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Magical Mavyn and Her Boy Toy- in their Mountain Hideaway

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This story is actually part of a sci-fi book about magic, power and control of a planet not so far from our own.

I enlarged and expanded upon the romantic scene for certain male readers who obviously were horny.

Set in the near future and not too far from Earth...

In deep interstellar space amid dust and gases, asteroids, a glimpse of a ribbon of a wormhole, planets and myriads of stars sparkle like diamonds on a backdrop of black velvet. Out beyond Saturn, a small light is aiming straight for an icy blue planet hidden behind the sun. At this point the light brightens a bit and speeds up aiming dead on for the little planet.

Entering the atmosphere, it becomes a bright comet size-beam and swoops high over the planet then suddenly veers diving down lower and lower toward its surface. On the dark side, it sweeps over, diving thru valleys, craters, and canyons. Over oceans, lakes and mountains. Then it heads for the tallest of mountains and heads straight for it accelerating at blinding speeds. Then it suddenly stops in front of a rocky outcrop. The comet hesitates then goes straight thru solid rock!

An incredibly good looking young man stepped onto the pearl granite entryway. All was silent. Dark. He takes another couple of steps onto the thick white fur carpeting and hesitated in mid-step. A small striped ducette skittered across the tiled entry behind him. With a single glance he ‘un-created’ it. A sound behind him and he twirled around. Nothing. What kind of game was she playing now, Chryden wondered?

A pair of eyes, seeming to float in space, watched as he came into the room and hesitated. She had created the ducette. He had flawlessly & quickly un-created it almost without a thought…sending it back from whence it came. Not bad! She smiled in approval then waved her hand marking signs on the air.

A woman, of untold beauty, nude, stepped from the shadows, eerily, silently with only one thought on her mind. Total seduction. The ultimate seduction.

Long blond hair swirling around her head and past her shoulders, down her back. Pulling her hair back from her shoulders to reveal her luscious breasts. She smiled at him thru thick black lashes covering lust-filled half closed eyes. Her lips parted invitingly. He watched her levelly and in two strides walked up to her, placed the forefinger of his right hand in between her eyes. Without a sound, she sank to the floor and vanished.

(Very good. He was a quick learner!)

A hint of perfumed wind caressed his nostrils and he turned around to find himself face to face with a drop-dead vision of pure, raw beauty!

Stunning in a black see-thru body hugging lace creation with tiny sparklettes of sensually scented stars, Mavyn held Chryden’s attention on every level! The loose floor length, azure blue gown floated around her perfect body attempting to accentuate every curve! Smiling that enigmatic smile, looking him straight in the eyes, she held his total attention. Suddenly, placing her hands about her face, with one casual toss of her head shook loose her jet black tresses piled high and changed to a stunning blond, letting it fall loose. Still looking at him, staring straight into his soul it seemed, with eyes that never blinked, he could get lost in them...those eyes that could kill with a look. Those eyes that had seen the unknowable and lived. Eyes of deepest violet gray. Eyes…

Chryden shook off her trance spell to find that she was letting her gown fall away, revealing her total nudity. He watched as her gown floated down around her feet as if made of clouds. Bright blond hair swirling in eerie waves. He felt a draft. He was suddenly naked and his 11 inch cock was sticking straight out and rock hard.

Smiling at his horny cock, she held out her hand to him and led him over to the huge four-triangled bed lined with fur from rare off-world creatures. Her hair seemed to have a life of its own when she moved it moved…tendrils floating out towards him. She was hot! And she belonged to Chryden!

She ran her hand down his leg and found his dick-stiff and ready. It felt her touch and throbbed!

She fell back onto the bed pulling him on top of her and brought his head up, sticking her tongue in between his lips. His mouth opened eagerly and he pushed his tongue deep into her mouth, tasting her, wanting her! How he had longed for her!

Pulling away, she tossed her hair back from her face and began to rub his throbbing hard-on with one hand, while licking ruby red lips with a tiny pink tongue and staring, it seemed, into his very soul. He gently pushed his leg in between her thighs and she opened her legs and arched her back, letting go of his cock. She was eager to receive all 11 inches of his sculpted hard dick. He gently rubbed her pussy, with two expert fingers and found her hot, eager pussy dripping creamy juices. He took his fingers and tasted them, sucking each one laced with her pussy juices, all the while staring back at her with wanton desire. Then he dropped down on his hands and knees and made his way down to her black furry mound and stuck his tongue into her hot wet pussy lightly flicking her clit. Then, moaning, he pushed his face deep into her pussy and drank deeply. She moaned in pleasure and arched her back, closing her eyes in total ecstasy! She then reached down, and placed both her hands on either side of his head and pushed his face deeper into her pussy and began moaning and writhing in sexual delight!

