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I've watched my share of porno and would like to comment. Most of this stuff shows ECU's (extreme close ups) of a cock going in and out of AAAAAAAAA pussy. Now I ask you, how interesting is this???? Most cocks and pussies look alike. So where does the thrill come in??? I love pix of a nice looking babe getting fucked and showing her lovely titties, legs, ass, and the rest of her.

Now a closeup now and then is understandable but some of these pix could be any woman or any guy. If there is something interesting about this cock or this pussy, show it, but for cryin' out loud don't dwell on it. Maybe the camerman has his equipment on a tripod and is so engrossed in the scene he's getting himself off. Then you see the flash of the cameras going off and the babe looking elsewhere for what she's supposed to do. There are a lot of rank amateurs in this business.

Also, eating a nice pussy is a little more than a face about two inches away from it's target and a tongue flicking in and out at it.. I learned a long time ago that this doesn't do much for the recipient. Eating pussy is a little more than just that. I like to do several things that lead up to eating a good pussy, ask my wife....

Making love with eating pussy in mind is a several step affair. I love to get her on her back, a pillow under her rump, and a bottle of baby oil at hand. I start by massaging her tummy and working my way up to her titties. I'm kneeling beside her and waste no time in kissing her awaiting lips and her salivating tongue. She's aware that something nice is going to happen to her. Her nips are as erect as they're going to get. I kiss and suck on them very tenderly. I think that even her entire titty is a little tighter than usual. You can't see it but believe me, there is a direct wire connecting her titties and her pussy. The more attention you pay to those nips and titties the jucier the pussy gets. Put your hand down there and see.

When I'm sure I have her wondering what my next move will be I move down between her legs. I'm again kissing her and letting my cock rub around her lower regions. Then I slowly lower myself to massage and suck on those lovely titties that are dying for attention. I lower myself even more to kiss her tummy and belly button. By this time her hips are beginning to gyrate slowly as my chest is against her pussy. I get a little lower and put my arms under her legs which are spread considerably and raised quite a bit. From this angle I can again grasp and massage her titties.

She's now pushing her pussy against me as hard as she can. I lower my mouth as wide open as I can onto her pussy. Then I slowly move from one side of her pussy to the other sucking on the very swollen lips of her pussy.. Her pussy is now gaping wide open and anticipating something wonderful.. I again place my mouth over her pussy centering on her clit. I push my tongue against her clit as hard as I can. Her hips are now moving violintly against my mouth. I have my hands on her upper hips and pulling her to me as hard as I can..I'm just letting my tongue slowly roam around on her clit. She's now fucking my face something fierce. I know she has exuded a large amount of pussy juice and it is running down the crack of her ass. I bring one of my hands between the cheeks of her ass and let two fingers glide aroun there going over her ass hole, which is opening and closing all by itself. Man oh man, is she ever ready. I hardly move but apply pressure to her clit with my slowly moving tongue.

I now have one hand between the cheeks of her ass and the other on her tummy, which is hard as a drum and pulsing up and down. I can also feel her ass doing the same pulsing, and then she gets completely rigid, no pulsing, no gyrating hips, just a very tense body for a few seconds and thern all hell cuts loose. She's moaning, sobbing, groaning, and throwing her body every which way as the building and expectant orgasm overtakes her whole being. . In a few seconds she's saying ohmygod, ohmygod, I didn't think it would ever get here. I start to raise my self and put my hand on her pussy. Oh no, don't touch it, So I merely push my palm against her pussy and lean over and kiss her. She's still breathing hard but kisses me back with a passion, only I can know. I cradle her in my arms and she just lays there quietly coming back to the present.

Now, the gal in this topic is almost 60 yrso, and she's my wife.. She is still a hot tomatoe, nice looking and gets hit on by younger men frequently. We've been swingers for a long time and she says nobody can match me when it comes to oral love. Some guys have bigger dicks which she likes, and some guys are better dancers on the floor. But I take the brass ring for eating pussy. I've given this treatment to other women on occasion and have never had a complaint. I made a big mistake one time and ate a ladies pussy at a nudists convention outside. Everyone in that park knew what happened, or what might have happened. After that I was hit on by several other babes.


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