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I have a thing for old women, not older women. I like them with gray or white hair. The best of all is the town librarian Linda. Linda was 68 years old when I first met her. She's about 5'8" and 120 Lbs and always nicely dressed with perfectly dressed hair. She has a bubbly personality with a wide smile and a sparkle in her eye. I knew I'd have to hit on her as soon as I could. The lump in my shorts led the way to her counter.  Fortunately the counter was high enough that she couldn't see my bulge. She smiled at me and asked "Hi, can I help you?" I replied "Yes, I'm John. I'm looking for a book on the Khajuraho Temple." To my surprise she said "Oh, you mean the Hindu temple of sex." With an even broader smile she said "Follow me." She led me over to a section on Asian history and asked "Are you more interested in the history of the religion or the wide array of sexual positions depicted at the temple?" Just hearing her say that renewed my full hard on. She glance down noticing my bulge. "Right, sexual positions." She took down a photographic survey of the temple. Opening it up she said "This is an interesting book. It has a good review of the positions and why they are used." She looked me in the eye and said "I've tried quite a few of them myself!" I was stunned but replied "Wow, didn't expect that from a librarian." She smirked. "I can get off work anytime if you'd like to try some of them out?" I laughed "And here I was trying to figure out how to seduce you." She grinned and said "When your my age you don't want to be coy and miss a chance for good sex. I'll sign out, you can follow me home from the parking lot.  You won't need this." she said, taking the book from my hands and putting it back on the shelf. 

Minutes later I was in my car following her home. It was a short drive and I quickly hopped out of my car and caught up with her as she was unlocking the door. We stepped inside and as the door was swinging shut she put her arms around my neck and passionately kissed me while pressing her body against me and grinding hard into my crotch. She moaned as her tongue darted into my mouth. She broke from me breathing hard and reached down and ran her hand over my bulge and said. "Mmmmm, I'm going to love this! Come on." She grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. Once there she pushed me down to sit on the bed. I reached out for her but she waved her finger at me in a typical "no, no" gesture. She took a half step back and started to unbutton her shirt. It didn't take long before it was on the floor and her pants soon joined them.  And with no attempt to tease she reached back and unhooked her bra and pulled it off. Her breasts fell into their natural beautiful shape. They hung down flattening on the upper part becoming globes at the lower half with her nipples pointing strait at the floor. I love breasts that sag especially ones shaped like a sock with a tennis ball in it. She lifted one and flicked her tongue across the nipple then said "so what do you think?"  I'm sure she could see the lust in my eyes. I love the way saggy breasts swing. I love the feel of how soft they are and how they flow in my hands or across my face. "Beautiful!" I said and reached out and gently wrapped my hands around the narrow upper part of her breasts causing the lower part to ball up on top of my fists and pulled her to me. Her nips were very large and hard and I couldn't resist sucking on them. I brought her breasts together so I could suck both her nipples at the same time. She moaned softly. Then I buried my face between her breasts. I love that feel. I let go of her breasts and let them hang down again. I ran my tongue along her silvery stretch marks on her breasts and used my hands to pull down her panties. She stepped out of them and slightly parted her legs. I placed my hand on her mound. It was shaved silky soft and the flesh of her mound hung lower than a younger woman and had a delicious soft sponginess to it. I could feel her pussy lips slightly extending beyond her mound. I love the way older women's pussy lips get bigger and longer and her white pubes were thin and sparse leaving her mound nearly bald. Just as I started to pull on those moist lips she pushed me back a little and said "Now it's time to get your clothes off!" 

