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Where to begin... well a buddy of mine had a small business and about a year ago he hired a lady to work in the office. Her name is Kim she is in her late 20's stands 5'9" weighs in a a whopping 115 lbs with long blond hair large natural 36 D cups a very small waist and the tightest little ass you have ever seen. I almost always stop by my friends shop on the way home from work. And I met Kim on like her third day there.. She not only was a totally gorgeous woman but she had a voice that made any man instantly hard and a personality that only complimented a perfect lady. Yes, there is always a draw back, she was married. Being a gentleman I never even flirted with her, I would say hello and ask how she was doing but that was pretty much our conversation... Now I have to admit, when I knew she wasn?t looking... I would undress her in my mind.... Hey said I was a gentleman not a perfect gentleman... cut me some slack. Anyhow after about a month of her working at my friends shop, I did my usual walk in and say, ? Hello Kim, how are you today, she kinda turned away and said oh I am ok... ? which wasn?t her usual style.. She normally would look up and smile and say, ?great thanks.. How are you?? I stopped and asked if she was ok... and she looked up and I saw a black eye... she said oh yeah I?m fine.. I did the sudden stop and said whoa, what happened to your eye? She said she slipped in the kitchen on some water she spilled and hit her face against the counter.... That was the first of many such accidents during the next year.. Each time she had one of her ?accidents?, you could see her drop deeper and deeper into a slump... she no longer smiled, she always seemed nervous, and stressed. Finally one day when I went in for my almost regular daily visit. My friend took me into his office and reaffirmed what I already suspected, that her husband had been using her as a punching bag, she finally confided in my friend what had happened, and that she couldn?t go back to him because she was afraid of her husband. My friend paid for a lawyer so she could file for divorce and get a protection order. He knew how I felt about wife beaters and asked if she could move into my home because I had a lot of extra space and she would be safe there. He knew there was no way I would refuse and after looking out his office window at her... I knew there was no way that SOB would ever touch her again at least without him taking a trip to the ER. We walked out and Jeff told Kim that he had confided in me.... she almost immediately had a massive look of guilt on her face and looked up at him with a how could you tell him that look on her face. I quickly and clumsily tried to reassure her that I knew, she was not to blame and Jeff only told me because he knew it would go no further, and he figured I could help... I told her that she was more then welcome to come stay at my home for as long as she needed, making sure she understood that nothing would happen to her there.. She was scared and said she didn?t want to involve me, because he was very mean and well she didn?t want me to get hurt... Jeff and I both chuckled and assured her that no harm would come to either of us. She reluctantly accepted my offer, saying she didn?t know what to do and insisted on paying rent... I told her if she could cook that would be rent enough as I lived alone and ate out most of the time because I hated the idea of cooking. We left from her work early and went to her house so she could get some things. Then I took her back to my house.. She had her own bedroom and private bath. A good week went by quietly then one night she was walking up to my house from her car after work after work when I saw a guy jump out of a car in the street and race up after her.. I knew it had to be him... I bolted out the door and we got to her just about the same time... he grabbed her arms spun her around as I stepped between them he was planning on hitting her but caught me square in the chest.. It was obvious he never saw me, and had a very startled look on his face, he then screamed I knew you were fucking someone... she started crying and pleading for him to leave her alone.. That is about the time I grabbed his scrawny wife beating ass and pounded him into the ground. I then grabbed him by the back of the neck and made him crawl like the worm he was out too the road. Reminding him that there was a personal protection order in place and should he want to report this tot he police he would be a butt buddy to some guy named Bubba. I then added that she also now had a body guard with her 24/7 namely me... and I would be all to happy to loosen him up for Bubba if he ever came around again. I turned to go back and check on kim and he quickly got into his car and left... Kim was no where to be seen.. I went into the house to find her curled up in the corner of the room crying and shaking... I tried to talk to her and tell her everything was alright and he wouldn?t hurt her again. But she just sat there... crying and shaking... so I left her alone and went and made a sandwich for me and one for her I left it on the table telling her it was there for when she was ready. I went to my room to watch some TV and give her some space... after a couple of hours I decided a nice long hot shower was in order. While I was in the shower I thought I heard Kim calling for me... so I turned the shower off and slid opened the curtain all in the same motion. Surprised to see Kim standing in my bathroom, and accidently giving her a full view of my body. She was as surprised to see me naked as I was to see her... she stammered, blushed and blurted out, I am so sorry, I.... I... I just ment to come up and say thank you, I am soo sorry for for everything....I cut her off and replied, you have nothing to thank me for. She said oh but I do, you are letting me stay here.... and you stepped in when he.... and her eyes started to well up she looked so cute standing there so vulnerable so in need of affection and security. I completely forgot I was naked and stepped out of the shower and walked over too her and wrapped my arms around her trying to give her some comfort. She