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Keeley ch2

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KEELEY CHAPTER 2 The next morning

My eyes popped open and the clock read 7:30, I looked down at Keeley’s hot body wrapped around me, her legs entwined in mine, her head on my chest and my dick still in her hand. What a night it had been, starting with me rescuing her from a family feud, to comforting her during a storm to some of the most intense sex I have ever had. If you haven’t read chapter 1 you may feel a little lost so read it first but the jest of the story, is Keeley is my 16 year old step daughter’s best friend who came here after a fight with her parents. My wife Renee and step daughter Amanda are away on a weekend trip and Keeley is in my bed naked.

Keeley seemed to be sleeping soundly and I needed to get up and drain my storage tanks from the night before, so I slid out from under her and climbed out of bed. As soon as I was out from under her she rolled on her back with her legs spread giving me an awesome look at her pussy. With the sparse pubic hair her puffed out lips were clearly visible and slightly gapped open. My eyes traveled up her smooth, flat belly to her two plump breasts resting on her chest, like creamy mounds of whip cream and her still swollen nipples perched on top like oversized strawberries. She literally looked angelic laying there asleep with her long brown hair disheveled around her face and her lips slightly parted as she slept peacefully, breathing softly. If it weren’t for my burning desire to piss I would have jumped on her right then but I wanted to let her sleep, so I covered her up before going to take care of business. I went to the kitchen, made my morning coffee and went to the shop to unclamp the things we had glued up last night. As I was unclamping my cell phone rang and from the ring tone I knew it was Renee.

“Good morning.” I said cheerfully.

“Getting laid puts you in a good mood, she said laughing, how did it go last night?”

“Absolutely fantastic, I replied, she is a wild cat.”

“Are you still walking?”

“Yeah but not real fast.”

“You didn’t dump a load in her and then make her think you knocked her up did you?” She asked accusingly.

“No I didn’t I learned my lesson last time. Besides I couldn’t get her pregnant where that load went anyway.” I said chuckling.

“You did ask before you put it her mouth, didn’t you?”

“Stop worrying, I told her, we had the talk before we ever got started. She told me to do what ever I wanted, she liked it either place. But I did play swap the cum with her and she really liked that.”

“Well just be easy with her, ok? Amanda’s team is up next so I’ll call you back this evening. Also maybe if you can pull your dick out of her long enough, go buy her a couple of nice outfits to show your appreciation.”

“Ok, I will. Tell the girls good luck for me.”

I had been there about an hour when I heard the door open and Keeley walked in with a bottle of coke in her hand.

After cleaning the shop I was sitting in an old, overstuffed chair when she walked in. She was fresh out of the shower, braless wearing only a large football jersey. As I took this in I wondered if she had panties on underneath but when she plopped her ass on my lap I discovered she didn’t.

“You ok, big guy?” She asked brightly.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that, I said pulling her close, and as for big guy you apparently don’t remember who you slept with last night.”

“I feel great, that was the best time I ever had, she said giving me a kiss, I was hoping you would be in bed with me when I woke up so we could to it again.”

“We can always go back to bed, I told her, I just wanted to let you sleep a little longer.”

“Well fuck, I’m ready. Let’s go!”

She jumped off my lap, grabbed my hand pulling up out of the chair, when I said, “Wait a minute I have an idea. Lock the door while I close the blinds.”

“Ah shit man, are you going to fuck me in your wood shop?”

“Well you said power tools turn you on.”

“Well fuck, she said, this ought to be fun,” as she trotted over to lock the door.

When she crossed back to me she eye balled my work table where I had installed two individual boards at the end that both swiveled in and out and elevated. Looking at me while she grabbed the bottom of the shirt to pull it off she asked, “Up there,” pointing to the table.

“Yes, I answered, but before you do anything I want to ask you, do you trust me?”

“Yeah, sure, she said, I told you that last night.”

“But you have to be sure, I told her, absolutely sure, because when you get on that table I want to restrain you so you can’t move.”

She put the tip of her index finger in between her lips as she contemplated what I said, before asking quietly, “Will you hurt me?”

“No! Absolutely not! I reassured her, nothing but pleasure. I promise you that if you relax and trust me you will orgasm so hard, last night will seem mild.”

She stood for about ten seconds longer in the same stance then smiling brightly said, “Sure, I’ll do it.” She reached down pulled the jersey over her head and stood there like a goddess waiting to be sacrificed. After I locked the door, I turned and got my first real look at her totally naked in the daylight. She was breathtaking. Her eyes were wide and bright, her full breasts were sitting tall and proud with her nipples as hard as rocks. She was breathing faster now with the excitement of not knowing exactly what was about to happen causing her flat smooth tummy to ripple with each breath. The lips of her Venus of pleasure were starting to swell in anticipation and I could begin to detect the aroma of arousal as I walked toward her. When I got with in a foot of her I stopped taking in the vision beauty standing before me.

