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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Liquid Sedative".


Liquid Sedative

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Every Summer, I get out to Yosemite to go backpacking... the huge Granite faces, secluded, massive waterfalls, and desolate beauty makes it a great place to decompress, relax, and enjoy the outdoors.I have been hiking all day on the sixth day of a seven day route paralleling Tuolomne River. Even though I have been right by the water, all day, the sun is hot, and by the time I reach a spot to camp at three in the afternoon, I am beat, I stink, and can't wait to jump in the river.

I set up my tent at the base of wagon wheel falls...a series of three falls that is along a slab of granite with three protrusions in the middle. As the river rushes down, it hits the obstacles and shoots up and forward, making it look like three wheels... at the bottom is a large, calm pool surrounded by large granite rocks, perfect for laying down, catching sun.....

I am the only one at the base of these falls, so after looking around I slip out of my clothes, grab the soap, and slip into the icy water. It takes my breath away once, then again when the water reaches my groin... Snow melt...slowly, I lather up while getting used to the water, then plunge my naked body into the pool for a rinse. I finish washing up and decide to swim out a little further into the water. The sound of the falls is constant and loud, but calming. I start to swim back, when I notice you, also alone, also naked, watching me from a towel on a rock only twenty feet from my clothes. I am a little bashful at first, then realize that you aren't shy at all. You are rolled onto your side, facing me, and I feel my cock start to swell, even in the freezing water. I slowly swim in your direction, scoping your body...your large, full breasts, nicely sunned skin, and trim muff. By the time I am 10 feet from you, I am fully erect, and stay in the water, trying to hide my arousal. You smile at me, and look into the water at my body... broad, tan shoulders, strong chest, and my throbbing hard shaft. Without saying anything, you stand up and slide into the water. I feel the ripples of the disturbed water pass me and watch the goosebumps shoot up your body as the cold hits you, making all of you tense, your nipples hard and erect, your neck and shoulders defined. You submerge and swim to me, then rise slowly up, so our eyes, our lips are inches apart. I feel your hand lightly touch my balls, then stroke up my shaft, and I feel your nipples tickle my chest. You look me in the eyes, and as our lips approach contact, you whisper "take me"... then press your tongue into mine.

The roar of the falls seems to fade with each touch we exchange. I reach around your waist and pull your body to me. Your tits press hard against me, and your I feel your pussy press against my cock... even though we are under water, the point of contact is hot. Our lips press hard, and we make our way back to your rock, rising out of the water, feeling the afternoon sun warm our naked tangling bodies.

As I lay on top of you, grinding my shaft against your hot, wet pussy, I feel your hands reach down to my ass and pull me tighter to you. My cock is dripping with your juices, and you let out a slight moan, then start to push my crotch towards your face. Sliding myself towards you, I slide my cock up your stomach, then between your heaving tits. You squeeze them together and let me fuck your breasts. As I pump my cock on top of you, I move my leg so it is pressing hard against your pussy, sliding between your lipps with each thrust of my cock on your tits. You orgasm, and I feel a gush of warmth against my leg as your juices flow.

Anxiously, you grab my cock and pull me towards your mouth. I hover over you now, on all fours as you kiss the tip, lick up and down my shaft, then take me all the way into your mouth, only stopping when you reach my stomach. I feel your momentum start to roll over, and I flip with you. Now on my back, I reach down and put one hand on the back of your head, pulling you all the way onto me, feeling your lips and tongue squeeze around my shaft, smothering me with your wetness, getting me hotter. Wanting to please you, I sit up and reach for your leg, then move you around so you are straddling my face.

Your pussy is swollen, hot, wet. feeling you play with my cock, I wrap my hands around your back, and lift my tongue to meet you. Licking gently at first, I feel your temperature rise. tickling circles around your clit, I flicker my tongue, teasing your pussy, then plunge in, tasting all of you.

You cum again, and I feel your juices slide down my face. As you cum, you suck hard against my cock, trying to swallow me, tasting my precum... wanting it all. One finger, then two, then three, I play with your pussy while licking you... stroking your G-Spot, feeling you cum again and again. My fingers soaked with you, I spread your ass, and run my tongue up to moisten you. You are already anxious for me, and as I finger your ass, I feel you quiver on top of me, wanting to fuck, to feel my cum on your body. Your day pack is within reach, and you grab a vibrator (a girl's gotta be prepared, right?) to hand to me... tell me to put it in your ass.

Still licking your pussy, I turn it on and press it against your anus. You slide down a little and rub your pussy against my chest. I feel you cum again as I slide the dildo into you one, then two, then five inches, and fuck you slowly with it. You slide all the way off of me, but stay on all fours, and I come up to meet you. You reach under your legs and grab my shaft, massage my balls, then pull me into you. I hear you moan, and I start to fuck you harder, moving the dildo in and out of your ass as I thrust my pulsating hard cock inside of your pussy. I feel the vibrator through your walls, moving along my shaft as I fuck you again and again. You start to orgasm, and I feel your pussy swell. Overwhelmed, I grab your hips and fuck you harder, faster, leaving the vibrator in your ass, getting closer.

You scream in Ecstasy and I lose control. I pull out of you and unload my cum onto your back... shooting into your hair, onto your ass and around the dildo, I cum... We lay there, recovering and notice what a mess we've made. Nothing like some cold river water to clean up...

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