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MY WIFE AND THE MARINE (First time being shared)

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I?m 37 years old and my wife is a 34 years old hot and sexy blonde, she is what they call a ?real hot milf?. We have been married for 15 years and together most of our lives, we are high school sweet hearts. We have been living a very traditional marriage for all these years, until about a couple of years ago, when we started talking about the possibility of having an open marriage. At first, the idea was just interesting, but with time, we started talking more and more about it and started sharing some life long fantasies with each other, and the idea of having sex of other people became a huge turn on for the both of us.

Me personally, have had this fantasy of sharing my wife for quite some time. I remember years back when we would go out and I would get really turned on when realizing that a guy was looking at my wife. I would ask her to go out with sexy outfits and short dresses, and sometimes would ask her to go out without wearing any panties. Just the idea that one of these guys would notice that she wasn?t wearing any panties would drive me crazy and have a hard on throughout the night!

Sometimes during a conversation or even during sex, I would mention how hot would be sharing her with another man. Little a knew that the idea was actually turning her on too. One night while having sex she whispered in my ears??I wanna have another cock, can I?? I was like?WTF? It was so hot! And I asked her, ?do u really want it?? She said : ?Yes, I want it!? I cummed right at that moment?lol.

So we decided to do something about it. I opened an account on a famous dating website for her. We took some very sexy and hot pictures, which it was a lot of fun and a big turn on for the both of us, knowing that those pictures were going to be shared with other guys. Oh boy?.. The response that she got was overwhelming! Sometimes she would get 100s of emails, and we would go through all of them together. I personally read and screened every single email to make sure that those guys were real, sane and trustworthy, my first concern was her safety.

After a while she found a guy that really caught her attention, he was a young, hot, handsome marine. Little I knew that she had a ?thing? for marines?lol?

They chatted for a while first on the internet, then they talked on the phone a couple of times and she told him that she was married, that I knew about everything, and actually the idea of having a married woman with the permission of the husband turned him on too.

So they finally decided to meet. I remember it was a Sunday night, and we were both very excited about it. I helped her pick the dress that she was going to wear and she wanted to know from me if she was really looking hot. OMG? she was stunning? she had this short dress on, that showed very well her best asset?her ASS?lol!

She went to meet this guy in a local restaurant at the bar, but we kept in touch on the way there, and kept talking on the phone while she waited for him in the parking lot. She was very nervous but at the same time extremely excited! Me on the other hand, was going crazy, I was so excited too! It was a mix of feelings?it was the first time after 15 years of marriage that my lovely wife was going to fuck another guy! That was my fantasy for a long time but I wasn?t sure how I would really feel if that ever would really happen. And let me tell you, I never felt so horny in my life!

While I was still on the phone with her, she told me that she had to go because he had just arrived, and she told me: ?I would call you as soon as I can!? About an hour later she called me from the bathroom to tell me that everything was ok and that the guy was even hotter and more handsome in person and they were about to leave to go to his apartment. She was so turned on and excited, and she said I love you and I will call you later when I?m on my way back home. Wow!!! I don?t know how I can express how I was feeling at that moment. All that came to my mind was that song?? be careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it all, you just might get it all??. I was really going crazy inside of the house just imagining that my wife was actually fucking another guy at that moment! Picturing in my mind what she could be doing, made me even more crazy. I had such a hard on and couldn?t wait for her to get home. I WAS SO FUCKING HORNY!!!!

About 3 hours later, she finally called from the car saying that she coming home. I was so anxious to hear all about it, and I asked her, ? how was it? Come on, tell me! ? And she was very happy! She started texting me some of the details on the way home, and I got so horny that I was waiting for her at the door naked with the biggest hard on ever! She barely made it through the door. We started kissing and making out right at the steps of the house. She was also very turned on. We went to the bedroom and I threw her on the bed and the first thing I did was open her legs and lick her pussy that was had just been fucked over and over by another guy! I cummed just by doing that, her pussy never tasted so good! It was so fucking hot to know that the pussy that was only mine for 15 years had just been fucked by somebody else! We had the best fuck of our lives! OMG! It was so intense! We could not believe how hot it was to be able to share something like that with each other, something that in most cases would break up a marriage, but for us was so freaking hot! Right there we knew that was the beginning of a very different phase of our marriage!

