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Lets make a Deal

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LET’S MAKE A DEAL Note: This story contains profanity, adult situations, and strong sexual situations. If you are under the age of 18 years old or offended by this type of writing. Then please read bo further.

Let give you a little background on me and my family. I am in my early fifties very ordinary in every way, married to Renee who is only thirty-five years old. She is my second wife and we have been in an open swinger lifestyle marriage since day one and love every minute of it. I have four grown children from my first wife and I adopted Renee’s seventeen year old daughter when she was eight years old so I am practically the only father she has ever known. We have a great relationship together and we have be very sexually open with her from the beginning like I was with my own children. When they have questions we give open honest answers that get to the point. If any of my children want information about sex I want them to get it from me instead of some of their misinformed friends. We also never lie about or hid what we are doing sexually with other people. She knows what we do and with whom we do it. We feel sex is a very healthy and enjoyable activity and we don’t want her having any hang-ups about it. It surprises me the number of parents who will do anything to keep from talking to their kids about sex and think if they never mention it, they won’t engage in it. As a result most of friends will come and talk to Renee or I before they talk to their own parents and we know about them then they do. Now I want to go on record as saying I have never had any sexual thoughts or fantasies about any of my daughters, including Amanda, or their friends, but since they have turned seventeen and headed to towards eighteen Amanda has a couple of friends that I find HOT!!!! At this age I would never make an advance on one of them but I wouldn’t kick one out of bed if she came of her own free will.

Shawna is one of those girls. She and Amanda have been friends since the second grade and she has spent as much time at our house as she has her own. At one point when her parents had a crisis she lived at our house for several months. Like most of her friends ,Shawna would always give me hugs and pecks on the cheek and sit on my lap just like I was her own dad. Now even though Amanda and all her friends are real knock outs, Shawna stands out from the crowd, about 5’4’’ tall shoulder length natural blonde hair big blue eyes that you can get lost in and very big smile with full lips. She has the legs of a dancer, a butt that any sane man would kill for and a set of perfect C-cup breasts that bounce and almost scream, SUCK ME!! Shawna is a walking wet dream. It was no surprise when I got home to find her camped at our house, “my parents and I are fighting so I’m going to hide here till it blows over,” she said when I passed her in the hall.

“Mom is working a double and will be home at 8:00 am” Amanda announced as I passed her room, “that way she will be off till Tuesday. We are having pizza for dinner, but if you want something else, you’re on your own .”

“I’m going down to my shop for a little while so call me when the pizza arrives.” I told her and turned and went to the garage wher I worked on a project till the called me to come eat. We joked around while we ate and I asked Shawna what kind of trouble she was running from now. Both girls turned beet red and were looking at their plates as I waited for an answer, looking from first one to another. Shawna looked at Amanda and she said, “Don’t look at me . You tell him.”

“Well uh , she started, obviously embarrassed, they found a used condom in my room.”

I was shocked but remained calm and smiled at her saying, “Why didn’t you throw the fucking thing away, sweetie?”

“I, I thought I did, her voice quivering, we did it twice and I thought he used the same one. So when I found the one and flushed it I didn’t look for the other. I tried to get Joy my older sister to claim it but they know she is on birth control and they don’t use them.”

“Maybe they should just be thankful you are practicing safe sex?” I offered reassuringly.

“I wish they were more like you and Renee,” she said saddly “So what’s going to happen ?” I asked “I don’t know she said almost in tears, they were arguing on the best way to kill me when I got my bag, snuck over to grandma’s house and called Renee to come and get me.”

“Uh do they know where you are right now?” I asked a little concerned.

Yeah I called and told them, but they hung up on me.”

Boy that’s a good way to handle things, act more immature then the children. “Ok, I said you know you can stay here at least till the execution.”

“Thanks she said, smilling, I really love you guys.”

