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Long day. I get home kick off those elegant black patent leather pumps with the 3 inch heel. I let the red jacket slide down my arms to be caught before hitting the ground. I give it a casual flick to leave it on the back of a chair. I feel the cool air of the apartment as it causes goosebumps to raise on my arms and I feel my nipples harden.

Suddenly aware of how confining these clothes are, I am impatient to feel the air on all of my skin. I wiggle out of the black skirt, black slip and matching camisole. left in only my black lace demi-bra, high cut french bikini underwear, garter belt and stockings, I get a wicked urge to put back on my heels and prowl my lair like some predatory animal. I pause to peruse my reflection in the mirror. God I look almost feral as sexual need and ferocity combine to give my features an almost animalistic attraction. I can see myself from outside and I want to fuck myself with the ardor of a rampant male. Then I envision you watching me. My whole attitude changes as I realize I can fuck myself for you and fulfill all these raging hormonal needs at one time. I get that secret smile all women get as they plan the seduction of the man they are hunting. You see and realize you might as well sit back in that chair and enjoy what is coming. You adjust your chair as I stroll over and slowly undo your zipper. I unbutton the fly of your jeans and ease your half-hard cock from it's denim confines. It swells in my hands ever eager in it's pusuit of feminine flesh. I turn on some music.

My body sways to the music as I stroke myself. You sit mesmerized Watching my hands play on my body, stroking , pinching, caressing and your cock throbs as it begs for attention. I put on heel up on the arm of the chair next to you and stroke my silk encased leg from ankle to thigh as I adjust an imaginary wrinkle. You reach out to touch me and I tell you I will stop if you touch. You want to scream from frustration and need as the scent of my warm, wet pussy fills your nostrils but you don't know if I am teasing or not so you pull your hand back to stroke your own cock. You know that if I can be distracted by the sight of you stroking your cock I won't be able to resist putting it in my mouth. I bend over in front or you giving you an incredible view of ass and legs and my hands as they stroke up the inside of my thigh as I near my pussy. You can almost feel your dick engorge as it begs for the sight of me touching myself. ?Jazzy please?, You beg as I slowly bring my hand forward along my pussy. You see my fingers get wet with proof of my excitement. I turn to see you devouring me with your eyes. I move to the desk in front of you and perch on the edge. I tell you I will allow you to remove my bra and underwear but you must not touch me anywhere that isn?t necessary to remove these articles of clothing. You comply , but the heat off my body is driving you crazy with lust, as I stand here in only heels stockings and a garter belt. My need for satisfaction rises in me like a tidal wave. I put a leg on either side of you, on the armrests of the chair.

Your body pumps full of lust as I lie splayed open before you on your desk. My God!! you wail as your erection reaches an almost painful level of excitement. You want to lean over and run your tongue along that smooth shaven expanse of moist labia. You can almost feel it calling you to caress it, as the subtle scent teases your nostrils. I have lost all semblence of decorum as I thrust 2 fingers into my lust soaked depths.

You are dying to lick the juice off my fingers if I would only slow down and let you touch me. Your hands fly up and down as you stroke that rock hard man muscle striving to match my pace. I thrust rapidly as the need to cum fills ever pore of my body. You stand and I see your hands on that massive cock and I demand to suck it. You move around the desk to position yourself properly. I let my head fall off the edge and you thrust into my mouth unable to help yourself as you feel my mouth closing around your throbbing dick. In this position I can always take more cock and you find yourself grabbing the edge of the desk and fucking my mouth like there is no tomorrow! It feels so good thrusting in and out of my mouth like piston and it is so hard to get control and stop. But being the considerate lover, you know what I need and you pull out to move back to the other side of the desk. ?I need it? I say but you are in control now and you want to hear me beg. You flip me over so I am lying face down, gorgeous ass in the air and you tease me by rubbing your dick across my wet opening and tell me to beg. Since I am now in my favorite position, you know I will do or say anything to feel that incredible length of meat you call a cock slide into me. So I say everything you need to hear. ? I need it. Please give it to me. Fuck me with everything you've got! I want to feel so full it?s almost painful. I need to cum. Please give it to me!? You decide I have begged enough and you slide into me, in one quick thrust that cause me to moan wildly, as I am instantly full to the max. You feel cum rising in you and know you can?t last long after all this excitment. Neither can I and my pussy starts fluttering madly as I start my orgasm. You have to cum when you feel my pussy clenching and caressing you as I reach my peak. Shooting hot cum against my pussy walls as I scream your name. My still spasming pussy milks every drop out of you. I stand smile and wander off to the shower. Complete.

