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Loss of innocence

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She stood before him at the foot of the bed. He sat staring wide eyed at her body, a body he had longed for since he had missed the opportunity as her boyfriend in high school. Her white Capri pants, t shirt and bra were now strewn upon the hotel room floor. She stepped forward toward his trembling body. Cupping her hands behind his head, she pulled his face toward her body, he begun to kiss her warm flesh. Her hands swirled in his hair and then down to him bare shoulders.

His hands reached around her waist and were now cupping her tight ass cheeks, and playing with the satin ties on her blue lace brazilian panties. He held her body to his face, kissing and licking furiously. She leaned over him and crouched down to cuddle his head under her breasts, his onslaught continued as he rubbed his hands up and down her back tugging on her panties each on each down stroke as if he were being subtle about removing them.

It was clear to me now that she would go all the way. There was not likely anything that could stop them now and so for the first time in our marriage my wife was about to give herself to another man. She had dated him during her high school years and despite several opportunities he had never taken the chance to screw her. She was a hottie back then , as she is now. 5 foot six, gorgeous large breasts with quarter sized areaola and pencil eraser nipples. Her trip waist curved in and then swept out to form her hips. Her legs were always smooth and toned. Most often she had a small tuft of hair just above her smooth pussy. Her eyes are green and her lips full and luscious.

Somewhere, somehow, and unbeknownst to me, she had struck up a conversation with her past beau and now 25 years after she?d dumped him for a more exciting boy, she was meeting him at a hotel room, ?just for a few drinks and to catch up?, he?d told her.

I suspect that when she left the house that day, she had done some minor preparations that wouldn?t likely be necessary for a drink and conversation. Her legs were shaved and her pussy hair trimmed. Her matching bra and panty set were concealed by a tight pair of cotton Capri pants and a tight pink t shirt that fit snugly over her ample tits.

Her hair was done in tight curls and hung on her shoulders. Her eye makeup was just a little heavier and a lot sexier than usual. She had carefully chosen the most intoxicating elixir in her cabinet and sprayed it around her neck, in the valley between her tits and a shot on her panties.

When she arrived at his room, they embraced at the door and he asked her in. She stepped forward into the room and he handed her a glass of red wine. A meritage, just as she?d told him was her favourite during one of their late night email discussions. She sipped from the glass and looked at him over the rim, as he did the same. Then with a nervous giggle, he waved his hand toward the bed and offered her a seat. He pulled up the chair from the desk and swung it around straddling it and leaning on the back. She adjusted a few pillows and crossed her legs, sitting on the bedspread of the half rate hotel.

The whole scene seemed so absurd. She has a comfortable life where she doesn?t have to work, she lives in the lap of luxury with a nanny and a housekeeper, everything she could ask for including a family that loves her and a husband that adores her. They have a good relationship, they travel, go out and entertain regularly. She has class and she?s beautiful, and so is her husband. Who believes that flowers should be fresh weekly, because she?s worth it. Yet, here she is in a hotel room that cost less than the wine she?s used to drinking with a man who has done little to improve his status since high school except for a couple of ex wives and a few kids, and who, by all accounts may have been a mistake even back in high school. Something he had said or something she was needing had lead her right into this moment as they sat talking and sipping at their wine.

As the hour wore on and the bottle was getting low, she patted the bed beside her and nervously suggested that the bed was likely more comfortable than the chair he had been perched on, ?but don?t get any ideas?. He accepted the offer and positioned himself beside her on the bed. After a few more sips of his wine he chuckled, ?I never got this far in high school, so this is an improvement?, she looked at him, and took his glass, then twisted her body toward the bedside table and placed both glasses on the table. Then she twisted back toward him and leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

His lips parted and accepted her tongue as she explored his mouth, parting her own lips and sucking his into her mouth. They kissed for 20 or 30 seconds, propped awkwardly and twisting into one another. Neither wanted to shift in case it ended this glorious moment. Finally he slipped down the pillow flat on the bed and she leaned on his chest making out with him. The moment seemed to last forever, his hands were now exploring under her shirt for the clasp on her bra. She responded by sliding her hand down to the bulge in his jeans, squeezing her fingers around his small package. Then she moved her hand up under his shirt and played with the hair on his chest. Meanwhile he had found and released the clasp on her bra and her tits were now hanging free beneath her t shirt. Her nipples were taught.

