will stop -and begin to lick all the astroglide off of you. I will lick your balls and gently suck them. I will lick your shaft and then suck the head into my mouth...I will suck and twirl my tongue around the head simultaneously while stroking the shaft with my hand. You will enjoy me caressing your balls with the other hand. One of my fingers might stroke the "taint" area, which is the external area over your prostate. I might even slip a finger into your ass and stroke the other side of the prostate if you are receptive. I know this will cause you great pleasures, just not as great as what is to follow. Still, remember to warn me of the impending point of no return, for I am not finished with you yet

I climb over you in a reverse semi-side straddle fashion. I squat over you, with one foot between your legs and the other one outside your left leg. You watch as I hover over you and guide your throbbing black dick into my white, hot, juicy pussy. You watch as my juices glisten farther and farther down your shaft with each squat I make on your dick. You can slap my ass and watch it turn scarlet with the imprint of your hand. You can thrust back as I squat on you if you like-but don't forget to warn me of the impending point of no return, for I have other plans for you.

I now order you to get on your knees and I get on mine in front of you. You start to fuck me doggie now, and even climb to your feet and fuck me harder while pulling on my hair like a rein to steady your thrust. You watch your black dick go in and out of my pussy as you take in the nice heart shape of my ass...and you wonder, "could I fuck her ass, too?" Remember, this position with you in ultimate control, is much harder for me to stop you if you get to the point of no return...and this is not where you need to blow it... you are too close to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I best pull you back in for mutual dominance again.

Now I lay on my stomach with my legs together. You will mount me from here, either on the balls of your feet straddled over my upper thighs or on your knees the same way. If you like you can lay on my ass and back and enter me. Any way you chose, just as you start to enter you find that my pussy comes to life now. My pussy is just like a mouth without a tongue nor teeth. It will suck your dick the rest of the way in and then use the same muscles to push your dick almost all the way out. Suck it in and push it almost out. Over and over until the sensations of your dick rubbing over my g-spot makes me quiver from the release of my female ejaculation. You are now permitted to saturate my pussy with your load. I know better than to attempt to abate your explosion any longer, with my pussy milking your dick and quivering from my own climax, there would be no way to prevent it. Together we will succumb to all the pressure that had built up from this passionate assault and fuck.

As you slowly roll off of my back, attempting to allow your heart rate to slow and your respirations to deepen, a smile lights my face. I turn and start to lick and suck our combined juices off your dick and balls. You are doing little mini crunches because it is such sweet pain... ohhh, how it hurts so good.

What shall we do next? Your turn...

Written by: Bobbi G. Meredith (future pen name-Alexandra) 404-396-3838

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