I went down to the shop but I noticed I was about half hard with the visions of whoever that lucky little bastard was that was in her bed banging that pretty little snatch. After about an hour I started to the house to get some other drawings I needed. Now we have very few rules around our house, but the biggest no, no with me is drugs and this includes pot, but I wasn’t even thinking about that when I got a wiff of something strange in the house. Walking past Amanda’s room, I opened the door with out knocking and the scene in front of me left me dumbfounded. Shawna was sitting Indian style on a bean bag in the middle of the floor and was taking a big hit off of a joint. Amanda was sitting across the room in the corner of her bed with her back to the wall with a look of pure terror on her face. When Shawna saw me standing there she was paralyised in fear, her eyes bugged out in surprise, her cheeks puffed out with the hit she just took and as she started to exhale she also started to choke and explain at the same time.

“What the fuck is going on?” I yelled at top of my lungs while looking from one to the other.

“I told her you would catch her, dad I told her, but she wouldn’t listen.” Amanda said looking at Shawna.

“Were you?” I asked looking at Amanda :”Fuck no dad, I know better, I don’t do that shit, here smell.” She said, bouncing off the bed for me to smell her breath.

Meanwhile Shawna had expelled the smoke and was still coughing a little but the look of terror had never left her face.

“What do you think you are doing?” I said turning to her, you know your parents are going to kill you now!”

She and Amanda shouted almost at once, “Oh please no, you can’t tell on her, if they don’t kill her they will send her to military school or something. Please, please don’t tell. You can’t, they will kill her.”

As I stood there with my anger hitting the boiling point, they both continued to beg me not to tell her parents, with Shawna even starting to cry. I usually make it a rule not to say or do anything I would have to reverse later, preferring to think thing through before acting, so I held my hand up for silence and said firmly, “ You two have put me in a bad spot. I have an obligation as a parent to report this to them, just as I would expect them to do for me. However in light of everything else you have gotten your ass into lately they may not act rationally and do something equally stupid, so I’ll make a decision in the morning as to what I am going to do. Now give me the rest of your stash and anything else you shouldn’t have on you.”

Shawna looked me straight in the eyes and said, “ that’s all I had and I am really sorry. Amanda told me not to smoke it, I had forgotten I had it till I went to look for something else and found it. She wanted me to flush it but I thought it would be better to smoke it, I am really, really sorry.”

“Well let’s see if you can stay out of trouble the rest of the night. Don’t kill anybody or rob any stores or anything to get your self in any deeper in this bucket of shit then you already are.” I told her as I closed the door and walked down to the shop. I mused how really lucky we were with Amanda, that she didn’t give us the kind of grieve other kids gave their parents. A little bit later Renee called me on her lunch break, “What are the girls up to?” she asked “Sitting in her room molesting a couple of boys and smoking dope,” I quipped, not really lying.

“Very funny, she answered, are they being good and did you feed them?”

“Yes and yes.” I said. We continued to talk a few minutes about what was going on at work and then before hanging up she said, “ Remember I will be a home a couple of hours late in the morning because of the meeting. That is why I’m doing a double so I don’t have to get up early and come in, plus I will get Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off.”

“Well then, I answered, we will have to get into something.”

“I have something between my legs you can get into,” she said laughing.

“Careful, I warned her, they monitor phone calls down there.”

“Yeah I know, she said, I will call you about 2:00 AM on my first break and tease you.”

“Ok”, I told her and we hung up and I worked a couple more hours on my project, but my mind was occupied about what to do about Shawna, so I went to the house, took a shower and laid in bed watching TV.

I must have fallen asleep, because I started having a dream that some one was giving me head when I began to wake up to a feeling of a warm mouth going up and down my now very hard dick. My first thought was that because of lack of work, Renee had come home, but when I looked down I was more than a little shocked to see long blond hair and pretty blue eyes looking back at me. Admittedly I had fantasized about Shawna and even masturbated to these fantasies a couple of times so I thought maybe I am still asleep and this is a dream. But after a few seconds I knew this was no dream and I jerked up and looked back into those blue eyes whispering hoarsely, “What the fuck are you doing and, uh and where is Amanda?”

“Why, she quipped, laughing, you want her too?”