“Hey.” She murmured quietly.

“Hey.” I replied just as quietly.

Puzzled, she murmured, “What?”

I looked at her and smiled.

“What?” She asked again.

“Oh my fucking God, I breathed, you are absolutely gorgeous.” “I can’t belief I am this lucky to have you.”

“I think I’m the lucky one, she said stepping to me and wrapping her body around me, kissing me deeply. Are you ready for me to get up there?” She asked pointing at the table.

“Just one more thing, I said, stand straight and put your hands over your head and turn around slowly.”

“Like this?” She asked, doing as I requested. This pose allowed me to view the full effect of her beautiful breasts standing in all their glory.

“Fuck baby, the day you turn eighteen I’m going to put you in Penthouse.”

“I just hope I am half as hot as you think I am.”

“Oh you are more than that,” I told her, helping her on the table.

Once I had her positioned where I wanted her on the table I placed her legs on the out rigged leg boards and secured them with the Velcro straps, then tied her hands together over her head and using the ratchet pulled them taunt, stretching her out. Using another ratchet and pulley system I lifted her legs straight in the air and spreading them as wide as they would go. I now had both her pussy and asshole totally exposed, making her swollen pussy lips spread apart. This also had the effect of flattening the skin protecting her clit so it stood straight out and erect. After attaching the belly strap she could not move at all and I picked up a ball gag and face mask, walked over to her letting her gaze at them for a minute.

Kissing her tenderly, I asked, “Are you alright?”

“A little scared, she replied, what are those for?”

“The mask is to keep an element of surprise, so you can’t anticipate what is going to happen, I told her. It also forces you to focus only on the sensations I will create. The gag is in case you get to vocal when you cum. I don’t want the cops showing up. Are you alright with this? If not we can stop.”

“No, I trust you and I heard you built this, Amanda says her mother loves it. Just promise not to hurt me.”

“I promise sweetie, nothing but pleasure, if there is anything you don’t like we quit doing it.”

“Ok, she said, I’m ready.”

I placed the blind fold over eyes and began kissing her. Starting with her lips, I worked my way around her neck, shoulders, and collar bone. When I started working on her breasts, starting around the base slowly working my way to the nipples, I could really smell the aroma of arousal rising from her nether regions. A quick swipe of my hand across her pussy lips producing a very wet hand confirmed I was right, she loved this. After giving her breasts a serious amount of attention, I moved down over her belly button, before positioning my self on a stool built to the correct height so when I was seated it put my face level with her garden of paradise.

As I gazed at her stretched out pelvic area I could hear and feel her excitement mounting. Her breathing was becoming ragged and her frequent moans getting louder, but down where I was looking she was getting fucking hot. Droplets of girl goo were glistening on her sparse pubic hair and a small stream was running out of her, puddling on the table just below her ass. The nice thing about being able to secure her in this matter was she was not able to move anything to help relieve her growing excitement causing everything to concentrate at the skin level. The flesh around her slit was quivering and you could see her heartbeat pulsing in her clit as it jerked slightly. When I took a long lick from her asshole to her clit she let out a long loud moan, speaking for the first time,

“Oh God, I need to move my legs or something, it’s too intense!”

I simply smiled thinking it will a lot more intense before I’m done with you. I began a slow tongue assault causing her clit to get harder and the flow of cum to increase along with more distinct jerking and quivering. When I figured she was about ready to pop a gasket and cum I backed away from her as she let out a groan of disappointment.

I walked up to where she lay with her eyes covered unable to see, and asked,

“Ok how you doing so far?”

“I think I was about to cum.” She whined.

“Yeah, I said, that’s why I stopped. The longer I hold you on the edge with out pushing you over, the more intense it will be.”

I could feel her eyes get bigger as she said, “I’ve never had anything like last night, I don’t know if I can handle another of those.”

“Uh sweetie, I said, last night was the tip of the iceberg, that was a firecracker, today will be a bomb and we are working towards a rocket going off.”

“Oh shit, fuck, you, you mean they get bigger then what happened last night. That was so fucking intense, I was afraid I was going to pass out!”

“Well, yeah, I told her, it is supposed to be intense and yes some girls to pass out. That is why we will build you up to it. And also one of the reasons you are tied up, so you can’t bolt and run when you think it is too intense.”

After a minute of silent contemplation she asked quietly,

“Does Renee get off like that?”

“When I take my time and make her get off like that.”

“Oh man I wish she was here to hold my hand.”

“Maybe next time sweetie, but you are in good hands, I’ve been doing this a long time and I have a lot of satisfied women running around”

I took up my position on the stool starting another oral attack on her pleasure center and in less then five minutes I had her on the edge again so I began to back off, hearing her groan in frustration, when my cell phone rang. Looking down I seen it was Renee. As I walked to the door I said,

“Keeley, it’s Renee, I’ll be back in a minute.”

