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Love me or leave me but spank me first

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He had just come home for his long weekend; I was so excited about having him all to myself for 4 long days. Tomorrow will be our anniversary I wonder what he has planned. Sam is a laid back guy, really hard worker, when he sets his mind to something he does it and nobody will change his mind. He does do surprises like Christmas or birthdays. He doesn?t get upset to easy, but when he does look out. He had been talking to an old girlfriend for a while and I was very jealous about her, in the beginning off the summer, I put a tracer on his computer and seen what Sam and her were talking about. I really got mad so than I blocked her from seeing him on line or him seeing her on line. He did end up finding out about it and changed it. If any other girl would have seen these chats they would have lost it, you don?t think someone would talk like that to another women or husband when he or she is married, it?s like after having sex with someone for years and then all of a sudden you see him doing the same moves and touching her the same way he touched you. Like it?s a routine, with every girl. I didn?t, I pretty much just said stop or I will take further action, I did tell her I would send the chats to her husband since I had started to chat with her husband and she knew that already, because he had already told her that he was talking to her old boyfriends wife he said. He is attorney, a divorce attorney at that. I never told Sam, that she had said on line that, she was coming home and wanted to see him. Things seem to start to cool off and he had told me he had told her they can?t talk like that no more and well that seem to cool off so I ended up taking the tracer off his computer.

She had got on chat and asked him if she could send him a message on his new email address? That?s when I also found out he had a new email address. I didn?t tell her it was I she was talking to.

Then last night she got on and said something that just got me the wrong way, so I put something on line and then I told him, that?s when I actually seen Sam get very mad. He literally threw something at me that is when I knew he was upset to say the least. I figured he would throw me over his knee and start whaling on me since we had just got into domestic discipline and he seemed to like it. He actually has only given me 1 spanking. I don?t know if it was practice or what. The next day he got in the shower and left for a doctor?s appointment and didn?t come home till around noon. I had started to notice lately he don?t kiss me anymore and I keep saying something but he don?t do anything about it. When I tried to text him and ask him when he is coming home/? He didn?t text back, so I tried again and still nothing. So then I called him and of course I got his voice mail. About 5 minutes later he called me back and said he was on his way home, that he was talking to his brother and couldn?t answer the phone. Sam got home about 10 minutes later, I said let?s talk, he said ok and before I could even tell him anything he had started yelling at me. I don?t know if I was able to get across what I wanted to say.

It?s been 3 hours and he hasn?t even said anything to me. It?s already been 3 days since he had sex with me. I didn?t really want to make it 4 days. I have been trying not to give myself a orgasm in the shower, thinking maybe he?ll notice it but not yet he hasn?t noticed.

Later in the afternoon he came in the house and said, ok I?ve cooled off and I?m not mad anymore but, that never happen. Around 4: oo pm he came in and told me to come in the bedroom, I went in there and I thought he would want to have sex, to up. He started to unsnap my pants button and then unzipped my pants and pulled them off. Sam unbuttoned my shirt and started sucking on my nipples making then extremely hard. He was twisting the other nipple and I started to get wet. He looked up and I started to kiss him and then he took my arm and pushed me on the bed; I thought this is really going to be great sex. I started to take my panties down and he said no leave them on. I started thinking how is he going to have sex with me with my panties on. He said climb on that pillow with your ass sticking up. So I did. The next thing I feel is a hard slap on my cheek. I turned and he said turn around this is going to hurt me more than you, you know why I?m doing this. A couple more slaps and then he pulled my panties down, started to rub my ass, I thought good it?s done, the last time he gave me a spanking I never felt so close to him ever. He would slap one cheek and then the other. Maybe 5 or 6 hits, I was so excited and uncomfortable and embarrassed all at the same time, he had never done this before and we were just talking about it. We hadn?t even said yes or no that we were going to start this life style. After he was done, he held me and said I love you. I could have sat in his lap for hours, I never felt so loved and so much respect for him ever in our marriage. I started to get up and he layed me down on my stomach and started rubbing my ass, sticking his fingers in my ass, stretching out my hole. I didn?t need any lubrication because I was already dripping wet, wanting him to fuck me hard, I wanted him to tell me open those legs so I can see how wet you are. I had closed my eyes and then all of a sudden I felt his hand on my ass cheek. I could feel my cheeks burning. He gave me 3 more slaps and then stuck his fingers in me; oh I see your really getting wet. My body was really liking this, if I knew this was going to happen I would have asked for a spanking a long time ago. All of a sudden he pulls his fingers out and started slapping again. He asked me do you know why I did this. I said yes. He said tell me why. I said because I got on your computer and put something on there. He said are you going to do this again? I said no. Are you going to respect me and my stuff from now on? I said yes. He pulled me up to his chest and just held me and said I love you Susan. This is not how I want our marriage to be I want you to obey me and listen to me when I say something I mean it. The next time you get into something of mine it will be worst, I won?t take over night to cool off I will grab your arm, turn you over my knee pull your panties down and not say anything just start spanking you till your ass is red, cherry red. Today was just a sample of what you will get. I sat there and couldn?t believe what just happen, this was not Sam, maybe he thinks I will remember this, the next time I go to mess with his computer.