After several more minutes of tasting and sucking her delicious juices, he came up from her furry crotch kissing her flat stomach inch by inch, making his way up until he came to her chest and began kissing and sucking on each of her perfect shaped breasts. Feeling she was more than ready, he again, gently placed his knee in between her legs. She opened them wide and then she took his cock and placed it at the gate of her hot wet pussy. In a single smooth thrust he was in. And at that moment of entry both moaned as one.

He inched his dick into her pussy, hungry for that delicious sweet haven deep inside her. His huge cock was urging him to just ram it in. But he could not. He would not. Chryden wanted to taste every morsel of her beautiful delicious pussy and savored every inch as he gently eased deeper into her vagina she moaned and arched her back opening her legs even wider. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as he took her, thrusting his dick deeper and deeper inside her. She began tossing her head back and forth against the pillows in sheer sexual delight!

Thrusting in deeper still he began to pick up the pace fucking her harder but with long measured strokes. She matched his speed and his thrust for thrust and wrapped her legs around his back. She screamed ‘More! Go deeper!’ And he did grunting with each stroke. Gods of Orion, this was incredible! She was now taking in all 11 inches!

He began to go faster feeling the fire of orgasm rise from his groin and she breathed, “Oh, I’m coming. Ohhhhhh.Ahhhhh!” And as she had a body shuddering orgasm he exploded, arching his back sending every drop of his juices deep into her pussy and seeing stars!

Mavyn, smiling runs her fingers over her still dripping pussy and sitting up brings one finger to his eager mouth and lets him suck on it, but she grabbed both sides of his face, bringing it down to hers and they kissed. Long and deep. Tasting each other after some great sex, their juices on each other’s tongues. Mavyn reaches over and touches his cock. It’s rock hard and ready to go again.

She turns over on her stomach then rises getting on her knees. Chryden gets on his knees and comes in behind her as she leans forward. He caresses and cups her beautiful perfect ass cheeks for a moment, then takes his fingers and runs them over her pussy lips from behind and in between her cheeks and licks his fingers, feeling her pussy lips contract at his touch. Tasting their co-mingled love juices he rubs them over the head of his cock and places it at the ‘doorway’ of her pussy and gently and slowly pushed the head of his cock inside her. Again, when he enters her, joined as one, and with a single voice of sexual bliss, they moan….

The two moons of Shandor waxed and waned and threw their pearl and bluish lights across the bed as the two lovers made love over and over. Hours passed and finally the two fell into each other’s arms at this last and final climax of their lovemaking, screaming out in pure ecstasy, as one.

The rising sun found Chryden lying across the bed alone. He got up and stood in front of the mirror. His 11 inches still impressive even satiated. He smiled at the memory of spending the entire night making love to his private Mistress of the Magikal Arts! Practicing the Magikal Arts even by someone of Mavyn’s stature would still be a capital crime on their world, punishable by death or Bio-Reversal. The latter, Chryden felt, was a fate worse then death! For some reason at this thought he shuddered. Suddenly the room got very cold.

Shaking off this eerie sense of foreboding, while still gazing at his body in the mirror, he marked a sign on the air with his hand and he was instantly dressed and ready to leave. He walked to the door and made another sign. The door opened and he stepped out onto thin air! Looking around and down, Chryden, walked out onto the thin mountain air as if it were solid. And, apparently unmoved by the fact that death was only a heartbeat away, were he to fall. The magical powers that he wielded were all that stood between him and the ten thousand foot death drop, to the sharp rocks and deep icy cold waters below. For any ordinary mortal being. But Chryden was certainly no ordinary mortal being and hadn’t been since he became the official apprentice to the Dark Arts under Mavyn’s tutelage at the tender age of 17.

Now, the ‘door’ he had stepped thru from their cozy bedroom was a grayish black scraggy rock face with a small diminishing oval ‘door’ in the center showing a glimpse of the room he had just left. Chryden is gazing about him at the most awesome, treacherous and highest mountain on their world. Incredibly inaccessible and beautiful beyond words! And no other being could reach it without Magick, a perfect Lover’s Hideaway. Their secret would never be discovered and hadn’t been. Mavyn stood to lose more then she dared to say if it ever were.

He looked back in time to see their love nest shimmer once and disappear into the ether. The entire top of the mountain was created and now un-created. No one must ever know.

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