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Long Distance Phone Call

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Dear Diary,

My God, I don't even know where to start with what happened tonight. Jeremy has been out of town on business for 3 days. I miss him sooo much, but he did the most amazing thing tonight that I never would've expected in....a million years. I still can't believe it happened. My body is so worn in ecstacy that I can barely write, but I had to write it now while I can still remember every...single...detail. Ooooo, I almost cum again just thinking about it. That man is something else.

We've been together for four years, and we've always had a lot of time together and really amazing sex. But eversince he got his promotion 3 months ago he has to go out of town a lot. We both love each other so much and I know he'd never cheat on me; and I'd never cheat either. It's hard not having him every night like I'm used to though. He works my body in such fantastic ways. But it's more than just his hands, his lips, his tongue, and ofcourse his dick; he makes love to my soul. We connect on a level that transcends skin and bones. I love him so much. Sex isn't just sex with him, it's spiritual. He fucks my mind and my spirit and my body. Every night, even when we're so tired from work, atleast once we have to have each other. On the days when one of us (usually me) just can't it's enough just to be in his arms with him holding me. It's so hard to be alone in our bed when he's away. But we developed a little tradition for when he's gone that led to the crazy night I had tonight.

We started having phone sex on his second trip out of town when he went to Boston for a week. I was so fucking horny when I called him that night that I just started talking really dirty. He got turned on and started talking back. Before I knew it my panties were off and my fingers were working my clit like mad. His voice was so sexy, and I came hard as hell. We talked about all the nasty things we'd do to each other if we were there. I told him how I wanted his dick in my mouth, all of it down my throat. He loves it when I take it all the way down then stick out my tongue and lick his balls. Two minutes and I can make him blow his load down my throat everytime. I hated giving head before I met him, and I'd bite a guys dick off for cumming in my mouth if I did suck him. But he's different. We go to whatever distance possible to please eachother. And tonight he didn't go the extra mile for me... he went 50! But that night, the first night we had phone sex it was like nothing we'd ever done before. It was all imagination. We did things in our fantasy phone world that we'd never even done in real life. But we did a lot of it once he got back from that trip. Every since then our phone sex escapades have grown wilder and wilder. It's no substitute for the real thing, but sometimes it's a whole different dynamic altogether. We get on a different level on the phone. Our words have to do all the things that our bodies usually do and I must say, we're getting pretty good at it.

Well, I need to get to what happened tonight. Jeremy is in Miami. It's Friday night, and I just knew he was going to find some great club to go to with his co-workers. I was really surprised when the phone rang at 7 and he was on the other end.

"Hey, baby." No sooner had the words left his lips than mine got wet. I hadn't realized how anxious I was about him being out until I knew he wasn't. "I called because I'm horny as hell and I've been trying to hide a hard-on all day thinking about you." His hard-ons are not easy to hide.

"What are you going to do about it?" I responded coyly.

"I'm going to fuck you until you can't stand up straight." The words rolled of his tongue like he'd been rehearsing them all day. Combined with the sound of his barritone voice on the receiver they got me hot really quick. "Go in our room, put on that white silk lingerie set I like. The one with the lavender lace trim. When you're done go in the living room and put me on the speaker phone by the couch," he instructed me with a marked authority. Being ordered around was against my nature, but I knew following his instructions would be good for me so I did as I was told.

I was in only my bathrobe as I usually am after I get home from work and shower. I love the way the terrycloth feels on my freshly cleaned and lotioned skin. It didn't take long to shed it and put on the set he'd requested, or I should say "demanded." He'd gotten it for me on a trip to New York two months ago from some big time lingerie designer. He refuses to this day to tell me how much he spent on it. He just says, "I'd pay the same amount all over again everytime I get to see you in it." I watched myself in the full length mirror that sits in the corner of our room by the door as I slipped on the thong panties over my clean shaven pussy. He likes a "landing strip," but I think it feels better bald, so that's how I keep it when he's away. I noticed that my nipples were sticking out just a little from the anticipation of what he had in store for me as I sliped on the bra. The clasp fastens in the front. I'm sure that had something to do with it's purchase. I took a second to admire myself--I do look damn good in that set-- then I realized that he was still waiting for me on the phone.

"Ok, you're on speaker."


