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Kelley Likes a Litte Pain

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Kelley Likes a Litte Pain

There is this lady that I work with that lives in the neighboring suburb with her husband and two clhildren that I sometimes hookup with. One of these more recent hookups happened recently and I'd like to share it with you.

Her name is Kelley, and she supposedly comes over to my suburb on Saturday mornings to go to yoga classes. This one Saturday in particular she stopped by. I should stop here and say that any time she comes over to my house, or on the infequent instances that I can go to her house, we both know whats gonna happen.....FUCKIN'!

Anyway, she stopped over and it was only about 5 minutes of chit-chat and what, not before we ended up disrobing each other in the kitchen. Since she was going to the gym her swaets came off easily. No panties, of course. I had gotten this new toy and I told her I had something special in mind for her this time. She is always curiuos and won't let anything like that go until she finds out what it is. I rufused just saying, don't worry you will find out soon enough. Then I said, oh by the way it's a good thing the wondows are all closed and then just laughed. She got this kinda sparle in her eye when she heard that.

With that I led her downstairs to the rec room. As I said, we were already nude, and I had ahold of her hand on the way down the stairs. With that I lead her over to the sofa and we began kissin passionately again, picked up right where we left off from the kitchen. I was rubbing her ass and then I counldn't help but play with her fantastic breasts. They are D or DD cups depending.... God sure equiped her well. She is 5' 10" and is about 185 lbs, but she doesn't look it. Nice sized nipples, and a trimmed bush. She waers her bridal set (always), an ankle bracelet on occasion, and a toe ring.

She stops long enough to say, so whats this new toy, and why do the windows need to be closed for sure? I stoped and sat her down and said, just sit there while I get everything ready. I went over to the desk and got out a cotton rope and a box. She said, Ok I get the rope but whats in the box. I said all in due time, but I can tell you its a battery powered toy. Her response was, oh I like battery toys. With that I moved her to this large sqaure footstool and sat her on the corner of it. Took the rope and tied her ankles to opposing corners of the footstool, then laced the rope back up from underneath to catch her hands and tie them behind her back. She was kinda laid back on her elbows/hands, with her legs opened up wide. I started off getting on my knees and sucking her wonderful nipples while I fingered her pussy. She was squirmin in no time, and I could see her eyeing the box with the toy in it out of the corner of my eye. I stood up and put my cock in her mouth while holding her by the hair. I got a little carried away because I had quite a handfull of hair and was really rammin her head back and forth on my cock. She was kinda gaggin a bit from time to time. I pulled back and kissed her. She was OK and said God I love you more each time we fuck. I said wow, thanks. She said, no problem thank you honey.

From there, now that she was getting all wet, I moved down and statted to lick her clit. She has been toying with the idea of gettin a clit ring, but can't figure out how she'd explain this sudden intrest in this extreme body piercing to her hubby. By the way, this guy is a big guy. Not a fat guy just a big guy. He's an aviation mechanic, and if he catches us and decideds to punch me, he will no doubt hit me like a ton of bricks! I mean I'll be down for th ecount. I started to pick up the pace of licking her clit when I stopped. I took my fingers and began to lightly spank her clit. Then I 'd stop and suck on her clit a little, then spank some more. I repeated this process for some time. By the time I got done she was wimpering like crazy. I kissed her then grabbed her hair again and said, Kelley you little slut your gonna wanna scream when i get done with you, and immediately kissed her repeatedly.

Now it was time for my new toy. I got a tinge unit off of the intenet for about $65 including shipping. She didn't know what it was, but I taped the ends of the wires accross her nipples. and turned the thing on. She said wow, I can feel that, and her nipples were already hard, but she was begining to squirm. From there I went back to eating pussy. After a few minutes I reached down and turned the thumbwheel up a bit and gave her a bit more stimulation. And then it happened!!! She started to cum violently and shtarted to scream. Yes, this was the moment I had been waiting for. I stopped and plowed a couple fingers in her pussy repeatedly and she was really into the moment. She SCREAMING! "oh God, oh God, please let me fuck now. God damn it that feels so fucking good". I should probably say that Kelley is not on any kind of birth control. To be honest, we don't know that she will ever be able to get pregnant again. I said, good thing the windows are closed huh babe. She said yes it is. With that I started to fuck her in the vulnerable position with the tinge unit still runnin about 50%. She was cummin and buckin, and moanin and graoanin, at some points she was just flat out fuckin screamin. It's amazing she was not hoarse by the time we ere dodne LOL. Finally after I came (I had a cock ring on so we went for at least ten minutes like this) we were both breathin pretty hard. I pride my self on making sure the lady gets off, and she sure as hell did. I untied her, and turned off the tinge unit. When I peeled the tape back those nipples were on like 38 calibur bullets. I just had to suck on em some more at that point. She said, "oh fuck go ahead I don't even care at this point".

In a few minutes I said, well we better get you in the shower so hubby doesn't get suspiscious, and up the stairs we went to take a shower together, but thats another story.

I might add that Monday morning at work she called and said, hey, same time next week? I of course said, well what kind of gentleman would I be if I didn't help a lady with her needs. She just laughed, said I'll see you then, and hung up.

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