While we were fucking she was telling me all the details about it and that?s how it went after we got off the phone? in her own words?

??I saw his car pulling up close to mine, and I was so nervous, my heart was beating so fast, I could not believe I was about to do something like that. Even though we already had talked for a while, I was still nervous to be meeting this guy in person. When he came out of the car, I couldn?t believe, I was like??YES!??lol?he was even more handsome and hotter in person. We were very shy at first, just introduce ourselves, kissed on the cheek and went inside to seat down and talk. We sat at the bar, ordered a couple of drinks and just did some small talk and got to know each other a little better. After 2 drinks I was feeling less shy and really started to pay attention to him and his body, and getting more flirtatious with him. While we were still talking about stuff, I started touching his leg and his arm, and I noticed immediately that he was very turned on by it. It didn?t take much longer and we decided to leave. I just had to call my husband and let him know what was going on. As soon as we left the door, he held my hand and pulled me close to him and kissed me right there at the parking lot!

In the afternoon while we were on the phone setting up the date for the evening, he asked me what I was going to wear it that night. I told him I was thinking about a little dress and that I might be wearing a thong under it or not.

He kept kissing me and walking towards my car, we got to the door and he asked if he could check if I was wearing that thong or not. Well?I wasn?t?lol?.of course he went crazy immediately and got on his knees right there at the parking lot and started licking my pussy, while I was still standing at the car door. It was so good, but I was so worried that somebody would see us there, he didn?t mind at all. One thing I?m sure?I will never forget that parking lot?.lol?.even today when I drive by that place, I get all wet all over again!

We finally left and went to his apartment. We barely made it trough the door. He threw me on the couch, opened my legs and started licking my pussy again, while fingering me at the same time , I cummed so fast! And he did too, just by licking me. It was so hot! I could not believe how good that felt! After that, it was my turn?I couldn?t wait to finally taste another cock in my mouth, and it felt amazing! His dick tasted so good! I could still taste some of his cum. He grabbed me so fast and so strong, picked me up and took me to his bed. I opened my legs for him and he told me that I was so sexy. He got on top of me, and it felt so good to feel another cock inside of me! He was so gentle, but it felt so good. We fucked for about 2 hours and a half, he fucked me 3 more times, one after the other, it didn?t take much to start over and over, we were so hot for each other. I couldn?t stop looking at his perfect body, I could count all the muscles, it was hard for me to concentrate?lol?The second time he cummed he was on top of me, I had my legs around his hard ass?The third time that he cummed I was riding him and decided to turn into a reversed cowgirl position, he didn?t last more than a few seconds fucking me like that, looking at my ass, he cummed so fast! We laid in the bed spooning and taking a rest, he started rubbing my clit with his fingers and I cummed again, it didn?t take long for him to get hard again after that. He pulled me fast close to him and fucked me from behind this time, then I got into dog position, facing this big Marine?s flag he had on the wall above his bed. After fucking me like that for a few minutes, he cummed again. We stayed there laying for a while just kissing and then I had to tell him that is was great but now it time for me to go home to my husband. I actually could not wait to get on the phone and tell my husband how it was, and I was very anxious to make it home so I could be licked and fucked by my husband too!

It was so hot to be fucked by another man after all these years and I could not wait to do it again! I loved being shared!

I actually went back for more to his apartment 2 more times , and every time I see a Marines outdoor on the road I cannot control myself and I have to scream out loud?.. Go Marines?Semper Fi?LOL ??

It was an amazing experience for the both of us, and after that we couldn?t wait for the next time!


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