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I am married since 8 years now and I am in my late 30's.Since my Aunt had forced me to have sex with her at the age of 18,I have been attracted towards more of older women than younger and my age females.In our friend circle there is a guy called Raj.Raj's father in law passed away in an accident and since then his mother in law seema aunty who lived in canada now lives with him and his wife smitha in London.Seema aunty is an attractive woman at her age..she is 49+ but looks more attractive and well maintained than her daughter smitha.Her age and her appearance was at once my cause of attraction towards her.I had to be discreet in my feelings but after I had seen her,I had imagined about her while I had sex with my wife.The urge started growing slowly for Seema aunty as I started meeting her at Raj's place more often.During the course of conversation one day while we were a lot of people drinking and talking away I gathered that Seema aunty like younger men.I started to find my way in getting more friendly with her but I had to be cautious because Raj and Smitha were my good friends now and even I had to be very cautious about my wife.

Once it so happened that Raj called me from work and asked me to drop his mother in law to her friend's place since he was going to be late and Smitha had a dental appointment and she was stuck ther for some time.I happily agreed and went to fetch Seema aunty..She was in a pink track suit with a matching top with the zip pulled almost upto mid of her chest showing her clevage and her tight tracks showing her panty liner due to her big size of butts.

After she got into the car she gave me the biggest surprise of her life..she asked me if I could take her for a drive before I dropped her to her friend's place...ofcourse that offer had come to my delight and I took her for the longest drive possible..She herself started to tell me how attracted she was towards guys of my age and specially me but she had to keep this feeling discreet because of her daughter and son in law...When she heard of my stories with my aunt and my fantasy for older woman she was like on top of the world.I put my hand in her hand while driving and we discussed various intimate issues of my sex life with her.I wanted to kiss her and touch her but it was not possible ,however she hesitantly did touch my bulge and teased me.I told her how I liked big ass in an older woman and how it made me horny when ever I looked at her back as she had one hell of a beautiful ass.Days passed and we both were waiting for an oppurtunity to be together.We used to be very careful when we met so that no one else should find our about us.She used to call me sometimes when I used to be in the office.I kept fantasizing about her whenever I had sex with my wife and whenever I masturbated.

Just before christmas in 2005,Seema had to go to spain to be with her mother all of a sudden because of her mother's illness.When she was rather serious,Raj also joined her the following week.Raj requested me and my wife to look after Seema aunty.Now was the time for me and seema aunty to take full advantage and meet together.Both me and her were impatient and eager as we had to do something before Raj and Seema could return back from Spain.Same week on a friday afternoon,I took half day off from my work and arranged from morning to meet seema aunty.

I reached her place around 130pm she was waiting for me waering a marron satin sleeveless gown like thing upto her knees..When she hugged me as soon as she closed the door showed me how desperate she was for me and sex.I immediately laid my hands on her ass as we both started to kiss.I discovered that she wasnt wearing anything,i lifted her dress up and started to pass my fingers between her two ass cheesk(in the ass crack),she was going crazy feeling my hand on her ass and as she kissed me she kept asking me to fuck her...I wanted to do everything gently and enjoy every moment.I always enjoyed sex first by giving oral to my woman and then doing the rest.I slipped her gown down and made her lie on the bed.I undressed myself and showed her my 9 inch thick tool.She was all smiles...and eyes were hungry looking at my monster cock.I could see the thirst for her sexual desires in her eyes and in her movements.At 50 this woman looked like the best body in front of me I had ever seen...well in shape with perfect sizes of her boobs and ass...pubic hair well trimmed and her arm pits waxed.Her thick broad lips which i had just kissed them were ready for another job to do on my cock...but I had different plans.I wanted to take the responsibility of stimulating her more than she doing oral on me.She asked me to call her just seema and not aunty which I found so sexy and i obeyed her immediately.I spread her legs and touched her pussy with my fingers...when I put one finger in i discovered she was already wet and sticky.I was happy at that and immediately put my mouth on her cunt to lick it.I was trying to suck in juices in mouth and I succeeded a little but immediately I put my tongue in and started to lick every drop of her juice.I had always liked the taste of pussy juice and the smell when the woman cums afetr kissing etc.I was enjoying licking the clits and her pussy and more than me seema was going crazy moaning and kneding her boobs with excitement and satisfaction.

I kept doing this for good 15 minutes and during those 15 minutes she had cum profously due to her orgasms and I had managed to lick almost every drop of it.

Seema aunty was desperate..she got up and pulled my hair...'Sam I love what you are doing but I need your cock now..just fuck me like a manic'..Hearing this ,I reached the peak of my excitement.I inserted my throbbing cock in her 50 year old but the juiciest and lovely cunt and started to fuck her.I made big sounds as i fucked her..pounding my body into her and moaning.The room was filled with two sounds of moaning.I collapsed on her as I came in jets filling her pussy without asking her if i should withdraw or leave it in..'seema i love you,you are my kind of woman'...'Sam,you are so lovely..such a marvellous fucker...I think you are the best fucker I have found so far in my life time...and I promise you,I shall find ways that we meet off and on and fuck each others like two mad souls.

Seema turnd 52 this June and the best gift I could give her was a whole night fuck which could not happen on her birthday but a week later.I am happy in my life and I wish Seema long life and longer sexual appetite.

(Nmaes have been changed...My wife now knows about it and she has no problems with it as long as I let her be with her female friends to play lesbian acts)

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