Just then the doorbell rang.

"Go answer it." he commanded.

"I'm in my underwear! I'm not answering the door!" I protested.

"Go answer it. Just like you are." He said again.

I got excited. He'd come home early from his business trip to surprise me! I was going to open the door and he was going to take me into his arms. He was going to kiss me passionately and carry me to our bedroom and fuck me senseless. I was so giddy that I ran to the door on my tip toes like a 5 year old. Not thinking of anyone on the street that may've seen me I flung the door open....and immediately froze, eyes and mouth wide open.

The man looking back at me was not my Man back from business to ravish me. The man looking back at me was my former co-worker, Xavier Parker. Xavier, which he pronouces as if it's spelled with a "Z," is absolutely fucking gorgeous. When we worked together two years ago I was always feeling guilty for the fantasies about him I had to surpress. God created that man from scratch. His height, his hair, his eyes, his body, just perfection. He was the subject of hundreds of lunch and breaktime conversations among the women at the company. The first week he started he was responsible for three injuries caused by women losing focus to stare.

I was startled by Jeremy's voice behind me from the phone, "Invite him in."

"What the hell is going on?" I asked, not really sure which one of them I was asking. Xavier only looked at me from his fantastic eyes, but said nothing. Ummmmm, that man's lips! My man is handsome in his own right, but Xavier is a child of the gods.

"Xavier, will be playing the part of me this evening. He will say nothing. He will only do to you what I describe myself as doing to you." Jeremy explained.

"I'm not sure ab-" I began.

"I've just arrived home from a long trip," Jeremy interrupted me. "I've got on my light gray slacks and a black shirt." His description matched what Xavier wore infront of me. I was not too shocked to notice how well the clothing fit him. Jeremy continued, "When you open the door to greet me I take you into my strong arms and kiss you deeply." As he said the words Xavier acted them out. My first reaction was to resist and I put my forearms to his chest. After a few seconds in his arms and the smell of his cologne (the same that Jeremy wears) my resistence melted away and I gave in to the kiss. Fuck! I couldn't believe what I was doing! I was kissing another man, something I hadn't done in over 4 years, and I was doing it not only with my man's permission, but with his instruction. Kissing Xavier was out of this world. He navagated my lips expertly with his. They felt even better than they looked.

"I push you back and close the door behind us. I lift you and carry you to the couch where I set you down gently. I step back and start to sensually unbutton my shirt as you watch intently." Watch intently?! Was he kidding? My eyes were plotting escape from my head just to get closer. I'd never seen Xavier without a shirt, but I'd imagined it a few times. Not even in my imagination did I see what stood before me as the cloth slid from his arms. "I pick up the stereo remote and click it on. I select CD 4 and press play. As your favorite slow song starts to play I move my hips to the music. Do you like that?" I missed my cue to speak.

"Baby? You with me?"

"I, uh, yeah...I'm here. I'" I stammered.

"Do you like the way I move to your song?"

"Uh huh" was all I could manage as I watched Xavier sway infront of me. His movements were smooth as his skin. His abs contracted slightly everytime he switched his feet to the rhythm of the music. My baby's voice on the phone, my favorite song on the stereo, and this piece of art in front of me were almost a sensory overload. I almost felt faint. But I would be damned if I was going to pass out on this.

"I kick off my shoes and socks and slide off my pants." Then he paused just long enough for Xavier to complete the actions. Had they rehearsed this?

"I come over to the couch and lay my body over yours. I kiss you deeply. I take both your hands in mine and hold them over your head with my right arm while I kiss your neck, and your ears...your forehead and chin. I run my tongue along your braline." I nearly exploded! Xavier's touch... his skin on mine... it was electric. But it was more. In my mind I was having Jeremy too. It's like they were both doing the exact same thing to me at the same time. It was almost too much. A deep moan escaped my throat.

"You like that, do you? Next, I release your hands and let mine slide down your arms over your breasts and your stomach. I place my left forearm under you, on your back, and put my right hand behind your neck. I lift you with my strong arms and make you straddle me as I sit on the couch." My pussy came in direct contact with a very erect Xavier, Jr. "You feel how hard my dick is don't you?" Xavier looked directly into my eyes and gave me an expression that matched Jeremy's question. "You want to feel that deep inside your tight, wet pussy?" Xavier's hands were on my hips and he pushed me down as he elevated his hips slightly and rotated his dick into my crotch. "Answer me!" Jeremy demanded as Xavier's expression hardened, "You want this dick, don't you?"