He sighed deeply, sucking his belly in allowing access for her hand to slide under the waistband of his jeansand inside the elastic of his white boxers, down his belly and into the nest of pubic hair surrounding his chubby little cock. She grabbed for a handful of balls as if she were searching for more, but there wasn?t any more, he was just that small, though his balls were large and hard. They must have been full of come that had been building for weeks as he contemplated this night.

She kissed him passionately and massaged his balls, his hand rubbed over her back sliding down the sides of her breast from time to time cupping the in his palms. Then he tugged the t shirt up and over her head releasing her tits in front of his face. His eyes widened as he stared at them hanging there in front of him. The pale white mounds made his mouth water as he plunged forward to bury his face between them, kissing and sucking them into his mouth. She doesn?t like this, her breasts are very sensitive but not erogenous for her, but still he feasted on them because tonight he would use her body for his own satisfaction, and she would think she was being loved.

She was now leaning her body across his face as he lay flat on the bed, sucking the tits that were now pressed against his face. Here long fingers expertly massaged his bag and stretched his fully erect cock. Things were heating up and she wasn?t ready to be naked so she slid her head down to his lap and tugged open his button fly jeans. Again he sighed deeply. She pulled apart the flaps of his open jeans and gazed at his bulbous purple cockhead. A thick but stubby shaft with a circumcised head that was stretched and shiny as it gorged with pressure.

The whole episode seemed scripted, though poorly rehearsed. It was the very same step by step motions that she would go through with me, except I know what she likes and dislikes. She maneuvered herself around and over his body, touching, kissing jerking, rubbing and sucking just as she does with me, except, there was a nervousness, a clumsiness about the process.

The hurt and confusion that had held me stunned to this point were now giving way to a peculiar sensation of pride and arousal. My beautiful wife, who lacks adventure and self esteem despite having every reason to love herself as much as I love her, was now crouched over her lovers cock. Her white cotton capris and a pair of panties were all that she had on. Her marvellous white tits were resting on his hairy thigh. She jerked his cock with one hand and manipulated his balls with the other. With each stroke her head bobbed lower toward his cockhead, he could feel her warm breath as her mouth neared his meat. His hands were now rubbing the back of her head.

I had never known her to take charge in the bedroom. Tonight it was her who invited him to the bed, it was her who had made the first pass, she was the first to remove a piece of clothing and now she was about to suck his cock. She was going to take what she wanted, and she wanted to be loved. She wanted to reward him for making her feel good with his pathetic love letters, emails and phone calls. Telling her the very things that she wanted to hear, the things I suspect his own wife would love to hear as well. Whatever the state of confusion and unhappiness that lead them here, they had long forgotten anything and anyone outside of these four bland walls. He was about to experience what he?d missed out on all those years ago and she, well she was about to demonstrate her expert skills that until this night had been reserved for me.

Strangely, I had often wondered what this would be like, to have my wife pleasure another man. I doubt that I?d ever have been able to go through with it but in my fantasy, it wasn?t a secret crime of passion. I was involved, at least asked. This was not for me, this was for their own private pleasure.

Finally her head dropped onton his meat and her warm mouth opened. Her wet tongue slid across the head of his cock and tasted the precome at the tip of his dick. She cleaned it off with her tongue before taking his entire length into her mouth. I doubted that the tip of his cock even made it as far as her throat as she buried her nose in his nest of wirey pubes, trying to take it deeper. His hand rubed her naked back up and down her spine to the waistband of her pants. His finger flirted with the lacy panties that covered her round ass cheeks. There was groaning coming from his mouth and moaning and grunting from her, as she continued to suck him.