immediately wrapped her arms around me and buried her face into my chest and began sobbing once again. My natural reaction was to sooth and caress her.. I pulled her close and ran my hand down the back of her head and started talking in a soft voice telling her everything would be ok.. The whole time thinking about that slime bastard that hurt her. In the back of my mind wondering how much of a low life he had to be to do something like that. Well they say that the emotions that control a mans sexual desire and anger are very close.. Because the next thing I knew I had a massive hard on and it was pressing into her abdomen. I think out of reflex she reached around to move whatever it was poking her out of the way... I felt her tiny hand grasp my cock and she had a very surprised look on her fae as she stepped back looking down and gasped. Now it was my turn to stammer, I started with I?m sorry, I was in the shower... I didn?t mean for this to happen.. Oh My God, I am sooo sorry. I was frantically looking for a towel to cover up with, when I realized that she had neither let go of my now very erect cock, nor had she removed her gaze from it..In fact I would place a bet that she actually tightened her grip a bit. She looked up at me and kinda bit her lower lip for a second and then said...please don?t think bad of me... but would you make love to me...I don?t know why I feel this intense desire. But I need a real man to be close to me right now.... well my jaw hit the floor. My cock jumped in her hand and I leaned forward to kiss her and pull her in tight.... she pulled away for a second and with a worried look on her face said please be gentle with me... I replied with a very soft warm kiss on her lips very slow and gentle. I felt her full soft pouty lips carress mine and he jaw opened slightly I gently probed her mouth with my tongue and met hers looking for me... slowly out tongues intertwined recreating those first steps of the love dance that have past the ages of time. My hands slid down and cupped her ass, which even through her jeans felt like heaven... I felt her put her weight in my hands and she picked her legs up wrapping them around me never breaking our kiss and keeping her hand between us with a very tight grip on my throbbing hard on and now slowly stroking it...with her riding me.. I made my way to the bed still kissing her deeply and leaned forward so she could lay back on the bed and I rolled off to the side. Still gently kissing her and now caressing her arm and face.. It seemed like hours, when in reality it was only a few minutes when I moved my hand up to undo her blouse slowly and steadily one button at a time until it fell open and I got my first decent look at her tits even though they were still in a bra they were very full and soft with nipples so large they looked like sand dollars and were becoming erect signifying a woman who is very excited and arounse.....she stopped kneading my cock long enough to get her arms out of her blouse and help me undo the clasp in the front of her bra.... I thought she was beautiful before... well let me just say... at this point had things never gone any further I would have considered myself to be the luckiest man on the face of the planet... fortunately for me that was not to be the I continued to kiss her I moved slowly but deliberately from her mouth to her ear and neck gently nibbling on both of them with my lips and moaning a soft nod of approval to a woman I felt was way out of my league. As I was easily 15 years her elder, and although I was in pretty good shape for a man in his mid 40's, I never thought I would be fortunate enough to have intimate knowledge of someone this fantastic, sure I know I could have bought someone who looked almost as nice for a few thousand dollars but they would have never even come close to Kim... I slowly made my way down to her breast being mindful taking things very slowly and gently for her and also for me.. Because I figured this would be the only chance I would ever have so be with someone so lovely and quite selfishly I wanted to make sure it lasted and left me with tons of memories. I slowly drew the tip of my tongue around her right nipple making he soft gentle moans from when I was kissing her neck become a bit more intense, and her breathing quickened just a bit and I could feel her pressing her chest towards my mouth inviting me to go further. I circled my tongue in tighter and tighter until the tip of my tongue was flicking her very hard erect nipple then I flattened out my tongue and slid it down her very hard nipple letting the top of my tongue stroke it and I sucked the rest of her into my mouth and caress her breast with my tongue and mouth as my hand now wandered down across her young flat perfect abdomen sliding across her jeans feeling her feminine heat pour out I slid one finger between her legs and he hips almost jumped off the bed....I brought my hand up and undid the jeans button and unzipped them.... her hands let go of me and helped me slide them down off of her we had to stop long enough for her to get her shoes off and she removed her jeans letting them fall on the floor by my bed. And all she had left on was her thong which was very small and lacy. She laid back down next too me and I picked up where I left off... and she returned her grip to my raging hard on. After making sure her right breast was well engorged I moved to her left and repeated my attention over there... the whole time running my fingers up and down her silky soft thighs coming so close to touching her panties but always just avoiding them.... I could sense her arousal was very high as she moaned and panted and squirmed trying to get me to touch her most tender sensual spot. Finally she couldn?t take it anymore and let go of my prick and looped her thumbs in the sides of her panties and pulled them down... letting me see a perfectly shaven extremely moist pussy I moved down to position myself between her legs and started using my tongue to repeat exactly what my hands were doing.... caressing her thights and when I would get close to her feminine sex I would dart away and either just move to the other leg or let my tongue go up