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I am in my early 40's and married for over 14 years.The sex life had been fantastic between me and my wife,however at the age of mid 30's I always fancied sleeping with a married woman and some how I had been lucky in doing so because of my handsome looks,hairy chest and big and thick penis.It had been my habit to masturbate atleast twice a day and my wife thought I was just over sexed.Even at times she would help me get off either rubbing me or sucking it.

After I turned 40 my fondness grew for young teen girls.The first girl I met was through chatting on one of the chat sites and ended up meeting her in another city...she was 18.Next victim was my niece who was crazy about me and we had some excellent times together for almost 2 years.

My wife had a cousin bro who lived near by who was almost 57 and his wife 51 but she looked in late 40's .She always had a soft spot for me(as my wife told me) but I never got attracted towards her because the way she behaved..(Her attitude and beacause of her habit of showing off her wealth etc)..

Once my wife travelled to be with her sister in US and coincidentally my wife's cousin brother had to go to on an emergency trip related to his work.

It was a working day and I got back from home early...I could see a familiar number on my tracer..I called back,it was my wife's cousin's wife Alisha replying asking me if I need anything for lunch etc since my wife was away...I thanked her and told her I was ok and would manage...she insisted that I go and have dinner the same evening at her house since some of her relatives were also coming over...

I was at her place by early evening...already a few people were there who were invited.I was served a drink but generally during the week I avoid my favourite drink scotch and I opted for a glass of red wine.Dinner was served after a while of them started leaving so I also made my way to the main door...Alisha stopped me and asked me if I would like a cup of herbal tea..which she knew was my weakness after dinner ,specially during winters..I smiled and stayed on ...Now I was all alone in the living room ,waiting for alisha to bring my favourite tea.After Alisha served me the tea,she excused herself to go inside....minutes later she was there wearing a sleeveless nightie,well below her kness but little transparent showing her bra and panty liner...she had excuse for changing since she had spilled water on her earlier dress she was wearing...I smiled and kept sipping on my tea...She got up at once and sat near once took my left hand in hers and took a deep breath...I didnt know what was happening...'Sam, you are so handsome'...she whispered with a wicked smile...As I have told you before I was never attracted towards her earlier because of her attitude and snobbish behaviour...I could smell an intoxicating perfume as she moved closer to me...she asked me to keep my tea away and went in quickly and brought two glasses of brandy-one for me and another for her...we both sipped...and next was her hand on my back...'Come kiss me Sam,I want to turn all my fantasies of all these years into reality to night'..I was not sure what I would do...the brandy was working...I looked at her...gave a quick look at her hidden bra and took another sip on my I could see she was putting her hand behind and releasing her bra as the bra slipped,i could see a broad thick nipple on her not so big boobs...I could not stop staring at them...I looked at her and as a gentleman I also put my hand around her and started to rub her this she put her mouth on mine and started to kiss me...i kissed back..her tongue played with mine,she took my hand and placed it on her boobs,with her age they had become a little sloppy but the big nipple which was protruding was was giving the sloppy boob a kind of better recognition...I reached the nipple and held it between my two fingers...she whispered..'sam suck it for me plz'....I obliged her...placing my mouth on her nipple I started sucking one after another.I had never imagined of having an encounter with this woman but I had kind of started enjoying the first bit of sucking the nipples..Her hands were trying to reach my pants,I released my belt and unzipped my trousers...she didnt want me to stop sucking her nipples as she helped herself to my cock by removing it from inside my underwear and pushing my pants down...She gasped when she held my big and thick headed cock in her hand...i could see from the corner of my eyes that for a moment she was staring at it holding in her hand with eyes wide open...I was fully aroused and my erection was at 80% level,I wanted to see rest of her body totally naked,specialy her hips and ass as I always thought she had big and broad ass.Big hips and ass has always been my weakness but as I said earlier ,towards this woman I had no feelings ...but now as I was seduced by her and after her nice long nipples I was keen to discover the rest of her assets.I asked her if we could get on the we both could please each other with an ease...we both got up together...and I put my hand on her panty covered was awsome..the type I like...she took my hand and put inside her panty into her ass..and i started to caress it...passing my finger between her ass crack,she moaned and grabbed me and gave me a deep passionate we reached the edge of the bed...I lowered myself down a bit and pulled her panties down...I could see a beautiful and very exciting sight...the clits were somewhat open on either a small sized rose petals...and distinctly moist..with little hairy bush on top...Absolutely the way I would imagine it to be...I was gleaming with excitement...I turned her around and started to stare at her ass...Here I was at one stage hating to even think of this woman..and now waiting to make the best with her...looking at her ass and back my fondness seemed to grow for an older woman..she being almost 12 years older to me.I made up my mind to eat her pussy and even if she allows her ass...I turned her around and rubbed the thick tip of my cock on her lips,then on her nipples...I moved down kissing her upper part of breasts then her tummy and navel....I licked her navel a wee bit on my way down untill I reached the hairy part of her pussy.I covered the area with my mouth..She was fully aroused and moaning in lod voice..."Can I call you Alisha?" I enquired..."you can call me alisha darling and if you like can call me any names too"..I got her message..