“No, fuck no, I don’t want either of you! What are you trying to do get me arrested?” “You are under age, we can’t be doing this.” I admonished her. By this time I had extracted her off my throbbing dick and she was looking at me with surprise in her eyes.

“Oh, she whispered, I guess you really are mad at me and don’t love me anymore.”

She had hung her head and I could feel a tear drop hit my bare leg as I lifted her chin and looking in her eyes said, “Shawna, Renee and I both love you very much and regardless of what kind of trouble you get into we will always love just like our own daughter, you are our favorite of all Amanda’s friends. Where the fuck is she by the way?”

“Oh she is sound asleep, and no she doesn’t know I was coming in here.”

“So you thought if you did this to me, I wouldn’t rat you out or if I tried to you could blackmail me?” I asked her, watching her eyes for signs.

“Well, she started, turning her face away and up with her eyes looking towards the ceiling like she was trying real hard not to cry, it’s not blackmail or anything like that and I figured you wouldn’t really tell on me. I have wanted to have sex with you for a long time, since before I started having sex. In fact I really wan ed you to pop my cherry but I was too shy to ask. I even asked Renee if I could have you and she said she didn’t care but you probably wouldn’t till I turned eighteen.”

“Renee knew about this?” I asked incredulously.

“Well yeah, she said smiling, we even cooked up a plan where you guys were going to take me out for my birthday and she was going to tie you up and let me have you.”.

I was actually stunned at this point and took several seconds before I could ask, “Does Amanda know about this?”

“Well, uh, she knows I’m hot for you, but she didn’t know the particulars about this or the other plan.”

By this time she was sitting on the edge of the bed beside me, her tears had dried and she was looking at me wit a shy little smile revealing she didn’t know where she stood with me right know and unsure as to how I was going to react. She looked at me briefly before looking into her lap again and saying almost in a whisper, “I really do want this.”

At this point all resolve about age, the fact it was almost incest, and any other ramifications vanished as I reached over and pulled her tight against saying, “if you are sure then I guess it is alright with me.”

She sighed out a victorious, “YES,” as she squeezed me tightly and gave out an involuntary quiver. She tilted her head and our lips met and she opened her mouth and our tongues began to sword fight as she let out little moans and groans. I pushed her back on the bed and rolled over her and began kissing her on her neck and ears as her breathing began to accelerate rapidly. Grabbing the bottom of her short night shirt I began to work it up her lithe body and over her head. She had no panties on so I was able to devour her totally naked form lying in wait below me. Shawna a set of perfect D size breasts and her nipples were as hard as diamonds. I reached down and sucked one in my mouth, while massaging it with my tongue while she sucked a breath in sharply and hunched her back up to meet me. She kept her arms wrapped tightly around me as she softty moan and murmered in pleasure. When my hand began its slow decent to her slit, she began to quiver in anticipation of what was to come. When my hand slid down her between her flower pedal lips of her pussy I found she was totally drenched. I slowly inserted one finger and softly pushed as deep in her soft pussy as far as it would go, then crooking it toward the top of her hole I began to slowly drag it back till I made contact with the patch of rough skin, I knew it would give her the most intense pleasure. The instant I touched her G-spot she gave and involuntary jerk, uttering a little squeal as her eyes flew open in surprise. I knew instantly from her reaction that I was the first to find that spot. I smiled inwardly with pride of being the first to touch her there, while she began to squirm and undulate her pelvis trying to insure I stayed on that spot.

“Easy baby,” I whispered, “its going to feel even better very shortly,” as I began to rub it more vigorously varying the amount of pressure to keep her off balance. I still had a nipple in my mouth and as she approached her orgasm, I began to increase the pressure in my bite and also my finger. As she arched her back, lifting it and her ass off the bed and began to gasp for air, I took my mouth off her nipple and said, “Hang on sweetie its going to hit you like a runaway truck.” I clamped my mouth down on hers as I felt her scream start in her throat as her body began to jerk and spasm like she was being hit with a thousand volts of electricity. Her scream would not only have awaken my daughter but have of the community around us if I hadn’t squelched it with my mouth. After a minute or so it subsided and she opened her eyes wide and looked around like she was unsure as to where she was. I waited till she could get her wits about herself and after extracting my finger from her very wet box, I looked at her asking, “Was that ok, sweetie?”