"Yes, baby, yes, I want it."

His expression became soft and seductive again, "Good."

"You know much I love your tits; undo that bra and put one in my mouth." I was more than a little self conscious about a man whom I hadn't seen in 6 months seeing me topless and I hesitated. Jeremy seemed somehow to know. "What are you waiting for? Are you being shy around me?" I reached up with my right hand and used my middle and forefinger to undo the clasp. The bra snapped open revealing my breasts which sported very, very hard nipples. "Oooo, yeah, there they are," commented Jeremy. Xavier's reaction was genuine. His eyes opened larger than normal and his mouth dropped slightly before he could catch himself to remain in character. I also felt his dick twitch under me. I was beginning to get into this and I grabbed his head and pulled it to my left breast.

"Mmm," came Jeremy's voice from the phone, "I run my tongue around your nipple as I suck it. I kiss all over your tit. I flick my tongue over your nipple just like I'm going to do to your clit later on. My hands massage the small of your back while my mouth explores your perfect breasts. God damn you, you've got me so fuckin hard." He wasn't lying. With only our underwear between us I could feel that while Xavier seemed to be about the same length as Jeremy, he was a bit thicker. That thing was going to feel good. Xavier manipulated my body as Jeremy described wrapping his arms around me and sucking on my spot, on my neck just below my ear. My breathing was getting heavy as Jeremy and Xavier kissed, squeezed, licked, carressed, sucked, and stroked all over my head, neck, chest, and back.

"Now I slide your bra off and flip you back over your back. I kiss your shoulders, down your arms; I lick the thin skin on the inside of your elbow. I bite your wrist and individually suck the tips of your fingers. I let my lips glide to your stomach while my hands rub the inside of your thigh. I let my tongue dip inside your navel and move it around like it's a mini pussy. I lean back and lift your leg so that your foot rests on my left shoulder. I massage your thigh and calf. I grab your ankle and bring your foot down to my chest. While I look into your eyes I run my tongue from your heel, along the arch of your foot, and up to your big toe, which I take into my mouth and suck gently. I massage your foot as your toes take turns being teased by my tongue. Your middle toe gets special attention because I know how much you like it."

They had me on the brink of orgasm already and they'd barely done anything.

Xavier followed the storyline that came from the phone as his strong hands slid back down my leg toward my soaked pussy. His right hand bruhed my clit and my pussy clenched for a brief second. I gasped. He slid my panties off over my legs. Then he began to kiss the leg that had been neglected by the massage moments ago. His breath was pleasantly moist and warm as his beautiful lips crept toward my waiting pussy. "Then I slide you down so that your ass hangs slightly over the edge of the couch. I put your legs over my shoulders and get down low. I lift your hips and lick very...very...slowly," He paused and my mind went crazy as I felt Xavier's flattened tongue on my asshole, vibrating, "from your tight ass" Xavier's tongue dipped into my vagina, "into your sweet pussy. Mmm, you taste so good as my tongue darts in and out of you." My eyes rolled back into my head and my hips began to roll on his mouth. I thought to myself "Man, my baby knows how to work me...but wait, this isn't my-" He continued, "My tongue leaves your pussy and continues north tracing along your inner lips up to the magic button. I run my tongue under your clit, over the top, and push your hood back with the tip of my tongue. I suck your clit into my mouth and-"

"HOLY SHIT!" I yelled as a full blown orgasm gripped me. I grabbed Jerem-, er, Xavier's head and held it to my pussy as I grinded it against his mouth. My head was thrown back and my stomach and legs shuddered as my pussy contracted. He held on and rode it out, working my clit with his tongue for what seemed like the eternity of my orgasm. My clit became hyper sensitive and I violently pushed his head away. Even 700 miles away Jeremy still found it humorous to flick Xaviers tougue over my clit and listen to me screech at the intense sensation. When I smacked Xavier in the side of the head he said nothing... but a pronounced "Ow!" came from the black speaker 2 feet away.

