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Letters to Lisa- 1, at that moment in time

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Look at the time. I can't believe that is this late Lisa! I mean, it was just a few minutes ago when I was on the way over here wasn't it? Time somehow slipped by, as did we. You see, it all started early this morning.

I decided to surprise you by dropping in at your home decorating business and introducing myself. Just sending a few emails and meeting online wasn't enough any longer! I knew we had agreed to meet but had no idea this would be the result! When I finally found your place I walked through the front door and at first didn't see anyone. I thought, well, she's probably with a customer besides that, I am early! So, I just took my time, looking around your showroom to see what I could see. It was amazing! There was furniture and decorations laid out like I had never imagined before. I had seen things like this on TV but never had I met anyone that had such talent, such a skill at decorating. The pictures on the wall told the story though. Before and after shots were hung everywhere like proud trophies gathered from the hunt. Wow, those places will never be the same, but neither will I!

While looking around I thought I heard a strange sound, quite low at first, then suppressed, a little louder, and suppressed again... It was a strange sound.

So I followed the noise to see what it was. Always the curious one, I thought to myself! Looking toward the back, in the first office I didn't see anything, then in the second office the door was partially closed and I could tell that was where the sound was coming from. I looked through the door to see what was inside.

Wow, was I surprised! There you were with your back to me, sitting at your desk, reading the words I had typed in my last email to you on your screen. As I watched you read I was thinking to myself, "I wonder what she is thinking now? " Well, I didn't have to wait long to find the answer to that one did I Lisa? I suddenly realized where the buzzing sound was coming from! There you were at your desk, totally engrossed in the letter I had sent, with your mouse in one hand and your vibrator in the other, slowly, intently, pleasuring yourself as you read the words I had written! It was more than I could handle! You must have heard my breath because you turned around with a start, quickly hiding yourself and your vibrator all in one fell swoop!

Our eyes met, you started to talk and I softly put my finger to your lips to quiet you, to reassure you, that everything was fine. You were blushing! Your face was as red as your hair; your light skin tone was red all over! I wasn't sure if you were blushing all over or had just worked yourself into such a frenzy in front of the screen! The touch of my finger on your lips was incredible. It really was! I know, it sounds weird; how could that be erotic? But it was the most erotic feeling I had felt in months, maybe years. I'll never forget the look in your eyes at that moment Lisa, never. It took my breath away. When our eyes met that first time it was if they looked beyond their selves straight into each other's very souls. It was awesome!

As I slowly leaned over and moved my face next to yours I could feel the warmth of your breath against my lips. It was almost as though I could taste the smell of your flesh before our lips met. It was sweet and succulent, and hot at the same time. Then, as my finger moved away our lips touched for the first time. I know, it was just a short, simple kiss, but it was a kiss that burned through my lips into the depths of my being. I bet you could feel my heart pounding as we kissed, couldn't you?!

As we kissed you stood up and wrapped your arms around me, pulling me closer to you; close enough that I could feel your breasts against my chest and your pelvis against my hard cock. I reached around you and pulled you closer, running my hand down your back to your ass, cupping the cheek just the least. I wanted to see your response Lisa. Would I be turned away or would I be engulfed into your passion?

As I had hoped, I was taken in completely. You slowly pulled me towards the couch in the corner of your office, kicking the door closed as we passed. By the time we made it to the couch you had my shirt pulled over my head and you were working on my pants. I unzipped the black dress you had on and you stepped out of it. To my surprise and delight you were not wearing any panties, giving me a complete view of your wet pussy. You were so hot, my God you were hot! Discarding the last remnants of our clothes we fell onto the couch, locked in an embrace that anyone else would have though unnatural for two people to be in! I loosed my grip and slowly worked my lips to your neck, then ran my tongue down the middle of your breasts being ever so careful not to invade their sacred territory, at least not yet.

As I moved further down your stomach with my tongue and got just to your pants line, you stretched backwards and let out a moan that inspired me to continue. Closer, closer yet to the prize that awaited me; my tongue pressed on till suddenly, the tip of my tongue met with the tip of your clit. I was in heaven! I started to gently kiss and lick, moving my tongue ever so carefully, taking mental notes on how you reacted, how you pushed and guided me to just the right spot, just the spot that you wanted me to be, the spot you needed me to be. I kept on for what only seemed like a few minutes, basking in the sweet aroma of your juices, loving the taste of my new lover, feeling your reactions, knowing you were close.

I could feel it too, you know. I could tell when you were getting close to the edge. That's why I backed off the first few times you were there; not to tease you, but to make it explosive! I wanted your first orgasm with me to set the standard by which all others would have to follow. I am, after all, a results oriented man. I love to see the fruits of my labor, and I was seeing great results in you Lisa!

