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Long Haul Flight

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Im a European guy who lives in Asia, and has to travel long haul from the Philippines and UK or the States on a regular basis. To be honest I hate it, but needs must, and as if to compound my distaste from travel, I ended up in economy after booking a business flight, as there was some error and they had over booked or something. Anyway the airline promised a whole load of upgrades in the future to placate me, but the end result was I was going to be in cattle class for the next 15 hours. Im 6'3" tall and they frankly dont make seats in economy for people my size, but I was pleasantly surprised when a very cute chinese girl sat next to me on the isle seat. She must have been about mid 20's, slim, and about 5'6" tall. She wore a pleated skirt that hovered about 2-3" above the knee with a tight little white blouse, with a darker coloured bra underneath. She smiled sweetly when she sat down, and I thought that maybe the day was looking up after all. I had been waiting for the 275 pound guy to come and sit next to me just to make this complete.

About an hour into the flight the cabin lights had been dimmed and I could see and hear people pulling blankets over and falling asleep. This seemed like a good idea and I also pushed my seat back and did the same. After a little while I awoke to find my cute fellow passenger with her head on my shoulder under her blanket sleeping. I decided not to disturb her but upon reaching for a magazine woke her anyway, and she looked embarassed and apologised. I told her it was perfectly ok, and we talked quielty for a while. She mentioned that she had broken up with her boyfriend and was going away for a break to get over the whole thing. I was listening, well trying, but couldnt help but notice the long slender legs that ocassionally slipped out from under the blanket as she had kind of pulled them up onto the seat. Her skirt in the position had ridden up and Im sure she must had noticed me looking, and after a while didnt bother to cover them up. The chat drifted and we both sat back and I started to doze, and felt her head on my shoulder. She looked up and smiled. She had curled up on the seat a little and pulled her blanket up to her neck. One her hands was holding onto my arm as she neslted in. We had pulled the arm rest between us up a while back and as she moved in my right hand brushed her leg under the blanket, I pulled my hand back and felt her hand run down my arm and taking my hand guide it onto her thigh. I gently began to stroke her soft skin with the tips of my fingers running up the outside of her thigh, I could fell her responding by moving in closer and making a little cooing sound of approval. I moved my hand back down and felt her move her leg to allow me access to her inner thighs. She opened them just enough under the blanket to allow me access, my hand moved up till I could feel her panties and I ran my finger gently feeling her pussy lips through the soft cotton fabric.. She squeezed me arms, and said 'mmm' softly. I felt her move around a little before realizing she had slid her panties down her legs in one swift motion. With no hesitation I ran my finger down her smooth lips, she was perfectly shaved. Opening her legs open a little more for me I parted her lips with my fingers and felt how wet she had become. I located her clit and gently ran my finger round in slow circles at first, occassionally brushing her now hardended clit. She gave a little jump of pleasure as I clearly hit the spot and pulled in even tighter to me gripping my arms and moaning into the blanket that covered us. I was dying to to see this little pussy that felt so good but that was hidden from me. She was now very wet and I managed to slip a finger into her. She was hot and her hole tight. She must have cum as soon as I did this, feeling her shudder and shake a little with a low moan, that had me looking around the plane to see if anyone had noticed. No one stirred and I carried on. I could feel my cock stiffening and wetting the front of my pants with pre-cum as I brought her to another orgasm. I pulled my hand away for a second to adjust my own position which was becoming uncomfortable as my hard prick strained against my pants. As I did I felt her hand under the blanket rest on my crotch. She roughly ran her hand across the front of my fly and gave my cock a little squeeze thru the material, then locating the fly pulled it down and deftly open my belt and button as I looked around making sure we had not stirred any of the passengers or cabin crew.

Her hand went under the band of my boxer shorts and she pulled my hard length out. I watched her as she looked over her shoulder then pulled the blanket up a little so she could look at my cock. She looked up at me and whispered 'nice' and then continued to explore its length and my balls, which she cupped and it felt like she was weighing. Giving them a little squeeze I felt her hand then grip me hard and slowly stroke me at first. After a few minutes she gripped me harder and her stroke quickened. After a few more strokes I could feel that it wasnt going to be long before I was coming. She looked up at me as I jerked a little as it got closer and she asked if I was close, I nodded. She then looked around a little before pulled the balnket over her head. I felt her warm mouth over the head of my cock and her tongue licking me as her hand speed quickened. A few seconds later I was cumming into her mouth, her hand keep pulling at my cock till every last drop had been expelled.. She pulled her head out from under the cover and smiled at me, before getting up and going off to the toilet.

Over the course of the flight we had each other cuming a few times more under that blanket, then got off and I never saw her again.......

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