“Oh yeah, she whispered hoarsely, That felt fantastic, what was that you were toughing in there?”

“That was your G-spot, I replied, nobody ever find it before?”

“No, I’ve heard about it, but never knew before where it was.”

“That’s why most vibrators and dildos are made with an upward curve, I said, so they will hit that spot.”

“Cool,” She said, Can you find it all the time, because nobody else has?”

“Yes, I told her, I pretty much find them all the time, because I know where to find them.”

As she smiled and lay back on the bed I began to slowly kiss my way down her smooth, soft till I was right at the top of her slit. I was laying length wise beside her as I began taking long licks up and down her slit, circling her clit, then working my way to insert my tongue in her sopping wet hole. She tasted exquisite. I would tease her little man just a little more on each lick before diving in her opening to lick all of her girl goo that was flowing out of her. Shawna I learned quickly was no stranger to being eaten. She had her legs pulled up till her feet were flat om the bed and sh could raise her ass off the bed and rotate her pussy around my mouth to help control the pace to her pleasure level. I could hear he softly moaning and groaning and when I looked up I took note that she must so this in her bed a lot because she had the corner of my pillow in her mouth to muffle her cries and screams as the second orgasm more powerful as the first slammed her and almost driving her over the edge.

“Better hang on to your ass little girl, I thought to myself, I haven’t even started on the clit yet!”

As she began to slowly calm down from that orgasm, I turned my full attention on the little hooded man hiding at the top of her slit. However he wasn’t really hiding, he had thrown off the hood, anf was standing at attention almost waving me in. I begin a slow circular assault with just the tip of my tongue making him stand up straighter and harder than ever, while Shawna continued to arch her ass off the bed, causing the skin around him to stretch out tight and flat giving me even more of him to lick and suck on. I was really proud of Shawna as she was holding up real well up to this point, with regular squirming of her ass, soft moaning and subtle jerks of her hips, but as I felt her her body starting an involuntary quivering and jerking, I knew it was time to giver the ride of her life as I sucked him in my mouth gripping him at the base with my teeth . As I held ever so tightly in my teeth, I started running the tip of my tongue rapidly over the exposed part of hin my mouth. The effect was like hitting the nitros button on a race car, she grabbed the pillow screaming loudly into it has her body went totally out of control in jerks, spasms and violent shaking and kicking her legs. I held on bravely as she kicked the shit out of my back, assaulted my head by violently clamping and unclamping her legs together with my head trapped inside to the point I was afraid of a concussion. This continued as long as I kept the assault on the clit. Finally as I slowed the tongue lashing she begin to slow her gyrations and we both calmed down. I slowly raised my head with cum dripping off my chin, slithered up her body to kiss her deeply , spreading girl goo on her face. We lay there kissing for several minutes with me on top of her and she having wrapped her legs around my thighs started to ever so slightly hunch her pussy against my hard dick. As we lay there making out, a few slight movements on my part and Mr. Happy was standing at the gates of paradise. When I gave a little push forward she immediately hunched up to meet me and we slid in a couple of inches and I seen a smile appear on her face “Somebody wants in.” I said smiling at her.

“Then come on in.” She said smiling back at me.

At that point I gave a little push and she reciprocated and I was all the way in. I started a slow easy in and out pace that I knew would still not keep me from getting off in very short order. I figured Shawna was all cummed out from the previous three and this one purely for me. We looked at each other smiled a lot and made little funny coments to each other as I realized how totally relaxed she was in bed with me. As I continued my slow steady strokes, relishing the soft but very tight pussy I was buried in, I began to feel the cum wagon leaving the station and I knew now time was short, very short.

“This isn’t going to take long.” I said through gritted teeth.