Finally, I took you to the edge and when the time was just right, perfect for the taking and knowing there was no turning back; knowing how bad you needed what was coming, I pressed my finger right at the opening of your pussy, not moving my tongue for a moment at all, and drove it into you deep as it would go. I could feel your muscles tighten, and then loosen completely as you ground your hips into my face, pulling on the sides of my head, riding my tongue and finger for all you could get! You broke into a scream of ecstasy like never before! You were totally in your own world, consuming your orgasm like it was all that was keeping you alive and you needed all you could get! It lasted for minutes! I had only read before of a woman getting locked up in an orgasmic loop and her lover keeping her there. Now I was living in that fantasy! I pressed on with my tongue and finger while you experienced orgasm after pounding orgasm! I glanced up at your face for a moment just to see the look that told me how great this was and how amazed that you were. You were crossing into a new territory, a place you had never been with feeling you had never had before. I loved it! The taste was intense, the warmth, the texture of your pussy against my face. I loved every minute of it! I didn't want to stop! I had my arms under your hips holding on for all I was worth till I felt the time was right to turn you lose. Slowly I loosed my grip; I eased the force of my tongue against your throbbing pussy and ever so gently withdrew my finger till all that was left was the tip of my finger just inside the edge of your pussy, just tracing the outline of the lips of your pussy, slowly to calm you down, to bring you back.

I had to let you rest. You were concerned about me but I just lay down beside you and held you tight. You were breathing so hard, so deep, needing every breath you could take to get your composure back. As I lay beside you I looked into your eyes and I saw what I was looking for. I saw the completeness of satisfaction, the wholeness. I laid closer and pulled your head to rest on my shoulder. You pulled close and rested your hand on my chest. I know you could feel my heartbeat. You held your breath for just a second to be sure that was what you were hearing so loudly, and then you laughed a little and patted me on the chest.

After a few minutes you were breathing more relaxed and your warm sigh gently filled my ear. I felt your hand slowly circling my chest move lower, searching for my cock. Erect with anticipation, I laid still, calculating the time you would reach me, the area your finger would first touch me, the feeling that I would have... Then, without hesitation you took my cock into your hand, gently moving your palm down the back of my shaft till you reached my balls. Your hand skillfully kneaded them; playing them like a fine instrument you took them and got acquainted with every inch of them. It was as though you had missed an old friend and were catching up on old times.

I don't know how it happened but I must have been so engrossed in the feeling of your hands that I didn't even realize you had moved on the couch. Suddenly, I could feel your hot breath on the tip of my cock! It was unreal! Your lips met the head of my rod and kissed it like it like it had never been kissed before. I almost came right then, but you could sense that and moved away, moving your tongue to explore elsewhere. You tongue followed your fingers down my hard cock to my balls, taking them both into your mouth you sucked and danced your tongue all over them. Just as I thought it could never feel any better than this I felt your finger exploring again, this time further from the balls, straight to my ass, circling it slowly at first, then every now and then a brief dash across it, all the time while my balls were being warmed by your mouth and teased by your tongue.

I had all I could take Lisa; I wanted you right then! I pulled away and you winced, just like you had lost a new toy. I moved over you and looked right into your eyes. They started to close as the head of my cock rubbed your swollen pussy. I hesitated and gently whispered to you, "Open your eyes Lisa, I want to see your eyes."

Your eyes met mine once again and I lowered my cock into you slowly. I will have the vision I saw in your eyes burned in my memory forever. I loved seeing you, and I loved you seeing me as we made love for the first time Lisa. As deep as I could go I went, then stopped for just a few seconds to take it all in. Your eyes were telling me to keep going, they were telling me volumes about who you really were; about what you had needed so long; about what you wanted and needed right at that very moment.

Slowly I pulled out, just to the edge and then dove back in with a force that made you gasp! My eyes were staying locked on yours, seeing your feelings, and not missing a thing. We made love for several minutes and I was getting way too close so I pulled out for just a second, just to get control, just to make it last. I wanted it to last; not to be over yet. Your eyes showed me the disappointment of losing what you had but I put them at ease with a smile. Having gained control once again I eased back into you and started a slow, rhythmic stroke and we both smiled. With my eyes still locked on yours I could see the smile come across your lips. We made love like this for what seemed like an eternity.

Then your eyes started to show your tension building again; your pussy muscles were tightening around my cock getting ready to explode into another orgasm. I smiled and nodded and you went off like a cannon on the fourth of July! You were hanging on to me and cumming like wild. After a few minutes you relaxed and I just laid still on top of you, still buried deep inside of you, then my cock twitched just the least little bit and you jumped!

Slowly, I started to pump again and you started to grind your hips back into me, looking for another orgasm. I knew it was there. I knew we would both go together this time. My breathing was deeper. I pumped faster, harder, keeping the rhythm up, staring deep into each other's eyes we silently reassured each other of what we were doing. Then, when the time was just right I looked into your eyes and told you "keep them open when you cum this time Lisa...keep them open for me, let me watch you as we both cum..." and that was all you needed! You drove your pelvis straight into my cock and your eyes straight into my heart as you started to cum! At the same instant I was throbbing so hard that you knew I was there too! We both came together so hard, never losing our gaze, never taking the time to blink; afraid we miss just a miniscule part of the whole thing we were that moment in time...

Now, here we are, and it's late again Lisa. I'm so glad you're here with me right now.

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