She pulled the bottom of my polo shirt out of my pants the swiftly pulled it up over my head as I lifted my arms. She leaned in and pressed her face against my slight hairy chest and said "Mmmmm, I love the smell of a mans chest!" she moved slightly to the right and sought out my nipple. Her tongue was silky, hot, and frantic as it circled and stroked my nipple. She really knew what she was doing and my already hard cock got even harder as she moved to my other nip. Soon she worked her way down till she was on her knees. She pressed her face against my straining cock and again she moaned slightly and said "This is going to be fun!". She reached up and undid my belt and immediately unbuttoned my pants. She took ahold of the zipper and looked up at me with a sly grin then proceeded to slowly pull my zipper down. My cock strained and straitened even more as only my underwear was left to hold it back as she let my shorts fall to my ankles. She brought her hand up between my balls and said "I bet these big boys have lots of cum for me." and my cock twitched. She laughed at that and put a finger inside the waist band by each hip and vary slowly started to pull them down. She got them down till just the head of my cock was all that was left keeping it from leaping free and she stopped. She leaned in pressing her face to my cock and took a deep breath "Wow,she said, it smells so good I could almost cum just breathing it in. I bet it'll smell even better when it's coated with our cum!" She pulled her face away a little as she pulled the band down past the head of my cock. My cock flew up and I was sure it would smack her in the face but amazingly she caught the head of my cock in her mouth. I could feel my blood pulsing in my cock as she held it there in her mouth circling the head with her tongue. She released my cock, held it up and kissed and licked the underside of my cock. She got down to my balls and engulfed the both in one smooth move. Her hot wet mouth fealt soo good, her tongue rolling my balls back and forth in her mouth. She slowly drew back slightly pulling on my balls and let the slip from her mouth. She imediatly returned her attention to my cock and took the head in her mouth again. She started bobbing on it getting it we in her mouth then suddenly she pushed her face all the way to my belly pressing her nose to my pubes and my cock fully in her throat. It was amazing, her throat was so awesome as she held it there and breathed deep thru her nose the scent of my pubes. I could tell by the way she squirmed she was excitedly fingering herself. Then she started pulling back till my cock was barely between her lips then plunging all the way down her throat over and over. I told her she had to stop or I'd cum. She stopped for a couple minutes with it burried in her throat. I could feel the cool air across the top of my cock as she breathed through her nose. I ran my hand across her cheek and drew her off my cock and told her "As much as I love your mouth on my cock I really want it in your pussy!"

She stood up and took hold of her wrists and said "Well come on in then. " as she fell back onto the bed pulling me on top of her. I said "I will but there's the matter of me eating your pussy first." she said "I was hoping you would do that! Your mustache tickling my lips will be awesome, and I love to kiss a man with the scent of my pussy on his stache. Especially when he's cumming deep in my pussy."  Well you can't ask for a better invitation than that. I worked my way down making a stop to admire her beautiful sagging breasts once more but didn't stay there long. I kissed my way down her belly. The skin on her belly was soft and loose but I could feel a hard abdomen underneath. She obviously worked out pretty regular. I then moved down to her pubic hair. They had a slight scent of flowers and pussy but not strongly scented. I breathed it deep enjoying the scent.  I moved down further kissing her mound as I went. I love the mound on older women.  The skin loosen on the mound as a woman gets older and it gets larger as some fat fills it in. It has a soft feel to it that younger girls just don't have. As I said before her pussy lips had gown longer too and the extended out slightly beyond her mound. I ran my tongue along them and she moaned. Then from the bottom of her pussy I pushed my tongue in till it was just at the entrance and licked up pushing into her mound as I continued up to her clit but didn't lick it yet. I worked my way up and down her pussy working my tongue both on the inside and outsides of her labia. After a few minutes of this I moved up and started kissing and licking circles around clit and using my fingers to spread her lips wide. I was going to gently tickle it with my tongue but seeing as she engulfed me suddenly I decided to do the same for her and dove on her clit sucking it in and licking it with the flat of my tongue. It worked wonders, her body shuddered and shook in the throws of organs. I lightened up and went to licking her lips and probing her pussy with my stiffened tongue. Some women don't like their clit touched right after orgasm. After she calmed a little she reached down and placing her hand on my cheeks and drew me up to her. "I want to kiss you while you put it in me!" she said. When I got up to her face she jammed her tongue into my mouth in a frenzy and grabbed my cock and slid it into her pussy. It. Was amazing!  