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Long Time Coming (A New Me!!)

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I am now a certified slave for sex. I am 43 years old have been married for 24 years to a wonderful man who always has sex on his mind. We have successfully raised 3 kids and are now starting to enjoy our time together. I have a very nice figure that was made almost perfect by a boob job 10 years ago. I am 5?7? 117lbs with a 34D 23 35 shape. I have never had a problem arousing my husband as he is always ready to pound me to an orgasm. Our sex life when the kids were growing up was very conservative, based on my strict upbringing. I did not really enjoy sex much, I was always afraid the kids would hear us. My husband has always been very vocal during sex, it helped me achieve climax when he would say things during sex, I would always have my eyes closed and imagine what he was saying. About 10 years ago after my boob job he started talking about all the men who had been staring at me whenever we would go out. I never really thought men were looking at me, but when he started mentioning these events as he was fucking me it was a guaranteed orgasm on my part with my eyes closed and my mind floating. I have always dressed to show my figure, my husband always called my choice of clothes seductive and he would always tell me that the other guys will be watching and wanting to take me home, but it was him I was going with and him I was going to fuck tonight.

My husband has always masturbated just about everyday. During the past 10 years he has even brought his sexy magazines home and keeps them in his nightstand. His favorite mag is Penthouse Letters. Especially the issues that feature naughty wives and the things they do. He has never told me any of this, but I can tell he often has fantasies of me fucking a stranger. I know this because of his very vocal description of other men and their cocks while fucking me. We both have much stronger orgasms when he is describing what that guy wanted to do to me. This was all I needed as far as extra-marital sex until by accident six months ago; I became a slut for sex, wanting more and more each day. I have been unfaithful, but my love for my husband has grown because of my new found sexuality. I am retelling this story so when he reads this on the website he will be able to put two and two together and help me and my new found joy.