to her lower tummy and then down the other side... by this time she was so fucking horny that she scared the crap out of me when she screamed at me to, ?eat her fucking cunt? that is when I found out how ready she was. As soon as my tongue touched her slit she arched her back grabbed the back of my head and let out a very long low groan, I knew this was the first of many orgasms to come for her... I made sure to go very slowly and gently at first teasing her clit with the tip of my tongue circling it flicking it running my tongue up and down the entire slit... going side to side... sliding my tongue in and out of her soon to be well fucked hole after a few minutes she lost all control and sense of her surroundings... she was lost in wave after wave of orgasm madly bucking her pussy against my mouth cranking her head back in shear lustful orgasm... screaming and moaning OH FUCK YES,, GOD DAMN THAT FEELS GOOD. OOOOOOOH FUCK SHIT HER COMES ANOTHER ONE... I CAN?T BREATH... I kept this up for at least an hour giving her very short periods of rest.... and she must have been anjoying it because she wasn?t trying to hurry me along... Finally I moved up and touched her pussy with the tip of my dick which was oozing eneough precum that could rival how wet her pussy was... Now about me... I am about 10 inches in length and very thick... some of the women I have been with says it is very uncomfortable at first one even said it is like fucking a pop can it is so big... so I very gently pressed the head of my cock against her cunt backing off and pressing again... until the head popped in.. When it did her eyes went wide she screamed in I?m not really sure if pleasure or pain... and she dug her nails into my back.... then I remembered I didn?t have a condom on.. I had spent so much time with the foreplay I forgot plus I hadn?t planned any of this.. So I didn?t even have one because I kept them in the bathroom medicine cabinet. I stopped and said I didn?t have a condom on did she want me to get one... she screamed in my ear... just fuck me now... I kept working my cock in her ever so slowly just a fraction of an inch at first... then pulling almost all the way out and going back in to the same spot until I felt her relax then I would go further... after a few minutes of slowly entering her.. I was able to enter her a bit more faster... finally I hit bottom and I could feel her ass rubbing against my balls... and her cunt.. Was so tight around my cock I though I would rip it off when I pulled out... I slowly started fucking her giving her the full length her head was pulled back and she was moaning ans screaming pretty much incoherently she wrapper her legs around my ass coaxing me to fuck her harder and faster...and her hips were now starting to jump up to meet my thrusts and she was grunting louder each time I drove my meat inside her... She finally wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my lower back picking herself up off the bed and swinging underneath of me while I am on all fours as I would drive forward she would use her legs to pull downward forcing every bit of it inside her... then she would pull on my neck with her arms to slide almost completely off of my throbbing cock. To complete the pendulous motion. Each time my cock slid in her hot wet pussy it felt like I was taking a virgin for the first time... and you could hear her juices with each thrust and perry of my cock. I have no idea how long we fucked.... it seemed like hours but then seemed like we had only started.. But I was getting exhausted.. And I could feel my nuts boiling and my loins were on fire. So I lowered myself to the bed so she was laying down again... I placed my arms under her knees and my hands above her shoulders... and my animal lust won out.... I could no longer even try to be gentle, I was consumed with the desire to drive my cock so deep inside of her that she could taste my balls in the back of her throat. I started pile driving her allowing my weight to pile drive my cock into her.. Feeling my balls slam into her... and trying to follow my cock deep in her fuck hole. With each thrust all I can here is a deep hard grunt from her and I can feel her pelvis grinding into me for the brief moment that they contact... I can here myself growling like a dog protecting his bone.... then I feel my orgasm start... out of animal instinct I drive my cock deep in her pussy pushing against her pelvis long after I am fully buried in cock swells as the first load of jisim shoot into her.. She is so tight that I can feel it squirting inside of her trying to find a place just as the first load gets situated in her well fucked cunt the second and third load quickly follow... I can feel it squirting between her pussy and my cock and splash on my seems as if I will never stop cumming spasm after spasm I feel my nuts empty their load into her hot tight little pussy... I am so weak from everything that I can?t support myself over her anymore.. I roll over the the side thinking she is as exhausted as I am.... when to my surprise she flips over and starts sucking and licking my cockand licking my balls... sucking on them so tenderly... she then eases her hand between my legs and presses a finger against my asshole pressing it in slowly after lubricating it with our fluids.... she slides it in deep until she finds a spot that makes me jump with pleasure then she slowly massages it as she sucks my cock... making it return to full glory when I didn?t think I had anything left in me... my cock felt like it was going to explode from the pressure once she was satisfied at what she had done.. She turned crawled up on me..... and sat herself down on my cock in one fast motion taking the full engorged length deep in her soaking wet pussy... rocking her hips back and forth to get it just where she wanted it.. She then laid down on me stretching to kiss me again... and nuzzled into my chest and neck... and asked is it ok if I sleep with you tonight... I replied by wrapping my arm around her and pulling the bed spread over us....and we fell into a very deep sleep with her laying on me and my cock laying inside of her...

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