“I guess I’ll lay here and wait on you.” She said almost like she was ready to cry.

“Hey, I said as soon as I stepped out side, what’s happening?”

“Well they won the first round so now we have three hours to kill so we are going to lunch. How are things on your end?”

“Great, I have her tied to the table right now”

“Ah fuck! Do you think that is a good idea? I mean she is only sixteen with very little experience, I have seen you blow forty year old women’s minds with that treatment.”

“I’m going very easy on her, I promise.”

“I’ll bet you have her scared shitless right now.”

“Oh, maybe that is what that smell is.”

“Very funny, I’m telling you, don’t hurt her, keep your toys in the drawer and don’t, I mean don’t fuck with her head, she is just a kid not a seasoned slut.”

“I won’t do anything but make her cum, hard; by the way she wants you next.”

“Are you serious, I’m not into the inexperienced like you.”

“Oh she’s had experience and I don’t mean Amanda and her friends either, she’s had an experienced older woman.”

“No shit. Who?”

“I’ll tell you later, I gotta go I don’t want her to cool down.”

“How many times so far?”

“Twice so far, lunch time now, then one more before I fuck her, then eat her and let have the big one so I can see if she can squirt me a mouth full.”

“Oh that poor little girl, she won’t be able to talk when I get home, and all she wanted was a good fuck.”

I walked back in the building locking the door behind me saying in a loud voice just as I got to her side,

“Yeah she is over here guys so you can do anything you want to her…”

“What!” She squealed jerking her head up and trying to shake the blind fold off.

Laughing I laid both hands on her tummy massaging one towards her twat and the other up over her breasts, I said soothingly,

“Chill baby, it’s only me, no one else is here, I’m just fucking with you.”

“Oh fuck you scared me,” she said trembling.

“You forgot the number one thing I told you. I wouldn’t hurt you, everything will be pleasure.”

I admonished her, while sliding my finger up and down her slit slowly circling and massaging the little man. My other hand was slowly caressing and fondling her breasts while also pulling and pinching her sensitive nipples making them swell even bigger. She was rapidly coming up to the edge of the abyss and when I gave her nipple a little pinch I noticed her facial expression change.

“Did that hurt?” I asked her.

“Yeah for a second but then it felt good.”

Perfect candidate for nipple clamps I thought but I promised Renee no torture toys so I continued to bring her to a slow boil.

“Fuck I can’t believe how hard my nipples are, she murmured, please squeeze them or something again.”

Bending my head down, I said, “Tell me when this starts to hurt” as I got the oversized base of her nipple in my mouth and started to bite, lightly at first, slowly increasing the pressure, biting harder till she screamed,

“Holy fucking Christ but that feels good. Don’t stop, a little harder, please, please bite harder. I, I fucking think I’m going to…”

I was way ahead of her as I intercepted the messages her nerve centers was telegraphing to each other that she was ready to fall into orgasmic bliss, so I backed off leaving her almost sobbing.

Through gritted teeth she muttered, “This is not very fucking pleasurable.”

As she lay there quivering, gasping, hanging on the very edge of the ride of her life, I walked over to my fridge and took a small container of ice cream out of the freezer and popped a jar of chocolate syrup in the micro wave to heat up.

“Fuck man what are you doing over there, I can’t handle this, pleasssssssssssssse get me off. What are you doing?”

“Making me an ice cream sundae, I answered, I would fix you one but you are kind of tied up at the moment.”

“I don’t want any fucking ice cream, I fucking want to fucking cum!!!”

Getting a spoonful of ice cream and the syrup I walked over to the table telling her, “I detect some strain and tension in your voice, maybe you do nee some ice cream,” as I dropped the spoonful of cold stuff on her exposed, highly excited clit. As she screamed in surprise I then poured the very warm but not hot syrup over the ice cream letting it slide down her slit and into her gaping vagina I was holding open.

“Oh you fucking mother fucker what is that? Fuck, fuck you fucking bastard…”

“Oh, I said, I spilled it. Here let me clean it up” as I attached my face to her pubic area licking up the melting ice cream and hot chocolate syrup. Almost as soon as I started licking up the pussy/ice cream sundae, she started moaning in pleasure, groaning out how good it felt and begging to cum. As I licked the ice cream out of her pussy I felt her getting close to the top again. I was sure she couldn’t take another hold off, so I rose up for an instant telling her,

“Keeley try to stay focused, you’re in for the ride of a lifetime and it is about to hit you like a runaway semi. Just let go and ride it out. I’ll catch you at the bottom.”