The new me started in early spring, I have always been a stay at home mom. With our youngest in college and moved away (10 miles)I have the house to my self. I was running errands in the early morning so I could get home to lay out by the pool before it got too hot. I like an all over tan and when it started to warm up (we live in Phoenix AZ.), On my way home I noticed a very young and good looking telephone repair man climbing a pole down the street from our house. My mind immediately went to Saturday night as my husband was fucking me he was commenting on how the cable T.V. repairman was watching me. I was daydreaming and grabbed a towel and book and went to lay out in my backyard by the pool. I had been out by the pool for about an hour when I fell asleep and was dreaming, my dreams are very descriptive and in this one I was a princess being rescued by a naked knight in shining armor. In my dream he whisks me away and my arms are wrapped around his rock hard abs holding on for dear life. After he has secured our getaway he stops by a stream to offer me water. Only I prefer to drink from a fountain, his. I move aside the shining armor and my lips are on his manhood in an instant his cock is as hard as his nice pecs. I am sucking his cock as his reward for rescuing me from an unknown certain danger. He is very thankful for my gift and soon I am rewarded with his powerful eruption into my wanting mouth. He then helps me to my feet and leads me to where he has spread out a blanket. He lays me down and proceeds to remove my dress and is soon buried in my crotch enjoying my body and bringing me to climax after climax and when he comes up for air his cock is hard and ready to fuck me. His cock is perfect form fitting and has me stuffed completely before he starts to rock back and forth with his but flexing and using his hips to thrust into my body. This brings me to more huge orgasms and I am soon wrapping my legs around his waist as he continues to pound into my body. He has remained wordless the entire time even as I am screaming thru my climaxes. He just keeps fucking me harder and harder until I feel his ass cheeks stiffen and stop and feel his very big load of cum hitting the back walls of my vagina in rapid fire spurts. All of the sudden one of our dogs started barking and I woke up with my hand in my cunt fingering myself with my nipples aching from being so erect from my dream. When I had gathered my self I heard a knock on the gate. I wrapped my towel around myself and went over to see the telephone repair guy smiling at me, he had his shirt off and he looked so fine. I asked if I could help him and he said that my dream made him unable to work while on his pole. I was caught and spied on at the same time. He apologized for watching, but said I was so sexy that he had to climb off the pole or risk hurting himself. He then told me how he especially liked watching me lick my own nipples with my long tongue. ?I did not I told him? ?Yes you did and it about knocked me off my pole? I blushed and looked down only to see his hard cock trying to escape from his jeans. From the bulge in his jeans I had him really excited. I was again daydreaming to when my husband has always said that other men might want to fuck me. I realized this when he asked if I would mind taking my show inside (I thought he was propositioning me) Then he added so he could finish his work. My legs gave way for a brief second and when he reached to help me He accidentally grabbed hold of my towel and it came undone exposing my rock hard nipples. I was beyond reality and asked him if he wanted to come in for a cool drink, knowing I was going to seduce this fine young man. I never replaced the towel over my boobs and had it only wrapped around my waist. As we walked in to my kitchen my rotwieler startled him and he bumped into my ass. I felt his still hard cock for a brief second and could not wait any longer after handing him a cold glass if tea I put my hand on his jeans over his hard cock and asked him if my show was what caused this. He said the show and my beautiful tits. I told him I would love to see his manhood and he pulled the button on his jeans and the zipper down so fast and said ?I thought you?d never ask?. His cock was perfect and very erect I put my hand on it and it jumped. I asked if I could suck it and he told me he would like that very much. I sat him at my dining room table and was on my knees licking the head of his beautiful hard cock. I swirled my tongue around his head to taste his pre-cum. Then I had an idea I took my hand and squeezed his cock so I could get another drop of his pre-cum and licked it up and held it on my tongue while he watched I brought a nipple to my mouth and transferred his pre-cum to my nipple. He went wild for this and told me to keep suckig his cock and he would give so much more for my hot tits. He wasn?t kidding, within five minutes he shot so much cum in my mouth that I could not swallow it all and just pulled off his still spurting cock aimed it at my tits. He had a few more ropes left for my tits and when he was thru he took his cock and smeared his cum in my tits. He thanked me and said it was his turn to please me. He picked me up and laid me on top od my dining room table and went down on my wet cunt and within 2 minutes I was having my very first orgasm from someone other than my husband. It felt so good and so bad at the same time. My mind was feeling guilty but my body was thrusting against his face for more and he did not disappoint bringing me to 3 more raped fire climaxes before he stood up and started to feed my cunt his hard cock. Once again for a second guilt came over me, until I felt his cock hit the back of my vagina, sending me to another orgasm. I have had five orgasms with this young stud in under an hour. My husband is very good in bed and I have never had sex like this before. It had to be the danger of it all. Whatever it was I loved it and he was pounding me harder and harder as I kept yelling for him to fuck me harder. I did not think he was ever going to cum; he just kept on fucking me and playing with my tits. After my umpteenth climax I decided to tease him a bit and pulled my tit up to my mouth and liked my nipple while I stared at his sweating face. That did it he emptied a huge load of cum in side my body triggering another wave of orgasms from him. We both lay silent for a few minutes when I felt him grow again inside of me, he was ready to fuck again. I was sure up for it and led him to the guest room by holding onto his cock. I climbed on the bed and was on my hands and knees as he fucked me doggie style and had both his hands on my tits and nipples for about 30 minutes with my constant yelling for him to fuck me with you hot cock and to pound my cunt with your young cock. I was begging him to fill my body with his cum and I finally was rewarded as he pulled my body against his cock and held my body with his cock impaled as he exploded inside of me. This was too much for my mind to absorb and I passed out from the pleasure for a few seconds. When I got up off the bed my cunt was leaking so much cum that I needed my towel to soak up the puddle forming below me. He thanked me for making his day. I told him my name and said if you?re ever around during the day again please stop by. When my husband got home that night I fucked him three times before we passed out in bed. He asked me who stopped by today and made me so horny. Tom the repairman has been back three times a week since and even brought a friend along once and we had nonstop wild sex for four hours, with them leaving as my husband came home. I have also seduced the pizza delivery boy and the bellman at a nice resort while my husband was golfing. I want to tell him about my new found ability to attract men who find my body to their liking as my husband has said all along. Now as we are fucking I am vocal as he is describing the studs that he wants to fuck me. One day soon I?m going to point to a man on the street and ask him if he would be alright to bring home and fuck. It may be Tom, but I really want it to be someone off the street or in a bar or hotel or football game or well you get the picture.

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