I spread her legs and put my lips on her wet clits,squeezed them in my mouth....she pressed my head from behind asking me to lick it fast and deep...I slid my tongue in was wet and sticky,the taste was mixed with little droplets of her piss...i was enjoying hands moved on her ass cheeks as I was busy licking her pussy...she signalled me to enter my finger in her back hole,I didnt waste in time in doing so...that was one of my favourite acts...I went on for more than 10-15 minutes and in those 15 mins,I had atleast three spouts of her cum oozing out and me swallowing it happily...this had erupted from her three orgasms...

She was wild as much as I was...she screamed...' Sam FUCK ME..fuck your bitch, i want to feel your cock in my thirsty pussy and my pussy is dying to swallow your thick cum'..I was staring at her happily but with lust in my eyes....I slid my cock in this 52 year pussy,not so tight but hot and real wet...thickness of my cock was helping me to fit in her pussy fairly perfectly...I was over her now...'Alisha, I never knew you would fuck me one day, and now I feel,I wish it becomes regular'...Yes Sam,I always wanted you and whenever my husband and me had sex I would imagine it is you...but unfortunately my husband has turned out to be a bi and hardly enjoys sex with me...and seems on his travels he has a boy friend who keeps him company..I like younger guy like you,now fuck me baby hard'...I was pumping her looking into her eyes...and she was smiling with pleasure looking back at me and pulling her hair as she enjoyed every bit of my cock grinding inside her pussy.My pleasure was also reaching it's highest point as I loved seeing an older women getting pleasures out of was slowly sort of registering in my mind that..I am made for older women..Never imagined this over 50 could participate with me so well.My mind suddenly turned towards her big ass,which if I manage ,was going to conquer tonight itself...siddenly I heard Alisha screaming out to me as she was reaching her orgasm..'Sam come kiss me and suck my tongue as you fuck me..i love a man like you..come baby come'.I obeyed as she wanted me to...I could see some kind of wild hunger in her eyes for me...I was slowly falling in love with this woman as I was pumping her like crazy...falling in love with her pussy and the way wanted to get fucked from me...she was giving me the feeling as if I was the best fucker she ever met in her life...I was nibbling on her ears,nipples,lips and nose as I fucked her jumping up and down...she was howling with pleasure making sounds of moaning and digging her nails in my back asking me to do hard and harder.I was on the verge of cumming and was not sure if I should unload it in her pussy,i was about to withdraw...she sensed that and slapped me hard on my back and pulled me back to make sure my cock remained inside her pussy...she shouted 'you fucker..empty all this inside my pussy,i love a man like you and I am sure that I have wasted my lifetime with a man like my husband'...come inside me plzz and make ur woman happy'...Next moment I was screaming,moaning and emptying my cum insdie her lovely awsome pussy....

We lay holding each others for almost 20-30 minutes...fondling each others,caressing,passing fingers through hair....I thought I had finished with Alisha for that evening but Alisha had more pleasent surprises for me...At the age of 52,I must say Alisha was doing very well..or maybe she wanted to make the best of this time thinking if she would have any other oppurtunity with me....She place my hand between her ass cheeks...I started to explore her ass hole...she spread her legs wanting me to get naughtier in that area...I inserted my finger in slowly in her ass...she moaned with pleasure and told me she likes it...I whispered in her ears..'Alisha...the most beautiful part of your body is your ass..and that has attracted me towards you the most'...she smiled ...she was enjoying what I was saying and was looking forward for more pleasure.I got up and turned her around...Alisha was now lying on her face..her legs spread...It was my pleasure now to lick her back hole,she was amazed,amused and excited with this act of mine...I opened her ass with two fingers and tasted with the tip of my tongue...I was going crazy doing this and she was I am sure on top of the world..I found her hand playing with her clits as I licked her ass hole like a crazy few minutes we both were aroused and ready for each other.I got up,lifted her ass uo and asked her to get on her 4's..My cock was hard and erect and ready for probably the final assault of Alisha.I inserted my tool with great difficulty into her ass hole..she screamed awith pain as I struggled to get in initially but once I was fully in..she moaned and I knew she was ready for the next act..I was going crazy seeing her marvellous ass as well seeing my cock perfectly placed in her ass hole...I started to bang her..slowly first and then as fast as I could..My hands were on her both bums and I was jerking her with force as if it was an action of a shaft and a cock going in and out of her ass hole was making lovely sounds...and Alisha was moaning on top of her voice...I was reaching the peak of my climax as I kep pumping her ass in and out...untill I shot all my cum into her ass...Alisha was going crazy and asking me to slap her on her I was shooting my cum in jets continuously....I did as she wanted and we fell on the bed like two dead pieces of meat...untill we got up later after 30 minutes and had shower together.Alisha did not let me go home that night..We both slept naked holding each other...

When I opened my eyes next morning,Alisha was between my legs sucking my cock..I was amused,as previous night she had not taken my cock in her mouth...I let her suck it...untill she made me cum in her mouth...she told me that someone had advised her that she should eat a younger guys sperm early morning to have a glowing skin in her older age...We smiled at each other...I left her after we had another quick session.

The story between me and Alisha has been going further and further.....will let you know in next episode...

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