Then she stopped and smiled directly at him as he looked up to see why she?d stopped. ?I?ll be right back?, she stated as she hastily jumped off the bed, covering her swaying breasts with her hands and walking briskly toward the bathroom. He stood and removed his grungy cotton t shirt and removed his jeans, tossing them to the corner, and then clad only in his boxers, he laid back down and pulled them halfway down his thighs. His cock stood perched at full mast. It looked even smaller against his tubby gut, and flabby legs. It was clear that this guy liked his beer and leisure time more than he liked the gym.

She was only a few moments in the bathroom. She was likely moistening a face cloth with warm water and rubbing it between her legs, to ensure that she was fresh after the long drive this afternoon. She was always conscientious about being clean and she didn?t want to disappoint her lover. Clean and fresh, she re-entered the room to the sight of his mostly naked body stretched spread eagle on the queen sized bed. It was waning with his weight. It had likely witnessed many of these type of rendezvous?.

His hand went to his penis as she approached the bed, this time he covered himself, almost embarrassed at his minute stature, but she didn?t cover her breasts. She stopped at the foot of the bed and looked at him with a sexy look of near ecstacy. Then she tugged at the top button of her Capri pants and splayed them open as if to tempt him. Then she stopped and stood there. He sat up with his legs now bent over the end of the bed, his cock sticking straight out of his lap. He blinked silently as he waited for her to make the next move. There was an awkward moment of silence as each stared at the other waiting to see who would dare to make the next move.

She must have wondered why he couldn?t bring his trembling hands to undress her. Was he building tension before the next romp or was this a display of machismo, meant to draw her to him, so that she?d have to take him? It just seemed weak to me!

Then his hands moved to the fly of her Capri pants and pulled it down revealing the front of her pretty lace panties and the dark tuft of pussy hair that they covered. He moved his hands gently to her hips and slid the pants easily to the floor. ?That was easy?, he thought to himself. She flipped them off of her foot to the pile that consisted of her t shirt and bra and his sweaty T. His face was now just inches from her sweaty crotch. He must have been able to smell the sweetness of her perfume and the musty allure of her cunt. It was surely leaking her sweet juices by now.

I stopped the video tape and took a deep breath. Then I noticed the hardness in my pants, my own throbbing cock had been paying attention and while I was distracted by the pornographic surveillance tape featuring my wife as the star slut, my dick had chosen to remind me that this is, after all one of my own fantasy?s. Just not like this I told myself, as I stroked then 8 rigid inches of meat between my legs.

Part 2

I got off of my bed and went into the ensuite to smoke a joint before I resumed the film. My cock was aching and the pot quickly aroused my imagination. I need ed it at this point to calm myself, as I watched the action of my wife being taken by another man while she allowed him to use her body for his personal satisfaction. What was I about to see? How far would she take this? Would he come inside of her or over her tits? Would she swallow his come? The thoughts raced through my mind. The room was hot from the late July heat so I decided to slip out of my clothes. I locked the bedroom door and laid down on the fine cotton sheets of my bed. With one hand on my cock and the other on the remote, I pressed play, and then reached for the glass of scotch that was quickly melting from ?on the rocks? to a smoother blend, ?with water?. Perhaps my marriage was the same.

The action resumed. He kissed her navel gently nuzzling, kissing and inhaling her sent. His lips moved down toward her panties, he wanted to taste her and was making his move, hope to get his tongue beneath the wet folds of her pussy. As his mouth approached the waistband, his tongue, slithered across her abdomen from the left pelvic bone, across the top of her panties to the right pelvic bone. Just beneath her navel his tongue ran through the patch of pussy hair that she kept above her bald snatch. As much as she loved having her cunt devoured, I doubted she?d let him on their first rendez vous. She shoved him playfully onto his back and then stepped forward between his legs, she stepped up onto the bed, knealing over him and mounting his lap. She ground herself onto him feeling his stiffness through her panties, against her ass cheeks. His chubby little cock poked at the crack of her ass. Then leaning forward over him, her tits flopped forwards and dangled above his chin, she lowered her mouth onto his and kissed him deeply again. The lace fabric of her panties stretched across the crack of her ass, I could see the pale lobes of her butt through them. As she leaned forward to kiss him her ass lifted off of him and I could see the crotch of her panties now separating the lips of her moist pussy. His body trembled beneath her, she continued to suck his lips and tongue into her mouth.

