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Lightning and Rolling Thunder

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As always, being in the middle of August, the heat and humidity of the day compete to see which can make it the most unbearable. The only relief in New England this time of year is an occasional jump in the pool or sitting in front of an air conditioner hoping for relief, not daring to move. However today is going to be different. With the constant pressures from work, the lack of ambition due to the recent heat wave we must get out of this house, we need a break from the everyday routine they we all so easily fall into from time to time. Today regardless of the weatherman?s forecast for thunderstorms we are going for a ride.

I have the Harley fueled up and ready to go. I take a second to look the bike over. The chrome catches the rays of the unrelenting sun beating down upon me, blinding me as I walk around it.

Just then, I see you pulling up at the bottom of the driveway; a smile appears across my face as you pull up next to me. As you get out I take in the beauty before me savoring every curve of your body. I feel a twitch of anticipation coming from my crotch as my eyes follow as you walk over my eye to me. Your legs are muscular and very well complimented by the short skirt that hugs your thighs like the skin that you where born with. The low cut blouse that you chose is clinging in ways a man can only dream of.

Suddenly I?m awoken from my stupor as you ask, ?Are you ready??

?For what?? is about all I can muster as my mouth and brain refuse to cooperate by this point.

?You promised me we would take off on the Harley,? you say, teasing me.

?Oh yeah! Sorry I was daydreaming, let?s go.?

Whew at least the mouth is working again as I let out a slight chuckle to myself.

I start up the bike as you hop on to the back. As you climb on you give me a teasing little flash. You snuggle in behind me; I can feel your nipples come erect as you start to feel the low rumble of the bike. You settle back in the seat running your hands slowly from my shoulders down my arms, feeling the muscles relax under your soft touch. You lean into me.

?Let?s get out of here!? you whisper as I bring the bike to life.

At last freedom, freedom from the heat wave as we hit the road fast and hard. I hear a slight release of excitement escape your lips as I catch another gear.

I think to myself, ?What a ride this is going to be.?

Not long after the start of our trip I feel the first drops of the warm summer rain start to pound lightly at my face.

?Damn it!? I say.

Of all times for the weatherman to be correct, it has to be today. Well someone didn?t like that comment because no sooner did I say it than the light rain erupted into a fury of thunder and lightning. The heavens opened the floodgates and poured down so hard you had to wonder if you just drove into a waterfall.

?Ok, I get the hint I?ll pull over. ?

Just then the thunder rolls across the heavens and the lightning cracks around us. I feel you tighten you grip around my waist; I take a second to squeeze your hand to let you know everything is ok. I spot a rest area.

?Aww, relief and shelter,? I yell to you over the roar of the storm.

I hit the signal and pull in parking the bike under a big pine tree. Shut off the engine, and make our way over to the nearest picnic table. Laughing and holding hands as we go like two kids playing in the rain. As we sit at the picnic table I run my fingers through your hair, moving it away so I can look in your eyes. We can?t stop giggling we are soaking wet from the warm rain, without a care in the world. Off in the distance you can hear the cars passing us by, as they hurry to their destinations. With the rain pounding at the metal roof, and bouncing off the leaves of the trees we realize without words we have arrived at ours.

As we sit listening to all the sounds of nature I cannot resist the temptation to kiss you. The kiss is soft and guided as I hold the nap of your neck and bring you into my arms. Our lips touch ever so lightly as the lightning cracks around us. The lightning only intensifies the kiss, almost like a physical reaction to the passion between us. Our tongues dance to the rhythm of the rain around us, and my cock is in now in desperate need of release. As if on cue you break from the kiss. Staring at me you grab the bottom of your blouse and pull it over your head. As I slowly start to remove my shirt I feel your tongue circling my nipple sending a quiver of pleasure up my spine. As you start to suck on the other one my body is alive with pleasure, anticipation of your next move. My body does not wait long before you lay me down across the picnic table kissing your way down my stomach, stopping only long enough to unbutton my pants and remove them. As you work them off my cock finally free from its confinement slaps my stomach with excitement. Your mouth doesn?t waste any time and swallows my cock in one swift motion causing a moan of pleasure to escape both our lips. Your mouth is like a liquid oven as you bring your lips back to the tip of my cock, now licking the tip only for a second and then taking me deep again. Our passion is out of control as you start to suck harder and faster, hungry for the feel of an erupting cock.

?I can?t hold back anymore,? I say trying to warn you as my cock expands and erupts a river of cum deep in your throat. My body is out of control, my muscles tense I scream against the pounding rain, ?AAAARGH don?t stop please!!!?

I feel you greedily swallowing every bit of cum that I have to offer. Then you slow down your pace still sucking my now oversensitive cock, cleaning me, not missing a drop of my sweet love.