“That’s alright I’m about to cum again, she panted out, breathing in short gasps, just don’t cum in me or put something on. Very bad time of the month. Please don’t get me pregnant.”

At this point she started to spasm and I couldn’t quit even if I had a condom to use. I felt my cum rushing toward the head of my dick and I barely had time to say, “Uh, don’t worry!” before I started cumming in her little seventeen year old pussy. I must have dumped a cup full in there because it was running out of her and down both our legs.

“Please tell me you didn’t cum in there! Please tell you didn’t. Oh God you did I can feel it. Oh God, Shit” She cried in a pleading voice.

Now I had a vasectomy almost 20 years ago and I though since she and my wife were plotting to seduce me that she would have told her that but I guess she didn’t and for the love of God I don’t know why I decided not to either. I don’t know, maybe I was still angry over the the issue of her smoking dope in the house and I wanted to sweat a little longer but whatever the reason I didn’t anythingfor a few minutes while she sat there with a troubled look on her face.

“This is not good, she said, almost in tears, I track my periods very closely and this my fourteenth day. If I get pregnant I’m going to be in very deep shit.”

“Look, I said, let’s just get some sleep and some sleep and we’ll worry about it tomorrow.”

She slowly got up and said, “Thank you anyway, it was great.”

Then she kissed me and went into Amanda’s room and quietly closed the door.

As I sit there mulling over what had happened, the phone rang and by the time on the clock I knew it was Renee.

“Hey baby, she said cheerfully, are you still awake?”

“Yes and as a matter of fact I am and you will never guess what just happened to me.”

“What?” She asked curiously.

“I just got laid.” I told her “By who, she questioned, surely you didn’t let somebody come over to the house with the two girls there, did you?”

“No, actually she was already here.”

“Who, she demanded, her voice going cold, there are only two other people and she better not be related to you!”

“Hell no I said laughing, it was the other one.”

“Shawna, she exclaimed, you fucked Shawna?”

“Yep.” I said as I went on to tell her the whole story from the catching her with the joint through the part of me not telling her about being sterile.”

“I can’t fucking believe you!” she shouted.

“Wait a minute, I yelled back, you knew she wanted me. In fact she said you were going to help set me up!”

“Fuck, she said a little more calm, it’s not that I told she could have you when ever but I didn’t think you would till after her birthday. I’m upset at the way you just acted, asshole. What the fuck is wrong with you? You never treat girls like that. She just gave you the best gift ever and you fucking let her go to bed thinking you knocked her up? Are fucking out of your mind? Dale she is not one of your adult, mature girlfriends who can handle that kind of head game. She is a little girl and you are supposed to protect her. You have no idea how terrifying that is to a kid her age. Normally you tell them right away about the joke. Why are you fucking with her? I’m actually ashamed of you! Now you march your ass in there right now and get her and tell her the truth and also tell her we are not telling her parents anything. You understand me?”

“Ok, I will, I said in a pitiful little boys voice that I didn’t even know where it came from, but if she wants to do it again, is it alright?”

“Ha, she responded, I doubt she will even talk to you, but if she is crazy enough to want you after this, go ahead. By the way the meeting is canceled so I will be home early. Now go in there and comfort her, ass wipe.”

After hang up the phone I felt like a real prick now that the ramifications of my childish games was pointed out to me and I knew everything she said was true and I felt really bad as I walked across the hall and quietly opened the door to their room. As the light from the hall shined on the girls I could see Amanda covered completely in her covers and as I looked at Shawna I saw her immediately close her eyes to pretend sleep. I walked quietly over and shook her lightly and when her eyes flew open I motioned for her to follow me. She followed me into my room and when I sat on the bed she stood there looking at the floor and I could tell she had been crying. This made me feel even lower then before. I took her hand in mine and looking into her pretty face said, “Look baby, I acted like a real jerk and I want to apologize. I should never have cum in you after you asked me not to, but worse than that I let you believe I could have gotten you pregnant, when in fact I couldn’t even if I wanted to.”