He went into the kitchen and came back and said get back on that pillow I?m not done with you, get that ass up, he grabbed my waist and shoved his cock in to me, rubbing my burning ass at the same time. He kept pushing harder and harder. I started to say something and he said shut up I don?t want to hear you. Do you understand? I said yes. The next time you tease me like that again remember I will have sex with you when ever however I want and you?re not going to stop me. When you signed the paper and became my wife. Your body became mine too. He finished and got up and went out to the garage and started working on his race car. I was so tired by I knew I had better get up and fix his dinner before I gave him another reason to spank me.

After dinner we sat on the couch and watched some TV. I went and took a hot, bubble bath and then came in the living room and sat down. A few minutes later I said I?m going to bed and he looked at me and I said you want to go bed. He said yes, and got up and came in the bedroom. I layed on his chest. I asked him can I play with you he said I don?t care so I started to play and made him really hard. He started to play again with my nipples. Sam never play?s with both he always plays with one at a time like he can?t twist or suck on both. He said come suck me. I said I don?t want to and in that voice that you know you?d better move or else I got up and started to suck him. I started getting wet again and wanted him so bad to stick something in my pussy. I said will you play with me for a while? He said no get on top. So I got on top and as soon as his cock went in, I was having a orgasm right away. Usually when I?m cumin is when he twist my nipples, or pitches them at the same time. I must have comed 3 times and then I just fell back and he says, can?t handle it. I said yes I can, I?m just relaxing, he said rub my cock, rub it and put some love juice on my cock. I started to rub it and I said I ran out, I then moved closer to his hand so he could stick him fingers in there and get me wetter. He was pounding me, like I had never been pounded before. I reached down and put my fingers in there and got some love juice and started rubbing it on his cock up and down. He didn?t stop to take a break from pounding me, I said Sam, and you?re not going to be able to put your hand in there. He said yes I can, I thought to myself, he?s not going to try and put his huge hand in there? Is he? I said please Sam fuck me now please, I can?t stand it anymore. So he rolled me over and told me to put my ass up so he could really fuck me, I starting thing, wait a minute you said this before, and look where it got me spanked. Not that I didn?t enjoy it, it?s not like you can say hey honey will you spank me and put your fingers in every other swat? I put my ass up so he could see my juices dripping and then he went full force in my ass. I thought my ass was going to rip apart, and he kept pounding more and more, deeper and deeper. I started to come and as I did he pounded even harder. He got up and rolled on to his side and went to sleep. Sam again made me feel sexy and close to him. I do hope he wants to keep staying in charge, I love that I have to answer to him and if I don?t do what he wants. He gets to spank me or just fuck me whenever he wants. Sam has actually turned out to be a great discipliner. He just needs to give more spankings and maybe use a few fingers or maybe pound a vibrator in my ass, till I can?t stand it anymore.

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