You stop sucking my cock only long enough to sit on it. I can feel your juices running down your thighs as you lean in to kiss me. Your lips tasting of my cum. My heart races as you shove your tongue deep into my mouth with a desire beyond words. Only then do I realize that you didn?t swallow all of my cum. As I taste myself upon your lips and feel the velvety slippery texture of your tongue my cock instantly starts to strip again. You lean forward, not releasing our kiss but forward enough to slip my cock into your aching pussy. As you do, I feel your body shake with small orgasms. Can?t move as your pussy is aching with the need for this cock to be buried deep where it is. I grab you around your waist lifting you slightly, as I start to slowly pull out and make love to you. You feel me pull my cock out until just the head is at the soft folds of your sweet pussy. I plunge deep again only to pull almost out, over and over again. I feel your body quivering now with a building orgasm as my cock is buried deeper and harder into your pussy, my cock pulsating with desire. Your body can?t take any more pleasure. You throw your head back plunging my cock deep in your pussy just as the first wave of orgasm washes through your body. As you pussy clenches tight around my swollen cock, you try to scream but the orgasm is too intense. Your body just clings to mine as wave after wave of orgasm crashes through your body. Spent from the orgasm you just lay against my chest trying to regain control of your senses as we listen to the rain pounding on the roof above.

Then the lightning flashes, as the rain starts coming down harder. The pounding on the roof seems to fuel this uninhibited lust. As I start moving my hips, my desire buried deep within your love, you respond by grinding slowly to the seductive rhythms of the rain. Staring deep into each other?s eyes, we see the lust that has now taken over our souls. While changing to the sitting position, I lean forward and kiss you, your body responds by wrapping your legs around the small of my back. Moving as one, as our hips move in sync, our tongues embracing in a desperate dance of passion. As you lean back, my cock slides deeper. I can taste the sweat of desire along the soft curves of your neck. My tongue brings a moan of pleasure from your lips as it dances gracefully towards your breasts. At the top of your breasts I work slowly taking care to kiss and suck everywhere but your nipple. My tongue flicks the underside of your breasts, my fingers rolling each nipple tenderly.

?Make love to me!? you say, the desperation echoing in your voice.

With your legs wrapped around me, I slide off the table, carrying you the short distance to the small grassy area, inside the cover of the woods. With rain beating against our flesh, I lay you down. The rain covered grass embraces your body in a cool blanket as my lips descend softly on your pussy. Your body quivers with each stroke of my tongue as I methodically lick and suck on your hood as two of my fingers work their way into your wetness. You reach for my hair as I suck your hood between my teeth, holding me, while my tongue brushes back and forth over the captured nerve center. Your hips bucking of their own free will as orgasm after orgasm starts to take hold. The rain caressing your body, feels like a thousand fingers drumming softly against your skin, only to send a shiver through out your body as the drops bead and roll from your body to the grass. Another small orgasm rips through your body, as my tongue slowly works towards your ass.

?OH MY GODDDDDDDDD? you say; your pussy responds as you shake without control.

With my tongue continuing it?s invasion, your body begs to my touch, ?Please !!! no more teasing, I?m so close to cumming.?

My tongue presses firmly upon your hood, my finger moves gently to your ass, brushing lightly back and forth across your forbidden pleasure hole. Wet with the juices flowing from your pussy I slowly work the tip of my finger in. I feel your muscles resist only for a second, then relax as your body welcomes the invasion. Your muscles tightening and relaxing around my finger as I work your backside, your hips now moving to my rhythm, your body takes more of my finger with each thrust. The tongue assault on your pussy is never ending. With my rolling of your pussy between my tongue and lips, with my finger massaging your backside, another orgasm begins to rip through you. Every muscle is now shaking, your head spinning in pleasure.

Your screams drowning out the thunder, ?OOOOOOHHHHH JEES, DON?T STOP, PLEAAAAASSSSEEEE, YESSSSS.?

Your hips thrust to meet every flick of my tongue, as wave after wave of orgasm wrack your body. With my finger now buried deep in your ass, my tongue searches for every drop of cum it can find.

As your orgasm releases its grip, I take one leg in each arm, moving slowly up your body to kiss you. Your legs now in the air and back, I place my throbbing cock at the entrance of your pussy. Pressing gently my cock slides in. I kiss you as my cock slides deeper and deeper, my balls now tight against your engorged pussy lips. Holding your legs, I brace myself. My thrusting is deep and hard. Each thrust brings unintelligible sounds to our lips. My cock swells as I stop at the bottom of my thrust, pausing to roll my hips in a circular motion. With each thrust my cock expands with excitement like never before. Lost in our desire, I thrust faster, deeper, our bodies now shaking in pleasure. I lean forward to kiss you, still thrusting and grinding, knowing neither can last much longer. As we break our kiss, your pussy tightens around my cock.

?OHHHHHH cum with me baby!!!!!!? you demand.

As you feel my cock expand in orgasm, your orgasm washes over you. Now believing the impossible, this orgasm becomes more powerful than the first. My cock explodes in a river of cum, mixing with yours. Shifting positions slightly, so your legs once again wrap around me. Our bodies shake and tremble in total bliss, each at their own level of fulfilled desire. We kiss one last time only to fall into each other?s arms in complete exhaustion.

With the rain rolling off our bodies, and with darkness now falling around us nothing else matters, we are completely at peace. The thunder rolls gently in the background as we drift of into blissful sleep. Naked to the world, we drift?.

The rain gently caresses our bodies like a thousand fingers lightly tapping against our skin????


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