Instantly her face lit up and with her eyes getting bigger she said, “Really/”

“Yep, twenty years ago I had myself fixed surgically so, while I produce cum, it has no sperm in it. So you see it is not possible for me to get anybody pregnant. I thought Renee told you, but I guess not, and I don’t know why I pulled that prank on you but I’m really sorry and I hope you can forgive me because I don’t ever want to do any thing to hurt you. You are very special to me, more now than ever. By the way, I’m not saying anything about the pot either.”

Her face lit up like a beacon and with a great big smile she hugged me and said, “I love you.” Then turning her head and touching her nose to mine said, “Does this mean we can fool around some more?:

“Anytime you want.” I said kissing her.

“Now.?” She asked hopefully.

“You’re not mad at me?” I asked her, stroking her hair and lightly kissing her on the lips.

“Fuck no, she replied, I was never mad at you, I was a little hurt, confused, and scared, but I thought you were mad at me.”

“Ah sweetie I’m sorry, I thought I was being funny and I didn’t realize that you didn’t understand that. So if you’ll forgive me, we can do what ever you like.”

“So I can fuck you any time let you cum in me and never have to worry about getting pregnant? She asked, her eyes getting big, “because I really liked the feel of your warm cum swishing around inside me.”

Surprised I said to her, “Yes I can dump all the cum you want and never get you pregnant. No body else has ever shot off in you?”

“Oh fuck no, she said emphatically, Joy told me from the very beginning to never ever let a boy cum inside me unless I was on the pill.’

“So, I asked slowly, have you ever swallowed a load?”

“Ah yeah, she said laughing, I swallowed a lot of cum before I ever let a boy fuck me.” She said as she maneuvered her knees on either side of my legs and squatted on my lap.

We continued to kiss between sentences and I had run my hand up under her shirt and was twisting her nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

“I have to ask, I said looking in her eyes, who was the lucky bastard that got to pop your maidenhead?

She laid her head on my shoulder, kissed me on my neck, then chuckling said, “That is a bit of a story. I was going to let Jay the boy who used to come here to see me have it. We were at my house and Joy, who was babysitting me was in her room with her boy friend Joey. I decided it would be the perfect time to do it, but Jay has a dick about 10” long and bigger then my hand can reach around, had no fucking patience and he kept trying to just shove it in without letting me get used to it . Joy heard me screaming and crying, came in the room, beat the fuck out of him and run him out the door.”

“I’ll bet you were glad to see her arrive.” I said.

“Well, she said looking in her lap, not exactly. When she came back in the room I was balling my eyes out because I told her I really wanted to get laid and loose my virginity tonight and she ruined it.” “ Then she sorted hugged me and told me she was sorry, but a guy with a dick that big that didn’t know how to use it would really hurt me and we needed to find a guy who knew what he was doing so I could enjoy my first time.”

“So I guess you found somebody then?” I asked her as I continued to play with her breasts.

“Uh the story gets a little strange after that and I wouldn’t tell anyone else, but you will think this is cool.” She replied. “As I sat and cried, Joy tried to comfort me, when suddenly she said, “Fuck I know who to get and we won’t have to go far.”

“So I got hopeful and asked her who and she said “Joey”, and I just stared at her and said but he’s your boyfriend and you were going to beat the shit out of Terri for even calling him. You are a jealous bitch. She hugged and kissed me and said,”you are my sister, that’s different, I love you, trust you and I think he would be great. He is very gentle, extremely good and he doesn’t have one of those big ole monster dicks that leaves you sore and cross-eyed in the morning.””

She stopped talking for a minute and kissed me and run her tongue across my nipples which caused “Mr. Happy” to do jumping jacks.

“I really liked Joey, he was cute, funny, and always treated me great, but I didn’t know if he would want to or if it would cause problems between Joy and I because we are best friends, she has taught me everything about sex up till now and she had always been right. I asked if she was sure he would do it and she told me he would fuck our dog if she asked him to, and she said he had just cum so he would last awhile. She also said I could do it the first couple of times with him without a condom because he had great control and she trusted him not to dump in me.”