Just as I felt her hit the top I slid my tongue to her clit and began to maul it while putting one finger in her extremely tight pussy and assaulting her G-spot. My other hand grabbed a nipple using my finger nails like teeth I put the bite on it as she went over the falls. Her orgasm started like a volcano with the rumblings starting low, building to the proportion of convulsions as she shook, moaned, screamed, cried and finally ejaculated about a cup and a half of girl cum, girl goo and urine in my face which I was fortunate enough to get most of in my mouth which I swallowed. She was shaking so hard I was afraid she would break the table, every muscle strained, tensed and pulled against each other. Her had was flopping back and forth since it was the only thing that wasn’t restrained as her mouth was gapped open and she was actually slinging drool across the room. She opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out, as the muscles in her neck contracted and her nose flared open trying to get more air into her body while her eyes rolled back into her head.

I was furiously working on all the hot buttons when her cum fest began, but after a minute or less I started to lighten the pressure to let her come off her peak because I really didn’t know how much she could take. I waited patiently for her breathing to return to normal, watching her wind down I stood between her legs on a small platform that put my cock dead level with her pleasure gate. Just when she was at the point of opening her eyes and being able to speak, I leaned in, putting the head of my dick in between her velvet lips and gave a small push. My dick immediately slid into her soaking wet well lubricated pussy and in a split second I could feel my balls bouncing off her asshole. I pushed straight in and held still, watching her face. After a few seconds she realized what was going on, her eyes snapped open and she looked at me smiling.

“I was beginning to wonder if you were going to fuck me or not.” She said smiling.

“Just waiting for the right time.” I told her as I pulled out slowly then made a quick trip back in.

“Oh shit, she cried trying to push her hips upward to meet me but couldn’t because of the belt across her belly button. She looked at me with a pleading look on her face, so I hit bottom holding very still again, then bent over unhooking the belt, giving her a little more movement in her ass. She began to immediately wiggle beneath me while trusting up trying to get more in.

“Is that better?” I asked as I began steadily stroking in and out of her.

“Oh fuck yes, she said, this has been fantastic, every other time I fucked it was over before I knew it had began. God I hope we can do this a lot more.”

At this point we had developed a little pattern where she would wait till I hit bottom then she would thrust up against me as we would both do a little bump and grind against each other. Since she never had the chance to come completely down off her orgasm, it didn’t take but a few strokes till she was tumbling off the cliff continuing to cum again. As she began squirming, thrusting and crying out as one wave after another hit her, she continued to ride one crest to another.

“Fuck you feel good, I grunted out as I began to breath erratically, I about to put a big load in there!”

“Go ahead, she panted out, I’m ready.”

“Are you sure? I asked her, I’m bareback and I’m going to cum in you.”

“Yeah, she squealed, I mean haven’t you been clipped?”

“Are you sure you believe me? What if I lied?”

“Oh God, She barely got out, I fucking hope you didn’t lie. I’ll get pregnant if you did.”

“Well we’ll see. Bet you are pretty when you are pregnant. Ah fuck too late, here it cums!”

I thrust into her as deeply as I could as her face contorted with the exquisite feeling of me shooting a huge load of cum squirting into her fertile unprotected womb. She let out another huge shudder and loud wail while squirting a copious amount of cum out around my dick. I stayed in her while my dick quit spasming and squirting cum. When he started to go soft I slid slowly out of her only to notice a large amount of both her goo and mine flowing out of her in a puddle. I immediately bent down sucking a mouth full of our combined cum into my mouth before walking around to her on wobbly legs. While she lay there gasping for breath I bent down about six inches from her face and grabbing her chin, forced her mouth open. As she lay there wide eyed I let her watch the cum drop from my mouth into hers before leaning the rest of the way down to put our lips together. When our lips met I plunged my tongue in her mouth to stir the mixture sucking about half of it back in my mouth as she swallowed the other half.

Looking her in the eyes, I swallowed my half then asked,


“Fucking unbelievable, she cooed as I finished untying her before helping her to a seated position, I didn’t know guys would swallow their own cum.”

“Very few guys do, I told her, don’t ever try that with those young pricks you play with. After they puke on you they will probably beat the shit out of you.”

“Oh you have pretty well ruined me, she laughed, I doubt I’ll be interested in any of them any more.”

“Look, I said, pulling on my shorts and handing her shirt to her, it’s almost noon; lets take a shower then go to the mall and eat lunch.”

“Use the master bath, I told her as we entered the house, I’ll get you some towels.”

Keeley walked in the bath room, pulled her shirt off and adjusted the water before stepping in. I got towels out of the closet, before undressing and stepping in behind her wrapping my arms around her fondling her tits. She turned around to kiss me and said,

“Oh, wow, are you going to shower with me? I have never showered with a guy before.”

As I kissed her I licked the remnants of our cum off her lips telling her,

“You taste like a little cum slut.”

“I hope you like that, because I am beginning to feel like one. You have blown my mind. I never dreamed sex could be this much fun.”

To Be Continued:

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