"Are you ready for this dick, baby?" Fuck yeah, I was. I grabbed Xavier's Adonis-like body and pushed him up on his feet. I yanked his boxer-breifs down his leg, and the prettiest hard-on I'd ever seen greeted me. "Damn baby. What you gonna do with this? How about you get it nice and wet so I can fuck you with it." They were having their fun with me, now it was my turn. I sucked Xavier into my mouth and all the way to the back of my throat. It was a little bit of an adjustment getting used to the extra girth, but I took it like a pro. Jeremy had appearently not warned Xavier about this, because he let out a very audible gasp. Jeremy, moaned on the other end of the phone, but it was laced with a slight chuckle at his partner's perfect break of character. I stuck my tongue out and gave his balls a few ginger flicks. "Oh my Gooooood," the voice was Xavier's, not Jeremy's. I slid his rock hard dick out of my throat and mouth and placed my finger to my lips, "Shhhhhh" I mocked him. His face was flushed in embarrasment. Jeremy continued, "Don't stop baby that feels so so so good." I resumed moving my head so that the tip of his dick began at my lips and ended in my throat everytime. A thick saliva built in my mouth and around his shaft. His legs started to shake as I grabbed his ass with both hands and made him fuck my face. "Ohhhhhhh, shit baby, ooooooo shit!" Jeremy exclaimed. "I have to feel your pussy on me. I lift you and kiss you hard. I turn you around and bend you over the back of the couch. I pull your hair back and move my dick toward your pussy. I line it up and slide it in slowly..."

I may never have to do another good thing in my life, because even if I go to hell I don't think heaven can be much better than the moment Xavier's cock parted my lips and invaded my hole. He filled me and as he pushed all the way in I came again.

"Hell yeah, baby, cum on! Your pussy feels so good squeezing around my dick. Now I'm gonna fuck you." I wasn't ready, but it didn't matter. My pussy was getting pounded from behind. My tits rocked violently back and forth. "I push you forward so that you're upright and your pelvis is on the back of the couch. I thrust as hard as I can. Oh you feel so good baby. Your pussy is so wet." The change in position put their dick on my g-spot with every thrust. Their hands roughly massaged my tits and pulled my hair. They ferally fucked me with no abandon. Pow, pow, power thrusts into my g-spot. Their movement began to become an irratic rhythm. "Oh, baby I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna put my nut deep in your pussy. I reach down and rub your clit while I fuck you. Your pussy feels so good. You're so wet. You're so tight. Oh, shit! I'm starting to feel it. Argh! My legs are shaking. I'm getting hot, so hot." They were breathing hard and rubbing my clit fast. The combination of their dick on my g-spot and their fingers moving rapidly back and forth on my clit was about to send me over the edge. I was feeling something I'd never felt before. I got felt like I was going to pee myself but I wasn't going to dare to stop. I felt him get even harder, like Jeremy does when he's about to cum. This only made him fill me more and I was going to go through the roof. My baby's sweet voice was moaning in my ear and I was losing control. The strange feeling I was having was getting stronger, but it felt so fucking good. They were destroying my pussy and I was loving every single second.

Jeremy yelled, and I felt my pussy soak with Xavier's cum. His breathing was wild, his fingers cupped my pussy as he thrust so deep inside me I felt it in my stomach. Seconds later my own orgasm took hold of me....but...this...was...different. I literally exploded. Fluid gushed from my pussy and soaked our legs and the couch below. He was continuing to thrust through his orgasm and everytime he pulled to the edge of my tunnel more fluid was released. I'd never felt anything like it before. My entire body shook and I was on a level I'd never been on in my life. I came so hard that I couldn't breathe. Afterwards, we collapsed in the soaked combinaitons of our juices. We couldn't move. Only deep breathing came from the speaker.

When I woke up the phone was silent and Xavier was gone. The music still played on the stereo. I was almost certain the whole thing had been a dream. Until I felt that my legs were sticky as I pulled them apart and I was naked. I had a bit of difficulty walking as I stumbled into the kitchen. The microwave said 3:08. I had slept for 6 hours. I grabbed the phone and dialed Jeremy's hotel. He answered on the first ring, "How did you sleep, baby?"

"Like I just the got the shit fucked out of me by two men."

"No. Just me."

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