At this point she stopped her story again and tilted her face up and gently kissed me for a few seconds, saying softly, “you are a good kisser, an even better lover, and you actually listen to me.”

“Thank you, sweetie, that means a lot to me coming from you. So how does this end?” I asked.

“Well, she said softly laughing. Joy went out and asked and of course after he determined that he wasn’t being set up in one her famous “any answer is the wrong answer” question he said Hell Yes, then the door opened and he walked in just wearing a bair of running shorts and he sat down on the bed. I was in this same nite shirt, I get fucked everytime I wear this damm thing, by the way. He asked if I was ok, if the jerk had hurt me and that he would fuck him up if he had, and I told I thought Joy had taken care of that. Then he leaned over to kiss me, asked if I was sure and if I was ready? He was so sweet! I told him yes, but I wanted him to get my sister first.” Anyway Joy came in and asked what was wrong and I told her she had been there for me from the first time I had ever kissed a boy that I loved her that she was my best friend and I wanted her here for this. I wasn’t scared I just wanted her to experience it with me. She jumped over me and cradled my head as Joey started to get me hot, kissing me, eating me, just like you do. Then when he thought I was ready he got between my legs and Joy put his dick in the opening and he started pushing in very slowly. In a minute he was in all the way and I wasn’t a virgin any longer.” The really funny part was, he can last a long time but when he got ready to cum he looked up and asked, “Where do I put this/” Joy said she would take it and she took it in her mouth with my blood still on there and swallowed the load. She did this three times and the next day I started my fucking period. I was so fucking mad, I could have let him shoot off in me.”

She then run her tongue over my nipples and down over my belly button and taking my dick in her hand was about to make contact when my pervert nature took over and I had to ask, “Uh Shawna, do you and Joy, uh you know, uh play around, together?”

With her lips a half an inch from the head of my dick, she turned her face towards me and with a small crooked smile, chuckled and said, “I’m going to keep that a secret, I owe her a couple of good fucks and as soon as I can I’m going get the three of us in bed together and I guess you will find out then.”

With that she began the task of giving Mr. Happy an very thorough tongue bath with her very talented tongue, I felt another cum bath building up and as much as I wanted to cum, I wanted to fuck her even more so I gently removed her from her task pulled her up to me and kissed her passionately.

“You must have been happy with my performance if you are eager for a repeat?” I asked her breaking from our little sword fight with our tongues.

“Well yeah,” she giggled and then raised up on her knees and looking down on me, pushed her titties into my chest took a deep breath and kissed me again before saying, “ Joy told me to find a young boyfriend to date but also find a much older guy to fuck with because they are much better lovers and they are a lot nicer to you.”

“So how many older guys have you had?” I asked her “You’re my first.” She said smiling “So what did you think?” I questioned as I began to slide her nite shirt up over her breasts and over her head.”

“Great,” she replied shrugging the shirt off and letting it fall to the floor, you were everything I dreamed you’d be. I’m just glad we finally got to do it.”

Having gotten her naked for the second time tonight, I marveled at how nonchalant she acted around me. When I was her age girls were very shy and usually didn’t talk much and you had to wrestle them out of their clothes, in the dark, while they constantly cried: “No, stop, and please don’t do that”.

I pulled her toward me and started sucking on her nipples in earnest while also licking and lightly nipping all around her breasts.

I could feel her breathing starting to increase when she whispered, “Don’t leave any marks.”

“Unhun, afraid mom and dad will do an inspection?” I chuckled.

“No, my boyfriend.” She panted as she began to squirm with the pleasure I was giving her.

“You have a boyfriend?” I queried.

“Yeah, she said with a shaky voice, he’s on the football team, but all he wants to do is give me a quick fuck and get a blowjob off me. Oh fuck you’re getting me hot!”

