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Late Night Visit {written from the mans perspective}

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There's a lite knock on my door, oh my who can that be... like I don't know. Opening slowly all I see are your cat like eyes purring to come in.

Please come in! Nice rain coat what is under it or what isn't ;)

Slowly you remove your coat, as you drop it to the floor my eyes follow it down. not what I was expecting!!!! You know no one can get away from you in those red 4" CFMS. My heart is pounding can you hear it or see my chest pumping, I try to control myself and melt before the fire starts. Silk Black stocking, I am doing all I can do not to drop to the floor and kiss my way up. Moving my eyes back upward to your long tight black dress. Moving my hands on to you hips I hear you breath deep. Moving my hand across your stomach up to the pearls hanging over a white button down blouse I see a red lace bra peeking through.

No words have been spoken. We make eye contact for what seems like 10 mins but only the longest 10 sec ever. I grab the back of your head pulling it to me going straight to your neck, I bite ever so lightly and nibble my way up to your ear. Your heart is pounding so hard I can feel it but then again my hand is on your chest and your blouse only has 2 buttons left.

I step back a foot as you fall back into the door. You're on a mission now unbuttoning your blouse and skirt. You slide the skirt down over your shoes but leave the blouse hanging.

You see the dinning room table over my shoulder, hmmm what are those things on the table. This looks like fun!

You only got a quick look at the table before I told you to turn around. You know just the pose to take. Head on the door ass sticking out and legs apart. I slide up behind you, hands wrapping around, feeling you up then down. A little warm down there now around to that sweet ass I have see in your photos. Very nice!! Your purring loud trying to grind back on my hands but I won't let you.

Turning you around again I slid that blouse off and tell you to move onto you knees. I walk to the table and grab something black and shiny.

Now what will I do with this black silk scarf ? A nice little blind fold or do I tie your hands together. I am not sure but maybe you need a photo of the look of lust in your eyes just to have a record to remember this by. By the way looking down from behind that red thong is creeping up into your ass cheeks more.and more. Oh to be those panties right now would be heaven.

Should you like to touch me now? You can't see and all of the sudden your nipples are being squeezed ever so good- then I stop. Leaving you wanting more! I readjust your bra and head back to the table, leaving you for what seems like hours.

What could be coming next?

Soft and hard at the same time what could that be? You hear some metal clinking. Oh that pony tail will make this easy for me. I walk up in front of you so my belt is touching your nose. You keep trying to lean into me to feel my hardness.

What was that sound? You feel something cold on your back...

STOP! you don't think I see you rubbing your sweet pussy but I've been watching you. Now stick one finger in your mouth and the other in mine. Did you like that Juicy finger?

Yummmm you taste so good but did I make a mistake tasting you this early in the night, only time will tell but I sure do need more of that !!!! Control control don't lose control . Ok I can make now :p

Your pony tail just got tugged back and down softly . As if you done this before your mouth opens and your tongue is licking your lips just waiting on a nice hard cock to be fed to you. You are so surprised when I suck your tongue into my mouth. You're now on fire trying to suck mime back into yours. Only giving you so much enjoyment I pull your head back farther popping my tongue from your mouth. That's what kissing is all about: leaving her waiting more.

As your looking for something else to be put in your mouth and you really shouldn't be but what do you know being blind folded Hehehe My hand is now holding that pony tail high dropping your head forward and down.

Take off your blind fold , adjusting your eyes you see something on the floor at your knees. A sharp deep breath shows your excitement. Your now see what was cold on your back its a small link chain attached to a very cute collar ! Put it on baby , as you pick it up you read what it says on it.

On your feet ! Oh you need a photo how sweet. Now let me see those nipples some and play with them. You grab the chain and rub it over you breast a photo or 2 has you so ready for more.

Turn around and assume your position and let go of my chain . Hands on the door you stick that ass straight out there again just trying to entice me. Fuck! You know me so well but I am not going to drop and eat you that easy. Control is so hard with you just openering up like this! I reach down and grab a nice handful of ass in one hand and the leash end in the other . As I open you wider the feel of the silk lace panties are thin I can almost see beads of sweat on your lips. One little slap on the ass has you shaking that ass playing, know play not pain is our thing you have a bad girl smile on your face . One little bite on each cheek then I stand up tight to your ass.

That chain is rubbing your breast you can get enough neither can I. As unhook your bra and slide it off your arms I start licking and kissing your neck while your are enjoying this you feel the chain running up the inside of your leg. Then a nice snug tug and its running from your clit spreading your lips and up the crack of your ass. Your trying to grind on the chain but I keep it just that loose its just that far away. Your bastard please pull it tighter is all your mind and body want. But you won't says it not yet :)

If I was you and what to ride that chain I would kick off 1 shoe but what do I know . If your panties were pulled to the side on even better on the floor you would really get a good feel of cold chain . What a great photo opp !!!

The nibbling ,biting ,kissing and licking start on the small of your back working my way up so slow over your back . I see you trying to flex your legs in an effort to sink a few chain links deeper between your lips. The need of the joy is tearing at you so hard you're ready to just push them inside and rub them around but You are ready for the long haul not just a quickie. Thinking you can get off more the once your temped but when The biting get to your neck and I start to cover ever inch of it you can barly stand with both hands digging into the door. Sliding down I am heading to that ass you just feel me going staight to it . Getting higher in your shoes pushing that ass up and out to be had . Your heart is pounding fast as I take your panties in my mouth like a puppy playing with a toy ! Kissing and biting both cheeks and rubbing your ass in my hands has you shaking trying to get you pussy and ass up to my tongue and mouth or just to grind on my face . Finally my tongue slides so close to you ass you prepare to be eaten than for some reason I am moving back up you body and not down and in . WTF just stick your tongue in me already looking back at me. With a little tug up on the chain the links part your lips just sooooo right ,ahhhh and you turn back to the wall wagging that ass with a cute smile. As I am moving up I slide around between you and the door , licking just above you pussy I head straight to your much needed belly button and up from there . Not sure when you hands were put on my shoulders but its as if you were pushing me down :) and pulling me up at the same time. Licking and biting my way to your left breast your pushing it into my mouth and I am only to happy to help you enjoy it. After moving from one to the other and back I move up and lay a heated kissed on you slow and sweet but as hot and ready as you are you loose control and ram your tongue into my mouth and being the nice guy I am reciprocate . Your rubbing your nipples hard on my chest I can feel them even with my shirt on. No one ever said I got naked. Now the kitty kat inside is really cumming out your purring biting and scratching my neck ,ears your grinding so hard on me like a cat in heat I feel your about to cum ( and you should even if they are nice pants I have on but I would rather it be on my legs so we can enjoy the juice ) all of the sudden I start to lower myself I see that smile on your face just before I attack those lovely nipples again. There you go pushing and steering my mouth! I feel your heat cumming from lower and you pushing me towards it . A little fun at your belly button and I and being guided lower again . What a smell I am going to live in here for the next few hours. As I am being pushed by a woman in need to release herself I get a mouth full of lace and what more. My bottom lips rubbing just the right spot. One hand on my head and one on my face you just keep trying to grind and get off. My hand is making its way up you leg and passes around to the crack of your ass now we are working it together . My finger are running so lite from your lower back around to the edge of your pussy . Why won't I just put something in you already. Just as my tongue is pushing your panties between your lips there's a knock knock knock . Talk about bad timing we look into each others eyes . Knowing I won't answer the door you put pressure on my head as I go back in to you I ask who's there ??? You pull my head back and up and just give me that WTF look lol {to be continued}

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