Then in his first attempt all night at taking control of the moment, he rolled her off of his body and onto her back, and then rolled up beside her, one leg straddled over her thighs, a hand full of her creamy white tit, and his mouth full with her plunging tongue. He nuzzled his nose into the nape of her neck and nibbled at her ear lobe, kissing behind her neck. His hand released the grip he had on her tit and slid down to the damp slit between her legs. She allowed him to work a finger beneath the fabric, and into the folds of her cunt. He dipped a single finger slowly into her and felt her wetness.

She paused for a moment and whispered in his ear, something like ?do you want to make love to me ?? or perhaps a more demanding, ?I want you to take me now?, whatever her choice of words, his idiotic response bellowed, ?fuck ya!!? and she giggled, like she might have done when she was 17. He wasted no time in positioning himself between her raised legs. He kicked the boxers off over his ankles and kneeling between her legs her surveyed her pale smooth skin, her breasts spread flat over her chest, heaving with every breath. He reached forward and with a hand on either side, he slid the waist of her panties down just an inch so that the top of her pubic hair was showing. She lifted her hips off the bed to assist in the removal of her panties, and then waited for him to pull them down over her legs. But his hands retreated to her knees. She looked confused, maybe worried that he was having second thoughts.

?Oh for crying out loud, fuck her you idiot? I thought to myself. My cock was now raging and full of come. For whatever the hell she saw in him, he had her squirming and hot, and now it looked like he might not be man enough after all.

He leaned forward and kissed her tit and then straightened up and tugged them down another inch or so, he was trying to be coy. It was his attempt at teasing her. She folded her hands behind her head, opening herself to him and then spread her legs apart giving him a clear view of the sopping pussy that awaited his arrival, just beneath the see through panties. He stopped again, and rubbed his cock as if he were going to jerk himself over her waiting body. She closed her eyes and raised her hips again, inviting him to remove them all the way. This time he pulled them all the way up to her knees, which hand now been brought together so as not to stretch the pretty panties that I favoured so much.

With her knees together and in the air she now took over the task and slid her soaking panties over her ankles, her twat gaping in front of him. She flung the panties to the floor and reached for him pulling his weight onto her body. He arched his back and pushed his cock into her mound. His hips gyrated, as if his cock was searching for her honey hole. Then he laid down onto her and continued to massage her tits, kissing at her warm flesh. She seemed to be getting impatient, it was clear that she wanted him to fuck her but he was delaying. He dry humped her thigh, and pressed his own high against her dampness giving her something to press her clit against and hump him back.

I took a sip of my scotch and waited eagerly to see the penetration. I was now wanting her to enjoy whatever pleasure that she was seeking. I longed to have her beside me at that moment to explain the details, or just to suck my cock while I watched her perform her sexual desires on this man.

He slid back between her legs again, leaving a trail of warm sticky pre come from the tip of his dick to the opening of her snatch. She grabbed at the head of his penis and guided into her warm welcoming box. He grunted and crammed it in, jolted her body forward on the bed. She lifted her legs and wrapped around his waist to allow his small cock better access. He plowed hard into her driving the breath from her each time he hammered himself into her. She grabbed the back of his head and pressed his face to her neck again, her head flailed from side to side eventually resting to the right side gazing into the top corner of the room. His hands met hers behind her head and under the pillow and her held them there as he continued to crash his body against hers. She panted and between breaths grunted ?oh yeah? to the rhythm of his thrusts.