Her pussy was so tight and wet. I slowly pushed it all the way in and we both sighed with delight. She broke off the kiss and asked "How do you like it?" I said "It's amazing!" she replied "I do special exercises to keep it extra tight. " I said "More like extra virginal!" she laughed and said "Hardly virgin material and I just love the smell of my pussy on your face. Now kiss me some more and pound my cunt!" You just can't argue with that so I kissed her and started to draw my divk out slowly. She was so tight I could feel Her pussy muscles trying to pull me back in. When I got to the point where just the head of my cock was still in her I slammed it back in hard. She grunted and moaned into my mouth. I continued to slow draw and fast fuck her for a while longer enjoying the way she was embracing me hard when suddenly her legs wrapped around me squeezing me tight and holding me deep inside her as she came for the second time.  After a little while she relaxed some and and blew out her breath onto my sweaty chest. She looked me in the eye and said "I bet you'd love to have me ride on top and dangle my breasts in you face?" I laughed and said "Is it that obvious I like tits that sag and swing?" "I can always tell what a man likes by the way a man plays." she said. "is that a problem? I asked. "Hell no! I've got a lot of miles on these babies and I wouldn't trade them for anything. Besides I love women with breasts that sag too." she said. I grabbed her and rolled over pulling her on top. She pushed her self up on her arms so her breasts hung down just touching my chest. Carefully so as not to let my cock slip out of her pussy she brought first one knee forward then the other so she was kneeling and sitting back onto my cock. She sat up so her breasts hung down fully. I said "So your bi too?"  "Why not." she said lifting one of her breasts up and sucking her own nipple. "Don't you think women can enjoy the beauty of another woman,  play with and suck tits, and eat pussy? And by too does that mean you suck cock?" she asked. I reached out and took the nipple of her other breast between my fingers and gently rolled it back and forth. "Oh yes, I do understand your desire for other women, and yes I do suck cock. But by far I prefer beautiful older women with sagging breasts like you. Now start fucking and smother me in those beautiful tits." I said and thrust up into her. She fell forward onto her hands and her beautiful breasts swung forward into my face just like I wanted. She laughed and swayed left and right grinding her pussy on my cock and dragging her tits across my face. I'd reach out with my tongue at her nipples as they went by but couldn't seem to catch them. She stopped and leaned forward so I had one breast on either side of my face. I reached up with my hands and pressed her tits into my face loving the warm softness of them and breathing deep her scent. She must have put just a touch of perfume between her breasts because they smelled so good. Meanwhile she started bouncing her pussy up and down on my dick. I could feel the muscles inside her ripple along the length of my shaft when she bottomed out. Then she lift off and grind back down on me again. Then she moved again, pressing one of her nipples into my mouth and mashing her breast into me so much that I could just barely breath out of my nose as I nibbled, sucked, and licked her nip. I began kneading her breasts deeply. I pulled them together so that her nipples were side by side and sucked them both into my mouth. You just can't do that with non saggy breasts. As I worked her nips she ground up and down faster and faster on my cock and began moaning. In just a few more minutes she came again pressing hard down on my cock and collapsing against my chest. "Damn, that was good!" she said. "I want you to cum with me next time." "Ok, if I can hold out that long." I replied. "Just let me know when your ready.". She push her right leg back strait then rolled us over so I was on top again then she brought her knees up, placed a hand on each of her calves, pulled them up higher and spreading her legs wide and said. "I'm ready now, only I want you to kiss me deeply when you do." "I will!" I replied. "Then fuck me hard, now!" she said. I did exactly that. I pounded her do hard I thought I might bruise her pubic bone but kept on going, driving into her in a frenzy. She said "I'm almost there, cum with me." she pulled me down and we passionately kissed as I felt the cum rising in me. A few strokes later and I was shooting into her she seated to cum too and I kept my cock pressed as deep into her as her spasms milked the last drops of cum from me.  When the kiss broke we both sighed and I said "Whew, that was awesome!" "Yes it was, and so are you." she said. "Can I ask you a favor?" She said. "Sure, what is it?" I said. She hesitated for a little bit then said. "Would you suck your cum out of my pussy and kiss me with it?" "Cream pie, hell yes!" I replied. Then worked my way down her body once again and started to lick her clit before moving down further. The outside of her pussy was already coated with some cum that had leaked out and our combined juices coated my chin and cheeks as I worked her. "Hurry" she said "I don't think I can hold it much longer." I place my lips against her hole and started sucking just as she lost her hold and cum streamed into my mouth. I can't believe I'd cum so much but I managed to get most of it. I moved back up to her. I stopped above her and let about half the cum slop down from my mouth into hers. A string of cum connected our mouths about six inches apart. Then I kissed her full on our tongues twining in each others mouths and we hungrily shared the cum. Finally we broke the kiss and we both swallowed what we ended up with. "Damn that was good and hot! Almost as good as eating it from a pussy myself!" she said. "Yes it was. I replied "and I'd love to help you do just that if you have a friend as sexy as you." "I do" she said "but next thing I want is you to fuck my titties and cum in my mouth." "This is going to be a long night isn't it?" I said. She moved down to my cock and said "Oh, yeah!" then engulfed my cum covered cock. 

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