She then smoothly rolled off me, laying back on the bed and holding out her arms to beckon me to her. I rolled over and scooted up beside her, locking my lips on hers and running my hands up and down her smooth, creamy skin. Sliding my hands down to the valley of paradise, she began softly cooing and moaning as I stuck my fingers in her crevice of pleasure and found her soaked and dripping warm honey like girl goo. After playing in her hole for a minute I extracted my fingers dripping with her wetness and began to lick them one at a time.

“Do I taste good?” She asked barely able to talk, but smiling warmly at me.

“It’s like the nectar of the Gods.” I whispered lustily to her.

I rolled over putting my body between her beautiful legs and started slowly pushing my dick into her tunnel of pure bliss. Once I hit bottom, I gave a little thrust and started to work myself in and out in a steady rhythm. She had shut her eyes but when she felt me start in she had gently pushed her hips up to meet me to aid in my penetration, but now with her mouth gaped open, she looked at me and said, “Don’t cum in me this time, please.”

I looked at her questioningly, wondering if she was still afraid I might be potent, when she said quietly, “ I want to swallow this one.”

“Ok, I said, but I might not be able to cum again. You may have to suck a long time to get it.”

“ I have all night, she replied and I really like sucking on him.”

“Alright, I said, I’ll try.”

We fucked for several minutes, slow and easy, as I wanted to savor every minute and she had several good orgasms, not violent ones, but good ones none the less. About the time I felt my balls start to tighten up, she had a really good one, quivering shaking using the “F” word a lot and asking God for help. When she quieted down from that one, I said, “It feels like I could cum, maybe, you still want it in your mouth. It has a lot of girl cum on it.”

“Hell yes I want it, she cried, besides that’s my girl cum and you said it was really good.”

I rolled off her and she started licking him up and down like a popsicle and he kept getting harder, so I decided on an other tactic and I wiggled under her till I had her on top of me as I wrapped my hands around her cute little ass pulling her pussy down on my face in a “69” position, lapping up all of her girl cum as it dripped out of her twat. For a girl that young she really had a talented mouth. She could take me down till her nose was in my pubic hair and she had just right amount of tightness in her mouth to make you feel fantastic. As we went at each other for several minutes, I could feel my sperm train working up a head of steam at the station getting ready for blast off. Once it leaves the station, its like a roller coaster coming over the top of the highest point, there is no stopping it till it hits. At the same time I noticed Shawna was breathing rather irregular ragged breaths and a distinct quivering of her flesh confirmed she too was about to crash and burn. As her orgasm begin to pick up speed my cum train knuckled over the top and away it went. She was pushing ,gyrating and rotating her pussy tightly down on my face and I wouldn’t have been able to breathe if I hadn’t had my nose up the crack of her ass, verbally warning her it was cumming was out of the question so I just patted her several times on the ass. I felt her head move as if she understood as I felt her take him in all the way down her throat. Damm she was good! A couple of seconds later my full load blasted out of the end of my dick and I could feel the muscles in her throat working as she bravely swallowed all that came forth. I had just started to relax when hers hit her like a tidal wave causing her to convulse violently on me beating her hands and feet against the bed and at last spitting my soft spent dick out of her mouth and uttering , “Oh holy fucking God I’ cumming!”

Immediately her pussy spasmmed, convulsed, and ejaculated cupful of girl cum down my throat as I swallowed every delicious drop.

As we lay there recovering, Shawna cralwed up, laying with her head on my chest. We lay there listening to our breathing return to normal and we must have drifted off to sleep, because the next thing I remember is being lightly shaken awake, looking up to see Renee looking down at me smiling.

“I guess we made up, uh? She queried.

“What time is it?” I asked trying to gather my wits.

“Almost eight, she answered, better wake sleeping beauty up and get her ass in Amanda’s room before she wakes up and finds her in here.”

Renee stripped of her clothes, started to the bathroom, but turned asking, “Anything left for me?”

I woke Shawna up, kissed long and hard then telling her to scoot back their bedroom before my daughter woke up and seen us. She jumped up without putting on the nite shirt, turned giving Renee a wink and a smile trotted across the hall and back to bed.

The End

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