Then he suddenly raised himself up on his knees again. He grabbed her raised legs, pulled her towards his cock, pushing the head back into the opening of her pussy. His cock pulsed one, two three and then four shot of hot come into her. Her pussy was pulsing as it accepted his orgasm. He hadn?t finished shooting his wad into her when the first shots began to leak out around his cock head. The angle of the camera gave me a great view. The PI that had been filming this action must have forgotten his purpose and was now entranced in the action himself. The camera zoomed in, to provide a side view of her with her legs raised up and wrapped around his waist. His cock still between her lips which were now leaking fresh come over her pussy lips, and dripping down to her asshole and onto the cheap bed sheets. She seemed relieved that she had made him come, but she didn?t seem to have done the same herself. He rolled off of her and laid, spent, beside her on the bed.

She waited a moment or two allowing the come to drizzle down between her cheeks, her spasming pussy squeezing it out as though it didn?t belong there. She reached over one hand and gave his cock a playful squeeze, it wasn?t limp. I wondered if she was satisfied or if the conquest was simply to make him come, a power trip perhaps.

He tried again to get between her legs, kissing the mound and playing with her pubic hair but she again rejected his attempts and pulled him to her for another full kiss. Then she left him there alone on the bed, and walked entirely nude across the room, glancing at the part in the curtains on her way to the wash room.

He had also noticed the part in the curtains but since neither of them lived in this piece of shit town, no-one would know that they were both cheating on their loving spouses at home.

In the wash room she ran the tap in the sink and straddled the cold bowl of the toilet and drained the last of his come from inside her vagina. It streamed out of her and into the water, finally a glob of his goo, slid out in one lump. She wiped the sticky remainder from her lips with toilet paper and then washed her hands, contemplating what to do next.

Watching his jizz draining from her box and onto the bed had brought me to climax and I shot my own steaming wad onto my chest and my hand. My pulsing cock was drained and going limp but I felt like I had more. The tape was only half over, so I knew she wasn?t finished either.

For the next 2 hours they laid embracing in bed in their underwear drinking wine and discussing the good old days, in high school, when they had nothing, and no responsibilities or anyone to take care of. They had no commitments. She thought she might be in love with him, but I could see that he was in love with the next lay, regardless of who it was. I wondered why they hadn?t used protection and if he does this sort of thing often. I doubted that she had done it ever before, but he seemed like just the type of scuzzball that could only value himself based on the number of ?other men?s wives? he?d fucked. ?Low class jerk off?, I thought to myself.

If she was going to do this, it should have at least been with someone who valued her for what she is to me, and treated her to a nice dinner, showed some class, spent some money on a nice hotel room. Perhaps he?d have been well hung and good looking, a romantic, who would sweep her off her feet and make love to her for a night or two and then send her back home to her family. That would have been easier to accept than this low class dick who was looking for someone to make himself feel like a man. I wanted to punch him in the head and then tell him what he should have done. She had blown her innocence on a hasty night in a cheap hotel. She?s worth so much more. But still, this is what she wanted.

After a few hours, she again rolled onto him and straddled him. Smiling she announced that she wasn?t planning on returning home that night as she had arranged an alibi and it was her intent to make up for lost time. She told him that she wanted to only think of her, even when he was back in his own bed with his own wife, and she planned to ensure that by ?fucking his brains out again?, ?how does that sound, does that make the trip worth it? she said. Again, his lack of intellect stunned me as he grinned and blurted, ?fuck ya?!!

She pulled his white boxer off again stopping to kiss the head of his stiffening cock. This time she could taste the dried juices of her pussy on his cock. Then she straightend her body and pulled her panties off again, and straddled his cock, taking it all as she sat upon it. This would give her better control and ensure that she had all of his length inside of her. She gyrated and mashed her clit against his pubic bone. Her body rocked back and forth on top of him. She swung her hair over her should and rode him grinding his meat into her pussy. She steadied her body over him, pressing her hands into his chest. I watched as her ass cheeks moved up and down slapping on his thighs as she tried to take his minimal meat into her. Apparently it was big enough. She began to moan loudly collapsing onto his chest. Her tits pressed flat against him and she raised her ass and then slammed it down on his cock, at full penetration she ground herself onto him and brought herself to orgasm.