Totally spent, I watch you saunter off to the bathroom. Sitting back I wonder how you could have known that I love to watch you perform. Walking in to the bathroom, I tease you, "Could you next time build up the suspense?. Maybe a litttle more striptease." Leaning back on the counter I watch as you shower......

As you watch my soap slicked hands caress my still quivering flesh, you feel a responding twitch in your cock. Never one to be impatient , you scratch your balls and continue to enjoy the view. I sense your eyes on me. I love performing for you so I shift under the water to give you the veiw of water sliding off my erect nipples. I quiver in pleasure as I spread my legs to let the water titilate my clit as well. You quickly become aware that the the twitch is an itch but it's for your biitch.

(nice word play). You stroke your now hardening cock, knowing that it excites me to entice you as well as watching you stoke yourself. I am watching with hunger in my eyes. and cannot resist touching my pussy as it ripples with anticipation. I thrust fingers into my pussy, still hot from your phallic attention. I finger fuck myself to the edge of orgasm as you pump your cock into your fist wondering how far I will go. You reach over to lube yourself with the ever handy tube of K-Y. I am frustrated as I realize you may have the strength to resist my blatantly obvious need for cock. I turn around for a moment frustrated.

I startle suddenly as the room falls into total darkness. With no windows the room is a dark as a coffin. your environment totally. Not knowing what to expect, I wait with my head against the tile, and hot water pouring over me. Then I hear you enter the shower. Not turning around I your arm as it brushes my arm when you turn off the water. I close my eyes and feel your hand on my ass.. I let a moan escape my lips as I feel you run your fingers down the crack of my ass to slide into my pussy . Ever eager I thrust onto your fingers with the zest of a cheerleader on homecoming night. Then I realize you are using only one hand at the same time that you remove your hand after a few seconds it's back, fingers on my ass, but this time your now lubricated finger eases into my tight ass. I instinctively resist but only for seconds as I relax to enjoy this new experience. You sense my trust and yet hesitation so you go very slowly, also nowing this will be fantastic for me if you take your time. you ease your finger slowly in and out of my flexing ass as I try to keep standing on weak knees.after a few moments when I can't help but ride myself on your finger, you apply more lubrication and ease another finger into an ass so tight you wonder if I can take it without pain. I whimper at first but for some reason this continue to get more exciting. I am almost faint with erotic sensations. I whimper when I feel you reach the end of that first stroke. it does not take long for me to adjust and with wild abandonment I thrust down to take you faster and harder saying "God who taught you how to do this?" You pump faster and harder as I ride with frenzied hip thrust. you realize it's now or never. I can't stop my self from begging please when I feel you remove you fingers. "hush" you say " I am going to give you what you want, Baby" and I am alarmed when I feel your Pulsating cock at the entrance to my quivering asshole. "My God! there is now way you can fit that cock in there" Shut Up or I will stop and leave you in this condition." I turn around to offer you my ass in submission. You have no intention of later being accused of having used force "Not good enough Babe, if you want it put it in" I am not even sure I want it as I reach between my legs to capture your cock and rub it across my dripping snatch.

SMACK the sound of your hand on my ass echoes in the darkness "Not tonight woman" Put it in now if you want me to give you another orgasm. Ihave to have it. I place it to the puckered rim of my ass.and wait for you to get it over with. Unsatisfied with anything but total surrender, "thrust yourself onto it I am getting impatient. I close my eyes and ease you into my tight darkness. slowing as my ass adjust but your sound of impatience is in my ears as i just thrust till you are fully buried in my.

a slight moan of pain from my overzealous attempt escapes my lips and you take pity on me, holding still till you feel me relax my inner muscles.

Then you move in very short stokes reminding me of how big you are and how deep you are imbedded in me. I am surprised as the warmth of pleasure surges thru me. "hey is this supposed to feel good?" I am inspired to lengthen your stoking by doing a little movement of my own. Recognizingthe signs of my rising need and feeling your cock respond youstart a motion that now resmbles a jack hammer more than a lover. I scream with pleasure as I start my orgasm. You allow yourself to come knowing I will peak moments before you. My ass clenches so hard that for a moment you feel the cum being stopped in your cock before emptying into me. As the first fexation of my orgasm releases, your cock is milked out of you by my quivering ass. you remove your spent dick as Iwe slowly ease to the floor.

You the water back on and we lay exhausted on the cool tile as the hot water cleanses us of passion and energy.

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