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Lover's Cabin

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Lover's Cabin

Snow was falling heavily outside the cabin. The log fire burning brightly, giving the only light inside, shadows flickering on the walls. It was the only cabin for miles around, and was their little hide-a-way from the rest of the world, in the middle of a deep forest. There was even a lake nearby where they would go skinny-dipping in the warmer, summer months. They had made it their love-nest. They would sometimes fuck like beasts, at their cabin and lake; at other times, enjoy sensual love-making. Just the two of them.

Nick watched his lover, sitting on the sheepskin rug, with a content smile on her lips. How he adored her ; her hair, her eyes, her whole body. Alisha's bathrobe slightly tied at the waist, just allowing a little of her breasts to show. He wanted so much to make sweet gentle love to her. Instead, he handed her a glass of wine, and rubbed her shoulders. He too, wore just a bathrobe.

He slid his hand inside her bathrobe, and carressed her breasts. As he did so, he left a trail of gentle kisses down her neck, causing her to moan slightly. She let her head fall back onto his shoulder and slid her hand under his robe, and lovingly fondled his big, semi-erect cock, feeling it grow harder in her hand.

She turned to face him, putting her arm round his neck and drew him in. She kissed him so softly on his lips. He whispered "Baby....", and slowly pushed open her bathrobe, exposing her breasts more. Nick sucked at one, then swirled his tongue across her hardening nipple. He knew she loved it, as a whimper left her soft lips.


Alisha slipped out of her bathrobe, and began to remove Nick's. She trailed her hand down his chest, stopping short of his now throbbing shaft. She looked into his eyes, and had a sparkle there. He knew what that meant - that she wanted all he could give.

She pulled him down to her on the rug, in front of the log fire, and kissed him passionately. Their hands touched and stroked each other's bodies, teasing the other. Nick's shaft, now fully erect, brushed against her thigh, and she spread her legs, wanting him to enter her wet snatch. He could make her wet with the slightest touch, or just a simple look or word.

"Nick , oh Master.", she murmured, "Take me." , and with that, he slipped between her open legs and in one swift movement, entered her. He fit inside her perfectly, and she wrapped her legs round his back, as he started to fuck his lover, with firm, steady even strokes. Each and every inch of his cock slipped in and out of her. She was already soaked, and she had yet to cum.


He took her breasts, one by one, into his mouth and teased her hard nipples. She bounced up to meet his thrusts, feeling herself reaching her first climax. "Oh god! Nick. Don't stop!", she cried out, her pussy making a squelching sound with every stroke of his big, thick cock. He rammed into her harder still, wanting to make his lover feel his love for her, driving deeper into her with every stroke. Suddenly, he stopped, pulled out and pulled her onto his lap, before sliding back into Alisha's almost dripping pussy.

As she slid down onto him, she gasped loudly and circled his neck with her arms, placing a passionate kiss, her tongue searching for his. He held her by the waist, and let her ride him. Nick could feel how close she was to releasing her love juice over his cock. The glow of the fire, made her look more beautifull and sexy. She carried on with her ride on her handsome lover, eagerly wanting him to pump her full of his thick, creamy fluid. She felt his cock twitching, knowing it would be soon before he would coat her pussy walls with his juices.

Just as she was about to cum, Nick raised his hands up to her breasts and held them. She felt herself letting go, as her juices began to flow down and over her Master's shaft. She threw her head back, and screamed, and slammed herself down harder and faster onto his cock. He pushed upwards with the same force, made her screams louder. His cock twitching more, before releasing his cum deep inside her.

They held each other for a few moments, their lips meeting, tongues playing with the other. He pulled away, and lifted his sweetheart off him, and lowered her back to the floor. He kissed and nibbled all down her body, until he reached her cum - filled cunt and began to eat and lick her swollen clit. She wriggled on the floor, feeling another climax already building. She placed her hands at the back of his head, and held him there. His apt tongue worked on bringing her off again, wanting her to cum on his face. He could feel her juices starting to flow. His tongue darted in and out, back and forth in her, lapping her cum, and listening to her moans and gasps of pure pleasure.


They changed postitons, so she was able to take his manhood into her mouth. She teased the head, flicked her tongue across it, before sliding her mouth ever so slowly over it. He moaned. God! he loved the way she made love to his cock with her mouth!

He lay back, letting her pleasure him, watching as her head bobbed up and down his meaty shaft. Up and down she went, changing her tempo. First she'd go slow, then speed up, then slowing down again. This, she knew, drove him crazy. His cock throbbed fiercely, close to spilling his load in her mouth and down her throat. She wanted it. His cum tasted so good. She grabbed at his balls, squeezing them. He jerked and his cum squirted forth like a fountain into her mouth. She took it all, swallowing each drop he gave.

Afterwards, they lay there, in each other's arms, content and fullfilled for now. They both knew that they would soon be making love again before the night was over.

By: Alisha

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