This time a clear stream of fluid ran down his shaft and onto his ball sack. It was not as thick as his cum had been before and I knew that this time it was her wet pussy that was leaking all over his balls and onto the bed. The wirey hair that nearly concealed his erect cock was matted in her juices. She lifted herself off of him. As his cock withdrew he shot a small wad of cum straight in the air. It hit her right on the belly and ran down into the tuft of hair.

The camera stopped and there was blackness for a moment and then the film resumed again, this time with night vision equipment to assist. The time on the camera read 1:32am. They must have been sleeping. Midway through the night, she had broken the embrace and gone down on him again. She sucked him back to hardness and woke him in the process. This time she sucked hard, playing with his balls and sucking on his knob. His hands were now reaching beneath her panties and he was playing with her clit and fingering her twat. On her side, leaning over his leg to suck his cock, she raised one leg to give hive access to her cunt. He slid two fingers into her and plowed deeply. His fingers were longer than his dick, so she was feeling more fulfilled this time. She was getting into it and nearing orgasm, when he shot his creamy load into her mouth. Engrossed in her own pleasure, she didn?t stop and did what I have always wanted her to do, but she seldom does. She gobbled his come sucking every last drop into her mouth and down her throat. Then she bucked wildly crying out as she squeezed her legs around his arm and fucked his fingers fully, leaving his hand wet with her cum. The eeriness of the green tinted night vision camera and their glowing eyes faded out to black and then there was nothing.

My cock stiffened again as the tape continued. Fading back into what was now daylight again. They were both naked and wet, and were getting dressed. The camera now read 7:51 am. It was clear to me that they had just been in the shower together.

I closed my eyes and listed to the rustling sounds from the video as they got dressed, every now and then I?d open an eye to see her naked body as she pulled on her sexy bra and panties. He was also watching, sitting there naked on the bed.

I imagined the scene inside the shower. She had likely washed her snatch in the warm stream of the shower, soaping it and rubbing her hand between her legs. He was probably standing behind her, his cock poking at her ass while he soaped and rubbed his hands over her tits. Then she turned and fell to her knees and sucked him one more time, this time allowing him to shoot his come onto her tits. It ran between them forming a sticky goo as it congealed in the water. She stood and allowed him to wash her breasts of with one hand and finger fuck her with the other. She leaned back against the shower wall. He pumped her with his hand until she faked another orgasm. They kissed in the warm water for a few minutes and then turned off the taps and stepped out of the shower. The prick reached for the biggest towel and wrapped himself in it letting her fend for herself. She didn?t really notice the lack of chivalry though. She grabbed a towel and wrapped it across her breasts, her cold nipples stood so strong it was as if they were holding the towel up.

My cock was still hard and I was jerking it furiously trying to get a second load off before the film had ended. The imagery that I had conjured wasn?t enough but as I opened my eyes, and watched some more, the closing scene was all it took. He stood behind her and cupped her tits, he kissed her neck, and slid a hand down the front of her panties. His cock pressed against her ass and her whispered to her, ?next time I want some of this? and he pumped his hips forward poking his cock into her butt. She turned toward the desk, placed her hands on it and splayed her legs apart. He moved behind her and tugged her panties half way down her thigh, exposing her sweet round ass. He began to fuck her ass cheeks. His short cock didn?t make it to her asshole, but I?m sure it felt good for him, as he got faster and more desparate to cum, she bent further forward opening herself for him again, he thrust forward and managed to get his dick to the opening of her cunt before he shot a single weak wad at her pussy lips. Then he pulled then panties back up, covering the mess he?d made between her legs. The warm cum that wasn?t trapped in the crotch of her panties was running down her leg. He turned to get dressed. She rubbed a hand across her box to help the fabric soak up his seed and then pulled on her Capri pants.

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